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    Fiddling with the rune-inscribed ring in her fingers, Morgana let out a deep sigh and leaned back in her chair. She made eye contact with the bartender as she raised her glass, silently requesting for more ale. Morgana had spent the past few weeks in Coruscant trying to locate a scholar or historian who may be able to give her more information on where or who this ring came from. It had been difficult, though, as she had no connections on this planet. With the Emperor now in power, people became quieter and more cautious about what information they shared. She furrowed her brows as she contemplated on what her next plan was.

    She looked to her left at a quiet H'nemthe that had been gazing at the musicians in the far corner of the cantina. He looked….friendly. She needed to talk to someone, anyone. No answers were going to be found until she started asking questions. She eyed him up and down and noticed a blaster at his waist. No normal folk would carry a weapon, she thought to herself. Smuggler, maybe? Morgana leaned over towards the strange being, “They’re pretty good, aren’t they?” The H’nemthe turned towards her and glared. She swore she could hear a low hiss, and immediately regretted saying anything. The H’nemthe gathered his drink and shot up out of his seat to walk closer to the musical group that was performing. She winced slightly and followed with a shrug, returning to an upright position at the bar. “So much for that,” she mulled over. A glass slid over towards her direction, the ale she had requested earlier.

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    The self-made criminal and outlaw had so many credits she hardly knew what to do with them. She had certainly hit the best payday of her career so far with this last job, and could finally afford to do some traveling to see the galaxy at last. She knew just the place to go too. She packed her belongings and boarded her ship, the Vanquisher, and entered the coordinates for her destination.

    Dashra Deri had arrived earlier in the day on Coruscant, the first stop in her personal galactic tour. She sure liked what she saw so far. The city was bustling with traffic and all sorts of beings everywhere. Shopping, music, entertainment... anything you could possibly want was here. It was also a diverse mix of cultures and a perfect opportunity to expand her potential business opportunities.

    Dashra had been sitting at the bar, observing all of the beings in the room while sipping her jet juice and snacking on some nuna nuggets. Her attention was drawn to the H'nemthe's quietly stated words of disdain toward the dark haired woman that was now to her left. She chuckled and looked over at the woman.

    "He sure doesn't like you much. But they are rather cranky beings anyway, so I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you."

    She took another sip and nodded toward the musicians.

    "I heard them on Ord Antalaha in a small dive bar when they were first starting out. I like the new back up singer they just got. Adds a lot to the overall sound of the group."

    Dashra sampled another nuna nugget and slid the plate closer to the woman.

    "Want to try one? They're pretty good. Oh... I'm Dashra, by the way."