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Not What One Would Expect... (Aura)

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  • Not What One Would Expect... (Aura)

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-04-2002 02:27 PM:
    Not What One Would Expect... (Aura)

    Rain... Talus smiled cruelly from under his dark cloak, as his face was illuminated by a flash of lightining off in the distance. He had not ventured off on his own in quite sometime, but he had cabin-fever and he itched for a fight. So he hi-jacked a transport, hired some mercenaries and set off for a remote planet, which he had learned had a Jedi Temple, perhaps he could lure a foolish padawan or an ambitious Knight into his little trap, finish them off and return to his master with the Jedi's saber or better yet, head.

    "Everything and everyone is in place Mr. Invictus. We await your orders." The Merc commander barked.

    "No adults survive. Spar the children, capture them all and place them on the transport, one you are full leave and meet me at the rendezvous point, you'll recieve you're payment after that." Talus responded cooly and confidently.

    Shame I didn't bring any money, they are quite efficent I'll hate having to kill them...

    Snap-hissss.... hmmmm.....

    The brilliant crimson blade of Talus' dragon saber ignited in the air as he walked through the halls of the pre-school. No child would be harmed, he made sure to inform the Mercs of that, if one child was injured he'd see no money and he and his entire crew would die, which didn't really matter, they were going to anyways.

    Talus stepped into the Adminstrator's office and made quick work of the secretary, superintendent and principal, neatly cleaving the heads from their shoulders. He continued down towards the first class room. The door blew off it's hinges from a force blast and Talus stepped in, the children began screaming as the dread locked Sith decapitated Mrs. Hartline in front of them, although he thought he saw one boy smile.

    "Run children," He hissed. The little ones scurried out of the room stumbling and tripping over desks as they fled in panic.

    One little girl lay on the floor crying as Talus walked out, reaching down he gripped her by the back of the shirt and carried her out in the hall, he gently sat her back on the ground. She stood up and ran out the doors to the waiting mercenaries outside. As he continued down the hall another teacher stepped ouside seeing the Sith he screamed at his students;

    "Run children ru..." His voice was cut off as was his head. Talus force pushed the body back in the room and out one fo the windows. The children poured out of the room.

    Two down... three to go.... Talus thought as he drug the tip of his saber across lockers, listening to the metal spark and hiss from the intense heat.

    He looked and saw a fire alarm on the wall as he continued.

    "I knew there had to be an easier way," He laughed to himself as he activated the switch. Quickly the rest of the classes began to file out in orderly little lines, their teachers assuring them it was only a drill, that there was no fire. She was partially right.

    Suddenly she flew towards Talus, a powerful force pull used to whip her acros the hall way. His blade never moved as her body passed through it. The two halves slightly seperating as the slammed into the far wall. Suddenly both teachers and students panicked. Talus watched with disgust as a male teacher knocked over his own students to reach the exit.

    Blaster shots rang out, the teacher shouldn't have been so eager to escape. The other teacher, an elderly woman clutched her chest and fell to the floor, her mouth and eyes wide open, gaped in fear. The first part of his little plan complete Talus deactivated his saber and walked outside. The last of the children were being rounded up by the mercenaries.

    "All children present and accounted for sir." He responded to Talus as he stepped out of the building.

    "Excellent Mr. Nittle, I will meet you in a few hours, you're dismissed."

    The mercs hopped into the transports and took off. Talus shook his head.

    Where are you? He thought as he placed a pair of dark sunglasses over his eyes and fitted his ears with ear plugs.

    Suddenly he felt a tingle, Jedi... they never hid their prescense, they always wanted everyone to know who was here to save the day. So foolish, it was their honor that would kill them and Talus' doctorine of survival first, honor second, that would save him.

    Slowly he reached down into his pocket and pulled out a small handle with a button on it, he placed his thumb on it and waited...

    Posted by Aura StarRider on 12-07-2002 11:54 AM:

    The gusting wind carrying the screams of the butchered, intercepted the Jedi Master's focus as it interrupted her sound meditation like a stab to the heart, her face contorting into a pain racked grimace. Normally Aura would not venture far from the Academy, but she had felt a sense of foreboding that morning, and thought it wise to be at a close proximity at the town should something of a vile nature occur.

    "Not again," slipped the defeative words through her lips.

    Releasing a sigh of anguish over the fallen, she was too late to interfere in the procurement of their demise. She headed for the schoolyard targeting the Dark signature sequestered from within its structured confines.

    Liberate the children... Sith. She spoke via the Force, as her command was relayed to its sinister source.
    Aura picked up on inescapable fear and pain, and souls torn from their ruptured bodies. Her right hand gravitated to her saber hilt as she unhooked the weapon off her belt. Awaiting his presence, sure to signal out that of a Jedi, jade eyes stared blankly ahead as StarRider mentally prepared herself for the introduction to take place.

    There is no emotion...there is peace.

    Countless times she had repeated that phrase allowing the Force to control her emotions over the atrocities invoked in this peaceful refuge, now corrupted with death and terror at the hands of a Darksider.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-07-2002 01:11 PM:

    "Oh but I am dear Jedi, I am. Liberating them from mental slavery that you Jedi like to so wholeheartedly defend. They will be finally of use to the universe instead of leeches. The ones that have talent will be instructed, the ones without, will still live so long as they serve their masters." Talus responded. He turned and looked at the woman, smiling cooly.

    "It was simply too late for the adults, they'd already been indoctrinated, succumbed to a life of dependence, dependence on the Jedi, dependence on the New Republic, dependence on who ever was strong enough to protect them. Obviously though they put their faith in the wrong tin gods." His voice was mocking, though his mind was racing.

    A Jedi Master!!! I stand no chance, unless my plan works perfectly.... A roar filled the air and the earth shuddered as the transports took off with the children, the Jedi was too late to save them, but not too late to deliver justice to their abducter, that is if she survived.

    Talus grinned and watched her take her weapon off the hilt and present herself for battle, through his mirrored glasses. They were mirrored for a reason, he and the Jedi were standing in the middle of a concussion grenade mine field, when Talus depressed the button in his hand a blinding flash of light followed by a deafening roar and lethal explosions would erupt. Talus had prepared his eyes and ears for the assault and stood in the only oasis nearby from the explosions, the Jedi however was standing in the trap.

    "You should have kept meditating, Jedi." He said without emotion as his thumb pressed the switch in his hand.


    Blinding flashes of light and a deafening roar filled the enviroment. Dirt and rocks were thrown violently into the air as blast after blast of lethal concussion mines detonated around the Jedi, Talus watched behind his protective glasses as the Jedi's body was thrown backwards by a mine detonating in close proximity, the mercenaries had done their job well, Talus would make sure their deaths were quick and painless.

    As the smoke cleared Talus reached under his cloak and retrieved his Dragon Saber, instinctively the mouth of the beast opened and a ruby activation switch appeared between thewings. Talus thumbed the switch.


    A crimson beam of death erupted from the mouth of the beast and Talus lowered the tip so that it touched the ground. Slowly he navigated the craters in between him and the Jedi lying on the ground. Her saber and her head would make an excellent gift for his master...

    *ooc feel free to be playing dead when I approach you, lol.