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    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-05-2002 12:40 PM:
    The Unbreakable Bond(tomduo)


    Amalia still was not sure of what to make of this new sanctuary she had found herself dwelling within.

    Her previous dwelling had been filled with a great sense of peacefullness, but still such a dwelling had not felt as if it were home to her.

    She'd tried so hard to find comfort then, but that comfort had never shown through. Ultimately, in the end, she was forced to choose.

    To stay or to go...

    She'd gone.

    Not once had she ever imagined finding somewhere else to go though. She had assumed that she would roam the galaxy for all eternity, looking and searching for a place she could call home again.

    It had not taken the Jedi Master long to find somewhere else to go, but even her leaving had brought her pain.

    She'd had to leave a lot behind, including her own students. Students that she had once bonded with were now gone. Some students wished to stay, some not wishing to go with her. Then there were some students who just left, and went about their own way, and Amalia never saw them again.

    Yet the Jedi was somehow forced to move on, but the pain and sorrow never seemed to leave her, though she hid such feelings well.

    She had moved on, she'd moved on only to find another new gathering group.

    Students of the Light.

    When Amalia had first set foot onto the mysterious and unkown santuary, it had been rather small, however, soon after, it grew.


    How easy it was and should have been for the Jedi Master to make and consider this new place home. Yet such was not the case, not at all.

    Amalia had hesitated in deciding. Something so wonderful had been placed before her, right in the palm of her hands almost, and she found that she did not know if she should take what was being given to her or not.

    Sometimes things were just not so obvious.

    Sometimes things were not absolutely clear.

    Truth be told, the Jedi had wanted to turn away from what she had found. The group, so small, so...clouded.

    Yet something had made Amalia stay, not to leave.

    What had made her stay? Simple, she believed. She believed in the group and its few small members.

    Even the smallest of things deserved a chance to flourish and grow.

    ...Grown the group had, and still was growing too.

    Amalia had not regretted the choice she had made.

    She did regret one thing though, the students she had left behind...

    Where were any of them now?

    If she could just find one of her students again, just one of them, she'd feel better.

    Hope is what she held onto most. Hope for her newest dwelling, hope for those that she no longer had with her.

    Most of all, she held onto the hope of the future. Here and now, the future meant everything to her...

    Posted by tomduo on 10-05-2002 01:08 PM:

    "AGH!" A fist lands across his face as his body slams into the side of a building. He spit up blood as a kick rammed into his stomach. He grabbed his stomach and groaned as he dropped to his knees as his face skidded against the ground.

    The laughs of the thugs echoed through his mind as he felt the saliva-blood mixture coat his teeth. He looked up, only to see another fist hit him in the face. His body tumbled into some containers as they fell. He felt a sharp pain in his side, he was being stabbed. He tried to scream out, but his throat was crushed by a large, alien hand. He felt hands search him, stealing his ID, his credits, his ring, and his lightsaber.

    He had not the time to use it, and now he badly hurt. He coughed up blood as the presences left. His eyes glazed over as he felt as if he was going to die.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-05-2002 02:11 PM:

    It had not taken Amalia long to adapt to her new surroundings. Students of the Light reminded the Jedi once of home. Such a sanctuary such as this one felt peaceful, just like she remembered her old home to be. Here though, Students of the Light had one thing above her old home, here she felt invited.

    She liked that feeling.

    Though it was too bad that Amalia could not feel the comfort that she desired. She was still troubled with the change in times, and learning to deal without what she once had.

    Moving on was not as easy as one would expect, and it took time, perhaps even healing. Time and healing, things that Amalia just was not sure she had.

    Amalia learned to fill the empty void of feelings comfort by keeping busy. Training was all the Jedi Master seemed to know nowadays. Training kept her occupied so that she would not have to dwell on the things that she did miss.

    She was not troubled nor disturbed if she had something good to concentrate on.

    Be it as it may, even a stubborn Jedi like Amalia could not avoid very strong feelings of disturbance within the force should they present themselves.

    A twindge of a disturbance filled with pain and suffering slowly edged its way into Amalia's mind, though she tried to ignore it, it only continued to grow....

    Posted by tomduo on 10-05-2002 02:58 PM:

    He rolled on his back. Several lower ribs had been broken. He clenched his eyes shut as a tear rolled out from the pain. He looked up at the multicolor sky, a result of various exhaust trials. His mind shifted as he felt sad. He felt he had truly failed in his life as he felt more blood in his mouth.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-06-2002 12:15 PM:

    It was not often that Amalia ended up without having something to do. Her work schedule was often busy, and she liked it that way.

