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    From a scene of black, a view of a palatial estate where style meets form and is married to function and all related to wealth. The land was as magnificent as the planet Hespiridian that it sat on. The "tropical meets techological" style made for an amazing look to what could only make tourists wonder what gajillionaire lived there. It was as incredible as it was beautiful.

    Yes, this is the palatial estate of Hesperidian Resort Magnate, Kondar Vaul. The only downside to what was an incredible lay of the land, sunset rich with orange and gold skies was what looked to be emergency vehicles screaming their way down the paths leading into the estate.

    It’s about five o’clock in the evening. Those are constables and emergency crew answering an emergency call. What looked to be incredible in the front of the estate was the counter to what the horrors told in the rear. The place was a veritable and literal warzone. A battle has been reported from one of those great big houses in the ten thousand block. You’ll read about it in the late editions, I’m sure. You’ll get it over your holovid and see it on HNN because weapons are involved. But before you hear it all distorted and blown out of proportion, before those columnists get their hands on it, maybe you’d like to hear the facts, the whole truth. Those involved didn't seem to care about the emergency personnel, in fact many of them were being shot at. Of course there was one who was pinned down in what looked to be a pool, he was holding his breath trying to pretend to be dead as he floated face down in the water.

    If so, you’ve come to the right party. You see, the body of a young man was found floating in the pool of her mansion with two shots in his back and one in his stomach. Nobody important, really. Just a movie writer with a couple of ‘B’ pictures to his credit. Or at least that was his initial cover Waiting for his opening he floated there, and slowly maneuvered his body so arrows could slip from the quiver over his back.

    The poor dope! He always wanted a pool. Well, in the end, he got himself a pool, only the price turned out to be a little high. You're probably wondering what brought you to this point, what happened? Well let's go back a few days.

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    A few days ago.

    "Dude, grandma would be so ogling all the young hunks and wonder who she might be able to do business with."
    Morgana laughed as she adjusted her glasses to serve her geeky style for her Dida Furago alias, a promising casting director, who was working on making a name for herself in the profession.

    Right after things calmed down after the familial drama on her home world, she had been contacted by the NRIS who needed her to work with Aien as they had to go undercover to find out the realness of a disturbing situation on Hesperidian. The place was very impressive though she wasn't here to play tourist. Of course, her observant artistic eye was still there.

    Her experience in the underworld and higher circles made her a good asset to help her brother who had extensive time with the NRIS in comparison to her. She was a bit concerned about this being her first mission, but she was willing to prove herself, always looking for new challenges.

    "So, plan is to play posers until we go to this reception tonight to mingle, or...?" They had little data about what was actually going on, but there were solid rumors about one of the high socialites getting tangle into heavy traffic of kinds.


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      That's because you're grandma only looks like a grandma but acts like you did fresh out of prep school. Aien was busy in his own cover, Neli Fertahdo, semi successful movie writer, even with three fully searchable movies to his credit. He must have impressed some of the brass as well as agent Gollard personally speaking up for him after the whole debacle on Terek Nine, he was sent right back out. He didn't mind at all as it was part of the service but he would have liked to get a day or two to see Zaia but she was apparently on an op of her own.

      Hesperidian was amazing, he had heard stories of this planet from his own grandparents and only wondered if he would ever come here one day. The mission was a rather simple one and played to both of their natural abilities. Of course it was a dangerous one because they were going in completely undercover and completely disavowed (or so they were told, there was an exfil team ready to pull them out if necessary). You are a poser... He smirked, tensing his arm in preparation for a smack.

      We go to this one, to get to the big one, and the big one means Frenn Vilar. He didn't go further into detail, she knew it, but you don't. Frenn Villar is a huge Cartel liaison, he works as an intermediary for the Hutt Cartel and various crime families. Apparently a threat on his families life spooked him and he wants to trade his freedom and his contacts for their safety. Of course that means he has intrinsic value and that means he has to be pulled out. The only way to do that is to make contact with him and that only way to do that is to find out where he is, or will be.


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        "Oh don't get me started about you while in prep school..." She waggled her eyebrows and gave him a smug grin. She of course smacked him on the arm when he called her a poser. "What would you do if I didn't hand picked the actors for your movies? Uh?" She smirked as they were in the streets of the luxurious district.

