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In Your Dreams : Rama Vs Lynch

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  • In Your Dreams : Rama Vs Lynch

    Posted by Lynch on 10-03-2002 02:37 PM:
    In Your Dreams : Rama Vs Lynch

    In Your Dreams : Rama Vs Lynch

    The town had gone quiet. The sound of life and the bustle of every day common people that had filled the streets had come to an end, no more full of chatter of gossiping house wives, devoid of the laughter of children and the shouting of prices from various vendors. The low cry of the wind was the testament to the new state of life within the area. Houses were left to stand as they were, carts in the road were abandoned and doors to stores were slamming as the wind blew them open and shut.

    A low mongrel was in the town to rummage through the garbage. Its life of avoiding the local dog catcher had been lax for the last four days. It had not seen any trace of the surly man who took delight in slamming the dogs into the back of his caged cart to take to the local pound. The dogs life had taken a turn for the better. Now no more would it be chased from dumpsters. The question of what happened to the people was a non factor in its simple existence.

    Mere miles from the town lay the answer to the question not asked. Metal hooks were attached to the great trees that had grown for centuries. On each of those hooks were the bodies of the dead, numerous metal hooks torn through their flesh leaving the brown trees to be covered in a deep dark red.

    At the base of each tree were trails marked in the dirt leading to the center of the forest where the blood flowed to meet in one huge lake of flowing blood. In the center of that lake a fountain of blood rose up to reach at the Heavens. At the top of that fountain of blood was crouched the Sith Master with a hand out pointing to the last of the villagers whom he had caught, pointing to a tree the woman was sent crashing into its base, the metal hooks ripped through her body and vital organs leaving her to shake as the cold grasp of death took her into its embrace.

    It was now perfect.

    The forest of the dead would be the battleground to this duel. The hanging impaled simple towns people would be the audience for this live battle, how lucky they were. Standing up tall he cast his sight over the forest to take in the numerous blood trails from the tree that collected to this crimson foutain.

    How perfect it was.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 10-16-2002 10:31 PM:

    "You have such abhorable tastes in decor..............and a flare for the dramatic too I might add."

    :: Rama looked down at the blood that he was standing in. ::

    "This just will not do........"

    Posted by Lynch on 10-21-2002 11:35 AM:

    “My taste my compatriot..”

    Holding his arms straight out and clasping the side of his hands together in a bow shape a small portion of blood rises up from the unholy fountain of crimson and falls into his hands, bringing forth his hands to his lips the Sith vampyre enjoyed the taste of the life blood that had been stolen by so many.

    “ always that which is beneficial to the self.”

    Leaping forth into the air the Sith did a dive to the ground, his cloak fluttering behind him as he landed on the earth into an crouching stance near one of his slaughtered victims embedded on one of the many hooks that were attached to the great forest trees. A hook had been rammed through the back of her skull and stuck out straight through her mouth, her eyes were still wide with terror upon the moment of her death, pieces of a substance that could only be part of the brain lay stuck and hanging from the hook. Walking to the woman the Sith grinned and tapped the sharp edge of the hook that stuck out from her lips.

    “Quite a look eh, you wonder if she got this one cause she hated tongue?”

    Turning around giving a fake laugh the Sith approached his fellow Sith Master, Lynchs cloak hanging tight around him, his light body dark armor underneath. “It has been far too long since we practiced our skills against ones of equal power.”

    Posted by Rama Sha on 10-23-2002 12:00 PM:

    :: Rama looked up at the woman Lynch had just been speaking of. ::

    "It has been a long time......"

    :: Suddenly the body burst into flames.....the other bodies followed suite, lighting the area with a most sickly glow. ::

    ".....but let us not get too ahead of ourselves with that word. "Equal" I have learned much in my time "away" "

    :: Rama pulled back his cloak showing what use to be his jet black hair had turned as white as his skin. As well, his eyes were now white instead of the deep brown they once where. ::

    "I have learned much since i was Transfigured."

    :: He threw back the rest of his cloak, and stood motionless. ::

    Posted by Lynch on 10-25-2002 02:02 PM:

    “Ah changes you have been through yes, such a pale complexion, one would have thought you saw Vader himself....that or you have begun to dine on the blood of mortals now.”

