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To Kill an Assassin: Homecoming (Adgertesse)

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  • To Kill an Assassin: Homecoming (Adgertesse)

    Training had all but consumed Pen's time since his arrival on Munto Codru. His master was insane, but effective in teaching the ways of the dark side, making Pen a better assassin. The playing field would be level between he and the other assassin he had met among the Sith some time ago. She called him sloppy when they first met. Since then they had traded blows in the training grounds, wounded each other, though neither one gaining the upper hand.

    The rivalry was odd, at least to Pen. There was no reason he should feel as compelled to prove her wrong, but he did. Was he actually seeking her good opinion, trying to impress her, wanting her to think him capable of killing? His motivations were not fully known to him, but he was determined she not see him as sloppy.

    An invitation had been sent, one he was more than certain would go unanswered. There was no reason Adgertesse would drop her training and routine to leave with him to return to where it was they had met, Ec Pand. Pen knew two things. This was not his where he was from, and that there would be a death sentence on his head. It would be removed one way or the other, and Tess would help. She just didn't know it yet. If she agreed to leave with him.

    Pen waitted for her in the hangar bay as he said he would in the invitation. She knew to be there within the next fifteen minutes or he would be leaving, knowing she had declined his request. He hoped she would not however. His attire was what he typically wore. Green pants, green boots, a green top with a green leather jerkin over it, and finally his green hood, which remained down for now. His belt contained two daggers, a training lightsaber, a small emergency kit designed to treat any serious wounds. His bow and quiver of arrows were already on his infiltrator. Pen was ready to leave the moment Adgertesse arrived, or the time ran out, whichever came first.

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    Packing her things, Adgertesse glanced once more through the wardrobe to ensure that she hadn't missed anything. Hands checked her various hiding places on her body and counted all that should be present, and with that decided that the clothes that had been added to the remaining room within the leather pack should be enough. Having no idea how long this trip would take, she knew there would be opportunities to wash everything when needed, so tied the flap over and shouldered it, then moved out of her small room, closed the door and headed out of the temple. Her mind recounted the research she had done on Ec Pand, one of the many Induparan Crown worlds, dealing with a monarchy meant a feudal-like caste system that should be easy to adjust to.

    Dressed in looser, dark brown clothing and rust colored boots, the assassin from Edan II nodded to several of the other higher ranking Sith as she passed them. Soon, blue eyes noted the pilot for this trip as he waited at the bottom of the ramp. Grinning wryly, she had come to enjoy tormenting him whenever the chance arose, recalling their initial meeting not that long ago. Had Pen not been Force sensitive, she imagined that Lady Razielle may have found a use for him, albeit not for long.

    "You ready for this," she queried, knowing the invitation that he had received and one that she knew had to be replied to. Even though their loyalties were to the Sith Empire, ties to home could one day prove fruitful should the need arise.
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      Pen sensed his traveling companion before she became visable. Tess' aura could be sensed from fair distance away. The disciple had learned much since their last contest in the training grounds. One lesson was the need to rely on the force to sense his surroundings, to be attuned to them. Pen found it very important as an assassin and recently had the opporunity to use his new skills in a job he pulled for the Galactic Empire. It had been an assignment which took advantage of the alliance between the two factions.

      "Pre-flight has been done already. All that is needed it to board the ship and take off," he said as he motioned upward to the cabin of the ship itself. "You will find the guest quarters to be the first door on the right as enter the cabin."

      Unlike the men of the culture Pen was raised in, he did not assume Tess should be told to sleep in his quarters. The men of the Induparan Crown Worlds were shallow. Women were seen as objects, trophies to be displayed, or things of pleasure to be used. The assassin had never adopted that view. It was petty, and only reinforced by the display of Lady Razielle, and Adgertesse herself, when he first met them.

      "I am having a hard time deciding if I should be surprised or flattered you actually came. Both I guess," Pen said as he boarded the ship and closed the ramp once Tess was aboard.

      His feet carried him directly to the cockpit where he strapped in, and started the engines.

      "I hope you're loaded with your weapons. This isn't going to be a peaceful reunion, but I can't well keep moving through the galaxy with a death warrant on my head. You did your research, yes?"


