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    The wedding had been small, family only. There were a few reasons form that. First it was all they wanted. Something simple since the stress of bringing the groom back to life officially was enough for a life time. Second, Faline needed an environment she felt safe in. Third, and James still didn't really know, Kaiya had spent most of her savings trying to find him. The wedding chapel had been perfect though. Wayfarers Chapel had been the best place to exchange their vows, vows which had already been tested over the events which led to the wedding, and were sure to be tested after. James was committed to them though. If there was one thing he could believe in, it was James and Kaiya belonged together for life and more.

    She had worn a blush pink dress, a Rendili tradition he was told. She could have been in any color, though the pink had been perfect. James had never seen such a pretty dress, and was conceived Kaiya had been the most beautiful bride to ever walk down the aisle in the history of the universe. He also told Kaiya she had set a bar no one could ever reach. The day was happy, and a blur, but James would always remember the smile on Kaiya's face, and the tears of joy which fell from both their faces as they finally made public a commitment they had made to each other the day James left Coruscant after their first meeting.

    Faline was now in the care of Jamie, James twin sister. There was much honeymooning to happen before both James and Kay would be required to return to work. James following his dream to become the next Senator from Corellia, and Kay to cover the news from Telos IV as she had given up her program to be a mother to Faline. Whistler resort on Coronet Peak was the destination. The ski runs were supposed to be wonderful at this time of year, and the two had never skiied together. They had been to the beach, a revolving restaraunt, movies at home, but nothing wintery. That was about to change.

    After checking in, the honeymooners were taken up to their large honeymoon suite. It was way nicer than the pictures had indicated, and The view of the mountain was perfect. Once the bellman left them alone, James scooped Kaiya up and carried her across the threshold into the room with a wide smile on his face.

    "Here's to you, Mrs. Brend. You and me all week, no work, no stress, no problems. Just you, me, the king size bed, and the jacuzzi in the room. So what shall we do first oh wife of mine!"

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    The wedding had been perfect with just family in attendance held at the "Glass Chapel" located about halfway between Coronet City and Tyrena nestled in a grove of redwood trees high atop a seaside cliff and surrounded by beautiful landscaped lawns and gardens with a panoramic view of the Corellian Ocean and Vreni Island. The Brends could have chosen to stay at the resort island, but chose instead to trade the 'typical' tropical honeymoon for a snowy getaway at Coronet Peak Resort and Spa. They both liked to ski, so why not. Plus, it was just as romantic. James and Kaiya just wanted to spend some quality alone time together anyway after the year they'd had. Doing so in front of a roaring fire or in the hot tub worked just as well. The way the Corellian and Rendili loved each other, it didn't really matter where just that the two were together. Which almost didn't happen for them when James was kidnapped and tortured.

    Kaiya was dressed in her going away outfit, a winter chic affair in pink hues, same as her wedding dress. After they said their goodbye's to their family and Faline, the newlyweds sped off for their week long honeymoon in the snow capped mountain of Corellia.

    The plan was for James' twin sister, Jamie, to take their daughter back to Telos IV with her, then they would go there to pick up Faline as the intern would need to return to work when the New Republic Senate reconvened after the new year, and the news journalist would be starting her new show for HNN doing in-depth specials instead of broadcasting daily. This way Kay could still flourish in her career that was very important to her, yet be a mother and wife, which was just as important; maybe even more so now having learned the hard way life is too short to waste.

    "Why Mr. Brend… Need you ask," the petite blonde giggled rather smexily in her husband's arms as he carried her over the threshold of their honeymoon suite.


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      "Not really, but on the off chance we aren't thinking the same thing," James said pressing a heated kiss to his wife's lips. "Where first?"

      The sandy haired Corellian set his bride back onto her feet, holding her close to his body, and wrapping his arms around her waist as her feet touched the carpeted floor. James kissed her forehead then looked into her precious, blue eyes.

      "Why don't you figure that out while I get the luggage out of the hall and into the room," he said with a wink.

      Heading back out into the hallway, James grabbed the luggage. He had incentive. Kaiya hadn't stopped hinting at the fact a co-worker had heard about the wedding and gotten her something to sexy to wear to bed. The way Kay had kept saying it just built anticipation for the Corellian to actually see it on, just so he could take it off. This was a honeymoon after all.

      "Alright, Mrs. Brend, tell me where you want the luggage so we can get the honeymoon started."