    However, there were times when Amalia had what she would have liked to call her off days, when things were quiet and not so active, today was one of those days.

    Amalia never really often took the time to practice her saber/combat skills against the remote sphere droids, perhaps be it that she never had the time or she just was not in the mood for pratice. Today though, today she was ready for practice, not to mention that she wanted any old excuse to practice, another way of keeping her mind off of things she did not wish to dwell on.

    She had not been into the training session for less than twent minutes when she began to feel an overwhelming disturbance within the force. The feeling was so undisturbing that when she tried to focus on the task at hand, she found that she could not. Thus, she found herself being injured more than once.

    Amalia would stubbornly try to push the disturbance aside, only because she knew and felt of nothing to be wrong within the sanctuary, so she felt that whatever it was did not pertain to her.

    She knew how wrong she was for doing this, but for some reason, she just did not want to deal with any disturbances of any kind.

    What is wrong with me??? This isn't supposed to be how a Jedi acts...

    She found herself asking herself just why she was acting in such a way.

    The Jedi sighed, disappointed with herself, perhaps even ashamed.

    "I've got to do something..."

    Quickly she shut of her lightsaber, the spherical droid immeditaely flew and hovered off toward Amalia before it slowly lowered into the palm of Amalia's hand, shutting down.

    Twenty minutes later...

    Amalia paced within her quarters, her hands clasped behind her back. Her brow was set in deep concentration as she thought.

    It had taken Amalia a little longer than expected, but she had finally figured out just why she was feeling a disturbance within the force.

    She had passed a few of her fellow Jedi comrades in the hall as she had made her way to her quarters, none of them had commented to her on any distubance of any kind.

    So the Jedi Master, after much pondering, had finally deduced that whatever she was feeling was something familiar to her, well, make that someone familiar to her.

    Oddly enough though, it was not the disturbance that troubled Amalia most, it was the person itself that troubled her most. She could not, for the life of her, figure out who the so called presence was. She became worried, disturbed.

    I can't just stand around all day like this, trying to figure this out, I have to do something...

    After much careful though, she decided that she would seek out the disturbance. She would go on a search, it was the only thing she could think of to do.

    Thirty minutes later...

    It had not taken Amalia long to convince her fellow comrades that she needed to leave. She told them all of her stiuation, but she was not able to tell them how long she would be gone, she did not know herself. She did promise to keep in contact though, delivering news of the situation as it came to her. Her fellow Jedi hasd all wished her well, and wished for her a safe return. Twenty minutes later, she was on her way, heading straight for the docking bay.

    Amalia sat quietly aboard one of the transport shoulders used by Students of the Light. She could have taken something smaller, but she had not though about it, in too much of a hurry to think about it.

    Oddly, the Jedi Master found herself heading for somewhere, to a destination unknown. The force knew where to take her, and so, rest assured, she followed her feelings within the force...

    Posted by tomduo on 10-06-2002 06:39 PM:

    A small urchin approached, reaching into his pockets. He fumbled and found nothing. He cursed at the fallen and ran off. He felt tired. This scared him the most. His life was draining. He, however, felt something good. He didn't know what it was, but felt he should hang on as he tried to roll over.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-07-2002 10:57 AM:

    The Jedi was not sure how long she had been traveling exactly, but she was pretty sure that she had been traveling for quite some time.

    She had dozed off to sleep more than once or twice, and she wondered how she would have managed to pilot the shuttle should she have had to. She was glad that she hadn't had to pilot, piloting was not something Amalia did well.

    Her pilot had asked her no questions as he traveled pointlessly through space, heading for an unknown destination, he obviously trusted, however odd he believed her to be during the time. the Jedi Master's judgement.

    Amalia, at many different times during this trip, had found herself looking out of her viewpoart at unrecognized areas. It made Amalia very uneasy to know that the territory she was heading towards was, and became, very unfamiliar to her. The thought of not knowing where she was made her feel uneasy.

    So here it all was, her situation. She wasn't sure how long she'd been gone, she wasn't sure where she was going. She didn't know who she was looking for, nor why. If anyone was confused or in a clouded state, it was Amalia. Her state of mind needed to be changed.

    The Jedi closed her eyes and began to meditate.

    What she was searching for would soon come into view.

    The space station of Kabray would finally see the Jedi Master's presence within a few more hours time....

