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A New Training Field (Lucette)

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  • A New Training Field (Lucette)

    Ec Pand
    Blackmoore Estate
    In Transit

    Time had passed since Xander had first claimed Lucette Shadana as his apprentice. Using the old, broken, courtyard Neferis had used with him, Lucette had been trained in every physical requirement he could teach her. Telekenisis was also something she learned, though she proved to be exceptionally skilled in that area of force use.

    There were other skills she needed to learn, and Xander felt it best to give her a new playground to learn them in. His estate on Ec Pand would prove the perfect place to teach her certain skills. He also desired to put her to use. His own infiltrator had been taken, his personal pilot at the helm. This afforded Xander some time to teach Lucette certain skills she would need to know before their arrival, ones he did not wish to teach her with prying ears around.

    Since he was returning to his estate, there was no need to wear the over formal garb which would be expected of him as king should he be heading to the palace on Indupar, the capitol of the Induparan Crown worlds. Rather he dressed in black pants and boots, and a leather jerkin to cover his otherwise bare torso. A leather belt set at his waist from which hung his lightsabers. They would join as a staff when needed, something he wished to reamain a secret from as many as possible.

    "Come out from your hiding and come find me, Lucette. You must at least let me gaze on your form before we arrive at my estate."

    Such a unique mental summons only Xander would give to the daughter of Jezebella Shadana. The tension between the two was palpable, yet a firm line remianed drawn in the gound despite their flirtations.

    "We have certain things to discuss which cannot be heard by the ears of the servants who would attempt to pry upon our arrival."

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    Lucette was slotting the last of her throwing knives into its respective holster, which was sewn into her leather bodice, when his summons echoed through her mind. Her fingers halted in wedging the fine metal blade into place, listening with interest and a wicked smile in place on her lips. At the conclusion of his words, she completed her task and pivoted away from the mirror she stood before. Lucy exited her quarters on her master's ship and leisurely made her way to the chamber where he'd mentioned he'd be staying.

    The door slid open upon her approach and she leaned in, her hands braced on either side of the entryway's frame. The pose offered up a full view of her attire, recently purchased; skin-tight leather leggings that had a slat of bare skin up the center of her thigh, knee high boots adorned with buckles and straps, a burgundy utility belt that held a row of daggers, and the aforementioned bodice that cinched up her front in a style reminiscent of a corset.

    After a moment, she stepped fully within his room and reached back to impress the mechanism that would close them in together. The door snicked as it shut and she tilted her head, aiming a smile his way. "Here I am, master. What is it we are to discuss?"
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      Xander looked way from the canvas he had just finished coloring with the paints henjad aquired with the help of Kazrah, paints which could potentially be the cause for him to lose his life should the wrong person find them in his possession. Lucette stood in the entrance for a moment, dressed as provactively as ever. Thoughts of what he desired in that moment welled to the surface of his mind, something of a habit for the Induparan monarch. His face did not change, nor did his features shift to expose any of what he thought. Lucette was too smart for her own good however, and likely already knew the things the king was thinking.

      "Mother will certainly lecture me on bringing another of your type to the palace," he said as his eyes glanced over her form once more. "I approve."

      Returning to the canvas, Xander worked at the detail of the picture he had created. Another of his works dedicated to the many possible futures he saw. This one, Lucette would be most interested in. He called her over to his side, to view the creation. Perhaps she would have thoughts as to the image which had just been painted.

      "Have you been practicing your skills since I taught them to you," the monarch asked as he motioned to the painting. "Also, what have you heard about the nature of my art? Surely there are loose lips about the temple."


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        "My type, hm?" She inquired with a faint hum serving as the punctuation to her question, winding steps carrying her closer to where he stood. Her left hand explored a number of surfaces as she approached; the top of a desk, the back of a chair, along the wall. Not even once did her amber eyes stray from him, that small, secretive smile affixed to her mouth. "I doubt your mother has ever met someone quite like me, Master..." She corrected, stopping just before him and tilting her head up to keep her challenging gaze upon him.

        "I have. I've been putting them to good use..." She confessed, turning her head and eyes toward the canvas he wanted to show her. Her mouth fixed into a firm line as she studied it, being something of an artist herself. It became abundantly clear to her that what was displayed was no mere, ordinary piece of artwork. The woman in the picture was her but there was also a man, one she recognized instantly from her own mode of artistry which consisted of charcoal and whatever piece of paper was handy. A man she dreamed about. "I will admit that the rumors concerning your artwork have not reached my ears, Master. But, a single glimpse is very telling."
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          Xander smiled as Lucette made her way to the canvas. Her movements were as always, alluring, purposeful alluring. Her gaze fixed on his was something he knew told stories of what she would do. The painting held more interet to him, specifially the man in the portrait. He would have thought should any man appear in a painting with Lucette it would be Sevrin. This was decidedly not him.

          "These paintings, they are why Neferis named me Vizios. I see things, always have. The future, every possible future. I paint what I see to remain sane."

          Xander looked at his apprentice. The sound of her calling him master, that was honey, a sweet, delectable honey.

          "My mother has met your aunt's red huntress," Xander grinned. "You she will not know what to do with, you are right."

          Xander finally pointed to the man. He quirked a brow.

          "This is not Sevrin," Xander pointed out obviously.


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            Lucette flashed a grin at Xander and then turned her gaze back upon the painting, thinking on whether or not she should tell him her theory about the individual or not. She hadn't mentioned her thoughts on the man's identity to even her mother and she hated to give him an edge, especially when his power surpassed her's already.

            She stepped away from the canvas and braced her hands on a nearby table that hosted a number of paints. Individual jars spoke volumes of their expense and she could tell the quality alone by what he had just painted with them. She stuck her index and middle finger into a jar of red paint and then turned back to him sharply, the fingers held aloft.

