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  • Wild Game (closed)

    The stars in space were covered and the sky above erupted in flashes of light and growls of anger. Fierce winds spiraled about, swaying the grasses to and fro upon the open plain against the wind's forceful touch. The sky was about to open up, as the storms announced their arrival with a thunderous noise.

    Thick lightning highlighted the cloud littered sky and thunder crackled, rumbling across the dark woods. Again and again it flashed in the otherwise ebony early dawn, illuminating the dark woods, and surrounding open plains. There lurked a fierce beast within the forest, which set out to hunt wild game. This creature kept well hidden in the dark woods, even though, the sky above lit up part of the woods with bolts of lightning streaking across the early morning sky.

    ~ The Corellian Black Sand Panther moved swiftly on his four legged stride, dashing by the standing vegetation and headed towards a narrow pathway into the dark woods. The tear droplets of water from above continued to pelt his sleek black fur while the exotic feline sprinted through the woods. Hadrian’s destination was to reach the far side of the dark woods where he found a perfect advantage point to scout for prey during the dawn. ~

    If you are lucky enough to lay your eyes upon this black feline creature during it’s travel upon all fours, moving at full bestial speed, you would capture a sense of the creature’s Wild freedom.

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    Re: Wild Game

    ~ Another strike of light and boom of thunder rocked the surrounding area, as the leaves on the trees trembled in the winds. Turning sharply upon the path, Hadrian moved his forelegs, as his muscular shoulders drove him into the direction and the rest of his long body followed. The exotic feline kept up a demanding pace, traveling deeper into the dark woods while alternating his stalwart four-legged stride. As the creature turned away from the narrow pathway, Hadrian shifted his weight to his rear legs and stretched out his long stride while he leapt upwards to land on top of a large rock. The dark predator’s acrobatics positioned him into a low crouch stance, as Hadrian stood on all fours and regained his cat like balance on the rock’s surface. ~

    ~ Then, with the grace and agility, this beast rears back on his hind legs and sprung upwards 12 feet to land onto a thick tree branch. There, the feline used his extended claws to grip the branch’s tree bark, as the whole branch and part of the tree shook upon the added weight of the creature. As Hadrian traveled the length of the branch, he lifted up his massive paws slowly and placed them carefully upon the moving branch once again. Keeping his balance, Hadrian came to rest near the main tree trunk and sat down on his haunches. He leaned his panther size head against the main tree trunk while watching over the open plains. Beyond the plains was a lake, which soon would see a gathering of wild game that would come to drink at their favorite watering hole during the early dawn. ~

    ~ While flicking the end of his tail, the Corellian Black Sand Panther watched for any movements on the ground from his well hidden perch. The storm moved to the south and just passed the treeline, as the rains stopped and the howling winds came across the surrounding area. The strong breeze tickled Hadrian’s whiskers, as he smelt a scent swirling in the air stream. Hadrian growled quietly upon recognizing the scent of the Gallaze [ deer ]. He twitched his panther ears in different directions and scanned the area with his keen, deep golden eyes, until Hadrian spotted moving shadows on the ground to the right side of the horizon. ~


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      Re: Wild Game

      The breaking of the endless waltz of the moon and sun alerted all creatures that morning had risen. The skies open up above with colors of purple, blue, and red as the sun rose slowly on the east horizon.

      In the direction of the plateau to the west, the herd of Gallaze continued to make their way towards the watering hole while the rumbling of the open plain's ground could be heard due to the many hooves pounding against the earth. The dense forests held a few other prey, but most would wait until the herd of Gallaze had passed by the grazing lands before heading to the watering hole.

      ~ Hadrian growled lowly and chuff, as the prey ran by the outer trees near the edge of the forest. He remained totally still as the dark creature kept his perfectly balanced crouched on the branch of tree. Hadrian had total control over his body, but he was restless in his mind. Soon, his hunter’s instincts kicked in and the dark creature escaped the hidden perch by vaulting into the dawn air and gracefully landing on all powerful fours once again upon the rock below. Then, the agile feline leapt off the rock and regained his cat-like balance on the forest floor. There, the Corellian Sand Panther began with his passion of hunting down prey and took off upon his lethal four legged stride. ~

