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Journey Of Vengeance: Nikka's Return To Hapes (Semi Open)

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  • Journey Of Vengeance: Nikka's Return To Hapes (Semi Open)

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-18-2002 01:36 AM:
    Journey Of Vengeance: Nikka's Return To Hapes (Semi Open)

    Nikka's footsteps echoed through the Empire's Headquarter halls as she exited the Council Chambers after the talk with her master concerning her journey. Now was the time to meet with the ones that would be joining her, to get things ready and most of all, to find someone that has a ship. That was one of Nikka's fallbacks here at the Empire, that she didn't have a ship so that she could travel at her own will instead of depending on another to help her. Nikka sometimes hated asking favors from others, but in these times, she had no choice. Time was running out...

    Turning the corner, she made her way down the hall that lead to the quarters of Darth Mundus, her Zabrak friend who had always been there for her in any situation. For some reason, she knew to go to him for this favor, but never knew of his past or if he even 'had' a ship. As she approached the door, she pushed the doorbell button and awaited him to answer.

    .:Bio Page:.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-18-2002 12:39 PM:

    "Yah roma oim" ::A big sigh left the Zabrak's being. He was sitting down on his bed, he was looking at the picture of who, at one point in time, was his soon to be spouse: Lissania::

    ::She had been slaughtered in his Coruscant manor by some mercenaries, who were behind his wealth. They took nothing of material value, except the one thing valued the most, the one thing he treasured the most, the the life of his then fiancèe::

    *Ding Dong*

    ::The doorbell rang, but Mundus was just lost in his own thoughts::

    Ueq asap? On tes equ ay on et ema.....nua ol ogah dna erpmeis ol erah.....orep....yah....neiugla...aroha euq...' *Ancient Zabraki for 'What's happening? It's not that I don't love you, I still do and always's someone....who....' *

    ::The doorbell rang for the second time and Mundus came back to reality. He put the picture of his murdered fiancèe underneath his pillow as he opened his door::

    "Nikka, what a pleasant surprise? Please come in...what brings you to my humble chambers?

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-18-2002 02:20 PM:

    She smiled as the door opened.

    "I need a huge favor."

    She glanced around for a brief moment and then looked back to her friend.

    "Are you busy?"

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-18-2002 02:27 PM:

    "No, I'm not busy..." ::As the red-headed woman, entered the room, he moved his hand towards a chair, gesturing for her to please take a seat::

    "Even if I were...I'm never too busy for a friend, may I offer you anything to drink?" Said the Zabraki as they both sat down. Nikka in the chair by his desk and Mundus in his bed.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-18-2002 05:28 PM:

    "Thank you, my friend." She smiled as she entered and took a seat. As he moved to his seat on the bed, she nodded in appreciation for offering a drink.

    "I'll just take water, thank you." As he began to stand, she motioned for him to sit down. "No I can get it, you just relax, I need to talk to you real quickly."

    She moved over to the kitchenette and took a glass from the counter, allowing the auto faucet fill the glass with the ice cold water. Afterwards, she retook her seat and began to speak.

    "As I said, I need a favor. I'm making plans to return to my homeworld of Hapes, but the only problem is, I need a ship. Do you know of anyone that has one?"

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-18-2002 06:06 PM:

    "I need a ship. Do you know of anyone that has one?"

    ::The words just spun inside DM's head as he stared at Nikka's glass "sweating" from its cold content, the ice-cold water::

    ::Ice....a flashback from an ice planet: Hoth, came to the Zabrak's mind::

    ::He remembered going into a cave and entering a five digit combination security number to unlock huge doors, that would reveal a secret hideaway, with quite an arsenal, the arsenal of a bounty hunter::

    ::All kinds of weapons, E-11's, blasters, rifles, bombs, cannons, traps, every imaginable gadget, could be found in that secret place::

    ::Even a Naboo Royal Starship. A polished, streamlined J-type 327 Nubian vessel, with strong shields and a competant hyperdrive. This model however, came with no offensive weaponry at all. Nevertheless, it was modified to host two double heavy laser cannons and proton torpedo launchers, a state of the art starship::

    :: The tattooed face disciple's flashback came to an end. He shook his head as he snapped out of it::

    "A starship..." ::He said as he stood up, looking at Nikka. He then walked towards the window and carried on:: "I'm afraid, your friend Darth Mundus, the Sith, does not own a Starship"

    ::The woman's disappointment could be seen in her face, then the Iridonia native turned around with a huge smile on his face:: "However, Darth Mundus, the former bounty hunter....does...."