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        Climbing the ramp into the ship with him, she took the directions and found the guest quarters, being modest and large enough for her to relax in. Glad that there was at least two suites to the ship, she would have adjusted to the accommodations no matter what was available. Opening the slender locker, she slipped her pack into it, then closed the door once again. Leaving the clean and well organized room, she continued on though the galley and to the cockpit, taking the copilot's seat.

        Buckling herself in, "Never go anywhere without them," she confirmed and knew that the query was only cordial as they prepared to take off. "I did read up on Ec Pand, what little there was, so I'm going to have to rely on you to fill in the blanks."

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          "The king didn't tell you," he asked as he had heard Xander Blackmoore had ascended to take the throne. They called him Darth Vizios among the Sith, but Pen was not so out of touch with the world he was raised on to not know who now ruled the Crown Worlds. "He is from Ec Pand, our guild has killed many of his families rivals at the employ of his father. The crown worlds are one large feudal system, and patriarchal in nature. Men control everything, and women are subservient to them. Ec Pand supplies the wine, the major export for the Crown Worlds. Most of my guild adopted the culture of the planet," Pen said as the ship cleared the atmosphere.

          He paused long enough to enter the coordiantes into the nav computer. The assassin did not want his course to be plotted incorrectly, and he was fairly certain Tess did not want the ship crashing into an asteroid either. Certainly she would appreciate the focus. Though some form of jesting, and pot shot was likely to come from her at some point during this trip.

          "I did not," Pen began again. "I find the culture to be degrading, and am glad to be rid of the place, for a lot of reason, but that being chief among them."

          Pen was not one to give Adgertesse more reason to find him sloppy or weak, so he was not about to get into his disdain for the training methods he had been sugjegated to. She would see them first hand if they managed to infultrate the guild without being caught. Though at some point, getting caught was in his plan. There was only one way to remove the death warrant on his head. He would have to fight for it. It was a good thing Tess came prepared, because it was likely they would be fighting their way out of the guild hall.

          "We will land in the country, and make our way to the mountains on foot. No ship can take us to the entrance we are looking for. I stumbled across a long forgotten escape route. The mountain fortress used to be the keep for some important regent before the Blacmoore's rose to power. Our guild simply claimed it after it as abandoned and long forgotten. Ec Pand is the third world they have called home."


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            "Last I worked with Xander, he was teaching me how to use air. We've never had a long talk about his background, but now that you mention it I do remember him talking about Ec Pand." The very brief conversation they had during her training didn't get into details beyond what Pen had just repeated, but she wasn't liking the nature of the culture already. This was going to take some getting used to.

            Now that they were in hyperspace, she unbuckled herself from the seat and then listened to his information on the entrance to this secret hideout. Seemed rather normal for secretive societies like an assassin's guild to be attracted to places like this. The community she grew up in being nestled within the rugged mountains as well, but not a fortress that commanded a great view. The nature of the surroundings had taught all of the children of the Nakijat to be agile and strong as one wrong step in the wrong direction would lead to their death.

            "I take it this challenger has some unsettled debt that he feels he owes you. Fight over a girl or some other offense?" She also assumed that since this other assassin was still in residence of their home that he would have some support, which would create some issues.

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              "The story might take a while if you want the whole thing," Pen said as he stood, "Long enough for a properly nursed glass of wine, if you care to indulge."

              One glass of wine would not throw off their senses, and since the crown worlds were mid-rim and near the core, their journey would be a better part of the day or more. There was time to tell the story, and time to let the effects of the wine run its course without fear of hangover or dulled senses. Pen chuckled within himself. This was certainly the first time they would actually be sitting down to a cordial conversation. Most of thier engagements had been a competition of sorts.

              "I did leave with bad blood among some of the guild, but abandoning them outright after taking you and Lady Razielle to the man who paid for the job, that will have been viewed as betrayal. I am certain you understand the implications of that without me having to go into detail. You came from a guild yourself, and there is a certain code of honor each adopts to some degree or another."

              Pen retreated to the galley and pulled a bottle of wine from the cupboard. It had already been opened, but Pen knew how to keep it stored in order to keep it at its best. Two wine gobblets were retrieved as well, some of the bottle's contents leveling off the gobblets at the proper amount. The wine culture of the Crown Worlds had rubbed off on Pen. Tess now being the only other Sith who knew his secret indulgence, a measure of vulnerability displayed to someone he partialy viewed as competition, and partialy as something else entirely, though he had not quite defined that for himself yet.