    Posted by tomduo on 10-07-2002 03:38 PM:

    He crawled under a box as the rain started to fall. Blood pooled and mixed with water at his feet.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-07-2002 08:08 PM:

    A few hours later...

    As the shuttle landed to dock in the space station Amalia was filled with a bigger overwhelming feeling of distress. Somoen was in trouble, someone she knew/ That someone was becoming more evidently clear as minute after minute passed by, step after step was taken.

    The atmosphere within the space station was that of a neutral scene, not only that, but it was busy.

    Amalia was almost beside herself as she glanced around, the area around her much too crowded to even make her have any hope of finding whoever she was looking for. Nonethless, she was not about to give up as she continued her search.

    Whoever she was looking for was here, and they were in trouble, how much trouble, Amalia was not sure. With each passing moment Amalia could feel a change in pattern, as if the presence she was seeking was somehow fading away.

    I've got to hurry!

    Amalia was almost on the verge of panicing, but she didn't. The Jedi knew better than to do such a thing, doing so would cause the situation to possibly get worse.

    So instead of panicing, she stretched out with the force as she walked, trying to pin point the specific location. As she walked she moved closer and closer to where she needed to be.

    For some reason or another, because her mind had been so focused on the situation and the disturbance, she had not been able to concentrate on what she was really looking for.

    Now that she was focusing, really focusing on what she was looking for, she was able to figure out just who the someone was.


    It seemed the force did have a way of bringing people back together again, especially when you were not looking, or when you least expected it.

    The Jedi Master began to run now, running as fast as her legs would carry her, she ran as if her own life depended on it. If not hers, then Thomas'....

    The rain began to fall.

    So much rain, yet Amalia saw none of that as she turned a corner.

    No, all she could see was the box and the pool of blood that had spilled. Within seconds the Jedi was by Thomas' side.

    The rain had begun to fall harder by now, but Amalia didn't care. She called out to Thomas, hoping that he would respond.

    She could see he was injured, but just how much was unclear. She damned the rain and the darkened clouds. It could not get any worse though....

    Never should one speak too soon.

    Along with the darkened sky and the heavy rain, now came thunder and lightning....

    Posted by tomduo on 10-07-2002 09:46 PM:

    He opened his eyes. Just as he did, a bilt of lightning crackeled down, illuminating the alley. The female in front him, surrounded by the light reminded him of an old tale he heard when he was young.

    "An angel..." He coughed up blood, and lost consciousness.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-08-2002 08:21 PM:

    Amalia watched Thomas as he slowly opened his eyes and speak. There were but only two words he had uttered, but despite the situation, the words had made Amalia smile for just a moment.

    Whatever trace of a smile had met Amalia's lips quickly became replaced by worry. Somehow though, the Jedi Master still managed to stay calm.

    The Jedi Master wasted no time as she watched her padawan lose consciousness.

    Immediately, as if by instinct, Amalia began to fall into work. Quickly she placed a hand over the most critically wounded area of Thomas' body, and then immediately began to draw upon the force as she began to heal his wound.

    Taking this action would not heal the Jedi Padawan completely, but it would save him from dying.

    As she worked on this task, she immediately soon after began to fall into another task, returning Thomas to consciousness...

    Posted by tomduo on 10-08-2002 09:35 PM:

    He awoke slowly s he looked around. "Am I dead?"

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-09-2002 10:14 AM:

    The Jedi could not help but squeeze Thomas' hand reassuringly, reassurance was something Amalia often offered toward her students, and often, her students did the same for her.

    "No, not on my watch, you're not," Amalia's lips tugged at a small grin.

    Amalia slowly helped the Jedi Padawan sit up as best she could.

    "How do you feel, Thomas?"

    Amalia already knew how he felt, such a thing was not hard to tell between Master and student. However, she could not assist him any better if she could not ascertain what his condition was like.

    Posted by tomduo on 10-09-2002 11:13 AM:

    His eyes widened as he leaned to the otherside, vomiting up the remaining blood as he collasped on his stomach. "Ticklish inside... sorry..."

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-10-2002 06:56 AM:

    Amalia frowned at his words, not really sure of what to make of what he had said.

    "We'll need to get you to a bacta tank as soon as you're well enough to stand and walk. Where is the nearest medic center from here?"

    Posted by tomduo on 10-10-2002 10:42 AM:

    " clue, why are you here?"

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-10-2002 10:18 PM:

    Amalia did not answer for a moment, looking at him curiously as she wondered silently to herself why he would ask such a question.

    It was odd to her, but for some reason, the Jedi Master did not know how to answer.

