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This is your test...your destiny...(Niesara)[Dark Jedi Knight trial]

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    She sat in calm and listened.

    "It doesn't pose a threat..." he had said....

    The voice started as a whisper. Something she could barely make out. But as it repeated and coaxed. It got stronger.

    "No... the strong are to protect the weak. We take out those who would corrupt..." Her mind spoke back as her outward features shifted slightly. Her brow furrowed in concentration. Her bottom lip slipped between her teeth with a soft hiss of disdain for the siren's song the voice was tempting her with. "I am capable... I have nothing to prove... to you..." But even as her mind spoke back with determination, deep inside, she faltered... could she truly triumph here and make Jacob, and The Council, proud of her?


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      You think your Master didn't give into the dark? The voice said with a deep laughter almost as if it decided to change gender, it spoke first as a woman's malicious voice then changed as it laughed into a deep tone.

      Jacob said to himself, It doesn't pose a threat can hurt more ways than just physical...

      Foolish girl thinks she has nothing to prove hmm? Everyone has something to prove. It then basically spoke as a tendril of dark black color drifted toward her, Look at it, girl. Feast your eyes upon the power before you...feel the embrace...unleash it all...make them suffer!

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        Nisa's face tensed up slightly in disdain, trying to tamper down the fear. "Yes, he gave in... but then he walked away. He denied you. He isn't like that, now. And neither am I."

        Her fists had curled themselves into fists on her knees and she was starting to breath a bit deeper as if fighting it with more than her conscious. She heard Jacob's words and tried not to dwell on them. If she started to thik it could hurt her, she would falter. "I have no one who needs to suffer!" she said out loud.

        If Jacob was watching, he would see her start to lean back away from the tendril that was creeping towards her. To anyone watching, there was nothing there. But her Force Sense felt and saw the arm width line of black slinking thru the air towards her from the shadows of the cave.


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          Oh he pretends...lies...don't believe him. Everyone gives into way...or another. The disembodied voice turned back into a woman.

          Jacob was watching as he then started sliding away as to give room between the two of them. Because this wasn't his trial or his fight with the darkness in the cave. It was Nisa who had to deal with this place and what it could possibly do to someone. Like it had to him. In one way or another, and in the time he'd spent in the beginning the Nexus had hurt him not just physically but emotionally and mentally. The dark within the swirl of pure Force energy tore into him and got him at his vulnerable moments.

          Oh you don't have anyone who needs to suffer? Why don't you look at him... The Dark Jedi Master saw her reacting to the tendril and he had to give her credit as she didn't want to interact with it. The voice spoke to Nisa trying to goad her into anything it could, How would Jasik see you wretched...little girl!

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            At the mention of the Lord's name, she bit her lip hard, fighting against the tears wanting release behind her eyes. "Noooo...." she word was out loud, if a whimpered whisper was out loud. "No... he ... he doesn't need punishing. It's not his fault he's gone. I did what I could. I just wasn't ready to go with him. I didn't have a teacher yet. I couldn't help. He doesn't deserve to be hurt. It was my fault."

            Jasik had adopted her then left. She had pleaded to go, but without Force training, even a little at that point, she was a liability. She often wondered if that's why he hadn't come back. Because he had taken her as a Ward then had to abandon her because she couldn't help.

            She shook the thought from her head, her fists clenching tighter. Her mind reaching out with vehemance at the tendril. "NO... even Jasik doesn't deserve punishment. No one in my life does." Her chin wavered slightly


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              The disembodied voice then broke into laughter, You say he left you because you weren't ready? Didn't have any training? Lies! He found you weak...just a're now just a slightly bigger insect. Why be that when you can give in and be the beast squashing the insect?

              Jacob looked and stood to his feet. The radiant power that was through the cave was astounding to him. As the darkness seeped all around them, and more directed at her. That being said Jacob was starting to feel uneasy. Like he shouldn't have brought her here. But, seeing as it was too late now all he could do was watch. Watch and hope she made it through the other much as she could. Just as he did those years prior.

              Wake up girl! The voice was male this time, You are strong...that much is certain. The potential...endless! But to waste it all on...them?

              It seemed to point at Jacob then it coiled and twisted into a mouth that spoke out loud as the Force channeled itself into a physical form, to a degree. As Jacob watched it form the mouth it then spoke finally, Why didn't you kill that oaf over there? You had a chance...and you blew it! Are you gonna make that same mistake over and over again?

              The object before her began swaying and moving back and forth, Seeing into your do nothing but fail! Prove you won't fail this time! He is holding you back...and him holding you back results in what? Your failure!

              Jacob's theme song


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                When she felt it solidify, she opened her eyes and gasped as she saw it swirling before her. She moved to try and stand despite her legs and body shaking. "No... He walked away from the Dark Side... he found balance." she fairly spat at it.

                The Force pooled around her and she swirled it like the whirlwinds Jacob had taught her to stand in the middle of. Wanting to keep it from her lover and mentor, she stepped sideways between him and the mouth, her palms opening slightly at her side to swirl the Force around her and the mouth, cutting it off from Jacob. Being an invisible thing to the naked eyes, Jacob would still see, but he'd also sense. In swirling it to her, the Darkness had gotten caught on the fringes and tainted the swirl she tried to use as protection.

