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  • Unveiling The Devil [Isamaya]

    Adan hadn't expected to return Corellia so soon. He had done extended work to stop a terrotist cell that had been targeting civilian places, causing innocents to be injured in the process. The group was restless and dangerous. Following interrogation by other NRIS employees, he had been called for for a field mission.

    A trail had been found to a company located on the South continent of Corellia, far away from Coronet City and other big urban centers. He had been assigned with a representative from the political branch, who seemed good for business.

    They were to make contact with the company during a professional conference in the city where they had the headquarters. He was to play personal assistant to the woman, which was fine by him, even though she was younger than he was.

    "Any last particular thing I should be aware of before I bring you caf for the next days, Miss?" He asked with a grin, though was serious about it, as their vehicule was en route to the conference center.

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    Blue eyes scanned the information that Intel had provided on the gang as well as what they would allow to be known from the interrogations. She knew Esme well enough to not ask questions beyond what they were willing to give. Having been a bounty hunter in another life, she understood discretion as well as plausible deniability. They had enough for the meeting and she would gain the rest while they were there.

    Turning off the data pad, she placed it back into her jacket pocket, glancing to Adan as he drove and grinned. "You've been briefed on more than I have, I'm sure," Isamaya turned her attention back to the road ahead of them, the verdant river valley they passed through on their way to the large town of Grantham. "I definitely want to know what's going on with Thad and his affiliations to this gang. It's not going to be easy to link the two, but that's where your talents come in. I'll try and do what I can to keep Mister Culann busy and get him to loosen up enough to give me something we can use."
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      "Frankly, we didn't see this tie to Thad come. We tracked down people from this terrorist cell to different cities on Corellia, but it was a very late development, though it was verified." Adan explained, not having been involved in the interrogation process following the capture of the cell members. CorSec had chosen to do most of the work themselves, and the NRIS had been contacted afterwards for some final joint sessions.

      "I'm good at mingling, one of my forte. Prefer that to having to hack and wish for my textbook." He smirked. He was a mingling type of agent, and even more he was an interrogator, having been one of CorSec's top ones back in the day.


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        "Amazing how that happens," she grinned, knowing firsthand how some names surfaced that weren't thought of when doing an investigation or on a hunt. Everyone had friends and acquaintances that they liked to keep quiet, as well as fences and other contacts that helped keep the machine running under the radar. "I recall several cases lately of Imperial agents being caught manipulating some of our assets or business partners. I'd learn after the fact from Intel reports of a contractor that had been working both sides against the middle for months without us even knowing."

        Sometimes she hated not using businesses that they knew well and had a great rapport with for years, but some needed a cheaper alternative. However, she had seen that some gangs and the criminal world was a bit different beast, though not too different sometimes.

        Blue eyes glanced to her driver once again. "I hope Grantham has a nice spa," she posed as more of a question.

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          "Things have been turbulent lately for sure. Some people say it's the war, but times of peace are also perfect for spying." Adan remarked, remembering his days in CorSec, where when everything seemed fine, many used the calm surface of things to pull many bad strings in the shadow.

          He chuckled to her question about the spa. "I think there is a very good one in the area. One of my cousins is from the area, further by the moutain. She sometimes comes to this city, and one of the reasons is the spa. Who knows? Maybe it's part of Grantham's facilities, as the man seems to have fingers in multiple pies."


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            Nodding, she was learning more and more about the older agent as time went on and as they neared the outskirts of the large resort town, she began to take in the architecture and grounds of the wealthier neighborhood. No doubt owned by businessmen that only came out here for weekends or holiday, the manicured lawns and tree-lined avenue smacked of money. One way that their target for this meeting could afford his notoriety and anonymity at the same time. Being untouchable was an amazing talent that some criminals enjoyed, but usually not for very long. The only thing that she didn't like being in the dark about was how big his organization was.

            "Your cousin live like this," she queried as they were passed by an expensive sports speeder going the opposite way, a convertible with two well dressed debutante's inside, laughing at some inside joke.

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              "There has to be one in every family. The one who succeeded so hard, they forget that money doesn't make everything." Adan answered with a smirk. He still liked his cousin, but she was a spoiled brat now and he was sometimes worried about her. His sister lived well on Talus, but just like him, they liked living with enough money but their life wasn't based solely on this.

              "Here we are." He said as he parked the speeder on the VIP section of the lot. Once they had both left their vehicle, they were greeted by one of the vallets at once. "Greetings. I am Fileno and will assist you during your stay here."