    "Does it matter why I am here, just that I am here? Isn't that enough?..."

    Posted by tomduo on 10-10-2002 11:12 PM:

    "I guess... ow..." He held the base of his neck. "Damn Twil'leks... they got mad because I had..."

    He frantically searched himself, looking for something, "IT IS GONE! NO!"

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-11-2002 10:04 PM:

    Amalia looked over his person for a moment, trying to figure out what his words did not finish saying.

    She took note that Thomas no longer had his saber with him.

    She silently wondered if he had even kept the tool after he had left the Academy....

    He'd left her alone, without so much as a farewell, and she'd been left to wonder if it had been her fault as to why he left.

    Looking at him now, only made her remember the day she had found out he had left...

    A look of sadness crossed Amalia's face for just a split second or two before she spoke.

    "What is..gone?"

    Posted by tomduo on 10-12-2002 12:00 PM:

    "My lightsaber..." He stood up full of anger, "THEY STOLE IT! I'LL..."

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-12-2002 03:15 PM:

    Amalia's face went soft as she watched him stand up, hearing thr anger in his voice.

    She herself stood up, reaching out to one of his arms, she lightly grasped onto him, catching his attention.

    "Hey, take it easy, Thomas..."

    The Jedi narrowed her eyes a little, disturbed slightly by what she had seen coming from Thomas.

    "You can always make yourself another one. I know how special it was to you, being your first constructed lightsaber. However, you're not the only one that has lost their saber. I have too, several times, in fact. I always can make a new one. I understand why it has you so upset, but please, there's no need. A saber is nothing compared to a life, and you almost lost yours today. Be thankful you're still here..."

    Amalia found herself sighing, still upset with finding Thomas in his condition.

    "What has you so upset, Thomas? I know it's not just your lightsaber, so what is it?"

    Posted by tomduo on 10-12-2002 10:41 PM:

    He growls in anger, not listening to Amalia's words, "No one steals from me..." He rises, and dashes off into the rain, chasing after those who stole his lightsaber.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-13-2002 12:34 AM:

    Amalia's force presence hit Thomas like a ton of bricks, her voice echoing strong within the padawan's mind.

    Did you not learn anything from this experience? Do you think it would be wise for you to venture on this, perhaps reliving the same moments of near death before your very eyes? I taught you better, or perhaps you've already forgotten who I am? You're lightsaber should be the least of your worries....padawan.

    The Jedi had paused in her reference to Thomas, unsure of what Thomas had done with himself and what he had become.

    I can't bare to have you walk away from me yet again. It is your choice. You may leave or stay. I would prefer that you stay. I do not wish to let all that I have taught you, go unremembered. You have brought much pride to me. Your absence has been remembered, and you have not once been forgotten. To leave me would destory the bond that you and I have created. What is this worth to you, Thomas?

    Amalia kept her stance, watching Thomas as he stopped within his run. Her gaze was locked on Thomas, her eyes pleading for him to turn around and notice her standing in wait, to notice her presence there, to notice that she cared...

    Posted by tomduo on 10-13-2002 09:16 PM:

    He slowed as he felt his stomach ache. He turned around. He was torn over his connection to the past, and this feeling of disapointment. He made lopsided frown, as he spoke in the falling rain. "Could you at least help me get it back?"

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-13-2002 09:30 PM:

    "Yes," she said as she began to walk toward his direction.

    "We'll get your saber back.."

    She looked at Thomas sternly as she stopped in front of him.

    "...and we'll get it back as peacefully as possible, violence solves nothing, and you Thomas Salen, are no violent man."

    She waited for Thomas to lead the way, hoping that things would go as peacefully as she said they would.

    Posted by tomduo on 10-14-2002 09:25 AM:

    "....yes Ma'am." He felt disgraced, and embaressed. Especially since she was a Jedi, and he couldn't handle it. He frowned, "I let my emotions get the better of me, huh."

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-14-2002 11:24 AM:

    Amalia smiled softly, almost reassuringly as they began to walk on.

    "Yes, and that's not like you, or at least the Thomas I know. This isn't just about the saber though, I know that much. Will you at least tell me why you left?..."

    She paused, deciding to share her feelings with Thomas.

    "Ever since you left, I've always been left with this feeling that I am the reason you left, as if I've done something wrong. I really wish you hadn't gone. I would have been there for you, to talk to...just as I am now," she said softly.