              "I am fairly certain I know who the challenger is," Pen stated, offering a goblet to Tess, "and I wish I could say it was as simple as a fight over the same girl. Unfortuanately, it goes much deeper than a petty dispute over who would bed whom."

              Pen sipped the wine once the bait had been tossed out, hoping her appetite for the story had been wetted.


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                Rising with him, she followed Pen to the small galley and took a seat, accepting the glass of wine as he spoke about his departure from his homeworld and she could definitely agree that her father and extended family wouldn't have been happy about her botching a mission. Such things were frowned upon, no matter the reason. Taking a sip, her mind visualized the argument that he posed and nodded.

                "Being in a competitive culture like ours breeds things like this. My sister and I were the most bitter of rivals, and still are. Cool thing now is, I've been trained as a Sith which has taken my abilities far beyond what they'll ever learn." She could almost imagine a future opportunity taking over the Nakijat itself, keeping the leadership in the family. Though her parents and the leaders in the organization were exceptional fighters and great at improvisation, so that contest would be interesting indeed. "Trust in what you've been trained in and I don't see this visit as being a problem. Only thing you'll have to keep in mind is that the whole guild may be looking forward to having your head on a stake." Blue eyes drifted to the goblet of wine. "Play this right though, you could have more than you came home with when it's over."

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                  "Perhaps," Pen said, "but what good is the control of an entire guild when one is not there to actually run it. Besides anything I gain for myself now will simply be taken by Jack. Someday I will be rid of him perhaps, but until I am better than him, I will have to put up with his methods."

                  The thought of taking the control of his guild, the Genshwa, it was tempting, very tempting. There were ways to do just that as well. Getting the death warrant off his head was the first step in doing that, and depending on how that went, opportunity might present itself to Pen. Pen had watched many try and take over the clan, but all had failed. The clan leader was highly skilled, and the best assassin of them. It only made sense they were led by the best.

                  "First thing we have to do is figure out if you're the only one I can count on if things go south, and me winning could be enough to make things go south if the entire guild is already against me. Our rules will keep them from killing me, but they don't say anything about letting me leave. Taking the guild might be the only option I have."

                  Pen went back to his wine, and silence filled the room for a moment. There was a story to tell, and he had said he would give it.

                  "I made the mistake of making an enemy out of the clan leader's son. A job is supposed to be a job, but he let himself get attached to the daughter of a very high profile target, one he was supposed to kill. Well he couldn't do it, so I did. When the daughter learned the truth about the man she had fallen for, well it was over. He has always blammed me for it, when his father was the one that told me to make the kill. What was I supposed to do, pit father against son. I may not have a family, but I know better than to tear them apart over something as trivial as a job."

                  Another sip of wine allowed a subject change.

                  "What about you, what made you and your sister so strong of rivals?"


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                    "His father should've been more objective, my dad would've beat my *** if I fell for a mark and decided not to honor the contract. That's a bunch of crap," her opinions on taking a contract had been ingrained in her since she was young. "His father's weak and doesn't need to be running that clan. I can't be the only one in that guild that feels that way. You might actually be able to turn the tables on him and win this fight before it even starts."

                    Taking a sip, she grinned at his query. "I love her to death, but we've always been at odds for dad's favor. Girls are closer to dad than mom, typically. I think that's what always pit us against one another, being recognized more than the other, even though I'm the oldest. She's a great athlete and I had the brains, so I'm sure you can imagine those spars."

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                      "Competing for paternal attention," Pen stated, slightly puzzled, though he would explain. "I don't understand family dynamics. They tell me I am an orphan, taken in by the guild itself. I was passed around a lot until one of the members decided I should be trained to kill. I get the competition, but not for the attentions of a parent."

                      Hmmmm, Pen had not ever been this vulnerable with someone he considered a rival, then again, everyone in his guild had known he had no family. It wasn't an admission of weakness on his part, nor was he looking for sympathy from Tess. It was simply stating his position and trying to be friendly.

                      "You're right about the contract, and that's why his father sent me to do the job. He just didn't have my back when push came to shove. Tell me, would your father choose another of his assassins over you? The guild leader is weak, but loyal to his family. His loyalty to clan and family had always been an admirable trait. Though his leadership is poor."

                      Pen sipped the wine, and chuckled to himself about the spars between the sisters. Several thoughts came to mind about the scene of two beautiful women fighting eachother, assuming Tess' sister was as pretty as she was.

