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Stealing You (Valeska/Invite)

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  • Stealing You (Valeska/Invite)

    Life had been a whirlwind for the clone of Judah Lesan as of late. In the few short months of being on Ruusan, Dejah had gone from being alone with only one true friend, to being a part of something much larger than himself and enjoying the companionship of a lover. A lover who seemed to be in his quarters more often than her own as of late.

    A getaway was in order. The two just needed to get away for a few days to celebrate her recent promotion. Life among the regality of Ruusan was enjoyable, but restricting at the same time. Both Dejah, and Valeska had a wild side which needed to be let out at times, that's why when Valeska had suggested a visit to a nightclub she knew of on Nar Shaddaa, Dejah didn't argue. All that was required was a mask, though Dejah had opted his persona as Relic was not appropriate for this trip.

    The trip, and accommodations, were funded by the court itself. It was part of the perks Valeska had with her title. The wealth she had at her finger tips was insanely exorbitant to what the clone was used to. Sure he had seen a lot of credits when he took up the gambling, con man, ways of his genetic template, but those had been put aside for the Penumbra. Well, put aside when someone was watching him.

    Dejah sat on the couch in the living area of the suite the two had occupied in a plush and swanky hotel on the promenade not too far from the club Valeska wanted to go to. Dejah had a simple black wolf mask, a contrast to what he knew of Valeska. His attire was all black as well, the clone fitting the part he had chosen well. As was typical, Dejah was waiting on Val to complete her ensemble, anticipating what she would look like when finished.

    "The anticipation is killing me, love. When do I get to see?"

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    Upon arriving at their accommodations, the first thing Valeska did was take her time about settling in. Beginning with the bedroom. Linens were turned down, pillows fluffed to her exacting standards. The rest of the place needed some work, furniture turned this way or that until she was happy. She took her time about it, not usually so fussy about things, yet still compelled to make the space her own while she inhabited it. Dejah probably thought she was nuts, and he may be correct in his assumptions.

    Valeska was feeling a bit touched lately.

    It was not like her to grow so attached to someone so quickly, but at the same time she couldn't seem to keep her hands off Dejah, let alone put any kind of serious space between them. It was not just the physical closeness that she craved, though the stars knew, it was largely contributing factor as well. She could not explain it really, but when she was with him, she just felt more herself. It also scared her to death. In some deep irrational part of her mind, Valeska had come to understand that sometimes the people she loved were also the first ones to abandon her. It had been that way her entire life.

    Leaning close to the vanity mirror in the bathroom, Valeska plied a mascara brush through her lashes with expertise. She switched over to a lip brush and put a touch of color across her plump lips, pausing in her efforts to glance away from her own reflection back to the closed door between them.

    "Just another minute!", she called. How could she be worried about anything at all? Dejah's voice, even through the door, sent a shiver of delight rippling up her spine.

    She sprayed a mist of one of her favorite perfumes into the space before her and then stepped through it, so that the fragrance teased across her skin, rather than leaving a trail fumes in her wake. She loved perfume as much as the next girl, but the next girl did not have the sensitive nose of a lupine, as she did. Stepping back she checked her appearance one last time.

    Another bonus to her relationship with Dejah was that she had never been a child to him. He had always known her as Lady Valeska, not the little girl. But even if he had, she rather doubted he would be able to view her as such again after this outfit. Tucking a stray curl behind her ear, she grinned. Hapan women were all exquisitely beautiful and they were not afraid to show it with their style of clothing. Valeska had learned to appreciate the style from Shasati. The outfit certainly revealed more than it concealed, but she was wearing it for Dejah.

    Picking up her mask for the evening, she slipped it over the delicate pastel shadow dusting her eyes, and adjusted it. "Ready.."

    Stepping out for Dejah to have a look, she also took stock of his selection for tonight, and she was not disappointed. She did not need to see anyone else attending to know that Dejah was the only man she would have eyes for. The only one she wanted.


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      "Uhhhhmungh" was all Dejah could manage when Valeska came out from where the master bedroom had been just on the other side of the wall from where he had been sitting.