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-18-2002 06:48 PM:

    Nikka's jaw dropped at the mention of him being a bounty hunter and quickly changed to a bright smile as he mentioned the ship.

    "What kind of ship is it?"

    She asked while sipping from her water again. Soon she would have to contact the ones that will be accompanying her on the voyage. Soon.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-18-2002 08:12 PM:

    ::Mundus noticed Nikka's excitement and surprise, he didn't know which one she felt more:: "Nubian...a polished, streamlined J-type 327 Nubian vessel....very strong shields....and a more than, if not the most, competant hyperdrive...state of the art..."

    ::Mundus then walked towards the little bar in the kitchenette and took out his favorite bottle of brandy:: "If you need it, it's yours..."

    ::He then poured the drink in a glass he had taken out and added:: "There might be a slight problem though..." ::He grabbed his drink and sat down in the bed again, facing the red-headed woman::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-18-2002 08:22 PM:

    Nikka's eyebrows furrowed a bit, her head tilted to the side. She hoped they wouldn't run into any problems, but there can always be a way around them.

    "A problem? What do you mean?"

    She stood from the chair and refilled her glass, thus returning to her seat, her attention fully diverting back to her friend.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-18-2002 08:31 PM:

    ::He then grabbed one of the ice cubs he had poured in his glass::

    "Ice...." ::Then watched it...put into the light so that a small rainbow came out:: "Ice is the problem..."

    ::He then threw it into the sink in the kitchenette breaking it, crushing it into a thousand pieces:: "Yet...problems...may be...crashed"

    ::The beatiful Sith lady, didn't seem to understand what was going on, or what the Zabrak meant:: "Lissania...." ::He looked at Nikka in the eyes:: "....that's the name of my ship..."::He then tooked a sip of his drink:: " in one of my the ice planet of Hoth..." ::He frowned one of his eye brows awaiting for the woman's reaction:::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-18-2002 08:48 PM:

    Nikka nodded, understanding what the situation was, then she felt almost a sense of sorrow when he mentioned the name of the ship, Lissannia. Such a beautiful name... Nikka had a feeling there was a meaning behind the name.

    "I see. So are you able to acquire the ship?"

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-18-2002 08:52 PM:

    "Am I able to acquite the ship?"::Mundus chuckled slightly, no disrespect meant:: "Of course, my dear friend, we just need to get to the ice planet"

    ::Mundus was certain something could be done, like have someone take them or like a space taxi or something, Nikka would have her ship::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-18-2002 10:37 PM:

    "Very well. Sounds good to me."

    She smiled and raised her glass in a toast. Then she pressed a button on her comlink and began to speak.

    "This is Warrior Nikka Darkstorm. Anyone joining me on my voyage to my homeworld are advised to meet me in the hangar bay at 2200. I will give more details about the trip as we depart, Nikka out."

    Turning back to Mundus, she got up and placed her glass in the sink and sat back down.

    "Several others will be joining us. You're welcome to join as well."

    She smiled.

    "I could use the extra help."

    Posted by Xavier Sadow on 11-19-2002 05:32 AM:

    Xavier looks up from polishing the hilt of his light saber as he hears the comlink. He stands slowly and moves from his rooms towards the hangar bay.

    The Sith Knight arrives a few minutes early as he steps into the hangar. He looks around slowly as he sees no one else has yet arrived and shrugs a bit. He leans back against the wall, lowering his head while crossing his arms over his chest, his long hair sliding down over his face. His foot slowly moves up and rests against the wall.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-19-2002 08:48 AM:

    A tall man, dark-skinned, with long black dread-locked hair was just a few steps behind the early arrival and entered just as he leaned against the wall. Talus motioned towards him to just relax, he was no interloper rather a friend here to help.

