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Testing Grounds (Nya)

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  • Testing Grounds (Nya)

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 11-05-2002 10:33 PM:
    Testing Grounds (Nya)

    *The main manor for the Royal House of Rannon was quite impressive. Not only did it serve as a guest resort, but deep in the catacombs of the old cryptic style complex could be found many dungeons and mazes. All hidden from the main public, though.

    The mazes all led in every which way, leading from the main house by means of underground tunnels. Some of which lead to the same destination, others lead in circles, while others were dead ends or paths to other maze paths.

    At the end of one of the corridors, housed a training complex. It was actually attached to the main resort building, but there were nor doors from the outside leading into it. And the appearance and placement of this annex coupled with the placement of doors and rooms on the inside, gave the illusion that it was a frequently visited portion of the hotel; one of the main sleeping areas for the guests.

    How easily the fickle were swayed.

    Inside one of the larger rooms within the training complex, Nathan stood; waiting. A message from one of the Rulers of the House, Nya Halcyon. He had no clue why she wanted to meet him here, but whatever it was, Nathan figured it to be important. Call it a hunch, or a premonition through the Force. But the Lord was there, armed with his two lightsabers and dressed in his black warm-up fighting gear.*

    Maybe she's already here...

    Posted by Nya Halcyon on 11-09-2002 03:36 AM:

    It was cold up at the top of the tower where Nya was standing, looking out over the city, listening to the thunderous roaring of water as the river at the foot of the palace was swept along its path over the cliffs, to fall down a hundred meters and more and meet the pool at the base of the crevice below in white clouds of spray.

    The sound was almost loud enough to make her miss the voice calling out for her from inside; she sensed his presence calling her, rather, than hearing him. And turning around she saw him waiting for her there, at the door, in the shadows where the moonlight could not touch him. With an inward sigh, she took a step toward him - and his words became clearer as the sounds of the river ceeded.

    "Don't you have somewhere to be at?"

    He was correct, of course - she had somewhere to be at. It was by her own request that Rannon's third lord would be waiting for her now down in the training annex. She had to go there.

    "Yes, I do."

    She made no attempt to leave, however; instead, she joined him in the shadows and hesitatingly raised her hand up to his face, to brush over his cheek. This time, he did not draw away. His own hand came up to cover hers as she felt the thin stubble of his unshaven cheek beneath her palm - it sent a tingle through her heart at being allowed so close. But the moment did not last; his hand pulled hers away, lead it to his mouth where his lips brushed against her fingers lightly in a hint of a kiss.

    "You should go then."

    The warmth she had felt inside her heart for a fraction of a second dimished now like a light extinguished. She longed for it, her hand trembling in his grasp as the need to feel that same sensation again, the need to be closer to him, overtook her once more. Low, almost inaudibly, she managed to say,

    "I should...,"

    but her feet did not seem to follow suit. She tried to see his emotions mirrored in his eyes, but the mirror remained blank, emotionless and cold as ever. And as she gazed into them, trying to uncover all of her feelings through her own eyes, a thin smile played on his lips, triumph mixed with cruelty - but she remained blinded to it, as always.

    Then he pushed her away roughly, and she stumbled back, almost falling as her balance was disturbed.

    "Now GO, and don't bother me anymore!"

    Her body trembled, her mouth opened to plead with him to let her stay but the stern hostility written on his face almost made her heart stop with grief. Slowly moving backward one step after another, she hesistated once more at the exit of the chamber they shared and tried to read forgiveness in his eyes but not even the slightest hint of it showed in them. Deeply disturbed, she turned and ran down the staircase, fighting tears.

    By the time she neared the place at which she was to meet with Lord K'cansce, she had found her equilibrium again. She was sure now that it must have been something she had done wrong - that he had pushed her away like this because she had done something he did not approve of. Later, she would make him see how sorry she was... later.... the urge to run back and show him now, apologize to him for her behavior, was great, but down here, further away from him, it seemed easier to fight it.

    Flushed, she entered the hall where Nathanial was waiting for her - and was stopped short by the sight of him holding two sabers.

    She had forgotten her own.

    Irritated by her own clumsiness, she approached the Lord; at once, her mental defenses were up - he would not sense her agitation. It was temporary at best - the times that she needed a saber to defend herself were long gone; but not long enough that she didn't feel insecure for a moment. Then that had passed as well, and her inner sense of turmoil was past, and she could face the other Lord.

    "How good of you to come, Lord K'cansce. I trust you are settling well into your estates and titles?"

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 11-09-2002 02:29 PM:

    It takes some getting use to, but I'm feeling more and more at home.

    *Bowing his head as she entered, Nate looked her up and down. The Ruler of the House being one of the ones to start this sect. Her beauty was only a front, masked by her true power. He was just getting to know her, yet haven't had the time needed to truly know her.

    Maybe now would be the best of times.*

    I'm guessing you requested my presence here to test me?

    *He noted that she had no sabers on her, which made the Lord wonder if this would be a conventional fight or not... or a fight at all.

