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    Calise was happy things were done. There was nothing Hutch had told which went wrong. The first four weeks was basic skills, and conditioning. The remaining four saw Calise specifically learning what life in the navy would be. Eight weeks took way too long, as the entire time Calise just wanted to be with her beau. They were it permitted any calls, but she could write, and did, near everyday. It kept her sane.

    The transport landed and Calise was the first off. Grabbing her duffle, she flung it over her right shoulder and made her way to the exact spot Hutch had dropped her off. Her feet were sore with a couple of blisters still healing. She was dressed in her tactical uniform, and thought it actually looked good on. Her hair was done in a bun and hat worn on her head.

    Once clear of the actual building, Calise broke out in a jog to get where Hutch had said he would be waiting. She told him to be back at where they last kissed. Hazel eyes scanned the area, and laid eyes on him. She came to a stop, and caught her breath. Putting a wide smile on her face, she walked up to the handsome Rendili.

    "Hey there, handsome, how about givin a gorgeous girl a ride?"

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    The dark-haired Rendili pulled his speeder into the same parking spot he'd said his goodbyes to Calise before she went off to boot camp. The Rogue was dressed in his daywear olive green flight suit and his aviator shades as he had just gotten back to Telos IV earlier in the day himself; Torch and Hutch having gone on a classified recon mission, which most likely would set in motion the New Republic elite squadron's next full mission.

    Hutch got out and sat on the hood of his speeder; a white bag with the name "Mick's" written in scripted letters on it's side and a lidded cup with a wide straw beside him. Yeah the flyboy knew Calise would be dying for some familiar greasy food, a long hot shower, and an attitude adjustment though maybe not in that particular order or maybe they could just kill two birds with one stone.... He could only be so lucky.

    Hazel eyes spotted his cute little grease monkey the moment the brunette cleared the building. Gods the Spiran beauty looked hot in her tactical outfit. A cocky pilot smile came to his lips as Calise slowed down from her jog to a walk, then a full stop in front of him.

    Hutch eyed her hungrily for a moment more behind his shades, then unfolded his arms and pushed off from the hood of his speeder while taking off his shades in the process. "Oh you definitely got the gorgeous part right, darlin', and a ride is a given, but first things first" he grinned, swooping Calise up into his strong embrace and placing a very welcome home kiss upon her lips; the taste of them Dirks had missed more than he could have imagined. He was home.

    "I took the liberty of grabbing your favorites from Mick's. You can eat while I drive us to your place… You're gonna need your energy," Hutch said, waggling his eyebrows at her rather suggestively, then took the new navy mechanic's duffle for her and put it back into the trunk.



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      Oh my the kiss lit a fire in the woman, who had already been anticipating an evening in with her flyboy. Though she was more into the smell of the Mick's nerfburger with cheese that his cologne at the moment, only because the food she had for the last eight weeks was the most disgusting stuff she had eaten in her lifetime. Boot Camp was no Spiran vacation.

      When Hutch let go of the kiss, Calise smiled. A flirtatious, playful look greeted the smile which stretched on Dirks face after getting the kiss he had been waiting eight weeks for.

      "You mean I can't have my dessert first," she teased.

      Reaching for Hutch's flight suit, she gripped it at the chest and pulled the brown haired Rendili to her lips once more and gave the man a fiery kiss of her own. She had dropped her duffle with the first kiss, and just left it there as she pulled away and waggled her eyebrows. She sauntered off to the soeeder and got herself in the passenger seat after relieving Hutch of the greasy food.

      "Hurry up flyboy, I'm eager to show how much I missed you, and for you to do the same."

      With that said she bit into the unwrapped burger and felt in heaven.

      "Gods I missed you, Dirks Hutchinson. Let's never be apart that long again if we can help it."


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        "Mhm I missed you too, Calise." More than you'll ever know… Truth was Dirks thought about her every day and night they were apart; the infatuation growing stronger instead of fading away as Torch had predicted, or maybe the Corellian just hoped for his sake.