    "A friend of Miss Darkstorm's as well?" He asked in his casual yet booming voice. He carried a small duffel bag, wore a black trench coat over his normal clothing, he was packed light, but there was more with him than suspected.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-19-2002 12:03 PM:

    ::Mundus stood up quickly when he heard Nikka's words:: "You must think I'm crazy or something..." ::Exclamation could be heard in his statement::

    "Of course I'll be going...wouldn't miss it for the word...I'd have to be crazy to miss it" ::He then smiled at the Nikka and shook hands with her::

    ::He opened the doors to his closet, took out his usual "postman" bag, put a few things into it and continued:: "Looks like I'm ready..."

    Posted by Xavier Sadow on 11-19-2002 02:53 PM:

    Xavier looks to Talus slowly. He raises his pale hand slowly and pushes his hair back from his face. The Sith Knight nods slightly nod a greeting to the man who asked him the question.

    "I suppose. I just met her. So I suppose I am a friend of her's plus I haven't had anything interesting happen to me if a few weeks. Been starting to wonder if I'm still alive."

    Sadow smirks a bit at Talus.

    "And you? A friend of her's?"

    Posted by Drako on 11-20-2002 03:53 PM:

    Drako sat in the cargo bay, his eyes closed, completely silent, the shadows wrapped around him like a cape. He had already been here when Nikka's message had gone out, he was waiting but he wasn't ready to show himself yet.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 11-20-2002 07:12 PM:

    The young Sith disciple marched down the hall towards the docking bay where he was probably being waited on, for gathering his arsenal for the trip took him a little longer the he had thought it would.

    As Gideon arrived he saw two men over by the far wall from where he stood, plain as day, in his red robe with his pure yellow eye's shining out of the hood.

    The quite man stayed by the far wall away from the others sorting out and getting all the surprises stored in his bag ready for the trip.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-20-2002 11:32 PM:

    Nikka smiled at her friend's enthusiasm to join her on her voyage. As she watched him gather his belongings, she began to head toward the door. She still had a few things to gather before leaving, the most important being the location of the headquarters used by the underground. In all honesty, Nikka was beginning to feel nervous already....

    "Very good then. I will meet you there after I gather a few things from my quarters. Give me atleast 10 minutes tops."

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-21-2002 05:48 PM:

    "O.K...." ::That being said Nikka closed the door behind her::

    ::Mundus grabbed his bag and put it over his shoulder, across his chest. He took a look around and was on his way out. Right before his hand touched the door knob, he stopped. He took two steps back, and lifted his pillow. He grabbed the picture of his dead fiancèe tenderly put it on his desk::

    "Atsah erpmeis Liísàhan'ia..."[/I] * "Til later, Lissania" *[I] ::Mundus was on his way to the hangar bay::

    ::It didn't take long for the Zabrak to get to the specified area. He nodded respectfully to his fellow Sith gathered there::

    "Gentleman....Nikka will be here shortly..."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-22-2002 12:21 PM:

    Talus answered Xavier as Mundus entered the room: "Friends, yes I suppose one could say that..." There was a mischievous grin on his face an the look of adoration in his eyes as he spoke of Nikka. It was clear to all that she was his lover and the most important woman in his life.

    "Mundus, nice to see you again." Talus spoke with an air of officiality, that was quickly dispelled by his bear hug to his large Zabraki comrade as the closed the gap between the two.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-22-2002 05:45 PM:

    "Ta...Talus...nice....toooo see you friend..." ::That was really the only thing the big Zabrak could say as he was being squeezed by his genetically enhanced friend::

    ::Once the dreadlocked Sith let go off Mundus, the Iridonian was able to finally catch his breath. He then just put his right arm on Talus' left shoulder and added:: "Seems we're up for quite a ride, huh?" ::He then looked at the rest of the Sith, that were gathered there and carried on:: "Darth Mundus, pleased to meet you all, gentleman..."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 11-22-2002 09:09 PM:

    As the large Zabrak entered the bay Gideon couldn't help but to stop what he was doing to watch him, for the last time Gideon came in contact with a Zabrak it gave him one head for his collection.