      It took sometime for him to get his brain into gear to tell himself that he needed to stand up and walk over to her. The outfit was definitely not what he was expecting, but he wasn't going to complain. The only thing he was concerend about was that there would be a lot of eyes on her, though he knew hers would not be on anyone else at this club. Dejah also knew his attention would not be on anyone else that night either.

      The clone nodded his head when she asked if he was ready, and after composing himself, he offered his arm.

      "You look amazing," he finally managed once the part of his brain controlling his speech kicked back in. "Though if I am to be honest that outfit of yours only inspires me remain here, and see you in the master bed, and your clothes on the floor."

      Dejah found it an interesting thing how they had become so close, so very quickly. The part which seemed so odd was how the wanderlust which was part of him from the moment he awoke stopped the moment he met Valeska. From then on, there had been a desire, almost programmed into him, to do what he could to find her again. In the end, they had chanced upon each other again, as Dejah had not been aware he would find the she-wolf among the Penumbra.

      There was something else that was bothering him as well. The voice which seemed to guide him at times, the one which had been silent recently, was back. From the moment they stepped foot on Nar Shaddaa, it, she, was calling to him. Dejah was scared. He did not want to follow this voice, did not want to leave Val now that she was his, and he was hers. Knowing Valeska was a strong empath, and the bond they shared was strong, Dejah knew it was foolish to hide it from her.

      "Let's get to that club. I need the distraction it, and you, will provide. That voice I told you about before, it's back."


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        Whatever that first endearing sound from her lover had been, she was definitely taking it as a compliment. Her cheeks blossomed with a big smile as she took his arm, her greedy fingertips sliding over his biceps appreciatively.

        "Thank you...", she chuckled. "You look good enough to eat.", she emphasized her point by running her tongue across the small point of a tooth, then chomping her teeth lightly.

        Stepping up on tip toe, she whispered a promise hotly against his ear. "Later.."

        The news about the voice put a slight wrinkle of concern in her otherwise smooth brow. Valeska was not sure distraction was the right answer in this situation. If Dejah had heard this voice since the time he was awakened, it clearly meant something. All she knew was how it made him feel, and she did not like it. It made her..worried in some way she could not define, though she had a definite sense of something unpleasant.

        "What is it..she telling you?", she asked quietly, exiting their suite into the richly appointed hall. They made their way to the turbolift together.


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          "You've remembered the gender," Dejah said the heated promise still dancing about in his mind. "I would rather forget myself and get on to that little dessert you have promised."

          The turbolift doors closed, and Dejah knew he had to answer. There was nothing he could do to get Valeska's mind off of it now that he mentioned, and the fact he was uneasy about it, that didn't help matters. Valeska seemed to be in tune with his emotions, feelings, insecurities, and his worries. Letting out a sigh, the answer came.

          "She wants me to go to the club. For all I know this a voice, but since learning telepathic communication from Aldan, I am not sure it is just a voice. What if it is the person who made me?"

          That was Dejah's fear. He was afraid he would meet his creator, and the purpose for his existence would be revelaed and tear him away from Valeska and the Penumbra. He knew of the abandonment she had experienced through her life, and Dejah did not want to be just another one of the men that left her. He truly cared for, and dare he admit, loved, her. This was why he was so uneasy. He feared his purpose would make him just one more that brought pain to the woman he desired.


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            The fact that this voice wanted Dejah to go to the club, Valeska's first response was to forget the whole thing and go right back upstairs. Stepping closer, she slid her arms around Dejah and held him, sensing his fear. Rhakghouls hadn't scared him, but whatever this voice was, did.

            "I don't like it.", she felt she should make that clear. "But, I don't think we should hide from it either. If it's someone like that, we will deal with it together. I told you, no one is getting you back from me."

            She had meant her embrace only to be comforting, but somehow it turned passionate. Pulling his face to hers, Valeska kissed Dejah until she was senseless to the fact that the lift doors had opened and other passengers were stepping in. Caught making out, like naughty teenagers, Valeska failed utterly at keeping a straight face for the remainder of the ride down to the lobby, locked in mixture of lust and hilarity. She waited until they exited to laugh about it though, and then just resumed kissing Dejah.