            "No it's not." She said with a secretive smile, extending her hand so she could smear the red paint down one side of his neck. "Oops..."
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              She knew what he was able to do to her, and yet she continued to challenge him. Served him right in a way as he had done nothing but continually challenge Neferis at the beginning as well. The only difference was the tension which existed between he and his student did not exist to this extent with his master. Yes, there was tension between Master and Apprentice, but it was of a different nature. Sith took what they wanted, and yet in this instance, he found himself constantly refraining. The more he did so, the more Lucette challenged his patience. Something he knew would happen the moment their first training session had been completed.

              Vizios turned from his canvas to face his apprentice. Their size difference never being so much more obvious as when they stood with such a small gap between them as they did now. As he always noted in these moments, he could snap her like a twig, overpower her in so many different ways. Lucette would eventually learn when it was appropriate to try his patience. A threat perhaps this time. She enjoyed the pain too much.

              His own finger was already stained wet with black paint. The result holding the pallet with which he used to mix the paints. Blue eyes lowered and watched the flesh her bodice did not cover as it raised and lowered with the cadence of each breath, and pulsating beat of her heart. His finger pressed to the soft flesh which covered her beating heart.

              "I have killed a man simply by sending a pulse of the force to his beating heart, I think I have shared this with you. I've certainly made you feel the pain I can inflict upon my will. You thirst for it too much I think, so perhaps I should deny it you.. Xander traced the finger up the rest of her chest, neck, and resting under her chin. He moved his even closer leaving the smallest of gaps between their lips without touching. "I could over power you in every way possible, but again you would enjoy it too much." Eyes focused on her face, and upon the face of the man in the painting. There were similar features shared between them. Enough that Xander did not need Lucette to tell him who the dark haired man was. He stood to his full height again, and took a single step back.

              "I have seen enough to know who it is, though I have no name for him. I suspect you think I am easy to hide things from. Do not underestimate my ability to discern what I wish to know."

              His words moved to her mind.

              "I could always ravish the reccesses of your thoughts my dear, Lucette. There is nothing safe from me. I have not taught you how to protect yourself from me.... yet."

              His forefinger dropped from her chin. A cloth came to his hand as he wiped the red paint from his neck, and tossed it to Lucette.

              "We will be landing within the hour. You mind must be sharp. Because of who I am there will be those we meet on this trip who will want me dead. Your task is to ensure they die instead."


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                Lucette admired her handy work, watching a particularly thick dollop of the crimson paint begin to trail down his neck where his pulse steadily thumped. She held her ground as he turned into her, still brandishing that overtly smug expression like a finely honed weapon. Then, his fingers dabbed against the pillowy flesh above her heart and, if possible, her expression took an even more wicked turn. Had she rankled him? Excited him? It was so very hard to tell with her master, even equipped with the Force Sense; such a fact made her want to push harder, elicit an even stronger reaction until she could be certain. His threats, while tempered by knowledge of her sadomasochistic tendencies, were not lost upon her. The pain she'd felt on the first day of training had imprinted a memory upon her nerves she would not soon forget. She did not offer him a verbal rebuttal but allowed the falsely contrite sweep of her lashes to speak for her.

                "You are a most welcomed and honored guest in the realm of my thoughts, Master." She said sweetly, her amber eyes reflecting all of the licentious ambushes that awaited him there. She caught the cloth he tossed toward her and she, ever so slowly, drew the fabric across the generous curve he'd sullied with oily black paint. It only took her a couple of strokes to get it off and then she tossed the cloth aside. "My mind will be as sharp as my blades, Master. You need not worry about that. I'm ready."
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                  She dared him. Her mind was open to him, an honored guest in the realm of her mind. Still id didn't keep him from busting his way past whatever barriers she had. As he had seen his own master do several times, he pressed his thumbto her forehead as the remaing fingers gripped her head. His eyes locked on hers, then closed momentarily as he pressed deep into the recesses of her mind. Xander would leave nothing unturned. If she dared to challenge him, as she had done, he would ensure she felt everything he was about to do to her mind.

                  There was an advantage to be gained here. She left the door open for it, and the King would know what she thought of him, and whished of him. It could be used to shape her, keep her in line as they trained. Xander was certain nothing would keep her fully in line. It was her nature to be rebellious, but he needed anything he could use to keep her motivated to learn, and remain loyal.

                  What did she think of him? Lust. Tension. A desire to continue and press things so she could see how Xander would react. Concern that her actions may affect the relationship she valued greatly. Xander's head canted as his eyes opened. Eyes were the window to the soul, and he pressed deeper as he bore into Lucette's. Her mind and imagination was filled with all kinds of scenarios involving her and her master... things which were not what propriety demanded at all. There was something else though, something which drove her.

                  Blackmoore pressed deeper to unlock it, her mind fighting the invassion as the presence of his own mind rummaged through everything to find the one thing he sought. What did she really want from him? Power? Strength? No......... respect. She wanted him to respect her as a contender. She wanted to be a force to be reckoned with. This... he could use. And with the release of his thumb, he retreated from her mind in an instant.

                  "Oh the pictures that could be painted from your mind," he said referring to the exotic scenes which had played out during his search. "There is one thing which did catch my interest... If you truly wish to be a force among the Sith, I can make you that. I can teach to even stand up to me someday. Holding you back makes no sense at all, and I have already promised my master to raise up strong and powerful Sith."

                  Xander's eyes dipped again as he looked his student over, the mental connection between them still strong, only strengthened by what he had just done. The images of what he had seen still flashing in his mind as if they had truly happened.

                  "Play my games, conquer the obstacles I put in front of you, and I promise you will have everything you desire."