    Eyeing the burning corpses he had worked so long to hunt down while they still lived and herded them to this forest before silencing them from this mortal coil the chaotic Sith Master did not appreciate his undead work of art to be destroyed. No, not at all, such a monument was intended to rot and fester for years to come!

    It had all been so perfect.

    Perfection ruined in the blink of an eye.

    “So you say you have undergone much change yes? Have passed through the test and trials to be forged greater than what you were have you? Such a claim must be tested, oh yes it must....”

    Such a change in power if one had been attained had to be tested even if the Sith Master was glad enough to get some payback for his wrecked work of art. Grinding his heel back against the ground Lynch took an combat position, his arm raising bent at the elbow but in front of him ready to strike outwards, the siths right hand dipped low to his side ready to grab his lightsaber easily.

    “.......are you ready? HAVE AT YOU.”

    Rising his hand the Sith Master channeled the dark side, the images of death and chaos racing though out his mind as energy crackled racing up and down the Sith’s body until at least a deadly charge of pure dark side energy was unleashed darkening the ground and sapping life from the very earth as it raced to embrace its intended target.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 10-30-2002 02:49 PM:

    :: Rama stared ahead coldly as Jedah did his "Dance". The blast of engery was now headed stright for him. Rama made a very slight and quick flip of his wrist and a large tornado of dust engulfed him. The impact of Jedah's dark engery was powerful and the explosion was great. Dust and debris flew into the air, clouding vison and lungs. Heavy and thick it hung in the air for a few momments then slowly settled. As it cleared Rama could be seen still standing in the same postion. It had not looked like he had moved except for a outstreched arm that has met the powerful burst of engery. Surronding him was a slightly white tinted "Bubble", this had been what the blast had impacted and not Rama himself. The bubble slowly disappeared, and Rama lowered his arm. ::

    " So much effort to gain so little.........I truely hope this is not the extent of your power?"

    Posted by Lynch on 11-07-2002 03:25 PM:

    The energy snapped and crackled as it impacted on the bubble before being allowed to vanish back to the depths that had summoned it and he did than hear the words spoke from his fellow Sith Masters voice that made him laugh to himself. Was that all? The extent of his power? Hardly so!

    The Sith Master had lived, survived and enhanced himself by tapping into power greater, such an first offense was merely for show, a test of the other if nothing to gauge and take assestment of Ramas development. Most certainly the first offense....but hardly the last. And he would prove this even if it meant burning the surrounding lands to a barren wasteland for all eternity.

    Quietly whilst he kept his stare on that of Rama Lynch reached back his arms towards two of the trees that held two of the burning remains of the bodies he had crucified, the burning bodies began to stir, the two bodies shook as the flames consumed the flesh and devoured the clothing they wore. Amid the crackling flames the sounded bones snapped into jagged sharp pieces as the Sith opened his clenched fist and rose his hands towards Rama. On cue the bones from the bodies exploded forth from their dead host and hurled towards Lynchs dark opponent.

    Dropping to one knee and laying one hand upon the earth the Sith finished a silent chant he had began to envoke as he sought to bring the bones from the dead. Through the force the Sith tapped into the very ground below them and corrupted the natural order sending wave after wave of dark side energies to rupture through the ground causing fissures to rupture on the surface, grinning as he gritted his teeth against each other he commanded the ground to rise up and strike his opponent down with the same technique he had once demostrated to Tempist.

    From the ground rocks rose up from the soil displacing the dirt that had contained them for centuries, sticking out of the ground wave after wave of the sharp rocks rose up from the ground in a row like a tidal wave, a wave that made its way towards Sith Master Rama position shattering all that was on the surface. If the bones diversion fell prey to his little bubble than it would be interesting to see how Rama would deal with the stones protruding from the very earth below him to rise up and impale him on their cold surfaces.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 11-14-2002 12:09 AM:

    :: In a white blur Rama took to the air with such a mighty leap that he easly cleared the bones, the ground behind Rama exploded at the same moment the bones impacted the same area, but Rama was safe above it all. Rama came back down and landed right in front of Jedah with such a light touch that no noise could be heard. Rama now stood a few feet from Jedah, but before the Sith Master could react to his presence Rama let loose a mighty Force push sending the undead Sith back and slamming him into a tree. ::

    "Did you think I'd be foolish enough to try to same defense twice?"