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        Snowflakes were beginning to fall steadily outside their hotel suite's window so that meant they would be staying in most likely for the rest of the afternoon and evening, which didn't bother the bride one bit. There would be plenty of time to explore the ski resort and spa with James during their honeymoon week stay.

        "I think we should start by you making love to me on the king size bed, Mr. Brend, then we can cuddle in front of the fire and have room service followed by a shared tub bath later," Kaiya smiled with a gaze that promised much desired mischief in them.

        "If you'll put my smaller suitcase in the fresher I'd really appreciate that, the others over there is fine," she said while standing at near the window, pointing casually to the closet area that had a bench to lay out the luggage on. It wasn't that Kay packed a lot, but rather winter clothes took up more room than fairer weather ones.

        "While I'm changing into something a little more comfortable, why don't you place that call we promised to Faline… I won't be too long though, my dearest husband," Kaiya winked, then closed the fresher door.

        It didn't take Kay long as she changed out of her going away outfit into the little piece of sexy lingerie the HNN journalist had gotten from a co-worker who had thrown a surprise bachelorette party after work for her a couple of days before the wedding. This was not something she usually wore at home, going for more conservative nightgowns especially with their young daughter liking to slip into bed with them during the night.

        "Well lover, what do you think?" she asked after opening the fresher door and posing rather smexily against it's frame.


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          The small suitcase went to the fresher. Kay had clearly lacked it do not peek. Didn't she know it would only make James want to peek even more. Of course she did. The honeymoon games had begun. At least the Corellian knew what was good for him, and complied, though with much temptation. Doubling back to the hall, the rest of the luggage went where indicated, and James ears perked up at Kay's next directive.

          "No complaints there. I'll make the phone call to Faline, the I will make mad, passionate love to you!"

          James pulled his new iComm 6, still in a pink lifeproof case for Faline, and made the call. She was happy to hear they had made it safe, and when asked about where mommy was, James simply replied that she was using the little girl's room.

          "It's only for a week Faline, and make sure Andi stays out of trouble. Aunt Jamie doesn't need any more stress this week. Oh and make sure you take care of the dog and..." James stopped talking as he turned to see Kay standing in the doorway. She was gorgeous, sexy, alluring, and was that a bow? "Uh, baby girl, mommy just came into the room with a very nice looking present, with a bow even, and Daddy needs to open it now. I'll have Mommy call you after dinner."

          James hung up after Faline said okay and dropped the comm on the night stand. Forget dinner... This was going to be an all night affair. Hands went to his shirt immediately as he started undoing the buttons, and rushing for Kay. He tossed it aside before capturing her lips in a steamy kiss.

          "I think I'm th luckiest guy in the entire universe to have a wife as sexy as you are!"

          He scooped her up and laid her on the bed gently, as he slowly tugged at the bow.

          "The rest, I'm gonna have to show you."

          And show her he did, taking care of every one of her needs first. Every moment of that encounter he made all about her. Each kiss, each intimate touch, was about their bond as husband and and wife, a bond they had promised never to share with anyone else. They expressed joy and commitment to each other, a love that had been tested so many times, and never failed. It was why ther wedding bands were inscribed on the inside, "Love Never Fails!" A reminder that as long as they had love they could get through anything.

          James didn't pay attention to the time, only that Kay was in his arms. How she could still make him feel as giddy as he was the day they met, and as loved as he felt the first morning he woke next to her was beyond him. He ran his fingers through her soft, golden hair, then onto her bare back. They lay entangled together, bed sheets a mess, but very much in love.

          "I love you so much Kaiya Brend," James said, though they agreed she'd use her maiden name for work purposes. "More than I could possibly show you in a thousand lifetimes."
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            "And I love you so very much, James Brend," Kay smiled tenderly, then pressed a slow, passionate kiss to her husband's lips. "Well then we should shoot for two thousand lifetimes as I will never tire of you, mhmm or this." With that said, the golden blonde moved rather suggestively atop the Corellian to show him just how lucky he really was.

            Since James and Kaiya had been planning to get married for some time, they had also talked about growing their little family sooner than later. The near-death experience had shown them that time was precious and should not be taken for granted. While prepping for the wedding, Kay had been getting her body ready to conceive too. The next few days of their honeymoon were perfect timing to do just that, so many attempts would be taken. Something neither party would mind.

            By the time they were finished with the second round of love making, it was dark outside and the Rendili's stomach growled as she laid contently in James' arms once again. "I don't know about you, but I'm famished… Why don't you order room service for us while I call Faline back before it gets too late?"
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              James nodded as he laid on his back hungry, satisfied, a little tired, and very much happy. "Yeah I'll get us something really good since it's the honeymoon," he said before kissing his wife, then rolling out of the bed.

