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  • What goes around comes around...

    Colère Nystrom absolutely loved the gown she'd decided on for this historic day. The only downside to it was that it was so form-fitting, she couldn't really sit down! So, she stood behind Katja in the Ronan's cockpit, a hand on her shoulder. Impressed by the brilliance of the current hyperspace vortex, she stared into the blue spirals, her mind on the immediate future.

    The message had been sent to notify the board of an emergency meeting, a meeting that Katja had sliced through the WayneTech system to schedule. They had timed this expertly so that - just as the board arrived and settled on the executive level of the Tower - they should be landing on the rooftop. Colère gave Katja's shoulder an affectionate squeeze; her wife was truly a genius with these arrangements.

    Maize has to be freaking out, she mused.

    Col chuckled darkly to herself about that, then refocused on the bigger picture. This was about sticking it to Maize, of course, but it was also about establishing themselves as key players within the Nystrom family and bringing home quite the financial prize. It made Colère smile to think on her destiny and the direction her life had taken.

    Mrs. Colère Nystrom, CEO. I do like the sound of that.

    "Sweet one, tell me we're almost there. I'm yearning to re-take the Tower as ours..." she purred sensually.

    Maize and the board truly had no idea what was coming.

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    Katja was still on a natural high for weeks now, and it showed on her face as she bopped to the music playing in her earbud. She was a woman of priorities now, forgoing the freedoms she had prior to marry life. The party was over, and on her terms. All that mattered were taking care of her mates and securing the family's future on Bastion. Taking care of her mates had already started. Colère and her were attempting to start a family, and she and Aurelia had consummated their bond.

    Now it was off to get the ball rolling on the next important item on the list - claiming WayneTech. It was already theirs on paper. Now it was just the formality to inform the board members and Mr Wayne of who the new bosses were. It was difficult to set this up too with the war going on, but thankfully Aurelia's and Nikole's visit to Corellia had gone smoothly. The Moffs had followed protocols set up by the New Republic on their diplomatic meeting with Aurelia's father, and were willing to extend the same courtesy to the Imperial Nystroms that had legal reasons to be on the planet. Buying enough shares on the sly was the easy part, granting immunity for the business' stability was the harder part. Katja had worked tirelessly since returning from her honeymoon to obtain the proper clearance because it was really simple math - have the Nystroms come to Corellia and create a smooth process of transition for the company, or potentially cause a system wide crash in the market with WayneTech being shut down completely, leaving thousands of beings out of a job and watch investors lose millions, perhaps billions, of credits until the diplomatic mess was sorted. Once a firm date of transition was secured, Corellia was ready, having CorSec on standby to complete all forms of security during this. This was all business and wanted everything to remain as such. Why both Katja and Colère left all Imperial insignias and titles behind.

    "Almost there. Be outta hyperspace in five, beautiful." She grinned, leaning back in her chair and thus, closer to Colère. "Ronan's flight path is already set up from the info CorSec gave me. They have our transponder from its previous voyage, knowing what to look for."

    She crossed her arms and craned her neck upwards to look at her wife. "And to answer your unspoken question - we're still on time for that perfect landing."
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      "Brilliant," Colère replied simply.

      She gave Katja's shoulder another firm and friendly squeeze, smiling as she stared out at the swirling vortex. Colère was ready to do the family's work, an idea that Nikole had thrown out in an emotional moment that had turned out to be too perfect to pass up!

      The Morellian woman settled into the co-pilot's chair just before Katja brought them out of lightspeed. Corellia loomed large in the viewport now and her smile broadened. As they followed the prescribed path to the surface, Colère watched as Coronet would slide into view, WayneTech Tower the tallest point in the city.

      Our home. Our business.

      They were going to rock this, as Katja might've said. And, they had the added bonus of re-creating how they'd first met in the city's clubs! Colère was excited for that too; their wedding had cast away any doubts or apprehensions the ladies may have had given the dual bonds in their relationship, but she thought it would just be fun to relive their wilder side.