        It didn't take long for the flyboy to get his cute little grease monkey to her place, nor get Calise out of her uniform. Hutch longed to drink deeply of the Spiran's sweetness, and that he did, loosing himself in her loving embrace.

        Afterwards, the reunited lovers just basked quietly holding each other. Hutch's hand instinctively stroked her long and silly chocolate tresses as Caiise's head rested on his chest.

        "So how was boot camp, really?"



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          "Fun and Sith Spit all at the same time," the usual clean mouthed girl said. "Fun because of everything we got to do and Sith Spit because I was without you."

          Calise drew a lazy pattern on Hutch's bare chest, then placed her palm flat on his left pectoral as she leaned up to kiss him. Hutch could not have known how much she had missed her flyboy. So much so she had done a lot of thinking but wasn't ready to talk to Hutch about it yet. She just got home and it was too soon. All she wanted to do was enjoy her lover.

          "I couldn't stop dreaming about you, and it was honestly torture to wake up and not have you there. You spoiled me before I left."

          Calise sat up, pulling the covers up, out of habit, to cover her naked form. A wide smile stretched on her face as she looked into Hutch's hazel eyes.

          "Eight weeks without was enough to convince me of something. I love you."

          She had said it, the first to, but she didn't care. Calise meant it, even if Hutch wasn't ready to say it in return. It was okay. Another kiss was pressed to his lips before she got out of bed.

          "Come shower with me, then let's go work on that speeder of yours, hmmm?"
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            Did she just admit what I think she did?!

            Hutch's heart skipped a beat, okay several, both in excitement over those precious three words and pure terror as he heard Calise say that she loved him. Now the brunette would want him to say it back, but… the Rendili just wasn't there yet. Well maybe Dirks had the feelings, but there was no way the flyboy was going to verbalize it yet. The former womanizer just wasn't ready, though the Spiran was the only woman he thought of, dreamed of, cared for in this moment of time.

            "I know. I realized a lot of things too when we were apart," Dirks replied with a tender smile before her lips captured his once again.

            "Mhmm… Now that's an offer I can't refuse. I'll be right behind you," he said, smile morphing into a mischievous grin as his hazel gaze followed her sheet-covered shapely form to the fresher door. Yep, so doomed, so very doomed!.



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              The shower was nothing short of amazing, as Calise was now humming to herself as she was drying her hair. She put on the bare basics as far as her makeup was concerned, and grabbed some work clothes for the speeder. The pair got some takeout on the way to Hutch's place, as Calise wanted to hit all her favorite foods after having gone eight weeks without. Besides takeout was something they hadn't done yet food wise.

              "So catch me up on what you've done with the speeder while I was gone," she asked popping a potsticker in her mouth.

              Her hand reached around and started to run under the collar of Hutch's shirt to rub the bottom of his neck. She hadn't been hurt at all that he wasn't ready to say what he easily showed her through his actions. That was why it didn't bother her. She knew regardless, and unlike some women she knew, Calise wasn't going to nag him to say it either. She loved him whether he said it or not.

              "We'll make this thing purrr by the time we're done with her."


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                Dirks grabbed them each a cold Corellian ale from the 'fridge, then sat down on the stool adjacent to Calise's at the end of the island bar in the beach house's kitchen. He slipped the lid off for her, then set the brew next to her plate. Picking up one of the cartons of take out, the Rendili scooped out some General Solo chicken, then some pork fried rice from another. The Spiran had already popped a potsticker into her mouth so he followed suit, dipping it first into the special sauce it came with and enjoying it thoroughly.

                "I haven't really had time to do anything while you were gone except inventory the parts that we ordered as they arrived. I've been mostly off planet doing this and doing that… Even did an stop over on Zeltros, but I'm proud to say I behaved myself. Now Torch was a different matter… I don't know how he ever had the energy for triplets," Hutch chuckled, then picked up another potsticker with his chopsticks and downed that one too.

                "I like the thought of you making my baby purr," he grinned, then took a sip of his ale; hazel eyes keeping contact with hers the whole time. Gods the flyboy was glad his cute little grease monkey was back. He'd really missed her something fierce, which scared Dirks more than the possibility of taking on a whole squadron of TIEs by himself without shields.



