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Have yourself a merry little... (Darksun's / Aliya)

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  • Have yourself a merry little... (Darksun's / Aliya)

    Lily tore her gaze away from her datapad as the mag-lev train neared its far-off destination at the equatorial Gold Beaches of Corellia. The couple had just moved back to the planet recently with Lily bound to the University of Corellia at Coronet while Aliya worked on one of the family's capitalist ventures with her sister.

    "Whelp, we're almost here..." she said, though Aliya would be more than likely aware of that.

    They were spending the holidays with Lily's parents and her kid brother, Max. The only family member who had not made the trip was the now-mature pup, Darley, because it would've been too long for him to endure a hyperspace trip. Lily missed him a lot, but understood that he couldn't come too.

    Sticks gave her bonded an encouraging smile, hoping it would bolster Aliya with confidence. To her, it meant a lot that her parents had even suggested a family holiday get-together that included Aliya. Now, they just had to hope all went well for the vacation!

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    Downing another pain pill with water, Aliya was trying focus on believing that Lily's encouraging smiles, chit-chat, and looks were a precursor to a pleasant encounter with the rest of her bonded's family. Mazen was at least willing to try and understand but it was Alex she was worried about. All the stories that Lily had been forthcoming about in regards to the relationship she had with her mother had been ... unsettling. And to top it off, she and her sister Kalyn had decided to go a couple rounds just prior to their departure. They had been sparring partners for a long time and the two of them decided to rekindle that rivalry. Kalyn, simply, had handed her backside to younger sister. Aliya got defensive and decided to up the ante and went full contact, leaving her with a bruised ego and a split forehead. She made Lily promise that if she were to act that idiotic in the future against either of the oldest twins, to slap the dren out of her.

    Now here's hoping that the headaches remain at bay as I attempt to woo Lily's family into adoring me, she thought irritably, but still appreciated the gesture and allowing her a chance.


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      Mazen had told, well not exactly told her because no one could just tell the stubborn Taanabian anything, but highly suggested it for the family's sake during their holiday get together on Corellia to be nice to Lily's girlfriend so that was what Alex was going to do... but she didn't have to like it. And it wasn't even the girlfriend part that bugged her, though that didn't compute with Alleycat cause she was so attracted to her Farmboy; to each their own. No, it was more so all the sneaking around, the lying about this and that, and the fact that this 'bonded' was so much older than her Sticks. And there was something else elusive going on between them that the dark-haired councilor hadn't figured out quite yet, but would. One could bet on it.

      Alexandra stood on the mag-lev train platform and waited patiently, okay not so patiently, for it to arrive to greet Lily and Ailya to take them to the hotel resort where the family would be staying while at Gold Beaches. She had actually missed her little girl, who wasn't so little anymore. Where had all the time gone to? Someday the so-alike mother and daughter would have to come to terms with everything in their tumult past and move on…. Though it just didn't seem that easy especially now with this new development, but one could hope for a reconciliation between the Darksun women.
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        Looking casual himself, Mazen flashed his wife a cocky and confident grin. Shades were down so that somewhat masked the edginess that would've been otherwise visible in his brown eyes.

        "Should be here anytime, hon," Farmboy said. "These run like clockwork, I hear. Well, except for when they don't."

        He grinned again, as if that was supposed to be some kind of funny joke.


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          "Ah, Dad… You really need to work on your jokes… That stunk," Max said with a roll of his dark eyes that'd he'd picked up from watching his mother, then the young teenage Darksun went back to playing a game on his iComm. He was in the middle of a battle with his online friend, Dicer, who just happened to be on Corellia too.

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            Lily gave Aliya's hand a hard squeeze, and then a sharp tug as they made their way through the train to the exit. She threw a cocky grin over her shoulder that was a perfect imitation of a face her father was apt to make.

            "Incentive is I bought a hot bathing suit for the beach, hon," she said. "You have to come meet them so you can see me in it later, right?"

            Of course, Lily was nervous about this too... but she had to try! Or at least, that's what Aliya had said!


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              The smile on her face hadn't quite reached her eyes. It tugged too tightly where her injury was, but it didn't make the half-Morellian unable to appreciate what her bonded was doing. "Incentive's not necessary. You know I fully support you and I meeting your family," she stated as Aliya was led through the tunnel and out into the terminal.

              "Not to say I won't be admiring the incentive on your body when we're actually on the beach," she said with a grin. Though that grin quickly disappeared as Aliya caught sight of Lily's parents. She pursed her lips, taking in the entire Darksun clan for the first time - Alexandra appeared pensive and scrutinizing Aliya right away, while Mazen was putting on a good front of being jovial about this encounter. Lily's brother Max looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here, playing a game.


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                Here we go. May the Force be with us….

                "Max… Put away your game now please. The train is arriving with your sister and her friend," Alexandra said to her teenage son, who had recently had a growth spurt and was almost as tall as her. He was looking more and more like his father. Gods… Where has all the time gone to? My babies are growing up before my eyes.