            "Come on... let's go get a drink." All they needed now was to catch a ride.


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              "I don't like it either," he had managed before Valeska's comforting embrace had seen them kissing once again.

              It seemed the two were inseparable, literally inseparable. There was a bit of embarrassment when they had been caught making out as the doors opened. The poor child who didn't understand why her parents covered her eyes brought a small chuckle out of the clone as the pair stepped to the back of the lift. They had a good laugh about it after they were in lobby and clear of the spectators, but Dejah was still feeling a bit uneasy. There was something Valeska needed to know if the spit was about to hit the fan, or however that phrase went.

              "Taxi," Dejah hollered with a grin and a speeder can stopped in front of them. "I've always wanted to do that."

              The speeder cab was really part of a limo service from the hotel they were staying, the back was private from the driver, so what they were saying wouldn't be over heard. Hopefully the driver knew where they were going.

              "Look before we go, you need to know a couple things. I think I told you I was cloned from a Jedi, but before I came to Ruusan I had discovered who. His name was Judah Lesan and he apparently had some powerful enemies among the Sith. One took his arm, and then some psycho witch took four of his fingers on a trip he took to Dathomir. He has a family, a daughter, and wife, at least I think they're married. That wasn't exactly clear on the information inwas able to dig up. That's who I'm protecting, him and his family."

              Dejah kissed Valeska again, just because her kisses had a way of keeping his head clear.

              "Anyway, you should know."


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                Valeska just grinned like a goofball as Dejah got the air taxi drivers attention. She'd already made their travel arrangements for them, for now and for later when they would return together. If they were this wound up now, the ride back up the turbolift should be twice as entertaining, she licked her lips at the possibilities rushing through her mind. None of which would allow for other passengers..

                Settling into her seat, she curled her body toward Dejah's as much as possible while still in her own seat. Keeping one of his hands between both of hers, she idly ran her fingers over his skin while he talked. The mention of a Dathomiri witch brought a bit of a scowl to Valeska features. Not so, the mention of the Jedi Judah Lesan or his family. Them she just pondered for a while in silence before nodding in approval.

                "Right." If protecting this family was important to Dejah, it would be important to her too. Not that Valeska had any love for the Jedi, they had been initially sort of awful to her on her one and only trip to visit their homeworld of Yavin VIII. It was her opinion that they were mistrustful, and judgmental in the extreme. But that did not matter. She had many strong opinions of the Sith as well, and yet managed to care very much about her family among them.

                "You know, Dejah. One of my aunts is among the Sith. I've personally never met her, but I know of her. Technically speaking, Elena is not my aunt. She is a clone, a clone of my father Vega. From what I understand she was brought into consciousness with a lifetime of his memories already in her mind, but I digress. My point is, she is part of the family. She is one of them, despite how she was born. Now she is their sister. So my point, sweetheart, is that it is not surprising that you would be interested in Judah Lesan, and his family. Technically speaking, he's kind of your brother."

                "So.. I will help you however I can."
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                  Dejah smiled. It was good to know she understood where he was coming from, though he didn't quite see Judah as a brother. Nevertheless, he understood the point she was making, and held her close as the pair was taken to the club. The one had no idea how Valeska had known about this place, and likely didn't want to. The rules were simple, masks at all times, no violence, and no offensive use of the force. Dejah could abide by those. He was only just learning after all. Weapons were checked at the entrance as they were not allowed as well.

                  Dejah got out of their transportation, his hand offered to Valeska as he helped her out. He kissed her, the atmosphere of the club already intoxicating his senses.

                  "Hmmm, I think this was a good idea, and let's do or best to enjoy ourselves. I don't want to think about this mystery if we can avoid it. I am here with the most beautiful woman on the face of the universe, and I intend to enjoy now, and more thoroughly, later."

                  With that, Dejah escorted Valeska to the entrance, and nodded to the bouncer as they walked into the main part of the club.


