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Rebirth of a Warrior: Chapter 1. The First Step (Closed)

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  • Rebirth of a Warrior: Chapter 1. The First Step (Closed)

    Posted by Lord Vyle on 12-04-2002 10:14 PM:
    Rebirth of a Warrior: Chapter 1. The First Step (Closed)

    *Across the galaxy on the little known planet of Quakera, a great evil exists. An evil bent on nothing less than the destruction of all organic life from the galaxy. To do so, he has created an entirely new race, based upon himself, the reploids. This race is like no other. They themselves believe to have free will, to be independant of programming. However, their leader has control over their very lives and are nothing but pawns to his will. The Reploid Lord Vyle was the first reploid ever created by the former sith warlord known as Skroth the ripper. After the protoss warlord mysteriously disappeared, his mercenary group soon fell with it. Vyle was the last remaining member of the now dead group, The Dark Dragoons. As such he took control of their assets including the small fleet (Vastly enhanced under his power) and the planet itself (Once a barron desert, now a technological wonderland). The defences are nearly inpregnable and the Lord sits atop his throne, biding his time until he will strike at the galaxy's many other factions. Some say the Reploid Lord has the abilities of the force, strangly they are those of the disappeared Skroth. Also he is sometimes seen talking to himself by other reploids, however, they think nothing of the fact, seeming they are too busy carring out his orders to the exact letter for the fear of displeasing him. A lone in the reploid ranks is in charge of all the impressive technology at their disposal. He is designated Dr. D0ppler a genius whom was created for the specific purpose of enhancing Vyle's own cappabilities, as such it makes him the perfect target...for a being that not even Vyle in all his great power can stand up to...

    Posted by Lord Vyle on 12-08-2002 01:57 PM:

    *Vyle hurried down the hall of his palace towards one of his many labs. Many of his subjects bowed to him as he passed by them, but Vyle gave little or no indication that he saw them. He was anxious to get to his destination as quickly as possible to see the progress that D0ppler had made on his new upgrades. Earlier on he had told the scientist of the importance of these, and seeming that he was the best technoligical scientist in all of the Reploid empire he knew that the job would be done quickly and effeciently. Quickly he entered the door and begand to decend into the lower levels of the Great Spire.*