    Gideon decided that this time would be different thigh, for he was a fellow Sith and it seemed he was a friendly one at that. Gideon zipped up his bag and walked over to the group,

    :Hello, I am Gideon Desdemona, and who might you two be?:

    Posing the question to Mundus and Xavier Gideon gave a slight nod to Talus, but he knew in no way he was a friend yet, for the first and last time they met it was not such a great experience.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-22-2002 09:53 PM:

    As Nikka departed her quarters, she locked the door with a special encrypted passcode that only she knew and headed down toward the hangar. It didn't take her long to gather her things. She already had her bags packed and ready to go. All that she needed to do was recheck those coordinates and make sure they were accurate.

    Turning the corner, she dug the datapad out of her larger duffle bag and began to scan over all the information she had. The location of the compound used by the underground syndicate lead by her now former husband, the 15 members, and most of all the leader. They chose very unwise places to hide, especially if a Sith were to find them. Nothing was easy to hide from the Sith. She knew this and grinned...

    But knowing that Darran is a Sith as well, she had a hunch he knew they were coming for him and would be ready. He was just as sneaky and coniving as any Sith, only he ran his own operation, with only help from the soldiers that are now his loyal members.

    Now as she approached the hangar bay, Nikka stuffed the datapad back in her dufflebag and stepped inside. There she saw them, Gideon, Mundus, Xavier and...Talus? She was rather surprised to see him join her, but had a feeling he would. She just smiled and moved inside, nodding to each member who had gathered to join her. But there was another presence she sensed was near... She could always feel that presence... almost as if he knew that she needed his help.

    "Greetings all, I'm glad to see that you've decided to join me on my voyage. This won't be easy for me but I'm very appreciative to all of you for coming."

    She stood there for a brief moment, waiting for him to come out. For some reason, this feeling overtook her, like something was going to happen when she gets there... it was almost a cold feeling, like death approaching... and for some strange reason, Nikka would welcome it... but whatever happens, happens.

    Posted by Drako on 11-25-2002 03:54 PM:

    Drako stepped out of the shadows, the ancient Sith Master was dressed all in black, not the black of the shadows he had been stood in, but a black as though all colour had been drained from his clothes.

    If Nikka had thought something was going to happen, before, the presence of the Sith Master, two lightsabres clipped to his belt and chamelionic cloak over his shoulders left her with no doubt.

    Drako was always prepared, whatever was going to happen he was ready for it and he was stood, grim faced, waiting, like approaching death himself.

    He stepped forwards, the aura of cold that surrounded him washed over the group. He nodded to Nikka and spoke, his voice was quiet but firm, a statement, not a question.

    "You will need me, I am here,"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-25-2002 04:54 PM:

    Nikka nodded toward the Sith Lord as he approached. She was glad to see him and knew he was nearby, as he always was.

    "A pleasure seeing you again, m'Lord. I'm glad you could join us."

    She then motioned for everyone to board the shuttle and followed.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-25-2002 07:23 PM:

    ::The large Zabrak looked at Gideon and offered his hand in a fraternal handshake:: "Nice to meet you Gideon, I'm Darth Mundus" ::He then watched the red-headed Sith and greet the rest of his peers::

    ::All of a sudden the figure of Lord Drako appeared out of nowhere, simply impressive, how the Sith Master had kept himself from everyone else there::

    ::Seemed everything was set for the group of Sith to join Nikka Darkstorm in her journey::

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 12-03-2002 04:36 PM:

    Gideon reached out and shook the hand of the mighty Zabrak as he introduced himself.

    Gideon slowly and calmly picked up his bag, and walked up the platform as he set foot on the ship all he could do was stop and wait for the others to show him where the rooms were for he wasn't familiar with this ship.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-04-2002 12:41 AM:

    As everyone began to move up the boarding ramp, Nikka moved in close to Drako as if to hide something. She took a small datapad out of her cloak pocket and handed it to him. On it was a message that was to remain disclosed until the mission was over. The same feeling began to overtake her again, almost like she woulnd't be returning. It was too overwhelming before she came here so she prepared a message speaking of her death or if she chose to remain behind.

