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  • Blackhawk down (closed)

    Posted by Macros on 12-17-2002 03:30 PM:
    Blackhawk down (closed)

    *Continued from Mountain Side thread Emotionless...*

    Macros let the knife go, but manouvered it at the last second so Blackhawk didn't catch it cleanly. He smiled as blood trickled slightly from the hand he caught it in.

    "First blood."

    He threw the woman to the floor behind him and drew DarkDestiny, the deep blue saber casting eiree shadows on the floor and his face.

    "May the best man win."

    Macros gave the Jedi some breathing space...

    Posted by Blackhawk on 12-17-2002 03:39 PM:

    At the same time as macros drew his saber blackhawk drew his. He raised his lightsaber, his mind still clear and focused. Blackhawk stood and watched macros waiting. Then he finally said....

    "What are you waiting for, im giving you an easy strike. Isnt that what you sith do, take the easy ways in battle."

    Posted by Macros on 12-17-2002 03:47 PM:

    Suddenly Macros stormed forward with a flurry of attacks from all angles. He saw an opening as Blackhawk blocked a downward arcing attack. Their lightsabers locked for a minute then Macros kicked Blackhawk firmly in the stomach, and sniggered as he flew back.

    While he waited for him to rise he turned and kicked the woman again. Blackhawk cam at him and Macros thought he would humour him for a while..

    "The easy ways in battle...if using emotions is so easy, why are Jedi too weak to do it? Oh. And thanks for the easy strike..."

    Macros' lips twisted in a grin as the already dark evening turned darker with the coming of a storm.

    Posted by Blackhawk on 12-17-2002 03:52 PM:

    Blackhawk rose from the blow to the stomach and stood firmly still concentrating, then suddenly he jumped up landed for a split second on the wall of the mountainside tavern then bounced of the wall did a somersault in mid air and finally came dropping down on macros lightsaber ready to strike.

    Just before he swung his saber down macros had lifted his saber to block, blackhawk knowing that would happen swung his saber round and sliced staright acros macros' body.

    Not wanting to cause to much of an injury to macros he made it only a long cut across his stomach and then jumped away from macros as macros bent down with one arm over the long cut.

    Posted by Macros on 12-17-2002 04:00 PM:

    Macros cried out, not in pain, but in rage.

    "You won't live to regret that Jedi."

    The last word he spat out ad his eyes turned focused. Small stones twisted around him and as he stood, his cloak flapped in the wind created by the Darkside.

    Macros knelt forward, oblivious of the wound. Suddenly he shot forward, a mix of natural speed and Force speed. But instead of attacking directly as Blackhawk hurridly and erratically threw up his defenses, he twisted behind him and thrusted his saber into the Jedi's thigh.

    He held it there as Blackhawk stood shocked, then kicked his head into the dirt. He took a breather after the Force Speed but pressed forward his advantage.

    He stood over the Jedi, DarkDestiny pointed down.

    Posted by Blackhawk on 12-17-2002 04:09 PM:

    Blackhawk aware of macros's saber there, he rolled out of the way and at the same time used force pull to throw a fairly big stone at macros.

    The stone came hurtiling at macros forcing him to dagde and as he did Blackhawk got up and made to slice off macros' right hand. Knowing that this was about to hjappen macros moved his hand just in tim but his side got cut by the Blackhawks lightsaber.

    Posted by Macros on 12-18-2002 04:01 PM:

    Macros grunted as yet another flesh wound was caused by the skillfull padawan. He bowed his head in grudging respect as he causerized the wounds to stop infection.

    "Seems I've underestimated you, young Jedi. But it seems, you've made the mistake of revealing to me what you are really capable of."

    Macros Force jumped backwards onto the roof, lost in the dark turrents of rain that plagued the Jedi's vision. He held his Force signature inside his body, trapped in his heart of stone. He was now invisible to all but the most powerful Force users, and Blackhawk was far from that.

    Now they were in Macros' domain. Below the roof was light, above. The darkness, the shadows. Rooftops - the theives highway. He sent his voice into the Jedi's head, and smiled as Blackhawk twisted and turned, alert.

    I can sense your fear, Jedi..

    Posted by Blackhawk on 12-19-2002 12:42 PM:

    Blackhawk knew his skill would not be able to match Macros' skill, and with this knowledge he knelt down and calmed himself beginning to meditate waiting for him to make the first move and when macros did blackhawk wuld be ready.

    Posted by Macros on 12-19-2002 12:51 PM:

    Macros sniggered to himself.


    His hand went to one of his many thieve's pouches and pulled out his blowpipe. It was matt black, reflected no light, but it was one of his favourite assassin's weapons. He had darts that dissolved, leaving no trace in the body to be tracked, but it wasn't necessary here.

    Taking a deadly dart and carefully placing it in the pipe, he leaned forward and aimed it. There was an almost inaudible 'pwoosh' of air as the deadly dart sped towards the Jedi's neck...

    "Catch that scum."

    Posted by Blackhawk on 12-19-2002 12:57 PM:

    Blackhawk had gained full awareness of his surroundings from his short meditation period, and sensed a dart flying towards him just before it hit his neck he caught it and then looked in the direction it came from but still he did not move.

    "Why are you attacking from a far, are you scared?"