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                    Valeska made a zipping gesture across her lips, to indicate she would say no more for now. They deserved a little down time. The beat of the club's music was already calling to her, even from outside. She had forgotten just how much she liked this place. The last time she had been here she had been looking out for someone else, not really out to enjoy herself. This time would be different, she was looking forward to getting just a little wild, and she couldn't think of anyone she would rather be with to do that than Dejah.

                    As if the club itself agreed with her plan, there was a sudden flare up of bright lights as a pyrotechnic display of godly proportions erupted around the interior. Serpents heads reared back above the doors above them, and at other locations around the club, alternately blowing a steady stream of smoking tendrils out their nostrils, or spewing flames from their mouths, above the crush of bodies. It seemed the sound system was made to synch up with the effects of the strobing lights which played amid the overall permeating haze.

                    At the signal from the dragons heads, other visual delights came out to tease the senses of the patrons. Cages were lowered from the ceilings, each with a different 'demon dancer' imprisoned inside. Little horned headbands decorated the heads of dancers who incorporated either fiery batons, sizzling whips, or hoops of flame swirling around their nubile forms. The effect was certainly attention grabbing. Even Valeska stopped to admire them for a while, already an appreciative study of their moves.

                    "Welcome to La Maschera..", she turned her masked features toward Dejah with a grin.

                    She was tempted to tell Dejah she'd heard a rumor once that the owner was some sicko who liked to spike the drinks with psychoactive ingredients just to see what the effects would have on the crowd. Thinking of Maalik drew Valeska's indigo eyes upward toward the balcony if the VIP lounge. There had been movement there just a second ago, or so she would have sworn. It was a bit hard to tell with all the mist rolling around. It would be easy to get disoriented in here tonight, she thought. So, it was almost entirely concern for Dejah's well being that had her pulling him hard against her.

                    "So what do you think?"


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                      "I think I'm glad you're wearing what you are," Dejah said as he gave his attention back to Valeska.

                      The environment itself was so much to take in it was its own distraction. Valeska had chosen well and put together an ensemble that would keep him from wandering off into the many wonders of the club. His blue eyes followed hers as she looked to the lounge as though she knew someone here. Was there reason to worry? Dejah shrugged it off. This was his kind of place, and he was going to enjoy it.

                      "There is much to get lost in," he said as his hips began to move with the music. "Where to begin?"

                      The clone wanted to unwind. This was his element. The kind of place he'd made a lot of credits in a matter of months. It had been a place like this he had left just prior to meeting Valeska in the first place. It had been the last time he had heard the voice until coming to this club. The voice had quieted again. He was it wanted him. For now he would enjoy himself.

                      His right arm wrapped around Val's waist as he pulled her even closer to him. The music had taken over, and he was clearly displaying the natural rhythm he possessed. Perhaps it would be a surprise to her, but Dejah was having fun.

                      "We can get a drink when you get tired of dancing with me!"


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                        Behind the mask, one of Valeska's dark brows shot up and she shook her head. Both of her arms wrapped around Dejah's neck, keeping her pressed tightly against him. In all seriousness, she trailed one perfectly manicured fingertip over his lips. "We would both perish of thirst before that happened." It was the truth.

                        Although ultimately she was looking forward to getting back to their suite, she could not deny the immediate pleasure it gave her to be here with him. She'd never come to La Maschera with someone before, and Dejah looked so amazing. She was fully prepared to enjoy every moment of their night together, wherever that led. Moving closer into the room where other people were dancing, Valeska backed away slowly into a splash of red light that came and went. When the light touched on her, she crooked one finger to Dejah, willing him to her side once more.


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                          "We wouldn't want that to happen," Dejah said with a playful grin as he nibbled at her finger teasingly.

                          His smirk only grew as Valeska beckoned him to come to her. As though the force itself carried him, Dejah moved as her finger commanded his approach. The truth was he wanted her, constantly. Since they had taken their relationship deep into the realm of being lovers, Dejah had found his thoughts completely filled with Valeska. His desire was for her constantly, as if something in him had been awakened within him. His appetite for the lupine was insatiable.