    "Hey," She placed it in his hand and watched as he glanced over it and shoved it in his pocket. "If anything happens, deliver this to the council so that all may see it." She watched the look on his face change to almost a worried look, not a look Nikka saw on him very often. She only nodded and smiled.

    "I'm not sure if I'll be returning. There is no guarantee if I'll make it out of there alive."

    Posted by Drako on 12-04-2002 03:19 AM:

    The look in Drako's eyes told Nikka that he knew exactly wether she would return or not, though he gave no hint of what the answer may be.

    "There is not guarantee any of us will make it out alive,"

    His eyes locked wither hers as they boarded the shuttle, there was a great saddness in them, but also a kindess though it seemed burried beneath the icy exterior of the ancient Sith Master.

    "Four may return and one go alone, death, but not for all,"

    This crypic message devilvered he stepped aside to allow her to take her seat before sitting next to her, hands folded in his lap, thumbs pressed together pointing upwards. His gaze was fixed straight ahead, his eyes filled with worry as though wrestling with inner demons.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-04-2002 10:33 AM:

    Talus watched Nikka hand something to his master, the look of worry in both of their eyes. He bowed his head, he had accepted that he had failed her, but she was still his friend and his comrade and he would not fail her here.

    "Shall we gentlemen?" He asked the rest of the group as he boarded the vessel. He took the seat furthest from the front and strapped himself in. In his mind he needed to keep his distance from both his master and Nikka, there were things they needed to discuss and think through that he did not need to interrupt. Bowing his head slightly he begin to slow his breathing and drift off to sleep. He would wake up again when they had reached Hapes.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-05-2002 12:42 PM:

    "Indeed, we shall my friend..." ::That being said, the Zabrak boarded the ship right after Talus. He too, noticed that Nikka had given something to Sith Master Drako. The Iridonian, couldn't help but wonder what could it have been. He noticed an expression of concern in both their faces, and whoever had noticed, need not be a genius to realize it was something rather important::

    ::Looking around, he found an empty seat, and took it. Mundus, unlike Talus, would not fall asleep, it was something the tattooed face disciple simply didn't do::

    Posted by Drako on 12-05-2002 04:11 PM:

    Talus heard words in his head, they were clear and crisp, he recognised the voice as his masters and the lagauge was his masters native tongue but he didn't know the words. Then he realised he did, his master had spoken them too him once before.

    Talus felt as though his was drawn back into the memory of that time, as though the words pulled him back. He remembered his master speaking, holding one of the coins he gave his apprentices.

    "Remember Talus, we always have a choice, a situation can often be like a coin, with seemingly only two choices,"

    Drako flipped the coin, it landed on its edge,

    "We have a saying in my language,"

    He spoke the words Talus had just heard

    "It means, suppose you throw a coin enough times, suppose one day it lands on its edge, there is always another choice, you just have to look for it,"

    The voice spoke again in Talus's head, his master, this time not drawing him into memories

    When the time comes and the coin is flipped, look for the edge, when you see it, call me, I will come,

    Then the voice was gone and Talus was alone in his mind once again.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-05-2002 04:58 PM:

    Noticing the look on Drako's face, she only nodded slightly before moving over to the controls as everyone began to sit down and strap themselves in their seats. She then turned and faced the group, preparing to speak. There was so much on her mind about the voyage, but other issues had to be addressed.

    Posted by Xavier Sadow on 12-05-2002 09:04 PM:

    Xavier slowly straps himself into one of the chairs closer to the front. He cracks his neck lightly and slides his hand back throug his hair, his eyes closing slowly as he loses himself in though, not hearing any of the coversations going on around him, including Nikka's.

    The Sith Knight's hands rest lightly upon his lap and he keeps his eyes closed, images flashing in his mind. The rest of the passengers couldn't tell whether he was asleep or not. His eyes flicking back and forth under his eye lids, making it appear he was dreaming but his face contorted with anger, showing he was atleast partially awake.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-09-2002 03:04 PM:

    "First of all, we need to address you all on our plans. We must first make a short run to Hoth before going to Hapes." She then diverted her gaze to Mundus, who had just sat down at the controls next to her and nodded briefly. "Our comrade here has been gracious enough to lend me a vessel for a little surprise I have planned for the planet.. or a part of it anyway." She smirked. "The vessel is a J-type 327 Nubian, all the trimmings if I might add."

