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In Your Dreams: MnT vs. Dyne.

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  • In Your Dreams: MnT vs. Dyne.

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 10-30-2002 03:55 AM:
    In Your Dreams: MnT vs. Dyne.

    *Devastation. Pure and complete. The destruction of property, the destruction of memories, the destruction of life. It was all around him, seemingly ceaseless amounts of blood pooling on the ground, whilst the few cinders that still burnt hissed and popped as the storm hit.. Looking back and forth at the ruined husks of buildings, of homes, the man wondered to himself... How had this happened? Days before, this had been a wonderful little town, surrounded by a small forest.. It was peaceful, it was hidden, and it was untouched.. Now, not even the forest had survived whatever force had touched it. Houses were razed and burnt to the ground, while their inhabitants were slain in the streets. It was a waste of life in his opinion, and such opinions had gotten him in trouble more often than not in the past few years..*

    *... It was not normal, apparantly, for a Sith to dislike the death of innocents..*

    *But Why, he wondered, Why, had he been made a Warrior, then a Knight, and then a Sith Lord, if so many did not believe he was a true Sith? It simply made no Sense... However, he no longer had time to think about it.. Someone was coming.*

    *Not adjusting his force presence, which he had trained to stay at the same level as wood or stone when he wasn't using it, Miryan no Trunks ducked down behind behind the charred remains of a fallen support beam, and all but faded into the shadow, his tattered trenchcoat ceasing to react at all to the heavy winds and rain that were now pummeling the land from the night sky.. Whoever this was, he hoped they were ready for a fight, because he felt that would be the only thing that could help clear his mind right now...*