        When he mentioned Frenn Vilar, she nodded without saying anything else. Boy, that was something else to be on the first real mission for the NRIS. The guy they had to reach out to and see what they could get from him and whether he could be pulled out to safety. Granted, they had to get to him first.

        "And I think that you're making an impression on a couple of blondes pretending to look at these clothing that belonged to fashion two years ago."


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          I would just make a mint selling my stories as holonovels, I mean you have your little hobbies, I have my masterpieces. While he was being a bit extroverted and flamboyant, a part of his character, he wasn't really lying. She was quite the artist, regardless of how much he poked fun at her he respected her ability and she knew it, but Aien? He loved to write and had quite a bit. While he wasn't the established star like she was but he liked what he did and did what he liked.

          Then when she pointed out the two groupies, he snorted. You're the "Casting Director", I'll pawn them off on you if you don't watch yourself there little missy. He winked at the two girls, knowing full well that they were not trying to flirt, or get in on a movie, they were up to something. Of course that meant that they could be assets. He didn't like using people, but they could be something that could help their credibility.

          Maybe that would be a good idea... a casting session in the cafe scene?


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            "Oh yeah, my little hobbies. Aren't you adorable." She said, reaching out to pinch his cheek. That was the good thing about their cover, they could use their regular behaviour with each other without raising suspicions. "And remind me how many times I've bugged you about these masterpieces of yours? I'll have to tell you about one of my projects where they might be needed." She wasn't even joking but this discussion would wait for a more private setting.

            The two blondes were staring too much. Not in an ogling kind of way - after all, her brother was her brother, but he was a nice looking guy by many standards. "Do the pawning. I'll await at the terrace of the Kishara."

            Without further ado, she spun on her heels and went to said trendy cafe to take a table and nonchalantly wait. This would be the occasion to maybe glean some intel and check the scenery in more details.


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              I wanted to be the one who waited there! Just glaring at the girl as she spun on her heel and left, Aien turned around. Pulling one of his manuscripts up and printing it into two copies he walked over with his charming little smile and met the eyes of the two easy women looking upon them.

              Ladies, I don't know if you w...

              "Be in your movie?! Of course!" Yelped the one on the right.

              The girl on the left giggled an obviously fake bellow "Yes, we are big fans!"

              Name one movie... He smirked at his thought, though it looked to be rather flirtatious. The two girls scooped up the manuscripts, they were terrible but it wasn't meant to be something eye catching, just a test. A test he wanted to see what "The Casting Director" would pull up. Meet us across the street for an audition.


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                Oh, she knew perfectly that he had wanted to be the one waiting, but since when did she make it easy for him? Morgana inwardly cackled as she sat at the cafe. She had caught how the girls were looking at him, so if he made the first approach before fishing them back to the table, it would also give her an extra moment to come up with what she would say. She was bubbly and had a huge artistic side, but acting had never been something she had thought she'd do, even less for a spy job!

                She was already sipping on her caf when Aien returned and took place with her. The two blondes joined them very eagerly. She had made sure that she would have the others in her field of vision, without having to look right and left.

                "Pleasure meeting you Miss..." Morgana grinned but didn't offer a handshake. "Dida Furago." She patted her brother's shoulder. "He's the famous one, but I'm making sure that he has the actors and actresses he needs to be like this."

                Leaning against the back of her seat, she gave a cheeky grin. "So, two pretty blondes who are big fans of his film. Sounds pretty common to me, but it's all about finding the talented ones, right?"

                She got a glare from one of the girls, but that left her unphazed. "So, what's your experience and what do you like about his movies?" One looked way too nervous at once while the other looked haughtily smug. "Did I have to have my holo reel with me just because I was shopping with my friend?" She asked defensively.

                Morgana chuckled. "If you like Neli's art so much, I betcha you knew he was coming here. So yeah, darling, you should have."


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                  They were being watched, he saw the tail. That meant that the two girls weren't just spoiled brats, they were pawns. The tail looked to be someone he knew, not personally but he knew the methods as they were the type that he once employed on his home world of Onderon. There was controversy over why some were on the planet today and if Morgana and he were being tailed, they were close. That meant it was time to turn up the heat and make a game out of this. I'll tell you girls what. If you want to be considered for my movie... we're going to be at the party tonight. If you're big fans, you'll know where we're going. You get ten people to gush over us publicly at that party, then I'll guarantee you two parts suited just right for the two of you.