    Nikka retrieved the data pad from her pocket and loaded it into the computer systems. Seconds later, the information loaded up. On the screen was the location of the underground compound Nikka was planning to strike. Displayed in red, a targeting indicator honed in on it's location.

    Her palms were soaked in sweat. She had never been so nervous in all her life. This was the first time she was going to lead a mission and wasn't sure how to do this.

    Letting out a harsh sigh, she pointed to the indicator lit up at the target.

    "This is the target. Any questions or suggestions? I'd be glad to hear them now."

    Posted by Drako on 12-09-2002 03:33 PM:

    Drako's eyes flicked in the direction of the sceen, absorbing all the data in a instant, he looked away again imediately, his eyes and this thoughts lost somewhere in space. He didn't comment on the plan, that was a good sign though, if there was a problem he would have pointed it out, such was his way.

    His subconcious would already be working through all possible events and outcomes of the mission, he would be ready whatever happened and his sujestions he would take into his own hands, such was also his way.

    Nikka led the mission and he was here to help her, but few, if any had ever been able to make the ancient Sith do something he did not want to, he would do things his way, regardless of the consiquences.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-09-2002 07:01 PM:

    "Our stay in the ice planet of Hoth won't be long, but may not result all that pleasant either..." ::Mundus then stood up and addressed the team that was aboard of the shuttle::

    "M'lady..." ::He addressed the red-headed Sith as he nodded in respect to her, meaning no offense by jumping into what she was saying. He then faced the rest of the crew and continued:: "As you fellows know, Hoth, is an isolated, barren ice planet; an unforgiving world. The toughest obstacle, will not be the weather, but the hazardous astroid belt that surrounds the planet."

    ::Mundus paused for a second before carrying on:: "The blanketed with snow planet is a rough one, no doubt. However, we shall have no difficulties in getting to my secret liar." ::A small holopad was taken out of his postman bag, which was still hanging on his side. As the oval device was turned on a hologram of the planet surrounded by the asteroids appeared, it then zoomed into some ruins::

    "Those are the ruins of Echo Base, the secret rebel base used after the battle of Yavin. My hideaway is located right here" ::The hologram rolled to another position and another point was highlighted:: "Northwest of the deserted base, close to the Ice Geysers" ::He stopped watching the three-dimensional imag and directed his attention towards his peers::"The weather will be awful, no real danger, except for some wild Taun Tauns and fierce Wampas, other than that, there's no risk, unless being hit by one of the battering meteors that fall every once in a while."

    "Everything in life revolves around chances. The chance of not succeeding is rather smal.....but if it's there. I only need two people to go with me and obtain the starship, actually one, but backup is always a most. I suggest the rest of the crew stays on the abandoned rebel base, which will be our landing point, just in case we are unsuccesful so that the true mission may be accomplished. Any volunteers? Or objections or suggestions to what I just stated?"

    ::The tattooed face disciple's gaze then turned to Drako, as the Zabrak sort of looking for his approval, since he is a Sith Master and the most powerful and experienced Sith, of the ones in the mission::

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 12-09-2002 07:07 PM:

    Gideon shoved has bag of goodies under his seat and stood back up,

    :Well, I’ve never been one to stay confined when i can be out, so if there is no objections, I’m in"

    Posted by Drako on 12-10-2002 02:55 AM:

    "I'll go"

    The Sith Master spoke with an icy certainty that put Hoth's climate to shame.

    "You will need me,"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 12-10-2002 06:17 AM:

    Gideon was relieved to hear that Drako was going to go on that little journey, for deep down inside Gideon didn't believe it was going to be as easy as Mundus said it would.

    With that settled, Gideon strapped himself in, closed his eye's, and went into a trans/meditating phase, to get his mid clear for all the obstacles that lay ahead.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-10-2002 11:52 AM:

    Nikka listened as Mundus spoke of Hoth. She had never been there herself, but was prepared for what was to come. Giving a brief nod to Drako and Gideon, she then turned to the others, who were dozing off in their chairs. She chuckled briefly and then turned to Mundus again.