    Taking the saber in his left hand, he tossed it to her.*

    Posted by Nya Halcyon on 11-12-2002 01:20 PM:

    The saber's flight froze in mid-air between them, remained there for a second to let the blade ignite before continuing on its way, albeit in a slower fashion. It stopped, again, a foot away from her outstretched hand.

    She nodded at Nathanial, with something that might have been a smile.

    "How kind of you. I hope you will not mind..."

    Her outstretched fingers were just inches away from the projected plasma beam when the beam suddenly began to fizz and crackle in a very unnatural way. Its intensity also seemed to wane - creating a startling spectacle.

    "... if I return it to you, however."

    With that, the blade's glow gave off another sparkle, then the noise ebbed away as well as the beam, and only then could the low click be heard of a saber being switched off. It gently floated back to its owner, to return to the hand that had thrown it.

    Now the smile on Nya's face was unmistakably there. Which wasn't to say that it was a very happy smile - not with the doubts about what had happened just before this still lingering in her mind - but it was a genuinely friendly smile.

    There was something odd about her, though - it wasn't anything visible to the general eye; it went deeper than that, something about the way she looked, about the way her eyes seemed to spark with energy in a way that was almost literal. She seemed somehow to have grown in power, in might - seemed taller, more imposing, refreshed, full of new spirit - but there was also a dangerous edge to that new might, as if it was perhaps a little too much to contain.

    But she seemed to have an air of supreme confidence about herself, and that in itself appeared reassuring.

    "To test you - well, maybe assess you would be a better term for what I had in mind. We have not had the pleasure of dealing with each other in the past - you have become my equal on this world; I mean to know what this means."

    Her assessment of him had already begun - she was slowly getting attuned to his own thoughts, ever so carefully moving hers on alongside them, waiting for an opportunity. And it came as she could sense a momentary surprise at what had happened to his saber; she used his puzzlement to gain access to those thoughts, carefully avoiding to press too deep into his mind.

    Once she had said what she had wanted to say, the good Lord suddenly perceived himself to be floating head-first over the ground, even if the rest of the world still saw him as standing perfectly well on his feet.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 11-28-2002 10:20 PM:

    *His head tilted to one side as he watched the power in the saber he offered her drain from the weapon. Well that was no good. His eyes darted to Nya, who seemed to be drawing in the energy from the now defunct saber. Definitely no good.

    The saber then shot back, and found its way into Nathan's empty hand. He looked at it, yet dared not to switch on the power.*

    "To test you - well, maybe assess you would be a better term for what I had in mind. We have not had the pleasure of dealing with each other in the past - you have become my equal on this world; I mean to know what this means."

    I see...

    *He said, his head kinking to the other side.

    And without notice, he found himself hovering head first over the ground. The surprise and shock he felt immediately emitted from his body, his eyes darting every which way. They found themselves upon an upside down Nya, standing on the floor, which to Nate seemed like the very low ceiling.*

    What the frell?

    *Not really sure of what to do, he did know that he had to distract the other to release her control over him. Looking down, which was really up... or vice versa... he could not tell anymore, Nate saw the un powered saber hilt in his hand. Perfect!

    Winding up, he chucked it as hard as he could towards Nya. The metallic cylinder hit the woman in the gut, casing her control over the other Lord to be relinquished.

    Bracing himself for a hard fall, Nathan threw his hands over his head, palms upwards, ready to absorb the fall and to help propel him into a flip so he would land on his feet. His eyes closed.

    And then they reopened to find he was already on his feet with both his hands in the air reaching for the ceiling. His head was tucked down and when he propped it back up, a horrible dizzy spell found its way into his head. He dropped to one knee, and outstretched his empty hand as a crutch as he kneeled in the room. Nate shook his head, trying to clear it from the dizziness.*

    What... did you do!?

    Posted by Nya Halcyon on 12-20-2002 03:53 PM:

    She grinned, approvingly. He wasn't the first one she had done this trick to, and he had reacted better than the other - who had indeed flipped himself over to the "right way up" only to truly fall on his head as reality had hit.

    It seemed fair to explain it to him. It would be easier to keep him off-guard that way.

    "I didn't do anything. I simply imagined you standing on your head, and planted that thought into your mind - and your mind was nice enough to oblige me with following suit."

    Suddenly, a blinding torrent of white-blue flashes cut the room in half between them, racing towards Nathanial. It originated from what appeared to be Nya's left hand, which she held outstretched; a fiercely grim expression stood written on her face.

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    *An illusionist!? Chew me up and spit me out.

    Nate glared up at Nya from his crouching position, only to see streaks of white blue energy surging his way. His dizzying eyes clenched tight, hoping this was another illusion. But it wasn't.

    Clearing his head, Nate crouched even tighter. His grip on his one lightsaber in his right hand grew tighter as he crouched; his mind focusing on the Force around him. Shifting his weight, Nathan preformed two combat rolls to his left, propping up on a shin and knee as he exited the rolls with orange blade glowing with life.