                      "Much like our last one suppose," Pen recalled. "I believe we both had to find ways to be creative considering our different strengths and weaknesses."

                      The statement highlighted a truth. The two assassins could make a good team if they wanted to. One seemed to be strong in the area the other was weak. Another reason Pen wanted to prove he wasn't sloppy.

                      "So tell me, is the control of a guild in your plans for the future," he asked quizzically.


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                        She pondered his last query knowing that her sister would be the best one to do so, seeing as she had continued to fulfill missions for the guild and was now becoming more ingrained in the politics of the area and with the family. "Riyanya will no doubt inherit that spot in the future and I keep in touch with her and my folks. They know I have my sights on bigger goals now, but I'll be there to support them should anything bad happen. I think for now that's good enough. But, my situation is different from yours." Tess tried to imagine a homecoming and wondered if any of the other in the Nakijat would welcome her back or try and take her out when she landed. The possibilities were endless, she assumed.

                        "As far as my father choosing me over another would depend on the situation. Like I said, if I botched a contract, he would definitely have my hide tacked to the front door of our guild hall, without hesitation." It was that fear of failure that kept her on her toes.

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                          "A good leader then," Pen stated. "And a shame you would not see leadership of your own guild. We could be here conspiring a beneficial alliance if you were."

                          It was a hint as to what Pen had been thinking. Sith made alliances all the time with each other, as long as they were beneficial. Why should Jack be running the Sith Assassins, yes he was one, but Pen and Tess had both been raised as professionals. Jack, to Pen's knowledge, had not been. Though here they were, off topic. However, it was beneficial to know each other wasn't it. Pen could only imagine what Tess' reception would be like once the pair was discovered among his guild. It was good to know her enough to anticipate her reaction.

                          "If I had it my way, I would not be returning. There is a need to move about freely however, and I do not wish for the warrant on my head to be a distraction."

                          Pen finished his wine. He did not move to refill his glass.

                          "So tell me, Adgertesse, should I actually leave with control of this guild, will you stand with me and ensure it still functions? Not that I'm asking you to work for the guild. I am sure it would not bode well if your father heard you were employed by the competition. I will need help in enforcing control at the beginning however, especially if Jack continues to demand such a rigorous training regemine."


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                            "Might be best to start figuring out which lieutenants you can trust at the outset and then determine how best to do things from there. I'll help where I can, but you're right my family comes first, after the Sith right now, so I couldn't become a permanent part of this venture." She had seen how her father governed the guild back home and had learned a few things, though she wasn't sure if Riyanya had also been paying attention. Her sister would learn one way or another, when the time came and Tess only hoped that she had gained a lot of experience and power under her belt before that day came so she could step in and do what had to be done. "A leader has to be a lot of things all at once, so best to get that established at the outset of what kind you're going to be."

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                              "Whatever support you can offer without jeopardizing your positoin with your own guild will be appreciated," Pen said putting his feelings of a competetive rivalry aside, though he knew there would always be that dynamic between them. It was their upbringing and trade which made it so. "I also understand this will put me in your debt, a debt that I will fully repay should you ever demand it."

                              It was a dangerous position to be in as a Sith, but this venture would be worth it, should Pen accomplish what he needed. There were more words which could come, but at that moment the proximity alarm rang out, and Pen had to retreat to the cockpit in order to being the ship out of light speed. Once he was strapped into his seat, the assassin released the ship from the speed it had been carrying, and took manual control for the landing.

                              The thick forests surrounding the mountain range had several clearings in them. One such clearing had been made by Pen himself long ago. It was his sanctuary away from his guild master when the training had been emotionally severe. The woods had always been a place where he would retreat to let out his anger and frustrations. This clearing was where he first knew of his giftings, the first time he had felt a connection to the darkside.

                              "We are on foot from here. Grab whatever you need to in order to cloak yourself. We shall leave when you are ready."

                              Pen did the same, though his outfit was more than adequate. The bow and arrows he preferred to use were retrieved from the small armory he had built into the cargo bay of the ship. It served as a training facility for him when on long flights, no doubt something Tess would appreciate as there were various close ranged melee weapons included as well.

                              "We will makee our way through the forest, and up the side of the mountain. There is rope and harnses for climbing in case there isn't a good landing for us to simply leap to. It is time then."