    Posted by Lynch on 11-26-2002 07:11 AM:

    Recovering his wits as he pushed himself up from the tree the undead Lynch passed a mocking glaze towards that of Rama Sha and smiled a smile of the most devious and deceitful manners possible. “Of course not old friend, I would not have expected that!”

    With a wave of his hand from in front of him to his side a rock half out of the ground before Sith Master Rama shook and quivered before becoming a soaring projectile to collide into the stomach of Rama. The rock itself was not sharp by any measure but quite hard and solid and in itself was all that counted. Rama was made of flesh and bone. Flesh that could tear and be ripped. Bone that could be broken and shattered. The impact would leave quite a bruise on his skin although Lynch never for a second believed anything was ruptured internally. If it had been most men there might be more serious implications, the thought it would be so for Rama never once even crossed Lynchs mind.

    Only the next attack and phase of the battle mattered.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 11-27-2002 03:55 PM:

    :: A Flash of red light illuminated the battle ground. The two halves of the rock shot off in different directions. Rama stood with lightsaber rasied. ::

    "Prehaps you'd fair better with the Lightsaber, Lynch."

    Posted by Lynch on 12-04-2002 08:34 AM:

    “Cocky…you have grown powerful but are you going to allow such a thing to get the better of you?”

    Griping the metal weapon at his side that had been mostly hidden by his flowing cloak he ignited the powerful and deadly saber, its red light screaming and blazing to life like a phoenix reborn. Leaping forward with one hand out to feign a strike he instead brought his light saber spinning upwards at an angle to pierce Ramas rib.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-04-2002 02:45 PM:

    ::Rama jumped back, the saber barely missed his side. Rama then swung his saber around towards Lynch's head. ::

    Posted by Lynch on 12-06-2002 01:40 PM:

    Bracing his knees as the sole of his boots dig into the ground Lynch turns his lightsaber sideways to block the incoming strike causing the two blades to hiss as the blades clash against each other, each attempting to put their strength in a bid to knock the other back.

    With one great heave Lynch pushes the saber back even as he leaps up over Rama to drop down behind him delivering a near downward thrust that almost slices the man in two.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-07-2002 01:40 AM:

    :: Rama quickly brings his saber up and over his head to block the attack, then pushes Lynch's saber back and spins around and lands a kick to Lynch's stomach. ::

    Posted by Lynch on 12-14-2002 11:03 AM:

    Being knocked back by the kick he spins in the air placing a hand down on the ground as he falls causing his momentum to shift him to his feet while he lesses the impact to the ground crouching as the muscles in his legs brace themselves. Not wanting to loose any advantage he leaps forward once more with his saber flashing out to cut through Ramas legs even as he turns in mid air attempting to slice through his hamstrings should the first attack fail.

    Posted by Ket Van Derveld on 12-14-2002 09:00 PM:

    * Self Deleted *

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-27-2002 06:58 PM:

    ::Rama jumped forward over Lynch's Saber and quickly spins around ::

    "You ever think about the future Lynch?"

    :: Rama stood up straight and deactivated his saber placeing the hilt back on his belt. ::

    Posted by Lynch on 01-07-2003 12:02 PM:

    Catching himself upon the ground coming to an immediate stop for the moment he ceased the attack standing upright staring at Rama for a minute. With a faint click the lightsaber he bore designated and fizzled from life. Holding the lightsaber hilt to his side his eyes trailed off to the side and back to Rama.

    “Yes. All too often”

    Posted by Rama Sha on 01-07-2003 03:45 PM:

    "I don't think you would if you had seen what I have seen......."

    Posted by Lynch on 01-07-2003 05:48 PM:

    “There are many things I have seen.”

