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Memories from the corners of the mind. (Santeria)

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  • Memories from the corners of the mind. (Santeria)

    "I told you that I'd get back at you!"

    Those were the last words he had heard before everything went dark. He awoke some time later, could be minutes, could be hours, could be days it didn't matter at this point. The process of regaining his coherence it was tough and it wasn't coming to him quickly. There was something in his system, something holding him down but he didn't really know what it was. Forcing his way to a sitting position was painful, his head felt like it weighed a ton.

    What the? Grasping his head like a vice he tried to get up but found that he was bound to the floor, in some dank room. What was happening? Where was he and why couldn't he remember what happened to bring him here? This wasn't amnesia, he was on Naboo with Master Farifax, they were looking up something to his past. They had even found something, it wasn't pretty but it was necessary. What happened? Where was she, was she okay? What is it you want? Is anyone out there? Yanking on the chains in an obviously fruitless effort, he felt like an idiot but he could blame it on whatever drugs was in his system.

    His head was spinning, he had to play this cool, find out where he was, maybe some little clue. Could I at least get some water? No shield, no gear, nothing.

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    "Alistair." The voice was crisp and soft. "What do you want?" From the throne crafted of fine wood, gems, and bone, had the woman leered in his direction form her sideways lull. Silence had once filled the hall leaving her to her own devices of plotting and visions of mayhem only to be ruined by the skittering about of a slave. Santeria often pondered why she kept the maleling around; he irritated her. "Well go on. Speak before I beat it out of you." Smacking her hand on the armrest to emphasis her point, the thought of flogging him nearly excited her until she remembered that there was a reason for this disturbance.

    Dropping to both knees, Alistair dared not look upon the raven haired witch. "The male is awake. He's calling out." A confirmation caused a brow to loft at his reason for disrupting her.

    Santeria drummed the pad of her index finger against her chin in thought for a moment before swerving her legs until heels clacked loudly against the stone below. "Well, well. Sooner than I expected." Alistair only nodded in agreement as his silence was found by pressing his tongue to the roof of his mouth. "Let's go greet the maleling shall we." Rising from the throne, she traversed past Alistair and snatched him up by the scruff of his neck. "I want no one to know of this. It does not concern them." Alistair nodded as he followed behind the Dragon Mother by a few paces.

    Soon they had descended into the underbelly of the cathedral, the smell of musk and moisture heavy to her nostrils. Pivoting toward one of the cells, the Nightsister stared upon her latest prize. "I see you're awake." With the snap of her fingers she gestured to Alistair to retrieve a drink for her new pet. "How are you feeling?" Not that she cared over all, but it would be quite be disappointing if he was afflicted.
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      What did you do to me? Sitting back, nauseated from the exertion but only because of the drugs in his system. Obviously she was some kind of distraction, meant to make him feel more at ease until someone else comes a long. Part of him wanted to just yell and scream, but what would that do? He'd been jailed before, playing the game was what worked, it was the only thing that did. Looking up at her, he was visually caught off guard; she was beautiful, he could see why whoever was holding him used her.

      What am I to you people? What do I have to do to get out of here? Then he realized something and looked down at his lashings. Pink collars?