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    Outer Rim

    It was an ancient world with a great history. A devastated planet once, yet, it had been restored to one teeming with life once more. It featured large cities, but also vast grasslands and forests... It was a comfortable place to be. However, the reasons for the Neti Guardian Nafrayo to come here wasn´t based on his interest in history or the forests. Though he´d planned to go there in his quest to find others of his kind, that wasn´t his only or even most important reason to travel to Telos in the first place...

    Wandering through the busy streets, Nafrayo went where the Force would guide him. If it guided him at all... There was much confusion in the Guardian lately. And a vision he´d experienced months ago troubled him a lot, though he wasn´t sure what this was all about. Blurred images, sounds, strong emotions of anger, of fear... none of the images were clear, neither the place nor who was involved. It was strange. Unsettling. Following his instincts, Nafrayo wandered through the streets and alleys, without realizing where his steps would lead him eventually...

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    Life just recently had been rather unpredictable for Kalypso. Ever since she left the empire, a self inflicted exile so to speak. The sith lord had jumped from one planet, one system to the next. She never stayed anywhere long enough to settle down, or to find a purpose for herself. At one point in time Kalypso believed in a purpose, she had a plan for herself, she had a path to walk down. But now that path seemed distant, dark, and cold. It was a path that she didn't choose to walk, it was a path another choose for her.

    When she awoke from the nightmare of her possession by a force spirit. Kalypso woke to a world she barely knew, a world that had turned against her in every sense of the word. That was the reason why she left the empire when she did, because if Kalypso had stayed amongst her fellow sith for much longer. She was sure that one of them would make an attempt on her life, on her title and position. If not a young upstart urging for infamy and glory, then one of the higher, more powerful dark side uses would have killed her because they were done dealing with her issues. Basically before Kalypso left the sith it felt as if she had a bullseye painted on her back, and it was only a matter of time before someone took a shot at that bullseye.

    It was a hard move to make, and Kalypso was sure she would be branded a traitor to the empire for her actions. But when it came down to basic, instinctive survival. Then all of that political hear say, and power play didn't seem important. If they wanted to brand Kalypso a traitor to the sith, to the dark side itself, then so be it. There was other places in the universe Kalypso could go, other dark side uses lying in wait within the shadows. Granted, none of them had the resources or the influence that the sith empire had at their finger tips. But at least they didn't know the truth about Kalypso, they didn't know what had happened in the past.

    That's the other thing Kalypso had been doing during her time in self appointed exile. She was searching for other dark side users, other dark siders not affiliated with the sith empire. Kalypso had hear rumor of a group of so called Dark Jedi, but as of yet she hadn't found any trace of them, other than half truths and false stories. And so Kalypso's search just carried on and on, planet to planet, system to system, until she found herself on Telos.

    She didn't know why this planet came to be another temporary home, all Kalypso knew was that she was here, and something was keeping her here for some reason.

    As she walked down the streets and the back alleys. Kalypso sense something different, something she hadn't sensed in a long while. A Jedi was here, amongst the rabble and the faceless. A Jedi was here for some reason, and until Kalypso knew more. She decided to play it cautiously, and decided to observe the crowd from a small cantina, hidden in plain sight, yet not totally hidden within the darkness of the shadows.

    "I sense you, Jedi....I sense you."

    The sith lord whispered through the force, as if she was baiting the Jedi to come find her.
    "I Have Been To Oblivion, and Have Come Back Stronger."

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      Contemplating many things, the Neti wasn´t paying much attention to his surroundings. While he was taller than most beings nearby, he was just one alien among many. The streets were fairly busy, and the Guardian wasn´t even looking at the strangers passing by. That was until a young blue-skinned Twi´lek male bumped into Nafrayo, and without as much as a word slipped past to continue on his way. For some odd reason, this annoyed the Neti greatly. It should be impossible to not see him and get out of his way! He turned around and grabbed the offender by the collar of his shirt, lifting him up with ease. The surprised man stared at him, struggling to get back to his feet.

      "Hey! Let me go! What do you want?", he demanded. It was just then when Nafrayo received the unexpected message through the Force... someone sensing him? That clearly sounded like a challenge of sorts. So the Guardian extended his senses to find the source of the message, looking for an aura in the Force and ignoring the Twi´lek that was still dangeling above the ground.

      "You! Are you listening? I have an important appointment! Will you let me go?"

      Half turning, Nafrayo looked back at the Twi´lek in his grip, realizing his imprudent reaction to this rather trivial incident. Normally, he wouldn´t be upset or treat anyone in this manner, even after such an incident. It wasn´t the Jedi way. Moreso, it wasn´t usually in Nafrayo´s nature to get agitated so easily. What was wrong with him? He set the Twi´lek down again, obviously confused at his own behavior.

      "Sorry...", the Neti said, startled at what he´d done.

      "About time... thanks..."
      , the stranger said angrily, brushing himself off and running away as fast as he could, dissappearing into the croud. Shaking his head slightly, Nafrayo then turned away, slowly walking to where he felt that strange presence.

      ~Who are you?~ He sent back.


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        As the Jedi replied back through the force. Kalypso couldn't help but smirk to herself, as she found a seat in a booth near the back of the cantina she had found. There was two ways that the sith lord could play this encounter. Either have a little fun and toy with the Jedi's mind. Or take this encounter more seriously, and found out information that might help establish her position back amongst the sith she had been self exiled from. It's not that Kalypso missed her fellow sith. It was just she didn't like being a potential target. If the sith lord could find something that would help her gain a few allies amongst the sith or information that she could hold over a few heads at least. Then it would be a step back toward a more stable life and environment. This whole moving around from planet to planet like some vermin was getting tiresome to say the least.

        After Kalypso decoded to treat this half way between a humorous situation, and a serious one. She got comfortable in her booth, and reached out further into the Jedi's mind. The sith lord's voice getting that little bit louder, and more deeper with a sinister and cold tone that would translate into a cold sensation for the Jedi.

        "I could be anyone, and no one. Then again I could be the little voice in the back of your own mind, driving your more sinister desires. There's no way for you to know for sure is there Jedi?"

        There was a brief pause as Kalypso sent a disturbing image streaming into the Jedi's mind. An image that was both terrifying and gruesome at the same time.

        "Come and find me Jedi...Come and play."
        "I Have Been To Oblivion, and Have Come Back Stronger."

        Sig done by Myself.

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        The Sith Formerly Known as Mariana Doran