    Why in the world was he beginning this now, what was the point? The future held many events that would be decided by the decisions of many people, nothing was set in stone. Nothing save life and death and that was an unyielding certainty.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 01-07-2003 11:28 PM:

    "Let me tell you of an Empire....."

    :: Rama began to walk towards Lynch. It was in unthreating manner at a very slow pace. ::

    "The citzens.......chafe impatiently at the least touch of authority, and at length......the cease to care for the rule, written or unwritten...and this is the fair and glorious begining out of which tyranny springs. The Excessive increase of anything often causes a reaction in the opposite direction....Tyranny naturally arises out of democarcy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of most extreme form of liberty."

    :: Rama was now face to face with Lynch. ::

    "This Empire I speak of is almost ready for tyranny.....wouldn't you like to be part of such a glorious change?"

    Posted by Lynch on 01-08-2003 05:31 PM:

    A people on the edge of the knife to stray but a little and fall into an all claiming void of evil. A worked out order to set rules to governor and wisely rule over a people so that they might know a better way and to all things good tidings. A way of life slowly coming to an end as seeds of deceit and dissatisfaction spread about.

    To cause havoc, wreck ruin and spread an never ending rein of chaos greatly appealed to the self professed Master of Chaos, a title that he had lived up too on more then one occasion much to the chagrin and annoyance of both friend and foe.

    “To bring about change is to invite the serpent’s blade into the nest of the enemy, can such be a benefit for us other than to cause the damnation of a people’s. Or is there more to the tale from which you speak”

    Posted by Rama Sha on 01-09-2003 12:14 AM:

    "damnation of a people? The People are already damned only those who repent and follow will be saved, for all the others.................Death."

    Posted by Lynch on 01-15-2003 05:43 PM:

    “Such an grim assessment. Do you really believe you can deliver these people from the mortal coil?”

    Folding his arms across his chest he gave a chuckle then a wicked grin that turned into a sneer. He was a vicious man by trade, to attack, kill and simply destroy was reason enough for him to take a blade and lay waste to any civilization, there was reason when he wished it and nothing but the grim reaper a step behind him when he commanded the falling darkness.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 01-15-2003 10:38 PM:


    :: Rama let out a small laugh ::

    "Delievering has nothing to do with this.........Im not here to deliever you. Im here to kill's why I came. "

    Posted by Lynch on 01-18-2003 05:51 PM:

    A smirk closed Lynch’s face. Kill? To do such a thing was easier said then done, not that he disapproved or approved. He had killed many in his long life and continued his deeds beyond the veil of death as one of the undead. If Rama wanted him dead that chance was before him.

    Widening the smirk into a grin the Sith Masters shoulders began to rise and fall as he began to laugh, first low then louder.

    “Kill? Is that it? Are you no more then a dog trying to find its bone”

    Posted by Rama Sha on 01-25-2003 02:16 AM:

    "You should be flattered Lynch........I came to kill you cause you would be one of the few that wouldn't just fall under thumb, one that resiest no matter what.....and I can't have that."

    Posted by Lynch on 01-26-2003 10:13 AM:

    “All the pity”

    In a mocking tone he spoke, his words sounding as if he were on the edge of laughter. Never was he any man or woman’s slave or servant, never was he someone who confirmed to the wishes or needs of another, he made his own place in this world and nothing more. So Rama had his own grand plans did he? Wish to act on those and expel him from this existence? It made Lynch smile.

    “So are you going to sit there gabbing or you going to do something about it.”

    Posted by Rama Sha on 01-28-2003 06:29 AM:

    "I havn't decided may be of some use to me alive. The question is......."

    :: Rama approached slowly ::

    " will you be of some use to me alive?"

    Posted by Lynch on 01-28-2003 06:16 PM:

    “I exist only to serve one person and you are looking at him.

    Snickering slightly the vampyre Sith Master grinned revealing a fang.

    “Besides we both know I’m not of the living”

    Posted by Rama Sha on 01-30-2003 01:18 PM:

    "Bad choice of words...."

    :: Rama stood unmoveing.::

    " power the dark gift gave you could save you from destruction if I so wished to do so."

    :: He was silent for a moment. ::

    "I do not ask you to serve me........but an Alliance may be in order."