              The Corellian grabbed one of the complimentary bath robes from the closet and wrapped himself in it. He had a feeling they were not going anywhere tonight, which wasn't a problem for him. If they weren't going anywhere, James was going to put as minimal clothing on as possible. So far they were on pace to blow the record they had set the first twenty four hours they had met when it came to this department of their love life. The love making had never been an issue between them.

              Grabbing the room service menu, James looked of over. There was so much that looked good, but his heart was set on something he rarely ever could afford. He still couldn't, but they were only going to have this honeymoon once. That's why James ordered two of the same meal. Filet Mignon, in a burgundy mushroom sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, assorted greens, and salad. There was a also a bottle of Corellian Merlot ordered with the meal. Service was timely, and the food arrived hot.

              James wheeled the cart into the bedroom where Kay was on the comm with Faline and mothed the food was here. He took the first tray and set it out for Kay.

              "Dinner is served, sweets," James said pouring wine into the glasses.

              He raised his glass as he handed one to Kay.

              "To you, me, us, and two thousand lifetimes!"


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                Kaiya grabbed the other complimentary robe and slipped into the fresher. After freshening up a bit, she came out to call Faline back, tucking the little girl in for the night over the comm with a rendering of the Little Lost Bantha Cub story from memory. It was hard being away from their daughter, but this special time alone for the newly married Brends was needed too. Even though they already shared a home and life together on Corellia, James and her needed to reconnect in only a way two lovers could by themselves. The honeymoon needed to be about them as this would be their only chance before life swallowed them up once again with demanding careers and family obligations.

                After mouthing a silent loving thank you to her husband as he placed the ordered meal in front of her, Kay ended the comm call, then gladly took the offered glass. "Here, here!," she exclaimed happily, taking a sampling sip of the red wine.

                "Oh my… This Merlot is good, and the food looks and smell delicious. Everything is wonderful… Thank you, sweets, for making this the most perfect day! This is one of the reasons why I love you so much," she smiled, then reached out and squeezed the Corellian's hand, bringing him to her for a tender kiss.


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                  "Your sweet kisses are better than the finest wine that could ever touch my lips," James responded as he got into the bed with his own tray of food.

                  Was it cheesy, likely. It was something which would come from a line of romantic poetry, but the was their honeymoon. This was the time for romantic and cheesy. They would have to fight for it once the honeymoon was over. James wasn't looking forward to that part of things, but he knew Kaiya was worth the effort. He was convinced he would never give up on her. Kay had not given up even when she thought he had died, how could he? James loved her so much.

                  "How's the steak," James asked as he took his own bite.


                  A sip of the wine followed, and a few more bites. James was enjoying the meal and the woman he was sharing it with. Now was as good a time as any to plan the week, the rest of the day was already set, as the suite had a nice honeymooner's tub in the large fresher. The two could enjoy dessert there.

                  "What day this week did you want to hit the slopes? It's been forever since I've actually been skiing. Oh and um... I got some chocolate mousse for dessert."

                  James pumped his brows.


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                    "Mmmm… Perfect," Kay replied with a "yummy" smile on her face, then she sampled the other choices on her plate. All were good, though the company was priceless.

                    The golden blonde took a sip of her wine as she thought about their schedule for the week. "Why don't we go skiing tomorrow… We don't have to go full-day our first day, maybe just half, then get his and her massages at the spa afterwards as I'm sure we'll be sore."

                    Kaiya's blue eyes then lit up and a mischievous glint came to them at the mention of chocolate mousse; her favorite dessert. "Oh you did, did you… Spoiling me wholeheartedly you are. Well I will definitely have to save room then."


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                      "I all for the skiing, but do we really have to pay for the massages," James asked with a certain glint in his blue eyes. "You know I can do a way more thourogh job."

                      James pumped his eyebrows, the Corellian coming out in full force. He was alone with his wife, why wouldn't it? Of course James was actually looking forward to the massages. His parents had never been able to afforf trips like this one, and once he was on his own, James was a single father before he really knew which end was up. How in universe Kaiya Raye Brend had come into his life, loved his daughter, and him was a miracle. There was no part of James which felt he deserved the love of such an amazing and beautiful woman. He truly was the lukiest man alive.