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                  "I would ask Torch if you behaved, but one, I trust you, and two, I don't need to hear him brag about bedding three ladies at the same time."

                  Calise nodded affirmatively to that statement. She quickly eyed the chicken and rice, and put some on a plate. The grease monkey was hungry, but didn't need as much as Hutch did, so she was sure to leave enough for him to eat later if he had his mind on seconds.

                  "You'll have to show me the inventory list you made up when we're done eating. Not that I don't think you did a good job, but gotta make sure she's got enough get up and go."

                  Yes, Calise was a closet speed demon. She loved the adrenaline rush. Though right now it was the food. This was the best take out she'd had in a while. Though there were plenty of places to try, Hutch always knew where to go. She hadn't steered her wrong yet.

                  "Were you around over he weekends at all," she asked curiously, wondering if he had gone back to the church by himself. She didn't want to bring up directly though. Calise wasn't pushy and didn't want to seem that way.


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                    Calise was either asking if he'd gone out on the weekends and/or had maybe attended that church she'd taken him to. He wasn't sure so the flyboy just answered honestly.

                    "I was here a couple of weekends, but to be honest I just veg'd out here, getting as much rack time as I could. When I was on Zeltros and sitting all alone in my hotel room while Torch caroused, I did find an interesting flimsi book in the nightstand and began perusing through it finding the Corinthians' chapter meaningful about faith, hope and love," he replied, then reached down to where his pilot bag was on the floor near a built-in small desk and pulled out his datapad.

                    "Here's the inventory for you, sweets."

                    After saying all that to her, no wonder Torch was telling Hutch he was a goner. Gods was he whipped or what?! Like a complete 180 of his former playboy self. It was the scariest thing the Rendili had ever encountered.



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                      "The Looooove Chapter," Calise smiled. "Though I speak with the tongues of men and Angels and have not love, I am a resounding gong and crashing cymbal."

                      Calise kissed the flyboy. He was actually trying to be open, which was a good thing to her. It would make the sell on her parents go better if they knew the two were going to church together. They were very traditional, which was why when they visited, separate rooms.

                      "I'm not expecting you to be all gung ho overnight, I hope you know? Mom and Dad will be happy we're going to church together though," she said before sipping ale.

                      Taking the inventory list, Calise looked over it. She sighed at the price tag on some of the items he needed. They would have to pool their cash, which would be hard since they both were paying rent. This was going to be a long project.

                      "Okay, wow. I guess I'll cook more so we can afford... wait... they were ordered already... so it all came in or are we waiting on more stuff?"


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                        "I know that" Hutch nodded in-between bites of the General Solo chicken and pork fried rice. "Gotta keep the parents happy, right?" he winked, then followed his food down with a big swig of his ale, draining the rest of the bottle. Thinking about Calise's parents made him nervous.

                        "All the stuff came in except for the two items not checked off on the list… Those parts were backordered I guess. At least they didn't charge my cred card yet for those," the Rendili answered.

                        The flyboy had some savings built up from his off-the-book construction work he picked up from time to time by helping out a friend with his residential remodeling business; a man who happened to be a functional disabled war vet. This was a type of job to fall back on if ever Hutch opted out of the military. He was a decent carpenter and the structural engineering classes the Rendilil took in college before becoming a starfighter pilot helped as well.

                        "Well it's a good thing I love your cooking then… besides other things," Hutch quipped with a waggle of his dark brows, then he leaned over a pressed a kiss to her perfect lips.

                        "I'm ready to get to work if you are, darlin'?" he added, taking his plate to the sink and tossing his empty ale bottle in the recycling bin.



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                          "Well those parts aren't important yet," Calise said finishing off her food and handing it all to Hutch after his kiss. "I could use more of those. You've got eight weeks of lack to make up for here, flyboy."

                          Calise stood and followed him over to the sink and hugged him from behind, wrapping her arms around his waist and leaning her head against his firm deltoids. Breathing in, she sighed allowed. Calise loved the way Hutch smelled. There was something about his natural smell when it mixed with the scent of the product he used. She didn't care that his shirt was on, she kissed his shoulder anyway.