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        As promised, two CorSec patrol fighters came up alongside the Ronan. They contacted her immediately, identifying their names, rank and purpose. It was all a formality since both sides of this endeavor wanted to make sure that things went smooth. Katja responded back in kind and kept the ship on manual. She wanted to be in complete control of the situation, and that meant flying the ship herself. Oh the Ronan was fine, having gone through maintenance just a week ago- she and Nikole did it themselves. Still, nothing was left to chance in taking over WayneTech. This was something that started before Katja had met Aurelia on that infamous night. Everything had to be perfect.

        "I made sure to book us a private room at the Millennium Tunnel Nightclub," she mentioned casually as WayneTech Tower was quickly coming into full view. Colère was her bonded and had an inkling of what else was going through that pretty little head of hers. The nightclub she referred to was the one where she met Aurelia for the first time. They partied pretty hard that night and Colère wanted to have some fun of their own, making new memories there together.

        She keyed in a few commands, prepping the ship for a landing on top of the tower, watching their escort break off and begin to circle.


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          "How thoughtful of you," Colère said with a sidelong grin.

          She chuckled to herself, looking very forward to that. To any locals who'd known Aurelia's wild ways back then, people were apt to do a double take when seeing Colère pick up where she'd left off. Well, nearly. The couple had been mating in the hopes of conceiving a child of their own, so Colère would skip on several of young Auri's vices as they re-created memories.

          "And, here we are..."

          She watched in anticipation as Katja settled the ship down atop the roof. By now, Maize and the board would be assembled. They all had to wonder what the frak was going on, especially since Wayne would see it was the Ronan that was back! He had no idea the existence of Colère herself, though, so the surprises were just beginning.

          "Ready, sweet one?"


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            "You know it!" she answered in excitement. Unclasping her restraints, Katja stood up and offered a hand to her wife. "Let's do this."

            In her jacket pocket was a datachip that had all of the information needed to back up their claim as owners of the company below just below their feet. Not that the armed escort of CorSec grunts couldn't have given their claim legitimacy.

            Arms locked together, the two of them walked down Ronan's ramp, the fierce lick of the winds hitting their faces and whipping Katja's hair against her face. The were approached by CorSec security guards. "See. We've already got the warm Corellian welcome," she whispered, snickering.


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              Maize was as in the dark about this emergency meeting as the rest of his executives and, indeed, the board members. He had a Corellian very bad feeling about this, though. He looked out the boardroom's tall windows, noticing the New Republic escorts circling and hovering about the Tower.

              What the frell is going on?!

              The answer to that unspoken question came as the door opened to admit a familiar face and a decided stranger.

              "Aurrie?!" he whispered, eyeing her over-the-top gown and hairdo.


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                Colère regarded Maize steadily for a moment, giving him ample time to see that she was, in fact, not his daughter at all. The violet eyes and her natural arrogance would speak louder than words. She watched him digest this surprise, then let her gaze slide over the mostly-assembled board. A few had tapped in by holo, which was understandable; not everyone could make it to Corellia on such short notice.

                "My name, ladies and gentle beings, is Colère Nystrom. May I introduce my wife, Katja Nystrom," she said, her head still inclined haughtily. "We come with CorSec escorts because of the nature of our business today. Katja, would you care to share with the WayneTech board what brings us here for this private meeting we've called?"
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                  Slipping a hand inside her jacket pocket, she grinned towards each and every member present in person or by 'net, making her way slowly towards Maize Wayne - he was sitting by the projector controls after all. One of the CorSec guards broke off and accompanied her.

                  "Now some of you are intelligent to understand that Nystrom is pretty much synonymous of the Empire," she explained, running the datachip between her fingers. "So how do we get the pleasure of having a personal escort set up by the Corellian government? Especially to an emergency meeting of Wayne Techs top execs and board members. Well, it's simple really."

