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    Following the new resources she had been granted to investigate the pharmaceutical malevolent and borderline illegal practices, Doctor Lorna Frayus had managed to discover that the laboratories had managed to pull rank and supply a busy medical station in Malastare's orbit with their new anti toxin treatment. This was highly concerning, especially as there was an important Kath colony in the sector, and the new treatment was especially dangerous to reptilian patients.

    She had decided to personally go there, but given how Doctor Gamurna was already aware of her work to take him down, her superiors had insisted on supplying her with a bodyguard.

    This was why she was traveling with an Army Cadet, Elena Perim, aboard a New Republic shuttle, en route to the orbital station.

    The blond doctor looked at her team mate for the mission. She knew she had been briefed, but didn't know how much. "Do you have any question before we reach our destination?"

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    It was a simple baby sitting job, one that Elena had done so many times in the past as a mercenary. In fact it had gotten to the point where Elena didn't even bother with these kind of jobs anymore, and went for the more challenging, the more risk type ones. That was how she met up with her now ex-boyfriend, she was on a job that was going bad very quickly, and he just came in out of no where and pulled her backside out of the fire.

    When the smoke cleared Elena ripped the guys head off with a lot or yelling, and cold words. But that night they ended up in bed together, and well three years later they were still together. That was until Elena got tired of the lifestyle she was leading, and decided to change her ways. That was what led her to the republic in the first place, and yeah okay so she'd have to start from the bottom again. But at least this time she was a part of things, she was doing something noble with her talents, and she had backup on call in case anything did go wrong. Which in Elena's life happened more often than not.

    After Elena was briefed on the mission. She turned up at the shuttle first, and got everything ready for the trip. When the doctor she was escorting arrived. Elena put away their gear, and then hopped into the pilot seat. Ever since then Elena hadn't said more than two words to the doctor, she wasn't exactly the idle chit chat type, there was just the job nothing more.

    So when the doctor asked if she had any questions. Elena gave her a side ways glance, and then shrugged her shoulders before turning her attention back to the control. "Nope, no questions. But if there's anything you'd like to ask, then fire way." Elena wasn't the type to get personal either. It was strictly business with the former merc, nothing more, unless she came to like someone or trust them. Then it was a different story. But Elena hadn't gotten to that point, yet, and didn't expect to do so with the good doctor.


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      Lorna appreciated that the soldier was focused. She shook her head to the offer. "No question." She spent the rest of their trip to the medical station scribbling notes and doing further reading in between.

      They were easily granted access, despite not having warned about her arrival. As they went through clearance, security guards tried to tell them that Republic people weren't welcome. This left Lorna unfazed. "I am not here to make friends but to help people. My medical credentials are enough to let me come aboard and I am entitled to personal security, just as section 56B of this station's rules allowed."

      The tall man seemed surprised that the doctor knew that much about the station and he reluctantly let them aboard with their gear.


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        While the doctor handled the altercation with the security. Elena stood back a few paces, and kept a close eye on everything. Just in case the doctor's use of regulations didn't work, and force was needed to get out of a sticky situation. When it was all said and done. Elena grabbed their gear and walked by Frayus's side, all the while keeping an eye on the people and the corner's that people liked to hide in. Thus far they seemed to be ignored, just another doctor and her escort after all. Still even with things on the quiet side. Elena kept her trigger finger close to the blaster holster on her right hip.

        "You handled yourself well back there, doc. Are you sure you needed me as an escort?" Unlike before Elena's tone and a slight hint of jest hidden within. It was the soldiers way of making a light joke out of the situation.


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          Lorna smirked to Perim's observation. "I'm better with a syringe than a blaster. I hope your presence will end being a bit of a bore to you, wondering why you're not on the battlefield, but I know better."

          She knew that some people were after her and wanted to shut her up, so it meant that the orbital station might be a good place for them to try to impress her. "We're headed to the medical aisle BX56 here. We don't risk being affected by the Kath's situation, just so you know."

          As they reached their destination, she explained the situation to the local doctor, who was relieved to see her arrive. They asked the soldier to wait outside for the time being. Lorna said it was alright and then headed inside.

          Within five minutes, two large men arrived, one tapping Perim on the shoulder. "You're with that doctor?" It was more a growl than an actual question.


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            As the doctor commented about not being on the battlefield, and finding this mission a bit of a bore. Elena smirked, in a kind of knowing manner, and nodded her head in agreement. The truth was that Elena knew she was much better than this baby sitting run. But she was a cadet after all, brand new to the republic, she needed to prove herself in more ways than one before she could get to see any real battle.

            "Trust me Doc, I'm wondering the same thing myself. But while I'm here I'll do my duty, don't worry about anything."

            When the pair finally arrived at their destination. Elena stood behind Lorna as the local doctor told the former merc to stay outside. It had something to do with not allowing weapons in the hospital or something. With a sigh and a nod. Elena watched as her charge walked in side to carry out her own work. As she waited Elena stood just off to the right of the door, her hands folded at her waist, while she scanned the local area. She had been checking out the other end of the alley. When she felt the tap on her shoulder, which made her look in that direction instantly.

            As the question was growled off the tongue of the big guy. Elena threw a glance to his partner, and then looked back to the one that asked the question with a slight smirk upon her lips. "Yes I am. Why what's it to you big guy?" As she spoke Elena moved her right hand toward the hilt of the blade on her hip, just in case this turned ugly quickly.


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              "Don't think about using that toy of yours, girly." One of the guys smirked to her. "If that doctor of yours ain't leaving this place within the hour, we'll have both of you shipped back in a few selected pieces. We don't want her here. Understood?"


              Having no idea of what was going on outside, Lorna was taken to some of the patients who exhibited extreme depression and breathing issues. She got confirmation that they had been given the new medecine, which had been forced onto the medical infrastructures of the station by the pharmaceutical lobby.

              That broke her heart, but she had no time to let her extended empathy out. She asked for all the specific medical logs of all patients who had been given the medicine. She hadn't been expected to show up, but thankfully her contacts kept an eye on such things, far from everywhere in the galaxy, but she had already rallied enough people to the cause that eyes were kept open.