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  • We're Not Done Yet [Bryce]

    Perched on a stool in Bryce's office at the Corellian Jedi Temple, Lorenza had been spending the last hour reorganizing some objects and volumes on the shelves. The empty teapot on the desk was a testimony to that.

    Her husband was busy with some other matters and their kids were taken care of along with their somewhat step aunt, well basically, Rya. The family dynamics were just plain crazy in this family!

    Chuckling to herself, she continued to sort things out, humming to herself. She knew she had an upcoming training session, but she had returned early from her shooting practice. Thus, she had refreshed and changed, before doing some tidying!

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    Sporting traditional green Corellian robes, the recently minted Jedi Master returned from his meeting in Coronet with a smile on his face and a steady presence. He quickly checked in on activities within the enclave, still finding it hard to believe that these were his responsibilities! Bryce Pyrrin, many days, still felt like Satkia's Padawan, green around the ears instead of in garment.

    "Hello, dear wife," he boomed in his deep voice as he finally located her. "You look like you've been keeping busy!"


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      In the middle of sorting books out, Lorenza had got her eye caught by a small volume about Jedi philosophy. Still perched on her stool, she was reading some bits and pieces and didn't even remark Bryce's arrival until she heard him.

      Looking up, she beamed, happy to see her husband. She had recently returned from her trip to Telos and had made sure to include some shooting practice in another center in Coronet.

      "Hello, dear husband."
      She graciously leaped from the stool, straight in front of him. "Productive meeting?"


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        Bryce nodded, drawing her in for a quick kiss and hug. He smiled.

        "Meeting went as well as can be expected for now. There's rumor among the corporate sector about WayneTech stocks being bought up by an outsider. So, I wonder how that will affect Maize's generosity toward the Order?" he mused to Lorenza. "But, I suspect we'll take the situation as it comes. We just may need to host a bake sale to afford equipment needs instead of count on family ties.

        "How was Telos?"


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          Lorenza didn't let go of her husband right away after the quick hug and kiss, and was smiling when she stepped back. "We'll see what turns out to happen. The good thing is that we are mostly set now and I am certain we can make do even if we had less money. We are a smaller enclave after all and even with the new temple being built on Ossus, things here will be alright."

          She laughed at the mention of the bake sale. "I'm sure your Master would love to do that! She's quite the baking master."

          She clasped her hands at the question about Telos. "It went well and I am glad I picked up blaster practice again. It works really well for me and I found a new place to train here in Coronet, thanks to the Lt. Commander's suggestion."


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            Bryce smiled. He could actually imagine Satkia trying a bake sale campaign!

            "Ah, well, that's good. As your master, I have to remind you to ensure your lightsaber skills remain as sharp as possible too, though." He winked. "The virtues of being a well-rounded Jedi and all of that."

            Pyrrin chuckled and surveyed the work Lorenza had done on organizing his office. This felt like a far cry from assisting as an archivist!

            "Speaking of... we should continue your other training, don't you think?"


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              "I continue to practice, no worry. It just feels important to me to recognize my military past and the strengths I can bring into my Jedi life, you know?" She was grateful for Bryce's support in these new endeavors.

              When he mentioned her other training, she beamed. "Indeed! I would love that. We have both been very busy, but I have been reading about some of the knight level skills. I am very curious about them."


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                Bryce smiled; of course Lorenza had been reading up on them. He wouldn't have expected anything less from his wife/pupil.

                "And which skills have you the most curious?" he asked. "Where would you like to start, Jedi Pyrrin?"


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                  "I'm very interested in the healing and electronic communications skills. I am fairly certain this doesn't surprise you!" Lorenza quipped with a soft chuckle. Being an empath, she had manifested interest in healing for a good while.

                  As for her AI specialist side, this explained why the new communication abilities were high on her to learn list.

                  "I'm interested in all of them of course."


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                    Bryce grinned because Lor was right; her choices were absolutely expected!

                    "Well, let's start with electronic communication. Now, despite what I'd have to say about it, that skill does not apply to protocol droids. Supposedly, they already communicate effectively with sentients," he chuckled. "Do you have a favorite astromech or other non-speaking droid you'd like to work with?"


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                      "Don't get me started about protocol droids, honey." Lorenza smirked, knowing how these could drive her absolutely batty when having to deal with them!

                      She grinned as the first skill she would learn was how to communicate with droids. She gave some thought to her husband's question. "Well, not really. I mean, I'm used to the droids we have here. Maybe, the old R5 who takes care of the supplies. I've worked with him a few times. Just please... Don't ask me to work with Master Wayne's astromech!"


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                        Bryce chuckled, remembering working with Satkia's droid himself!

                        "Fair enough. Let's go track him down and see if Mr. Droid is amenable to helping with the lesson," he said.

                        He gestured for Lorenza to lead the way.
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                          Lorenza raised a playful brow. "Does that mean I'll be put up against something super tricky, because I don't have to deal with Neemo right now?" She was grinning as they left Bryce's office, to go to the lower levels.

                          They found the R5 unit doing some maintenance on some systems in the basement of the enclave. "Hello there!" The droid beeped and rolled to greet her. "We'll need you for a moment." The droid whistled and stopped on his tracks, waiting.


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                            Bryce crouched down beside the R5 and patted its head. He encouraged Lorenza to come down closer to eye-level even though it was just a very human thing to do; it wouldn't matter to the droid, nor to the Force.

                            "Alright. The simple thing of it is the Force is energy. And so is the electronic wizardry that maks the R5 work. Different forms, perhaps, but it all boils down to being energy. And the Force permeates all," Bryce said. "So, the idea of this is that you can use the Force in the same way of conversing to me telepathically to do so where you interact with the electronics of the droid. So that it understands you."

                            I don't know if I explained that right, Bryce thought. He gave Lorenza a hopeful look since she was already adept at technology.


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                              Lorenza crouched before the R5 when Bryce gestured for her to do so. What he explained made her grin. "This is the Force user way of connecting with artificial intelligence on new levels. This is similar to when we conceive a new AI and build its personality and range of communication. I mean, it isn't exactly the same, but it isn't so different."

                              She paused and smirked. "I'll shut up and just do it." Returning her attention towards the astromech, she knew that using basic command as to test communication was what they did in her old profession.

                              She opened herself to the Force and focused on the droid. Even to her, it required a moment to adjust to how droids worked differently than living beings. Yet, she knew the internal layout and eventually felt a connection.

                              "Circle around us." She simply commanded. The droid did as told.