    "Looks like they'll be the ones sleeping through the whole trip."

    Posted by Xavier Sadow on 12-10-2002 07:12 PM:

    Xavier smirks and slowly opens his eyes, looking to Nikka with a slight smile.

    "Sleeping isn't productive. Don't count me out that easily. I didn't come on this little quest with you to sleep."

    He chuckles a bit and cracks his neck quietly.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-11-2002 01:31 PM:

    "It seems so m'lady..." :: Darth Mundus chuckled slightly at Nikka's comment. Then Xavier woke up and spoke::

    "You could never bee counted out..." ::The Zabrak addressed the Sith Knight respectfully with a smile on his face::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-11-2002 10:50 PM:

    Nikka grinned at Xavier and then glance back at Talus. Chuckling slightly she noticed that he was still dozing off in the chair and merely shrugged it off, turning to face the console.

    "Well without further adeu..." She depressed several buttons on the console, letting the engines fire up. "Let's roll." Entering more commands she then turned to Mundus, who has more flight experience than she does. "Will you take over...? I-I need a quick breather." The sick feeling in her stomach began to return again and she quickly dashed back toward the fresher area.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-12-2002 02:38 PM:

    ::Mundus smiled at the red-headed Sith and his only response was a nod of his head, expressing agreement to what she just had asked him::

    ::The giant Zabrak sat down on the main pilot's chair and with his right hand he reached over his left shoulder to grab the security belt and buckle it on the opposite side. A repetition of the same series of movements was done with his left hand this time. He was now buckled and an X formed across his torso with both security belts tighten and buckled::

    ::He tilted his head to the left, then to the right, took a deep breath and reached for a headset laying in the control panel, it consisted of a right headphone and a microphone coming out of it. The device was set in place::

    "...coordinates set to the ice planet of Hoth.." ::A whisper, while inputing some alpha numeric characters on the computer::

    ::His hand reached for the controls in the ceiling of the cockpit, pushed some buttons checked some miniature levers, activating them::"...all systems checked"

    "Buckle up fellas..."

    ::The tattooed face for now pilot, grabbed the controls and started the engines::

    "Let's rock!"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 12-13-2002 09:48 PM:

    As the ship began to shake and the engines fired up Gideon slipped deeper into a trans of readiness tiring to fell everything that was going on around him, for they where off to Hapes...

    Posted by Drako on 12-14-2002 03:51 PM:

    Drako watched Nikka dash off out of the corner of his eye before turning back to the front. He took the co-pilot's seat next to Mundus, he didn't fasten himself in and seemed completely at ease as the ship began to accelerate. He looked over at his fellow Sith.

    "You have no idea what you are walking into at Hoth do you?"

    Drako was unfastening his cape and folding it as he spoke, the chamelionic cloak was virtually irreplaceable and he didn't want Hoth's elements to damage it.

    "No, of course you don't, if you did you wouldn't be going...but tell me Mundus, why are you on this mission?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-14-2002 09:28 PM:

    "...gah... this is why I hate flying...." Nikka muttered softly to herself as she remained lying on a small cot in the back. She was covered in sweat from the feeling that her stomach was about to leap into her throat. After the ship steadied into space, she sat up, gathering her thoughts.


    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-15-2002 02:04 PM:

    The shudder of hyperspace did not disturb the slumbering giant as he rested waiting for the trip to be over. He had grown restless and uncontrolable over the past few weeks. Training was no longer enough, he needed conflict, his genetics craved battle. He knew that's what he was in for at Hapes. Battle...

    The voice of his master had begun a series of unsettling dreams in his resting mind. He saw his friends falling before him as blaster fire filled the air and sabers clashed. He saw Nikka reaching out to him, injured seemingly dying, he couldn't reach her. All of the noise however was deafened by a strange sound, a sound of a coin flipping, continously until finally when all around him seemed lost, his friends and comrades dead and his enemies surrounding him, the coin hit the ground on its side and a shadow seemed to emerge from the shadows, massacreing those who wished to cause Talus harm, then fading again.