                  The smug one wasn't convinced "Suited to us? You're just saying that, there's nothing special to either of our personal skills in this script. I know, I read it." She's lying.

                  Oh I have a couple of write in characters... but you won't see them if you don't pass your auditions. He just shrugged in "Neli's" salacious fashion.

                  "Just what the (censored) are we supposed to do?" Now she was a little annoyed.

                  He just smiled. Improvise. Now get out of here so we can work them into the script. With a frustrated scoff, each of them left as Aien held back a laugh and whispered to Morgana. Easiest way to get a meeting, make them want to see you... what better way of doing that then get others to set it up.


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                    Morgana used to work as barmaid at her grandma's bar when she was younger. It had always horrified her mother, but learning some ropes about other types of life had been important to her. That was why she read people fairly decently and had a weird vibe about the girls, though she knew that beside basic training, she also relied a lot on her gut feeling so far.

                    "Annoying your potential director and moreso his casting director is unprofessional but I bet you already know that, since you want to be actresses."

                    One shrugged and glared. "We already are." Morgana smirked and gave a dismissive wave of the hand. "Casting means solving a problem. You can be the solution. So playing victim isn't the way to go my sweets."

                    She grinned devilishly to Aien. "And on that note, we have places to be."


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                      As the two "women" left, Aien held off Morgana wanting to leave, truth is he was hungry. They're going back to whomever hired them asking what to do. Taking the glass of water in front of him and taking a drink he looked around for any other tails, when there was none that he could find he looked back at her.

                      So let's figure out another "in" as well. We're going to the party, but I don't want to rely on two brats to come through for us. You've hosted parties before for your artwork, what are some good ways to connect?


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                        "Yeah, had this vibe. My old days as a barmaid, you could say." She mused as she spared a look at her brother. "So now we get food before we figure out whose stomach will growl first, right?" She chuckled and grabbed the menu.

                        To his question, she had a few suggestions. "The catering crew. Most people don't care about them, but when you compliment them and ask to speak to the one in charge at some point, they're often all too happy to oblige. That's how you get better parties thrown later on."


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                          Taking an appetizer, he listened to what her ideas about how to get invited to the next party. Sure, they could be invited on name recognition, she had her artwork and "Neli" had moderate success, but they couldn't rely on that. No, they needed to be able to be asked to the party and not simply invite themselves. If they did so they may run into trouble down the line in credibility issues, he liked "assault" so it didn't bother him so much but Morgana was more suited to this, she had a life outside of this and a family to think about.

                          He smiled as he took a drink. If you're mother heard you talking about "conversing with the help" she would have a conniption right now.


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                            Morgana was more hungry than she had first thought so the appetizers were very welcome! She laughed to what Aien said. "You bet." She took a sip from her drink.

                            "Also make sure to chat with the people close to host or hostess. I'm not necessarily talking about VIPs, but people who are familiar, comfortable with them." He was smart and he would guess it probably even better than her.

                            "Of course, the best way not to get bored at these parties is the dancefloor and the open bar, but that's another question!"


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                              Alright then, we have invitations to confirm and that means going to see a certain Nautolan contact of mine. As lunch came and went they were on their way to one of the resorts, a casino actually, the high roller villas. They were going to see a "blind" Nautolan who was a legitimate entrepreneur but had credibility in the "illicit" fields as well, he was the "in" for a lot. He knew everyone, and everyone knew him...

                              ... even if they didn't know it.

                              The walk was interesting as there were a few onlookers, but most paid little to no attention to two people who clearly did not belong there. Cordelio, the Nautolan in question was busy on one of the Sabbac tables, no, he wasn't using an assistant, he wasn't told what his cards were either, he was playing cards.

                              "How do you DO that?!"

                              "He's not blind! Can't be!"

                              Cordelio just laughed as the complaints were meant in good nature. He was legitimate and credible, and anyone who knew him knew it. He was just very attune with his senses, even to the point where he looked the way of the two agents long before they got there, even smiled. "Well if it isn't my favorite up and coming writer, and his casting agent!"