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    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 11-05-2002 09:37 PM:
    A New Castle (Loki)

    *The planet of Rannon was new to the man: new surroundings, new places to visit, new people. Everything around him was new.

    It had been a few months since he left the Empire. Teh Empire was his life... he dedicated his whole being to serve it, and for a short time, to co-lead it with four or five others. But those days were now in the past, where they should be. He didn't belong with the Empire; nor did he belong as a Sith. He didn't have the drive or the all out rage of a Sith Lord.

    Now, however, he fit in. There were new surroundings and everything, sure, but they were welcome. It gave him a chance to learn more about the Galaxy, which had become one of his main goals for his lifetime.

    Nathan, surveyed his new land property that he had received for joining the Royal House. A bonus for signing the dotted line, he thought. But what was royalty without being the ruler over a given land? And his land was quite impressive. On it, there were a total of six small villages, and one large town. There were many lakes and rivers, coupled with a forest here and there.

    He now stood just outside of the large town, the self called capital of his chunk of land. It seemed to be a festive day, with banners all around and people chatting it up and selling stuff outside. There were games going on just outside, where the largest mass of people were gathered. Towards the center of the green field a pavilion stood, with stacks of lumber, duracrete, thousands of stones, both large and small, and a number of tools all sat. Under the roof of the pavilion, were rows of pews. People filled in quite steadily, as the time for the commencement ceremony approached. At the front of the rows of seats, stood an alter, with a smaller podium in front of it.

    Their new ruler was to speak and make his first true appearance.

    In the back storage area of the pavilion, Nathan stood, his black and red cloak and robes covering his body. The hood was lowered, drooped down his back and across his shoulders, allowing his long black strands of hair freedom to breathe and move about with every motion of his head. His pale face, contrasted by his dark eyes, turned to look around the enclosed area where he stood, out of sight from anyone save his newly acquired apprentice, Loki.*

    I want you to be standing to the right and a few steps back from me as we go out there. Do not interrupt the speech, and only speak when addressed by either myself or the masses. Understand?

    Posted by Loki on 11-05-2002 09:52 PM:

    A medium sized man of slightly above average height stood next to Lord K'nacse as he was preparing to speak. He too wore the colors of his master's household. He was dressed in a pair of fine red pantaloons, with a black stripe down the side of them. He wore a pair of black stockings and a pair of well polished plack dress shoes. Over his white silk shirt there was a red vest made of velvet and over that a fine black officer's coat that hung to his knees. The boy was clean shaven and had his long golden blonde locks tied in a neat pony tail behind him. He kept his arms and hands crossed regally behind him and nodded to his master as he spoke.

    "I understand perfectly m'lord." As he finished speaking he noticed a leave had fallend in his master's hair, with out a motion the leaf moved off his master's head as if it had been blown out by the wind, but the air was calm. Rather a shadow cast by Loki, moved ever so slightly out of position and seemed to pluck the leave out for it's master. A small grin escaped Loki's stoic face, it seemed that his specter had taken to his choice of masters as well.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 11-13-2002 09:40 PM:

    *The ripple of the Force was more than apparent as Loki had removed the leaf from Nate's head. He smirked, already noticing a stark difference in the man since he first set foot upon the planet to this very day. The inner turmoil that seemed to be ripping the mind of his apprentice apart had no calmed, and took a subservient role.

    Without saying anything, the man turned and began his ascent up the steps, and out onto stage. He walked, head held high to where the podium stood, and then turned to face those who have gathered. A hush grew over the crowd, as the last of those attending found their seats or took a standing position to the sides or off in the back.*

    Denizens of Brilaf, I first wish to thank you, and welcome you here today. I know each and every one of you has a busy life. And your presence here is greatly appreciated. It shows this towns love for itself and for each other and how much you care for its well being.

    My name is Lord Nathanial K'cansce, a Ruler of your governing House, and newly appointed Lord over your lands. As such, I can assure you all that it filled my heart with sadness when I heard that your last ruler had passes away... From what I have heard, he was a great man.

    *Nathan paused, making sure to scan the crowd slowly, making eye contact with people from different areas. Inwardly, to himself, he chuckled. Their last ruler had indeed passed away. Or at least that is what the reports have said. And it was a shame to see him pass on.... it was wasted energy on Nate's part to have to be-head him.*

    As your new ruler, there will be a change! One for the betterment of Brilaf! Your economy will grow, you will grow, our town will grow. We will grow bigger and stronger together... and people will want to live here!