                "No... I am not a bug because I won't fight back. I can gain my potential and reach my power without whoring myself to you and the Darkness!" She stepped towards it hoping to keep it in the circle yet push it back towards the cave, unaware she was about two steps from crossing the threshold of the shadow line in front of the opening.


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                  Oh balance you say? The dark voice spoke with malice and venom in it's question, Balance is meaningless!

                  As the darkness swirled back from her using the Force, balancing the best she could it found itself piercing through what she had. Her aura and display of power was good for a woman with her talents and potential. This cave was trying it's best to break her. Like it did Jacob and he didn't want her to give in completely like he did and join the Sith because of all the raw power and rage he felt. That itself drove Jacob to bring her here. To succeed where he couldn't. Jacob wanted Nisa to achieve what he couldn't do in this cave. Overcome it and show it that you weren't backing down in your convictions.

                  It's in your head now...that creeping is marvelous isn't it? Taste can have a taste... It said goading her as it then rummaged what it could from within her head, Taste it you should have when you were a little girl...why not do what you didn't do then?

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                    When she was a little girl....

                    Her mind went back to then, scared, powerful, hobbled. She knew what she had wanted to do back then was wrong. Now she was aware of it even more. "I tasted it then... I remember. But it was bitter." She took another step forward, her toes now on the edge of the darkness in the cave. "I remember thinking how easy it would be. Even now, the idea to just destroy them all would be..." she paused and remembered the feeling, "sooooo easy." Then her back straightened and she crossed over the entrance into the cave. Her mind was still shaking, she was fighting it back with a push that tied to her Bond to Jacob. It was as much a part of her as breathing, and she wasn't aware of using it. "But I have reasons not to use it now. Reasons not to call on the darkness to bury my enemies within."

                    She took a deep breath, pulled on her Force and widened the calm around her. "I can cover it in light now... the pain..." she took a step forward, her hand reaching out as if she could physically push the darkness into the cave, away from Jacob. "... the memories..." another step, now her body starting to shake with the strain of going into the den of the Beast. "...the hurt..." She fell to a knee, her free hand grasping the slime covered wall to steady herself from falling over all the way. The strain more prevalent now in her body and face to keep the Force around her, even as her circle of protection started to wane.


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                      It listened to her speak as it then swirled itself around once more into a shape that was looking more like fluid then anything. When she stepped forward and straightened herself it was defying the dark that was trying its best to get her to give in. The Force itself commended her for that although her slightly shaking as she was doing her best to fight back against it while the young woman used her bond with Jacob. For a moment it reared back and a rush of air like it hissed washed through the cave. She was doing what Jacob had taught her. Standing in the eye of the storm, the storm being the cave, and still having balance.

                      Such defiance...confidence. Commendation should be awarded for it. The dark power of the cave not speaking physically of course, as it watched her strain and fall to one knee.

                      The dark kept pushing and it wasn't gonna stop. It would keep using her bond with Jacob against her as the dark power of the cave then plucked the memories Jacob had from the incident with the church. All the emotion Jacob felt, how he gave into the darkness for a while. Though, as time went on he found himself again. But, all the visions of the dead, them standing there. Even his own parents. All these things would flash into her mind, and all of it from Jacob's point of view.

                      With that Jacob, as he stood back up in the part of the cave he was then thought to himself, Oh no! It's using me against her!

                      Now you see what he suffered! You see he gave in... It spoke with dark power trying to goad her.

                      Jacob's theme song


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                        Nisa growled. “No... anger, pain, rage... those are... normal.” She was pushing against the dark as it slowly ate at the circle of calm she had around it. It was almost a quarter closer to her than when it she had stepped into the cave. “Those are emotions... we all have them.” She managed to stand back up, but her hand remained on the wall.

                        “He didn't lash out. He didn't go on a revenge spree. He controlled it. He...”
                        She shook her head, her vision starting to dot with spots at the control. “He came thru it. Came to ME!” she hollered at it. She took two more steps in. She wanted to push it back enough she could leave the cave and it wouldn't come after her.

                        Wouldn't come after him... Jacob.


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                          Emotions that bring power...and Jacob has known power...we gifted it to him back when he was weak! It threw that at her telling her how it influenced Jacob into what was today.

                          As she stood it up pressed closer as it formed a face, a shape that was neither male nor female. It would keep speaking as if it was an amorphous voice speaking as both male and female. The woman spoke up against it and said that Jacob came to her and got though it all. The face then grit it's teeth and reared back a bit. When Nisa stepped to it the shape then reared back again before the darkness it consisted of tried to envelop her and go all around her and force its way in. Like it was trying to smother her.

                          You will not defy us forever girl!

                          "She already has." Jacob said and then turned to her, "She has already done what I hadn't. I let you influence me all those years ago. Absorbed your power into myself. She hasn't and I applaud her for that. You try and use everything against her. You've failed!"

                          The shape looked at them both and then roared, There can be no better way of knowing in a world beyond controlling...are you gonna deny the savior in front of your eyes? Stare into the night! Are you gonna remain a slave for the rest of your life? Give into the Night!

                          Jacob's theme song