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    The recent business dissolution had left Stu wondering what he would do next. It was true that he had enjoyed success working side by side with his business partner Darron, but knew that he had more to learn on his own. As part of the agreement, both businessmen would share their contacts for the time being. Stu was determined to strike first and land new customers, so he headed toward the Takodana Castle to partake in some of his favorite local cuisine and spirits, and to case out his next deal.

    The castle was in full celebration mode with local bands playing in each of the different rooms and games of luck and chance at every table. Stu nodded to the regulars and took a place at a back table where he could have a full view of the main room. The serving droid delivered his standard drink and favorite appetizer, blurrg strips with spiced sauce. He was hungrier than he remembered and dug into the morsels, all the while glancing around the room casually. He would find someone in need of his special services soon enough.
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    Stu checked his holopad while he enjoyed his meal and mead. His former business partner Darron had been updating the shared database with his current contracts, so that there would be no duplication or conflicts of interest for now. The shipping and imports business was so plentiful that there was room for many players at the table. Stu's ability to employ those with a discreet flair for delivering goods far ahead of schedule made him one of the most sought out businessmen in the galaxy.

    All of that came at a price though. While being well known affords a person a certain amount of choice, it did not always leave a choice when avoiding unwelcome entanglements. Thankfully he had a network of established gun runners that would watch over his product and protect his goods with their lives. Stu's suppliers were scattered amongst the galaxy which gave him a large variety of products and services to offer. His next move was to figure out how to begin to distance himself from his former business partner while maintaining the kind of lucrative deals he had been accustomed to making. He sipped his drink and glanced around the room.