                          The clone closed the distance between them as his right arms wrapped around her waist once more. A firm hand on her back pulled the brunette close to him once again as his left hand gently held her jaw, moving it to expose her neck. Dejah moved in like a beast for the kill as his lips pressed to her neck, the ends of his teeth grazing against her flesh as well.

                          "Perhaps I shall simply drink my fill of you this evening. You are truly all I thirst for."


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                            There was something to be said for the combination of strobe lighting and the smoky haze that enveloped the crowd with it's warm embrace, swirling and swaying between the bodies that did likewise. Each flash of light was like a single frame of a holo-vid, creating a jerking, stuttering vision of reality. It was during one of these snapshots that Valeska had glanced up through the smoke at the VIP area of the club and glimpsed a figure, balanced quite effortlessly upon the chromed railings that ran around the circular balcony. By the time Dejah's eyes had followed Valeska's gaze, as quickly as the light had illuminated the watcher, the darkness and smoke reclaimed had him, only for him to have disappeared by the next flash.

                            A hallucination? Some might think so, especially those under the influence of the spices with which they chose to accent their night of celebration. In reality, the masked figure had simply stepped from the railing in the brief darkness, dropping rapidly into the crowds below. How he managed to avoid landing upon anyone was anybody's guess, although he himself suspected he knew the reason. He had become attuned to movement of the crowds, watched the music's affect on them every night. He could predict where the gaps were going to appear, where a reveler might be pulled close by a lover, a stranger or a friend and leave a void for a few moments before the sea of dancers merged once more.

                            Moving through the crowds, he felt the hands of those closest to him, those who had realized who he was and reached out to touch the being who had created this place for them. Smiles and looks of shock were present upon their faces, as if they couldn't believe he was real. Many myths and rumors had circulated about the mysterious owner of La Maschera, much to his amusement. Some said that the twisted jester's mask he sported was not a mask at all, but his real face. Some said he was something more than human. Ironically, neither were far from the truth. The mask and the name that went along with it had become his identity. He could not remember the last time he went without them, at least not when he was with others. Only when alone was the face behind the mask revealed, as there were few left alive outside of the court on Ruusan who had ever laid eyes upon it. Here in this club, he was complete. This was his home. Passing through the crowds like a ghost as often as joining in with the celebration, or effortlessly balancing on the railing of the VIP area and watching over his domain, like a benevolent deity, he felt his people's joy like prayers.

                            He moved silently through the pulsating masses, snaking his way toward the objects of his curiosity without so much as brushing against those around him. His lips formed around the words and the Force cast them outward from his mind as he spoke to the man who embraced Valeska.

                            Good evening, Relic... finally we meet...

                            As if attuned to his mysterious actions, the music changed. Orchestral music began to build, before powerful voices rang out, the drum-beat rising behind them before the deafening, inevitable drop that sent the crowds into a frenzy as the dragon-heads erupted flame, bathing the roaring masses in light. Despite the noise, his words would still ring clear within Dejah's mind.

                            Seraphine has told me much about you... I knew it was only a matter of time before we welcomed you into this world of mine...


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                              It was a really good thing that Dejah had such a good hold around her just then. By all the gods! The way he held her, the feel of his teeth scraping dangerously over the beating pulse at her neck, and his words left her wanting him to do just that. To devour her. It was all too much. Valeska went pliant in his arms in an instant, her head tipping back even further to let him have his way. She loved how Dejah made her feel. She loved everything about him.. She loved...him. Her mind was made up, she was going to tell him tonight, but later. No masks. Just them..

                              Lifting her head once more, Valeska was about to give Dejah the highlights of exactly what she wanted to do with him just then, but she stopped before the words ever passed her lips. Sensing something, or someone, drawing near. She had a suspicion, and it was confirmed a moment later, in dramatic fashion. The music changed, lights erupted again, and in the space between one note and the next, he was there.


                              She clearly saw his masked visage, however briefly in the illuminations. Her grin grew by measures wondering if her friend remembered their conversation regarding informed decisions. She had a desire to make a few of her own tonight.