    Posted by Lynch on 02-02-2003 12:53 PM:

    “An Alliance. An Alliance of what, convenience?”

    Keeping focused on the words Rama spoke the Sith Master pondered their meaning, knowing some of what he might be implying could have grieve consequences. For whom that was yet to be seen.

    Posted by Rama Sha on 02-02-2003 01:46 PM:

    "Convient for me............maybe. No Doubt I could do what I want without you. But it would be easier if you were with me then against me."

    Posted by Lynch on 02-04-2003 01:30 PM:

    “Is that right”

    For a moment he wondered if anyone was ever on his side, for it did not seem so unless it was to suit someone’s purpose or ambitions. Not that bothered him; it made all the more easier to dispatch the person when his own use for them ended.

    “I’ve still to hear what’s in this for me.”

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    "Right to the point......."

    :: Rama backs off a bit ::

    "There is much to be gained......Wealth, Power......"


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      *Half turning on his heel he gave Rama a look*

      "Ah but you see I have both, wealth I have long achieved and power, power I wield like life and death giving both to whom I choose, what it matters if a man is born low or high none can escape from my grip should I wish them dead."


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        :: A slight snicker was heard.......then a laugh......then a an uncontrolable wave of laughter. ::

        "For you to say that means you have no idea what I offer you."


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          An slight amused look fell over his face as Rama laughed, a look as if he might strike down the laughing one in that moment to show he was not to be trifled with, for the moment he remained silent until more was said.


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            "You really are the king of foolish ideas sometimes. That you some how have the most power and wealth that one of your level could have..........or that you could strike me down with one powerful move. Such thoughts are folly. "

            ::Rama waved his hand out to his side and looked down at the ground under him. There came a slight rumble as if a small tremor of earth was on them. Suddenly a large rock shot from the ground. Then another next to it and then a third and a forth. After all was said and done the rocks had formed a crude stone chair. Rama moved over and pulling thorwing his cloak over the chair, sat. ::

            "What power do you really think you have?"

            :: Then again the rumbleing came and a simlar stone chair formed dierectly across from Rama and faceing him ::

            "Have a seat......I expect this to long disscussion."


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              “Nice trick”

              Walking over to the seat of stone the Sith Master did sit down doing as he was asked too knowing before long this little conversation could escalate into more.


              Perhaps not..

              Difficult to see the future sometimes it was and at the moment no matter how hard he tried to foresee the conclusion he could not.

              “I have enough power to accomplish that which I desire”


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                "No trick......just simply asked the stones to move."

                :: Rama watched as his fellow sith master sat ::

                "Are you sure you know what your desires really are.......or are they just limited to what you know?"


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                  Giving a snort as if in reply, a chuckle soon following Lynch rested his elbows on the armrest as he intertwined his fingers and stared at his fellow Sith Master.

                  “What I seek has been long in forming over a great design, as such I know what I desire.”


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                    "Great desgin............Then you could truely appericate what I am offering. It is a great desgin as well."

                    :: The Sith Master brought his hand up to his face and raubbed his chin, then let it rest back on the arms of the make-shift chair. ::

                    "Keep in mind.....the alternatives will be grim."


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                      Were not the alternatives always grim, dark or deadly? Those were the things that both of them were use to in their dark lives as they walked along the fine edge of a blade on either side of death should they fall in any way.

                      “Well then do go on and lets hear how things may be along with your offering.”


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                        "I can't tell wouldn't be able to take it all in and I don't think Im that eloquint with words. I'll have to show you."


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                          “Well then….”

                          Tapping the chair he sat on he looked around their surroundings then held up his arms slightly outwards as if to wait to be shown whatever Rama spoke of.

                          “ long must I wait to see this which you speak of.”


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                            "It will not come to us........."

                            :: Rama stood and pointed to heavens and a single bright star in the black sea of night ::

                            "It is there."


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                              “So we are to journey then.”

                              Travel across the black ocean with glowing lights and burning balls of flame, so that was needed to have the questions asked and answers revealed. To go where he had not gone before.

                              “What is the payment to the ferry man for the voyage"