                      The food did not take long to eat. Portions were not too large, and just right. Soon it was time for dessert, but James had an idea up his sleve.

                      "I need to use the fresher, I'll be right back," he said.

                      Getting out of the bed, James ran into the large fresher, and drew a perfectly tempered bath for the two lovers in the honeymoon tub. Somehow he mannaged to find some candles, and lit them for mood lighting. Popping his head out into the bedroom, James looked to Kaiya.

                      "I need some help with something in here, you wanna just bring the mousse in here?"


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                        "Oh how I do know," Kaiya grinned back with a certain glint in her blue orbs. "… but I saw couples massages were a part of our package so why not take advantage of it just saying."

                        Well so far the honeymoon was spectacular. Spending a whole week with James like this was going to spoil the journalist. It would be hard to go back to their regular busy lives of work and family obligations; already sharing a wonderful little girl, though Kay wished to have a child of her own, their own. Not that she didn't love Faline with all her heart, which was the Force's truth, but rather to add to that joy. To blend their family as one.

                        While James used the fresher, the golden blonde rolled the dinner cart back out into the hallway, though keeping the bottle of wine and their dessert.

                        "Oh you do, do you?" Kaiya quipped. "I'll be right there, sweets."

                        Grabbing the tray with goodies on it, Kay ventured into the master bath. Sapphire eyes went wide in awe and delight as she took in her husband's handy work. Candles lit up the room to give it a romantic air and a bubble bath was drawn in the oversized deep tub. Her gaze went to the handsome dirty blonde already in the water and immediately a mischievous smile graced the golden blonde's lips.

                        Setting the tray down on the little table next to the tub, the Rendili slowly untied the belt on her robe, then opened it and let the fabric slide down past her naked shoulders to pool at her bare feet on the rug. "I like it when you need me to help you," she smiled, then stepped into the water.
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                          James smilednas Kay slowly let the robe fall to the floor. There was no way they had time for this at home. Often times either one of them would come home from work, they'd eat dinner, play with Faline, and then go off to bed for their alone time. This week gave them what they desperately needed for their relationship. James knew Kaiya was ready for a baby, and they had both agreed now was the time, but that was the last thing on his mind.

                          "Couples massage is a great idea. It will be a great way to loosten up after skiing tomorrow, and make sure we're well renenergized for traditional honeymoon activity," James said as Kay leaned into his back.

                          His hands took to her shoulders as he began to massage them. Just because there was wine and dessert didn't mean they had to get to it right away. He swept the hair from her neck and began to press kisses on the flesh where it joined her shoulder. James then reached for the wine.

                          "Now this is how dessert was meant to be enjoyed, and if I recall, this is the first time we've shared a tub before."

                          James sipped the wine and set it back down. His attentions were all on his wife and making sure her needs and wants were met. They might have couples massages later, but James ensured Kay knew in that moment how thorough James could be.


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                            The rest of the bride and groom's wedding night was sweet and delicious spent totally focusing on each other. The next morning the Brends awoke leisurely, having a late breakfast in bed amongst other things, then they got ready to hit the slopes as a blanket of fresh snow had fallen overnight and the conditions were perfect for skiing.

                            Kaiya stood still on her skis at the top of mountain, adjusting the straps of her poles while James looked at the ski area's map. The Rendili had on a new ski outfit sporting a pair of mirrored sunglasses instead of goggles as she hated the closed in feeling they gave her.

                            "So which run are you leading me astray on, Mr. Brend?" the golden blonde asked her husband, gracing the Corellian with a warm, flirty smile.


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                              "I was thinking something simple to start with. It's been quite a few years since I've had the chance to ski. Need to knock the rust off first," James said as he slid up next to Kay in his own new ski attire

                              Faline was six, and James had spent a lot of time in the books while in college. He rarely had time for fun, and so he was thinking it had been at least ten years since he last hit the slopes. It was okay though, today was a half day, and then couples massage after lunch. By the end of the week James was sure to hit the black diamond runs again. First though, the easiest run that wasn't a bunny hill.

                              "Not that I'm a wimp, but let's start here just to make sure it all comes back to me. Just like riding a bicycle, right?"

                              James pulled his goggles down and smiled before pushing off and hoping Kay was right behind him. The snow pack was perfect! James kicked up some fresh powder from the snowfall the night before and by the time he reached the bottom, he figured he was warned up enough for something more challenging.

                              "Yup, still got it. Alright Mrs. Brend, now that we know I won't kill myself, you can pick whichever one you want!"