      ~ Weaving in and out of the low lying bushes and trees, the massive black creature paws fell first onto the soil plains after traveling with great ease through the forest. The quarry was not far and his keen senses picked up the prey’s scents immediately. Looking to the right, Hadrian turned his Sand Panther size head and scanned amongst the grasses before the lake, spotting the herd of Gallaze. Once his eyes were transfixed, the predator crept slowly towards the herd of Gallaze, stalking them quietly from the grassy plains edge. ~


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        Re: Wild Game

        ~ The dark creature held his stealth mode upon lowering himself to the ground after reaching the edge of the grassy plains. The quarry was not far and his keen senses picked up their scent immediately. A light wind from the east across over the grassy lands, swaying the tall blades too and fro. This seemed to add to the beast’s cover, as the Gallaze continued to drink or feed nearby the water hole and did not care for the moving grasses. The large black feline scanned the full area, finding and choosing his targeted prey. There were about 10 Gallaze to his left and 20 to his right. Straight ahead, the dark creature found his target, as 10 more brown fur, hoofed creatures were clustered close together bobbing their heads too and fro, taking stocks of grasses or drinking from the waterhole. ~

        ~ The scent of the brown colored deer-like creatures seemed to drive the large carnivore’s hunger, as Hadrian stared at the few he would try to capture and feast upon. The Corellian Black Sand Panther readied himself to relax and then pounce on the unwary prey before him. As the crossing winds shifted once again, the Dark Predator suddenly disappeared from his hidden position. Taking off in a burst of speed, Hadrian hit his full bestial stride upon all almighty fours, as a cry waffled into the air from the small herd of Antelope to his left. ~

        Then, the sound of pounding hooves and more Gallaze cries scattered off into many different directions.

        ~ However, Hadrian had accounted for that to happen, as the magnificent creature dashed towards the clustered group near the waterhole. The fleeing Antelope were no match for this seasoned hunter, as the Dark Predator timed his leap upwards and tackled one Gallaze from behind. The Corellian Sand Panther reached out with his mighty forelegs, pushing off with his rear legs while extending his deadly claws. The predator dug onto the hide and flesh upon landing on the moving Gallaze’s hind quarters. Hadrian was careful to keep out of the way of the rear kicking legs of the Antelope and soon his captured prey tumbled hard to the ground with a thud, as the dust from the ground spewed into the air. Seeing the creature down, Hadrian released from its hind end and knew the injected poison extracted from his sharp claws began to infect the creature. He rapidly moved off the downed Gallaze to chase another Gallaze that seemed to have gotten confused in original the attack. ~

        ~ The second hoofed creature zig zagged in all different directions trying to elude its attacker, but the large black feline tackled the second Gallaze by driving his powerful body into and through the side of the creature, sending it rolling on the ground. Once again, Hadrian sliced into the deer-like creature with his lethal claws across the neck and front quarters, as he pinned the creature to the ground with his massive body weight and determined hold. ~

        Long and hard cries for help emitted from the two downed Gallaze, but to no avail. The winds swept across the lands carried the echoes of the dying Gallaze and the scent of Death was near. The first Gallaze was sent into multiple body convulsions, as the lethal poison from Hadrian’s claws worked through the creatures system quickly while it struggled and kicked on the ground.

        ~ Hadrian stayed with the second Antelope and attacked its neck and chest area, digging his claws in deep and biting onto the Gallaze’s neck with his sharp canine teeth. Blood sprayed from the neck upon the vicious strike, as the Sand Panther’s powerful jaw motion and flesh cutting teeth tore the Gallaze’s head off cleanly from its neck. Hadrian let the head drop from his mouth onto the dark soil. Soon, a large amount of crimson red blood spilled onto the ground from the prey’s neck, leaving entrails of exposed veins, bone, and flesh to be seen. Then, Dark Predator glanced over at the first Gallaze and saw that the creature laid motionless on the ground. ~

        ~ Stained with the scent of blood and hearing the cries of death, the exotic cat released a long deep roar, claiming his prizes of the wild. ~

        Death did not matter for their honor was secured. Death was something that occurred naturally and one must learn to respect it.


