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    The last while had been a whilrwind and it was one heck of an understatement. Satkia hadn't stopped during her stay on Yavin VIII. From tending to council duties to training - and promoting - her students, she hadn't had a minute to herself. That had been until the day she had collapsed in the middle of the compound and had been taken to the medbay. Then, Navaria had broken the news to her about her miracle pregnancy. Yet, her friend and fellow Master had also made it crystal clear how rest was crucial if the redhead wished to have a chance to carry her child to term and keep them alive.

    The petite Jedi hadn't told her husband about this, and not just because she wanted to tell him face to face. She had kept her medical accident quiet. She didn't want to alarm Maize, especially as the last message they had exchanged was prior to Aurelia and Nikole wishing to see him again. She was concerned but had very much understood his need to do it on his own, regardless of how she was busy on Yavin VIII back then anyway.

    After the trip back to Corellia, she headed straight to their house, given the late hour. She had already contacted her parents to have an idea whether Sarya Navaria was with them or not, and she was as such. She thought it might be better for Maize and her to talk about things, before having their little one storm in the middle of everything. She couldn't wait to see her child on the next day though!

    Parking in front of their house outside of Coronet, Satkia took a deep breath and left the speeder, knowing that Maize would have caught her arrival.

    As she opened the door, she smiled, happy to be back, regardless of all the changes and how they had to put up with different things. After all, this was life.

    "Honey, I'm home!" She chided as she trotted to where Maize was.

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    Maize had been engrossed in a study of old holos of Aurelia and Keir, and while he'd heard Satkia's arrival, he had been slow to rise and pack up his emotional state. As a result, his wife caught him at an unguarded moment and the haunting horror of what had happened to Aurrie - and his resulting sorrow - was plain on his face.

    "Hon! I should've met you at the door. I'm sorry," he said, leaping up and setting the holoreader aside.

    Maize pulled his petite wife into a hug, then tilted her head back and kissed her tenderly. When he drew back, the Corellian half-smiled.

    "There's a proper greeting for my beautiful and favorite Jedi wife," Maize said.


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      Satkia felt Maize's emotional state before he realized her return. She didn't say a word about it as he came to greet her. She had been concerned about how things had gone with his daughter and daughter-in-law. The look on his face was telling as well. Everything in due time though. And she had missed him a lot during their time apart.

      "No apology needed, love." She returned the hug, holding tightly onto him. "Missed you tons." She admitted before he kissed her. She smiled to his words. "Indeed! I'm glad to be back to my handsome Corellian husband." She winked without pulling away.


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        Maize smiled and searched her gaze, really grateful for the friendly, familiar, and loving face. He gave her a gentle squeeze, sliding his hands up into her hair.

        "How's my favorite girl?" he asked with a Corellian drawl extra-present in his voice.


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          "Happy to be home." Satkia replied without hesitation. Time away was necessary given their lines of work, but she preferred being home. They had opportunity to have their own space with their professional life, but being able to go home and be together in the evening was something she liked a lot.

          "I'm not going to go on other travels for a good while, so I'm pretty much Corellia bound for the time being."


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            Maize gave her a teasing, playful look.

            "Did you get grounded, my dear? Taken off-duty for naughty behavior or for pulling pranks like Spark used to do?" he asked with a grin. "Why else would they assign you to stick around your husband so much? I might have to behave myself!"

            He chuckled.


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              Satkia couldn't help laughing at Maize's quip. "You know I'm Nar Shaddian, handsome." She drawled with a playful grin, not resisting to tease back. She liked a good and fun banter and she had missed them doing that while away.

              "Don't behave yourself too much. I'll get bored!" She chuckled and propped a hand on her hip. "I'm Corellia bound and forbidden to do anything straining for the next... Eight months."


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                Maize was quick with numbers and details. When Satkia said "eight months," he lifted both eyebrows and took a step back.

                "Satkia... you're pregnant?!" he whispered, shocked. "Are you pregnant? Or is there some other reason I can't fathom as to why you'd be grounded to light-duty for that time frame?!"


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                  Satkia nodded in silence, as Maize realized what she meant. "I am pregnant. Seems..." She gave him a coy look. "Seems the last night before I left for a month on Yavin VIII did the trick."

                  She went to sit down on the couch, feeling tired. "I ended at the medbay at some point. Navaria told me what was going on. I have to be really careful Maize. She said that it was already a miracle that I didn't lose the baby yet. If I take it easy, no heavy physicaly exercise, no space travel, no horrid stress, we'll be all right."


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                    Maize followed her and sat down beside her. He couldn't help but keep touching his wife, marveling that she was really carrying their child. For the first time since the terrible declarations from Aurelia and Nikole, Maize could feel joy in his heart and soul again.

                    "You're okay, right, hon?" he asked, concerned. "I mean... should we have you checked out now that you're home since you had to travel to get here?"


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                      Satkia smiled as Maize sat next to her. She snuggled closer, amused and happy by his reaction to the unexpected news. They had basically given up on conceiving a child together, and she had even begun to work on making her peace with this. Maybe it was why the miracle had happened.

                      "I'm okay. I'll have a lot of things to readjust in my life. I mean being here only for the pregnancy and how a second baby will impact my work, but I'm elated." She smiled to her husband. "I'll go check a specialist this week. Navaria said how I needed to be checked regularly. I asked her to come here if possible when the time comes."

                      She had no wish to go through another traumatic labor, given how insane and life threatening Sarya Navaria's birth had been.


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                        Maize nodded, understanding. A new baby would be a huge event for the three of them! His mind drifted back, for a moment, to Nikole's warning; a shadow crossed his face before clearing again.

                        "We will adjust as needed," he said confidently. Maize vowed, "I will be here for both of our kids. Even if it means a lot of changes to how I manage WayneTech."

                        If he only knew!


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                          "Whenever you need to travel during my pregnancy, don't worry about us. I confess I'd like you to be around towards the last month..." Satkia didn't easily admitted such things, but she wanted to be honest with Maize, including in her worries. "But I will be alright here and I am sure we can all adjust. I have faith in it."

                          She saw the quick and fleeting change in her husband's expression. "It's good to be home." She chuckled. "And you can probably bet that Suri will be all doting on me as soon as she knows about the pregnancy."


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                            Maize shook his head.

                            "I want to be here. No. I need to be here..."

                            Arm wrapped around his wife, Maize slowly recounted the confrontation with Aurrie and Nikole, and the horrifying truth they'd dropped on him. Quietly, gaze far away, he explained about his cousin and what he had done. He told Satkia about what Nikole had done in retaliation, and admitted that he would have done the same... had he known.

                            "I failed Aurrie. I have to make sure I'm here for you and our children," Maize vowed, wiping away the tears that had fallen down his cheeks.


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                              Satkia didn't interrupt Maize as he told her about Nikole's and Aurelia's visit, about the horror they explained to him about what had happened to her during her childhood. To say she was shocked was an understatement. She also said how she wasn't against what had happened to Trent. She might be a Jedi, but how could she condemn how Maize's cousin had paid for his crime?

                              "You will be." She said as she pulled him even closer. She didn't try to tell him that everything will be okay, that the past was just the past; because it wouldn't have changed what had happened. Yet, she had faith in the future.

                              "I am certain that we will both be busy bees just on Corellia. And after I give birth, if all goes well, I'll be able to travel again."
                              Navaria had told her how it was a miracle she hadn't miscarried during her first month.