                A rarely nervous hand slid into her husband's after his lame yet appreciated attempt at joviality, then Alex gave it a little squeeze and flashed the handsome Chandrilan one of her sweet smiles, more for her sake and encouragement than his as Mazen seemed to be more accepting of the situation with Lily than her, but that wasn't anything new. They were just wired differently, but that was a good thing because it balanced Farmboy and Alleycat out to make them a better wing pair.

                A moment later the mag-lev pulled into the station and stopped, then it's riders began debarking onto the platform where the Darksuns were waiting. When the dark-haired brunette saw Lily step off, the Taanabian took a deep breath, put her politician's face on that she had perfected during all her years in the New Republic Senate as a councilor, then gave a welcoming wave in the young women's direction. Though it wasn't all fake, not by far. There was true joy in seeing her Sticks again behind it, though it was strained from their fighting like Rebels and Imps over the years.
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                  Mazen sighed inwardly that Max had to be told. He was old enough to know better!

                  Squeezing Alex's hand back, brown eyes behind shades focused on the approaching train. He smiled at seeing Lily again; it meant a lot to him that she was willing to get together for a family event. Lily had always been prickly because of her extra-sensory abilities, especially through these teenaged years.

                  "Lily, good to see you, kiddo," he said, pulling her into a one-armed hug. "Aliya. Nice to see you again."


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                    Max ended the game when his mom asked him to and slipped the PDA into his jean's pocket, then waited for Lily and her friend to walk up to them. One could definitely cut the tension with a lightsaber, but what was new.

                    "Hey, sis," the young, dark-haired teen offered, giving Lily a quick brotherly hug, then waved an awkward-like greeting to the pretty blonde. "Hi," he said to Ailya.

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                      Lily chuckled and handed Max her bag. "Here, bub. Make yourself useful, huh?"

                      Then, she appraised her parents and tilted her lips up in a knowing grin. There was a lot of tension that her father was trying to combat by playing it cool. Her mother had a friendly, diplomatic smile, but Lily knew she'd be thinking and calculating in that bright mind of hers. She offered her mom a hug as she pulled out of her dad's embrace.

                      "Mom, Max... this is Aliya. Aliya, this is my mom, Alexandra, and my brother, Max," she said, finally facilitating official introductions.


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                        Aliya held out her hand for Mazen to shake. "And it's nice to see you again, sir."

                        This was her bonded's parents and the half-Morellian wanted to be respectful of that fact. They had only entertained her presence in their daughter's life and hadn't accepted it. This vacation was her chance to show them how much she cared for her daughter, but to also show how much the relationship meant to her.

                        "Hello, Max," she said, waving back with a bit more confidence after Lily shoved her bag onto him. It made her chuckle, knowing what it was like being in Max's shoes as being the youngest of her family once upon a time. Then she turned towards Alexandra. Smiling politely, she also held out her hand for her to take, knowing that the woman was shrewdly figuring her out. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Ma'am."


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                          Alexandra hugged Lily back, then waited for the introduction to her friend, partner, significant other or whatever it was called nowadays. The politician in the Taanab looked the young blonde right in the eye, drilled down a bit to search her face as she took the offered hand, then a welcoming smile greeted her.

                          "Like wise, Miss Tserta. I look forward to getting to know you better since you seem to be such a bright spot in our daughter's life now," the older brunette replied with sincerity, then motioned for them to exit off the platform. It was true, Alex would get to know Ailya a lot better by the time the holiday vacation was over so she could make an educated opinion of the woman who held her Sticks' heart so tightly. The Councilor was not an easy sell with such a precious commodity as her daughter. Ailya would have to earn her vote to sanction this alliance of sorts.

                          "We arrived early and have already checked into our suite at the hotel. Let's get you two settled in shall we, then the family can go for lunch at the resort before we get carried away with the fun in the sun activities here. The speeder rental is parked right outside."


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                            So far so good, Mazen thought. He winked at Lily when he just knew she was thinking the very same thing.

                            "It's a three-bedroom suite, villa-thing," Mazen told Lily and Aliya. "So, Aliya will have her own room and Lily, you can bunk with Max--"

                            "Dad!" Lily exclaimed at the same time as her brother.

                            "Alright! Kidding! Sheesh! What happened to all the Darksun senses of humor around here? Lighten up!" he chuckled.


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                              The youngest Darksun grumbled a moment more before Max slung his sister's travel bag over his shoulder she'd shoved at him in Stick's own loving way, then grabbed Ailya's from her flashing a lopsided grin at the blonde as he did.

                              Max proceeded to walk out to the rented minivan and stuck the bags in the trunk area, then climbed in the back letting his parents have the front and the girls the middle.

                              Once the doors were closed and they were on their way to the hotel, he pulled out his iComm and started playing his game again, not really interested in the small talk that inevitably would be given a try.

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