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In Your Dreams: Raine Sarin vs. Nya Halcyon

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  • In Your Dreams: Raine Sarin vs. Nya Halcyon

    Posted by Nya Halcyon on 10-17-2002 05:27 PM:
    In Your Dreams: Raine Sarin vs. Nya Halcyon

    It was the same corridor she knew she had walked down before, even though she could not have said where it was. It was in itself anonymous, ordinary; it could have been any corridor, in any place - grey, poorly lit, her steps resounding hollowly from its drab walls. It seemed to stretch on forever, like they all seemed to - yet she had an eerie and nagging sense of deja vu, of having done this very same thing before.

    The little scrap of paper inside her closed fingers felt damp against her skin; a clammy coldness seeped through her, as well as apprehension. Her stomach tightened as a reponse to the growing sense of... well... doom?... the further she progressed, and the strange feeling of being surrounded by something surreal, something impossible to explain, sent an almost icy shiver down her spine. She could not tell where she was going, nor why she was going there; had no memory of the reason she had to go there other than having been told so by the instructions now gripped tightly in her fist. Other than that it seemed important she'd be there, wherever there was.

    Posted by Nya Halcyon on 10-18-2002 03:41 PM:

    Somehow, somewhere at the back of her mind, silent alarm bells were ringing, telling her that all this could not be real. For only a moment ago she could have sworn she had just walked around a corner when in fact the corridor behind her lay there as straight and endless as the path still ahead. And what of the whole matter of the instructions? Who had given her the scrap of paper, and why had she agreed? Yet agreed she had - it was impossible to even consider that she might not have. And even then - why would she not remember any of this? Her memory seemed to be fading, thoughts that had been formed just seconds ago would recede into a strange daze and vanish from her mind completely almost as fast as they had occurred.

    It was almost certain to her that she did not know where she was going, where the corridor was leading to, nor why she was following it - but more than anything in her mind did she know that she had been at that exact same place before. Even if she did not seem to be able to tell when and where and why.

    And suddenly she was somewhere else.

    The corridor was gone; had abruptly transformed into a wide room of a kind. The lumination was just high enough to cast the end into a gloomy darkness, enough for her to make out the fact that she appeared to be standing upon a stage-like construction, and there were seats for the audience where the "room" seemed to end. But as if someone had pressed a switch, the lights came up with a ferocious glare of white light. It seemed to want to strip and wash her clean of all that she had been.

    Suddenly overcome by fatigue, she sat down there, right in the center of the stage, and rested her head on her arms, her arms on her drawn-up knees.

    And waited for something she knew would come, yet did not know.

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 11-02-2002 02:07 AM:

    *He was annoyed to say the least as he found himself walking down the corridor. He had crumpled the note up in his hand after having memorized the directions. The feeling of the place gave made him even more annoyed. It all seemed too surreal, and it was getting on his nerves. Then suddenly, he found himself before two gray doors. Reluctantly he raised a hand and pushed them open, finding a room...with seats and a strange stage like area. There sat a woman he had never seen before. She seemed unhappy, but perhaps she knew what was going on. Maybe she knew the answer to who had given him the note and why the heck he could not remember it. His mind was unusually clear and he could actually think about everything that was around him. Highly strange...

    Walking towards the woman Raine looked around, though he could not see much, the lights were too bright and too focused, making it hard to see anything beyond their immediate range.*

    "You there! Tell me, why am I here? I am tired of these games and wish to return home. I have more important things to do than wander aimlessly through these mazes."

    Posted by Nya Halcyon on 11-09-2002 04:12 AM:

    She looked up as suddenly a man was standing on the stage - she had not heard him come. In itself, that fact did not seem a surprise; it, too, was something she had a vague sense of deja vu about.

    "I don't know where we are - you think I enjoy sitting here?!? I know I can't remember why I'm here or how I got here, but I seem to have been here before, nevertheless."

    The man himself was the first thing in this entire setting that she knew for certain she had not met before.

    "So now who exactly might you be?"

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 11-13-2002 11:24 AM:

    *Such strange feelings. Feelings that he had seen this place before, that he had stood exactly where he stood now. But he could not remember when. The woman on the floor obviously was going to be of no help, she seemed just as lost in forgotten memory as he was.*

    "My name is Raine Sarin, and that is all that you need to know for now. And since I have now given you my name, perhaps you would do the same for me?"

    *Crossing his arms over his chest he looked around the room again, trying to remember where exactly he was. However, he remained mindful of the other person in the room. He didn't like the feelings he got from her and he was already annoyed by everything.*

    Posted by Nya Halcyon on 11-14-2002 01:41 AM:

    She didn't know what she had been hoping for - maybe something about his anme to be familiar? Not that it would have mattered if it had - she would have been as lost knowing that she had as she would have been had she heard of it. It all made no sense.

    "I've never heard of you before. What are you - a Jedi?"

    Even before she had finished speaking out that word, she knew that he was no Jedi; there was something too wrong with him on an elemental basis to belong to that caste of beings.

    Well there was no reason not to remain civil, nevertheless; after all, he didn't seem too interested in killing her - at least not yet.

    "They call me Nya Halcyon."

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 11-18-2002 08:03 PM:

    *He scoffed slightly at the thought of being a Jedi and smirked. He wasn't like some other Sith who would have tried to slit her throat for just such a statement. Besides, there was something about her that just didn't seem right...but he couldn't place his finger on it.*

    "Well, Ms Halcyon, to answer your question. No. I am not a Jedi. Nor will I ever be one."

    *Frowning slightly he looked for something to lean against and then grumped slightly when he found nothing that interested him in that aspect.*

    "I do hope I haven't destroyed all your hopes of getting out of here by revealing that information...heh."

    *It was hard to tell if he was being serious, or completely sarcastic. But one thing was obvious, he was getting impatient. It felt as if something was about to happen, the tension in the air was suffocating, and Raine wished it would just hurry up and happen.*

    Posted by Nya Halcyon on 11-24-2002 03:23 PM:

    Suddenly she found herself again back on her feet and her ignited saber swinging in a low arc from her right towards the Sith - whatever had happened in the meantime, she now appeared to know he was Sith - who was just sweeping his saber up to block hers.

    The sudden transition almost cost her her balance; she was forced to take one more step forward to catch her weight, coming too far within the reach of the Sith's outer guard. The only way out of that was a furious attack, so she tried getting him with a serious of low sweeps at his sides.