                          "I'm proud of you, you know," she said letting him go.

                          She took his hand as they walked out to his garage to work on the speeder. Goodness she forgot how awesome it was. Her dad would freak to get his hands on the speeder to fix it up. That would be something for the boys to talk about whenever they visited, if they did.

                          "You, sir, are quite amazing, but now I am going to drool over your speeder."

                          The Spiran beauty pointed to the hydrospanner and a couple other tools and clamps, then lifted the hood.

                          "Shall we get dirty?"


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                            Hutch loved the feel of Calise coming up behind and hugging him, pressing her body into his. The kiss to his shoulder just added to the tender moment. If this is what living together was like more often than not when not in the bedroom, then the flyboy could definitely get used to the idea on a more permanent basis. So far so good they had seemed to click, not only on the physical side of things, but more importantly in a general way. Again this whole thing both excited and scared him to death. Dirks was so used to just blasting through for the fun of it instead of really taking the time to get to know the person he was with… and especially on this level.

                            "Mhmm Well, I'll make sure to double up on them then," he answered flashing his cute little grease monkey a lopsided grin over his shoulder.

                            The Rendili quickly finished rinsing off their plates he'd washed, then set them on the dish rack to dry, wiping his hands off on a dish towel before letting the Spiran take his.

                            "I'm proud of you too," Dirks replied in like, not really knowing why she'd said that to him, but he was learning to go with the flow.

                            The moment they set foot into the garage, Calise's whole mood changed. She was in her zone and drooling too all over his baby too. Hutch let the mechanic take charge and did her biding as instructed.

                            "I'm willing to get dirty with you anytime, any place, and you know it!" he winked, then gave her tush a playful slap before handing Calise her tools.

                            The brunette was sure sexy sporting her hydrospanner around with little grease marks on her cheeks from pushing back a stray hair or two that had fallen out of her work hair as she labored hard. They nearly worked for three hours straight as the two worked in tandem on the classic speeder, getting a lot accomplished for a first round, then he caught Calise as she went over to the tool chest.

                            Hutch snagged her and held the Spiran tight in his arms, peppering kisses to her lips and neck as he walked her slowly backwards to the closed trunk of the speeder and lifted her up to sit on it. With a quick tug upwards, the brunette's shirt was up and off. The flyboy threw in another round of nips, kisses, and now caresses as he laid her back onto the trunk lid enjoying her shapely form as it was presented to him with a release of a front clasp.

                            "Oh gods, Calise… You are so beautiful, both inside and out," he said as his lips found hers again passionately.

                            She wanted Dirks to make up for lost time, well he was making good with one of many repayments to come.



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                              Calise was certain if this was how things were going to be while working on the speeder, it was going to have to be a regular weekend activity, and several nights during the week as well. The way Hutch took charge in the moment had taken Calise by surprise, but in a good way. Hutch was very masculine, and she, despite her grease monkey ways, was very feminine. Some would say it was stereotypical that she would enjoy Hutch taking charge, other would say it was demeaning to the gender. Persoanlly Calise didn't care. She wanted Hutch to want her, and only her, and she liked that he wanted to have her. She let him. Nothing would stop him from drinking her in, nor she from enjoying his love. It was an unconventional setting, but it was truly an act of love, not some pent up release of lust.

                              The pair remained tangled togeteher on the trunk hood for a moment, Calise enjoying the closeness they shared. How could something which felt so right, be so wrong. She knew her parents wouldn't get the choice she had made, a lecture of why it was so wrong would be about all she would get, but she loved Hutch. She wrote the phrase lazily with her finger on his chest. Whether Hutch was paying attention enought to realize that's what she was doing was another matter. Though she didn't care if got the message or not. The moment was nothing more than amazing.

                              "When was Torch supposed to be getting back," she asked reluctant to get up and break away from her man. "It would be rather embarrassing to get caught like this out here. You know we would never hear the end of it with that Corellian Flyboy."

                              Still, Calise didn't move. She found all she wanted to do was keep kissing Hutch, wherever her lips could find to kiss him.