    I cannot tell you how many ways your lives will improve. Today is only the beginning of your new lives! So go and celebrate! Let the festivities commence!

    *The roar of applause and cheering erupted as the citizens stood up, clapped, whistled, and went about to the day's happenings. Most would be busy at play, or in their social corners talking away about the recent town gossip. Others, however, would be thinking that the fun is beginning the construction of Nathan's new castle.

    Turning his body, the Lord and third ruler of Rannon made his way over to Loki, stopping to stand next to him. In a low hushed voice, he leaned over and spoke.*

    The mob is fickle. Tell them what they want to hear, and they will praise you. Promise them the un-promisible and provide it; then they will hold you as their God.

    *The rest, he spoke without moving his lips; his unspoken words entering the mind of Loki.*

    As Dark Jedi, it is that much easier to control the minds of others...

    *Nathan watched on, a smile crossing over his lips as his eyes scanned the grounds. The people had no idea what they were in for, nor would they ever.*

    Posted by Loki on 11-13-2002 10:03 PM:

    Loki nodded his head as he did he pondered a question, which he asked his master:

    "Is it your belief then m'lord that it is better to be loved than to be feared, if one is to rule his subjects effectively?

    His thoughts travelled back to his childhood and memories of his family that had been long dead. His father, a Governor for an area on his homeword, a member of it's royal family and a direct heir to the throne. His father ruled benevelontly, he helped his subjects, cared for their plight and in return the adored him and many fought and died for him, when another rose against him, but others joined the fight against his father, for fear of the newcomer and the thirst for power. Loki was unsure which was better, to be loved or to be feared, but it seemed that in the case of his father, the man that was feared was more powerful.

    I'm sure I will find it easier m'lord, with your guidance of course...

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 11-16-2002 07:09 PM:

    *Nathan glanced down to Loki then returned his sights to the day's happenings.*

    Both, my pupil. A truly successful leader cannot have one without the other. You see, if they begin to praise you like a God... they will begin to fear your wraith. For a God is all powerful. Please him, and live a life of bliss. Anger him, and burn a thousand lifetimes in Hades.

    *He nodded his head both to his own wisdom and to the speed of his workers. At the pace they were going, the castle would surely be done with in months time. That'd just be great.*

    And in due time, you will learn to harness those powers. Concentration, and having a clear mind are a must.

    Posted by Loki on 11-16-2002 09:48 PM:

    Loki looked out watching his master's subjects work on his castle, while listening to Lord K'canse's words. They worked so diligently, so devoted to his master that they would waste their lives building something they'd never reap the benefits of, pity.

    "Yes to be loved and feared... I believe that is how I would rule as well master." Loki said casually.

    His eye had caught an old man who was struggling with a larger stone. He was trying to move it onto a crane so it would lift into place. He was causing more trouble than he was helping and holding up progress. The younger men were moving the stones at four times the rate, still the old man struggled on. Loki glanced at his master and walked to the older man.

    "Good sir you seem to be struggling. Let me help you." He spoke kindly and softly, sympathy and respect in his eyes. Placing his hand on the older man's shoulder he gently moved him aside and pushed the stone into place with ease. Nodding to the elderly man.

    "You should not strain yourself, you've served the House of Rannon well in your lifetime, you deserve rest as a reward in your advancing years." Loki smiled affectionately. "Take a rest, I'm sure m'lord would not be upset, he is compassionate if nothing else, he understands the needs of his people."

    "T'ank yoo sire.." The old man wheezed in appreciation, "Your master must be pleased to have such a fine young man as yourself serving him..."

    The old man then walked towards the wall and leaned up against it, to stand in the shade and catch his breath. Loki nodded to him as he walked back towards his master.

    You know what to do...

    Yes Vincent...

    Loki seemed to walk in the mid-afternoon sun without a shadow, actually he did have a shadow it just seemed to be cast directly over his body, his features darkened and his brow furrowed. As Loki took his position next to his master once again he nodded and looked directly at the stone, that was now moving overhead of the old man. Suddenly the stone lurched and fell from it's perch.

    "Look out!!!!" Loki cried but it was a few seconds too late, the old man was no more. Loki frowned and placed a hand to his brow, it had become sweaty.

    "T'is a shame master, he was quite loyal." He said to Lord K'canse mournfully, but his eyes flashed with power.

