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A Break from a 'Break' [Avalon]

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  • A Break from a 'Break' [Avalon]

    Training with the Jedi was a venture that got progressively more frustrating as time went on. Two masters she'd had, one disappearing seemingly into thin air, and the other far too wrapped up in her personal life to give the half-echani technomancer much more than one meeting and a meal. She was trying, in all honesty, but maybe she needed a break, and so she had been taking one. Away from the concerns of honing her abilities in the Force, and back to her first loves, droids and engineering. She worked (some might say) too hard, but it was the way she was used to living. If her hands weren't occupied, she would go crazy. Even if the extent of their occupation was to be wrapped around a glass, that would be enough.

    Which is what she was doing seated at a table, alone with a glass full of some purplish liquid in the Violet Blue on Zeltros at the recommendation of one of her cousins who had some dealings with the owner. Well, she was something of a business person, herself. Just... not this kind unless there were droids involved in the process of serving patrons. No, she was simply here because Ordon had insisted she take a real break, to the point of forcing her to do so by booking everything and... well, it was frustrating at first to be separated from her work, but as the flight from Brentaal IV to Zeltros had went on, she had given herself over to accepting that she was just going to have to try and enjoy herself somehow.

    At least this drink was tasty, whatever it was called. She sipped slowly at the straw, watching the bodies writhe on the dance floor, and thought that perhaps this would suffice instead of hiding out in the hotel room booked for her. Not that she could - Ordon had even gone so far to make certain that she left it and went out into the Zeltros night.

    What a loving, caring cousin she had.

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    The night was busy as usual. Every night was busy. Why wouldn't it be on Zeltors, and in an establishment which promised every vice met no matter the vice. This of course had proven to be a challenge to the owner on occasion as some vices were more difficult to work with. Tonight for some reason, Avalon's heart did not seem to be in the most pleasent of moods. Perhaps it was because too much time had passed since his business partner had contacted him. What did it matter. Her debt to him was paid off and she was her own woman. Still the place was not the same without her nagging, pesky, presence.

    The owner who usually mingled among the patrons decided he was going to enjoy a drink. It was rare he did not make rounds, but tonight he had not personally greeted a single patron, save for the mandatory greetings required in the VIP lounge. Those patrons were more than just patrons, but suppliers for the more less than legal aspect of Avalon's business.

    Taking a seat at the only open seat at the bar, Avalon took notice of the attractive female which occupied the seat to his left. She wasn't pale enough to be Echani, yet her hair suggested she may be. A mix perhaps. This was interesting. The drink, purple in color, was not in most glasses. It was a custom drink named after the club itself, but not as popular as the one Felicity had managed to mix which took on a blue hue. Motioning to the drink, the Zeltron spoke.

    "Enjoying the Violet Blue," he said forgetting his customary greeting. Avalon would certainly ask at some point, but how long could he get be before this one identified him as the owner of the establishment. "So are you here alone, or did I just take your boyfriends seat?"

    "What is your vice?"


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      She wasn't all that lost in her own thoughts and only vaguely mesmerized by the patrons bumping and grinding out there, so she didn't notice him approach, but she certainly heard him when he spoke. At most she was distracted and the fact that there was anyone talking to her at all only caught on after a moment. She turned her head, blinking, to look at him.

      "I'm sorry..." then the words he said fully registered and she turned one or two shades of pink, "...boyfriend? No! No, not at all."

      Was this the first time she'd been in a nightclub alone? Yep, you betcha it was.

      "And yes, I guess this place is alright," she said, not knowing he meant the drink, "I'm just used to having someone along with me, it's my first time here in this club, and I don't usually come to Zeltros - certainly not alone! I mean, what was he thinking?!"

      Her eyes had wandered off as soon as she started on the diatribe, but upon realizing that she was starting to ramble her mouth snapped shut and her eyes, silver-blue as they were, flicked back over to the very rosily-skinned Zeltron, accompanying the rather sheepish look on her face.

      "I... um... hi?"
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        "No boyfriend, got it," Avalon said as he released just enough of his pheromones to take the nervous edge off.

        She was cute, pretty even. Clearly not wanting to be at the club by herself. Oh the games that could come of this. Avalon wasn't into games tonight, fortunately for her. Though if things happened, they did. Were the Zeltron in a more upbeat mood the seduction would have already begun. Tonight he was more subdued, laid back, in regards to his normal charismatic self.

        Without a word, the bartender gave Avalon the same drink the Echani hybrid was drinking. It was his creation after all. The drink was smooth, yet still burned as it went down. Perfection as it concerned the opinion of the Zeltron. Pink fingers held the glass to his lips as he drank.

        "I meant the drink," he said setting his own down on the wooden bar top. "It is named for the club."

        Spoken like a true regular. So far he hadn't given himself away. Purple eyes watched the dance floor. Tonight the owner wanted to be normal, hidden among the crowd. A dance was needed.

        "Hi, back," he smiled. "No boyfriend, and you came alone? Care to dance?"

        "What is your vice?"


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          "Oh," she said, blankly, at least until realization of what he'd said about the drink dawned on her fully, "Ohhh! Right. Okay. Well, I like it."

          Blush was the next to creep up on her pale, freckled cheeks, and she sipped at her drink as he repeated the facts: she was alone here and unattached. A lot of people did that, repeating things to better remember them and given that there were no other indicators such as suggestive tone, she thought nothing of it. She never used to be able to recognize when something was being implied in tone when she was younger, but Ordon and Awendra had helped her a great deal with such things. Of course, when the dancing query came, she was mid-sip and it caused her to simply stop sucking on the straw.

          "Um," the sound came, straw still lodged between her lips until she lifted her head, turned it, and looked at the pink-skinned man, "I..."

          When was the last time she'd danced? Her mind whirled as she remembered, and those silver-blues focused on his face, a smile that was perhaps a tad unsure of itself pulling the corners of her lips upward in an awkward way.

          "...sure." She gave an earnest nod. "Yes, yes, that'd be nice."