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          ~ The roar of the feline upon the devouring of the Gallaze finished the hunt for Hadrian on this day. He got up from the ground and took a last look about the area only to see the bone remains and bits of fur tuffs lay about where the prey was fed on. Shaking his Sand Panther shaped head and licking his forepaw, which he curled up after sitting on his rear legs to begin with the art of grooming. His red tongue tucked on the fur and his small sharp incisor teeth pulled out the leftover flesh that was still lodged in between his extended 4 inch venomous claws. ~

          Meanwhile, Master Shadowtide returned from a meeting elsewhere to find her dark predator on the planet where she left him to freely roam. As the “Resilience” landed on a ridge, overlooking the small valley below, the sound of a speederbike sailed out of the main cargo bay lowered hatch. Its owner made a sweeping ride down the side of the ridge, as it dropped out of sight to the valley terrain below. Master Dara could see that the bushes and the low laying vegetation must have been flatten by a herd trying to escape the elusive hunter. She grinned on the thought and started to look for him when hitting the speederbike into top gear, which brought up dust particles in the trail she left behind her.

          ~ Finishing the last of his grooming, Hadrian rose to all fours and swished his tail back and forth. His ultra sensitive hearing picked up the mechanical noise in the eastwardly direction after turning his head and sniffing the passing wind current. Unsure of the visitor, Hadrian turned on his forelegs, shifting his weight from his shoulder blades and took a quick dash into the far outlining tree cluster for cover, as his massive body and alternating powerful legged stride pounded his being across the uneven rocky soil mixed on green hybrid grasses. The Corellian Sand Panther made a sharp stop at the treeline and waited for the rider to appear while focusing on the low whining sound of the machine’s engines off in the distance. ~
          Hadrian SP - Black Corellian Sand Panther
          Wild Predator - Creature Companion - Fighter - Hunter


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            The dead animal corpses on the grounds seemed to attract hidden scavengers from the far side of the tundra, as a small pack of 4 wild vornshr appeared across the terrain and ran towards the mostly eaten Gallazes. The scent of the Corellian Sand Panther was pick up and wild canines nervously approached the few scraps of raw meat, hanging on the outcrop of the bones protruding into the air from the fallen prey. The lead wild vornshr stood to the left side of the prize before sinking its teeth into the meat, chewing on the bones and keeping an eye on the group that soon would charge into the leftover feast.

            ~ The winds rustled the neighboring trees’ branches and spilled a few leaves to the ground. Growling deeply, the rare Black Corellian Sand Panther stood watching at the treeline at the event unfolding. Shaking his Sand Panther head, Hadrian shifted forward upon treading on all fours, placing his paws on the ground and gained speed on each sure step again across the rocky and dark color soil terrain while hearing the whine of the mechanical machine near the vicinity. Hadrian kept his being hidden behind the vegetation and out lying rock formations while wandering back to the site and eyed the wild canines feeding on his mostly finished prizes.

            When Hadrian got closer, the pack of wild vornshr stopped feeding and slightly darted off in the opposite direction that the Black Sand Panther was going to make his angered presence felt in wanting additional live meat.

            It seemed that the sound of the speederbike had some influence on the sudden reaction of the wild dog-like animals’ quick departure much to the Black Corellian Sand Panther’s disappointment. Hadrian waited nearby a rock, looking around the side of it, keeping his ears pointed back, slightly down, eyes intensely focused on the arriving stranger, and all senses alert. Hadrian’s body leaned against the rough rock surface and his head was barely seen at the side of the rock due to the cover of dark green vegetation. Though, if one would carefully look in the predator's direction, they might catch a glimpse of the golden-tinted eyes piercing through the bushes. ~
            Hadrian SP - Black Corellian Sand Panther
            Wild Predator - Creature Companion - Fighter - Hunter


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              :: Looking at the wild vornshr run away from the scene, Dara slowed her speeder bike and viewed the carnage in the vicinity, something she had come to expect from the Corellian Sand Panther habits. Grinning and looking about, she sensed Hadrian nearby the area and then caught a glimmer of the golden pair of eyes through the coverage of the vegetation and rock-laden terrain.

              Dara turned the speeder bike around, bringing up some soil particles to turn the vehicle about, pointing in the direction to head back to her ship. With the use of the Force, Dara mimicked the creature’s growl tone in an effort to get the massive panther’s attention and to relay a short request, “Come”. When she finished the communication to Hadrian, she shifted the speeder bike into gear upon seeing the menacing Black Corellian Sand Panther give chase in behind the rapidly fast moving bike.

              Dara wished to return back to her ship, taking the creature there to go to the Science Outpost once again ::