    T'is a shame he was so weak that he had to be put down...

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 11-18-2002 06:01 PM:

    *It was not quite what Nathan had expected of his Apprentice. Of course, he was still just getting to know Loki. It really did not bring much joy when he watched as Loki offered a helping hand to the elderly fellow.

    Conversely, it almost angered the ex-Sith when the rock levitated and fell squarely upon the head of the elderly man.

    With his eyes now widened, Nate turned his head sharply to Loki, and scowled. Loki knew better than to blatantly show off such as he did; it was forbidden. Raising a hand, Nate drew back as if to only swipe it across the face of his Squire, only to cover his mouth in a facade of awe.

    He ran over to where the dead man lay, a gathering of people now beginning to crowd around. All of whom were very baffled by the occurrence. Luckily, no one had witnessed the tragic event. Nate knelt down at the side of the fallen man, lowering his head and closing his eyes.*

    No one happened to see what happened?



    "Never saw a thing.."


    I barely caught a glimpse of what happened...

    *He reached out with the Force, entering each and everyone's mind. They told the truth, no one did witness it. But now, they would all know the same story.*

    He was straining to pick up one of the larger rocks. My right hand man saw this, and asked if he could be of assistance. He refused. The man somehow lifted the boulder, only to lose his equilibrium and footing, falling backwards. The rock landed atop his head, and rolled over to where it lay now, leaving the man here. It's a shame...

    *His eyes opened momentarily. At face value, it seemed as if he cared. Behind them, however, was an unemotional soul. One that had been tainted by his years as a Sith Lord. One who was Darth Snack.*

    We will hold a funeral for him tomorrow... Commence work.

    *Nate then picked up the dead body, and walked back to where Loki stood. He shot him a full out glare as he passed, dead body in his arms.*

    Follow me.

    Posted by Loki on 11-19-2002 09:34 AM:

    A little part of Loki died with the old man, beneath his uncaring facade and emotionless visage, there were two powers at war. Vincent Cina, a young prince who cared about the welfare of others, a boy who wanted to be a Jedi only to have his dreams crushed when his parents were murdered and he couldn't resist the desire for revenge. The other was the spirit Loki, the essence of a dead Sith who was constantly trying to take control the boy's body and turn it fully to the Darkside. Loki had won a battle today.

    "Yes m'lord..." He said with a mist in his eyes, it was impossible to deteremine if his remorse was genuine or induced, but to his master's subjects it appeared as grief at the loss of another life.

    Posted by Nathanial K'cansce on 11-28-2002 09:58 PM:

    *The actual walk to the morgue was very quiet. No one was in the dirt streets, nor at the markets that lined them. They had all been enthralled in the festival of their new Lord, their new ruler, their new King.

    Loki walked in step behind his Master, also quiet. There was an inner confidence and pride coming off the young Squire at his deed. He was very proud of what he had done... taken a life of someone without just cause. How young an ignorant. How... Sith.

    The two arrived at the morgue and found it empty, as was expected. Loki opened the door for Nathan, who stepped through without acknowledging him. He walked through to the back, and set the limp lifeless body on the cold central table in the middle of the room. Nathan then looked over to Loki, who had followed in.*

    Do you wish to be a Sith!? They kill without just cause. The stunt you just pulled -- idiotic! The populace does not know of our true power: our ability to control the Darkside.

    *By now, Nate had made his way closer to Loki, and had positioned himself behind the Squire. He leaned forward, his face close to the back of Loki's head.*

    Myself, and the other two Rulers of Rannon, would like to keep it that way.

    Posted by Loki on 11-30-2002 04:40 PM:

    "It was not without cause m'lord... The man was weak, he couldn't carry his load, he was draining precious resources that could go to feed, nourish and shelter your efficent workers. But I apologize, I should have not used by abilities in public."

    The young man then turned to face his master, his shadow had grown a bit more dominant across his face.

    Do not cower before this man... He abadoned the true path... The old man was in the way... If Lord K'canse was not so weak he'd done it himself...

    Silence shade... I make the decisions remember...

    Loki's eyes flashed brilliantly as the battle raged in his mind, one side of him wanted to go and cry for what he had done; Taken the life of another without provocation. Another side of him was proud, rebellious of the restrictions of his master. But the whole of Loki would obey and serve the Dark Jedi Lord K'canse obediantly.

    "It will not happen again..."