    Talus awoke with a startled look on his face, a bead of sweat rolling down his brow. He settled himself and closed his eyes again, he would rest but not sleep until the journey was over.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-16-2002 09:16 AM:

    ::Mundus turned to the ancient Sith and replied to what had been asked to him::

    "Master Drako, unlike you, my force skills are not yet tuned enough to foresee the future." ::The Zabrak's answer was a respectful one, and true one, only very high ranked Sith, were capable of such thing::

    "Many times, did I go to the planet, to my secret liar; and not one time, not a single one, was similar, even less equal, to another of those times."

    "Sometimes lots of wild Taun Tauns, sometimes the harshest of weathers, never did I knew what would be in store for me. This time it's really no different."

    ::The jump into hyperspace was complete, all there was to do now was wait, for the vessel to be done with the hyper jump::

    "As to why I'm here ...."

    "I'm here to help a friend..."

    ::The Iridonian then turned around and saw his peers resting, meditating::

    Posted by Drako on 12-16-2002 03:48 PM:

    Drako chuckled evily as the Sith by his side answered.

    "You do not need the centuries of experience I posses to feel it, open up your senses my young friend, Nikka feels it, so should you,"

    Drako leaned over and placed his hand on Mundus's, his looked over at the disciple.

    "Most fear to let me touch them lest I feed from them, but you have nothing to fear, let me show you..."

    Drako effectivly pigy backed Mundus's Force powers on his own, showing the disiple a glimpse of the Sith Master's power and, more importantly, let him feel the oppressive shadow that hung over this mission.

    "Is your friend worth that much to you?"

    Drako asked as he removed his hand, it was clear from his voice that he was not trying to turn Mundus from helping Nikka, but rather to make sure the disciple wouldn't back out at the last minute.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-17-2002 11:06 AM:

    ::When touched by the ancient Sith Master, Darth Mundus did not feel fear, but honor. It was not everyday, he would have a chance to talk to such a powerful Sith, not only that, but to actually learn from a few of the Sith Masters in TSE. True the disciple's loyalty laid within Dark Lady Zena, but that did not mean, the apprentice could not learn from others::

    ::Without knowing it, the large Zabrak was caught in a vision. Everything in his surroundings turned white, a blinding light became his sight, then as soon as the lightness came, it was gone, it had been eclipsed by an even more blinding darkness. A huge shadow had covered every member of this mission, with its cloak of obscurity, the feeling of danger, came afloat::

    ::After such vision, once Drako removed his hand from the apprentice's, Mundus came out of the trance he had been caught in. He was agitated, his lungs were filled to the top and then fully emptied, with every breath taken; but he was not scared. He knew that if his life was to be lost, it would not be in vain::"She is, and so are would be my Master, Dark Lady Zena; and you and every member of TSE"

    ::That was the tattooed face disciple's answer to the Master's question. No hesitation would ever be sensed in the Zabrak's actions or words, for he was a Sith, and he would conduct himself as one.

    Posted by Drako on 12-17-2002 03:52 PM:

    Drako nodded but said nothing, Mundus had just seen a glimpse of the cloud of dread above the mission, Drako had the full horror all the time so he watched and he waited. Always ready for death when it came.

    There few who could get the better of the ancient Sith, he was about to find out if death was amungst that number, he remembered the criptic message he had given Nikka and the implications of it, what he had seen but could not tell such was the restrictions of his power, he knew but he forbade himself from telling anyone, the results were often worse as those he told turned aside from their path to prevent the future the Sith Master had witnessed. He sighed.

    "I miss you..."

    He said quietly to himself, unheard, unnoticed by the others on the ship. He sighed again and seemed to with drawn into himself.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-20-2002 04:24 PM:

    After a few moments of sitting upright, the feeling returned and she had to lie back down. Drifting off to sleep, the dreams returned once again. Being face to face with the one that betrayed her, the screams into the night and then the laughter that echoed as the ships flew overhead. Explosions, blackness. She snapped awake once again, just as she did before. This feeling had never hung over her head like this before, the feeling of death. She was certain it was upon her, if not now, then soon.