                  She gave the CEO a tempered smile, motioning for Maize to move aside so she could access the projector. Locking the chip in place, an expanded view of the current share holdings for WayneTech was revealed. The graph showed a substantial controlling interest in the Nystroms name. "You see - I called this emergency meeting because my wife and I are now the largest share holders of this company. Current documentation is being loaded onto the personal 'pads before you - all notarized by the Corellian System Bank of our holdings and our letter of intent to take over all decision making rights of WayneTech."

                  She let that information sink in before adding. "The letter of intent and operating agreement were mediated through Agasn Legal, located here on Corellia. Because of the delicate nature of this transition, we wanted to show our good faith and use local resources. This is not a political move by the Empire, despite how it appears." Katja sneered down at Maize. "Hence cooperation with CorSec with today's arrival."


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                    "We'll see about that," Maize growled, responding quickly.

                    He pressed a button on the table's console, summoning the legal team. Just because this Katja Nystrom's presentation looked smart didn't mean it was legal, no matter who she had bee working with under his nose. Nikole's warning came back to him, though, and he understood this had been in the works for some time.

                    Auri would have known then. And who the frak is Colère?!

                    Maize pointed at the lawyer who'd rushed in and directed him to the screen that Katja was on. He glared, not needing to say a word as the counselor clearly had learned what was happening.


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                      Colère now felt like she'd served her role in protecting Aurelia. She had helped Nikole take out Trenton and now had helped Katja secure the company from Maize. She sighed with satisfaction and smiled.

                      "As you can see, this is legitimate right down to the last dotted character. It is iron clad and binding, which brings us to the moment where we release you, Mr. Wayne, from this meeting. You may go. And so may anyone else who has any problem with the acquisition. For those who remain, we have business to discuss."


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                        "That's your cue to leave, Mr. Wayne. Along with your lawyers," she stated with a sharp look. "With the transition in place, CorSec security will be escorting you to your office to remove your things. The rest of your belongings at the penthouse will be shipped to your desired location. You may leave that information on the desk prior to your departure."


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                          Maize didn't move a muscle. He was too stunned by this turn of events. Mind racing, he turned sharply toward Katja and pointed at her, coming to his feet. The CorSec agents stepped in his direction in warning, but Maize ignored them.

                          "It was you, wasn't it?! The cyber attacks! The hacks into the system!" he roared. "It was you, frakking around with my company all along!"


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                            Colère smirked at his question. Of course, she'd leave it to her sweetie to answer that. Her violet gaze roved over the board members, watching as some of the holo links ended abruptly. A board member or two gazed back at her, confusion in their eyes; they didn't know whether to stay or go.

                            "Are you Aurelia Wayne, really?" one finally asked.

                            Gutsy. I like that.

                            "No. You could say that... I'm her sister. The lost triplet," Colère replied. "But, I know as much about this company as Aurelia did. And we both know she led WayneTech with an iron grip, but did so fairly. Is this not true?"

                            "It's true," the executive replied.

                            "Well then, we should get along splendidly if you decide to stay aboard," Colère said. "Because we will take this company forward, using the same techniques that Aurelia had, that had made WayneTech a leader."


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                              While Colère was handling questions they predicted that would come from the board, Katja regarded Maize with an appalled expression of being accused of such a thing! Didn't matter if it were true, just that she had to react as if it were an outright lie!

                              "I understand how frustrating and confusing this all is, but I do not appreciate being accused of illegal hacks into the company." Katja had been in the WayneTech system for years and knew how to mask any traces of her work. And now officially as the new President and CIO of the company, she could freely have her fingerprints in every circuit and wire of the system. "I suggest accepting your loss amicably and doing as we requested - cleaning our your desk and leaving peacefully."

                              Her gaze narrowed sharply. "Enough damage has been done by you, wouldn't you say, Mr. Wayne?"

                              Oh yes she referred to his mistreatment of Aurelia - her Sith upbringing, Trent, disowning her after kicking her out as CEO of WayneTech. She was almost daring him to start something in front of his former peers because like Nikole, Katja had no issues of tearing him a part emotionally as well as financially.