    Posted by tomduo on 10-14-2002 11:29 AM:

    " was many things." He walked along silent as he paused. "I didn't feel accepted, or like I fit in, so I left. Not that I am doing much better out here though... least these thugs can't read my mind."

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-14-2002 03:58 PM:

    Amalia shook her head, smirking a little.

    "Would you find it hard to believe if I told you I left that place, for the same exact reasons as you have?...."

    Her smirk turned into a frown, her eyes giving off that same soft glow again.

    "..You're not alone. I managed to move on, and you will too. I belong to another group of Jedi now, and I feel..welcomed."

    Posted by tomduo on 10-14-2002 10:02 PM:

    "O? Well maybe I'll consider if I find my saber, seeing how I pretty much died..." He frowned to himself. He felt weak, and was grateful that she saved him, but also felt loss. His saber was a personal effect, something he prided in building. Now it was gone, stolen by hoods.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-15-2002 06:32 PM:

    She smiloed at him reassuringly.

    "Don't worry, we'll find it. We may not even have to look far to find it really. I don't know many thugs that have an interest in lightsabers, just expensive things. Do you really think they'd have a use for such a thing?"

    Amalia could sense that they were heading in the right direction, she could feel a disturbance in the force, near by...

    Posted by tomduo on 10-15-2002 11:05 PM:

    "I don't know. They seemed vey interested in it. Ever since my jacket was opened by that who-" He remembered what presence he was in and went quiet. "Sorry."

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-16-2002 09:56 AM:

    Amalia just cleared her throat a little, narrowing her eyes at Thomas for a moment, and then nodded.

    "Well, I think those thugs are close by..Did they seem to you like they were well adapted to force users?"

    As they turned a corner, Amalia could hear some fighting taking place.

    "Seems like they're at it again, wonder who's involved..."

    Posted by tomduo on 10-17-2002 02:10 PM:

    "I dont know what they were. They ganged up on me... and then." He went silent.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-18-2002 11:23 PM:

    "Something's not right..."

    The ongoing fighting that Amalia had once heard, now ceased to exist, be filled with silence.

    Upon closer inspection, it looked as if the thugs had taken another victom, though their fate had not turned for the better.

    The body sprawled on the ground was lifeless.

    Yet for some reason, Amalia's attention was not still placed on the lifeless body, but on something just a few feet in front of the body.

    "Hey Thomas, isn't that your..."

    His lightsaber, one of the thugs must have dropped it.

    Amalia went clear of the body, only to go regain Thomas' saber. The tool appeared to be in bad shape, but it was still reusable, all it needed was a bit of work to repair it.

    Lightly the Jedi Master tossed the saber to Thomas, and then returned her attention back onto the sprawled body that lay in the street.

    Posted by tomduo on 10-20-2002 01:55 PM:

    "...thanks. Should you be interfering like this? Being a Jedi an all?" He grasped his tool in his hand as he looked around the dark streets.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-20-2002 10:53 PM:

    "Interfering? I wouldn't call it interfering really, I'd call it stopping distruction..."

    Amalia stood up, pondering for a moment.

    the man sprawled on the ground was already gone, but he couldn't just be left there either, she'd have to get help.

    The Jedi Master was not too keen on leaving Thomas alone, not that he couldn't handle taking care of himself, but she knew he'd run off to try and take care of the situation himself, maybe ending up doing something rash.

    Amalia narrowed her eyes for a moment, now in rather heavy thought.

    "Alright, we'll do something about those thugs, but first I've got to get help. I'd suggest you stay and wait, if you have any sense about you now."

    The Jedi smiled lightly, showing that her comment to Thomas was only playful.

    "I'll be right back, please wait for me..."

    Amalia ran for the nearest open area that had people gathered. It hadn't taken her long to find someone and explain the situation to them.

    She'd found someone to take care of the man, now she'd have to find a way, with Thomas' help, of figuring out how to stop those thugs before they did more harm.

    When Amalia returned to where she had left Thomas, she found him already heading off.


    She lightly shook her head, quickly catching up with Thomas.

    "I said I'd be right back, and I here I am..."

    Amalia couldn't understand the behavior coming from Thomas, it was not bad nor good. Still, this was not the Thomas she remembered, it confused her.

    " seem to be a tad bit anxious to stop these thugs, you must have some sort of idea on how to stop them from taking anymore lives..."

    She waited to hear what he would say as they continued to persue the men.

    Posted by tomduo on 10-22-2002 08:46 AM:

    "...sorry. Excuse me, I was just nearly killed. It infuriates me how people are acting. No honor, no manners, no respect." He growls, but looks up and grins nervously.