    With aid from the Force, the energy that shot out from Nya's fingertips flowed into the lightsaber blade, the energy emitted from it attracting the other.

    His weapon glowed a bit brighter, its color changing slightly from orange to a dull white that grew brighter with each surge.*


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      If this change of situations unsettled her in any way, it did not show. She knew better than to let her actions betray her thoughts or feelings. And this was a test - a test of both of them, of their skills and knowledge and abilities. The torrent of white energy lightning ceased just as fast as it had come. She would have to try something more difficult.

      Nodding in acknowledgement of his response to her attack, she remarked drily,

      "Good to know you can keep your head."

      He seemed all too determined to use his saber and engage her in a close fight with it - which put her at a disadvantage since she was not armed with a saber. At least, not yet.

      She had seen this tried once before, when someone she had known in a life so far past now already - so it seemed - had attempted to use the elements to fashion a light saber from thin air . She didn't need the elements to do the same - her body still contained enough energy to create her own light blade.

      She didn't know how - she concentrated on releasing that same energy that had blasted at Nathanial seconds ago, yet now she sought to contain it, shape it into something. She had never had to concentrate on keeping her hold on it like this, and the energy blade only slowly formed, but it did. She could feel her skin tingle, and her fingers felt scorched, yet after barely a minute, there it was: a blue-white blade of energy, sizzling and sparking with the tenseness of her hold on it. It took enormous concentration to keep her hold on it, but that also got easier as the seconds passed by.

      Finally, she swept her make-shift blade back and forth before her, leaving a fading imprint of blue lightning back in the air as it moved.

      Now they both had what they needed.


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        *All he could do was look on in amazement. This woman, the leader of the Royal House, had just created a lightsaber out of thin air. Indeed, her power and knowledge in the Force was great. Perhaps, more so than his own.

        But as of late, all Nya had been doing was focusing on the Force. She did not even carry a lightsaber, until now. Could she handle one?

        There was only one way to find out. Pushing the shock and surprise of Nya's Force prowess, the kneeling Lord shot up and charged her, his orange bladed weapon ready to taste flesh and cauterize wounds. In only seconds he closed the gap between the two, setting is footing and coming in hard with a diagonal slash towards her neck.*


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          She had thought to use the makeshift blade only as a temporary solution, since she had not thought it would be possible to maintain it; yet, now that the blade was there and she felt her hold on it grow - it seemed to grow into an extension of her, another part of her body, the energy suffusing all.

          It seemed almost natural to use it; in a fluid motion she brought the blade out of an outer circle upwards to parry his stroke, the blades sparking off a bright flash as they collided. She held him there for a moment, gathering her strength, then used the Force to push him backwards stumbling from the unexpected pressure.

          Not waiting for him to regain his composure, she charged at him, using her own momentum to deliver a kick to his chest with her left leg, fully knocking him to the ground.


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            *One Force push and a hard kick to his upper torso later, Nate found himself in the air and soon on his back a few meters away from where he once stood. He slid a few feet, making sure his head was propped up enough so that it would not hit against the cool floor. He watched Nya as she landed from her kick; saw her footing, and her placement, and then he himself struck out from his laying position.

            Nate threw out his left hand, controlling the Force, and used it to tug at one of Nya's ankles. Like pulling a rug from under someone's feet, the Lady’s footing slipped and she found herself hard on her back.

            Rolling up, Nate took a few steps back and held his saber straight out, pointing in Nya’s direction. Slowly but surely, he tested her: seeing how she reacted to certain actions, how she fought, how long she could hold her concentration and how long she could hold onto that energy from his own saber while she had to fight a strong opponent. It was a chess game to Nate, taken one step at a time, but thought three in advance.*


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              Landing hard on her back, she was surprised to see that the makeshift lightblade did not even waver - other than a short flicker as her body impacted against the ground, there was no change in the weapon's intensity. Her head hurt somewhat, from the hard fall, but it was nothing incapacitating. Aided by her power, she picked herself up from the ground again without even moving a muscle - that much more time to gather her wits for a new attack.

              Her next attack was straightforward - she swept her blade down in an underhand cut at his outstretched saber. Sparks flying as the energy beams met, her charge held enough strength to bat her opponent's blade to the side, leaving him wide open for a split second.

              She knew she wasn't going to keep her hold of the makeshift saber for much longer - unless she found a good enough source of new energy. For now, the blade still held, however - and she brought the weapon around in a low arc, aiming its swing at Nate's legs.


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                *When Nya batted his saber away, it had left Nathan wide open for an easy free hit; an attack that he knew Nya would be likely to take. She did, swinging in a low arc for his legs. Quickly, he brought his own saber across his body, spinning it in his hands so that the blade pointed downwards. The two blades met once more, if only momentarily.

                Nate pushed away and in a fluid motion, continued to slice up and across, the tip of his blade catching the Lady of the House from her left hip, angled up traveling up her sternum, between her breasts, the cut finally ending at her right shoulder.*