    "Perhaps we should get moving..."

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-22-2002 10:03 AM:

    "Indeed, I could see why that would have you upset, Thomas, but do onto others as you would wish to have done onto you..."

    She moved forward without another word, following the men through the force.

    It hadn't taken Amalia and Thomas long to catch up with the men, they were already going after another being. Whoever this being was, they weren't trained in the force, but some other art form, combat of some kind.

    Whoever they were, they were giving the thugs a run for their money.

    I'm really out of practice..

    It had been a rather good while since Amalia had been in a situation like this, and for some reason or another, she doubted herself.

    She looked over at Thomas, wondering if he was here for the same reasons as she. She was curious, but didn't ask.

    Amalia began to draw on the lightside of the force as she waited. She had a plan, now all she had to do was make it happen, but she would wait a little first. The person skilled in combat seemed not to be doing to bad of a job...

    Posted by tomduo on 10-23-2002 11:10 PM:

    "What exactly should we do now, Mistre-" He stoped himself, "I mean Amalia?" He slipped something from the past, he felt silly from it. He hated feeling embaressed, especially infront of a jedi master as well.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-25-2002 12:11 PM:

    Amalia could not help but laugh, remembering from times of old.

    "Call me whatever you wish, Thomas," she said, smiling at him with reassurance.

    She spoke to him via the force, who knew if the thugs were listening in or not.

    I would like for you to stand close to that man, he may need some help. Whatever you do, try not to have either of you look in my direction. In fact, try not to look at all if you can help it. You'll both need to protect your eyes. I'm going to do something that should distract the men. I just have to be sure that we're prepared is all. I'll let you know when the time is right. Do you have any rope with you? If not, we'll need to get some.

    Posted by tomduo on 10-25-2002 10:41 PM:

    "Sure thing. I have a belt..." He pointed to his waist.

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-27-2002 01:35 PM:

    Amalia frowned, shaking her head.

    No, that won't do. I need something much larger. We'll be using it to tie up those men for a short period of time. Do you think you could find something large enough?

    Amalia could see that time was running short, three men against one skilled combat user wouldn't last long. Amalia wasn't sure how much more the man could take.

    Posted by tomduo on 10-27-2002 03:08 PM:

    "I um... There is a hardware store around the block. I can get some high tensile chain, the kind they use to moor ships in space stations. I am sure that would be enough, right?"

    He felt unsure, especially since he felt worry from her. He could sense felings ever since his training started, and he hated it. It made him feel so horrible inside when someone was hurt or in doubt. Negative feelings were strong...

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-29-2002 11:54 AM:

    Amalia always doubted her own self, but she never really ever realized just how it affected those around her, not until now, anyway. She could feel Thomas' feelings

    She met Thomas' gaze, smiling a little.

    "I'm sorry..." she said quietly, hoping he would understand what she meant.

    "That is a fine suggestion, I like it."

    Posted by tomduo on 10-29-2002 01:34 PM:

    "Are you ok?" He blinked as she looked different. She felt passive. "You gotta be strong, cuz I don't have the power to defend myself here, if there really is something really bad going on." He felt so weak, almost dying to a bunch of thugs. Now she had saved him...

    Posted by Amalia Azalin on 10-31-2002 09:44 PM:

    "All will go fine, I can assure you. I'm always like this. I'm very doubtful of my own abilities, it is a bad trait that I posses. I can see the good in other, as I do with you, just not in myself."

    The Jedi Master cleared her throat, feeling slightly ackward that she had shared her felings with Thomas. Amalia was usually very private about her own thoughts and feelings, she had trouble sharing with those she grew close to. It seemed so easy to share with Thomas though, it made her feel better even.

    Silently, via the force, she began to tell him of her plan.

    Ok, here is what I thing should be done, you tell me if you like the idea. I was thinking that if I drew upon one of my force powers, which would be what you would call, a bright light so to speak. If I do it correctly, I can blind those thugs long enough to distract them so that you and that man can tie them up, I'll help of course. The light won't last but a few seconds or more, perhaps a little longer, but the side affects will make them somewhat blind for the time being.

    Amalia went back to speaking openly again.

    "So what do you think, a good idea?"

    Posted by tomduo on 11-01-2002 11:19 AM:

    "Perhaps maybe we should wear some kinda eye protectors? I mean wont it blind me and him?" The news of her doubt worried him, but he needed to trust in this plan, He was sure it was better than being stabbed in the chest by those thugs again.