              Adan had to refrain from rolling his eyes. A bleeping babysitter was all they needed! He nodded and offered her briefcase to Isamaya, letting her do the talking for now, since he was her assistant.


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                Stepping from the speeder, she closed the door and then noted the valet who approached them, taking the briefcase from Adan as the young, well dressed man greeted them. Interesting name too, she mused. Grinning at him, she tried her best not to make a joke at his expense.

                "Greetings Fileno," she produced her ident card and showed it to him. "I'm a representative with the New Republic and we're here for the conference. I and my personal assistant have a reservation here as well as a full itinerary, unless things have changed."

                "Pleasure to meet you, ma'am," he glanced at the identity and then smiled, playing his part. "I have your room passcards and I've been briefed about the arrangements that your office has made, so if you'll follow me," he motioned toward the turbolift door. Leading them, he touched the button on the small panel and they waited. "How was your trip here?"

                "Great, thanks. I've been here several times before and always enjoy it, but I have to say, this is the first time that we've visited Grantham. Nice place to hold a conference though," she glanced towards the distant trees that vainly obscured the view to the beach.

                "Several of the organizers were catering to the wishes of the various philanthropists that help fund these, so," he informed as the doors slid aside and allowed them into the lift. Tapping the button to the twelfth floor, Fileno backed. "Nice to get away from the city finally," he grinned, though his pleased look seemed a bit acted to her. "Traffic's nowhere near as bad and there's very little in the way of the events that are planned on the side and we don't have to pre-schedule the caterers a year in advance here either."

                "Telos is nearly that bad, but not quite." Blue eyes glanced to the numbers clicking by until 12 arose and the lift stopped. Soon, they were in the clean and newly renovated interior of the hotel and she could immediately tell that the owners of the establishment had spent a ton in preparation of the event.

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                  Adan produced his indent card as well to prove his "identity". He liked not having to do the talking right away, so he could have eyes and ears everywhere. He was good at mingling, but he was even better at observing, or do the talking if it was for an interrogation with him the one in charge of the questioning.

                  "The lack of packed traffic certainly does wonders to everyone's mood and schedule." He briefly observed as they were shown across the resort.

                  As they reached the floor in which they had their respective rooms, Adan tipped the valet and said he would be in touch with him shortly. The man nodded politely and was on his way. As the productive assistant he was, it would only be normal for the NRIS Field Agent to be in touch with the man to ensure that his superior's time here unfolded perfectly.

                  Not wishing to intrude, he went straight for his room and then went for a sweep to ensure nothing was hidden, as he then checked his luggage. He packed light, always had.


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                    Finely left them without further ado and Isamaya headed to her room, entering it and setting her suitcase upon the floor inside the closet. Scanning the plush accommodations, she knew that they would give the New Republican officials nice rooms and she wasn't disappointed. Having gotten used to the new life, the representative freshened up in the bathroom and then moved out through the bedroom and to the living room. Windows looked out over the water and the vista was gorgeous, having not seen this island before, the area was perfect not only for entertaining dignitaries, but also far enough from the city to keep secret liaisons private.

                    Stepping from the room, she moved to Adan's across from her and knocked. Nodding to a quartet of well dressed guests, she noted the female seemed to wear a unique broach with heraldry on it. Something that she hadn't seen before and being fairly well acquainted with the guest list, was at a loss.

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                      Adan refreshed after taking care of his light luggage. He was ready to move back to sight seeing as there was no actual reception on the schedule until in three hours, which was the pre opening of the conference, with only a few selected guests, including Isamaya and him, invited.

                      When he heard the knock, he saw that it was his colleague and opened the door with a smile, stepping outside. Right on cue, he caught how her gaze lingered upon another woman for a moment. The broach wasn't lost on him either. He racked his brain to try to figure it out. Heraldy wasn't bound to show up so easily around here, and especially not a sign from an old family from the Inner Rim, technically from the Hapan Cluster. "House Ander'ak." He whispered to Isamaya.

                      That was unexpected, and he would be careful to keep that in mind though wouldn't let it distract him.

                      "We shall check out the reception hall and grab some refreshments, ma'am. I also need to straighten out some details for your schedule here with Fileno."


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                        Taking in the name of the family that Adan mentioned, she wasn't sure why any of the noble houses from Hapes would be here, but mentally stuffed it away for later. Perhaps there was more to this convention than she was expecting. Nodding to her supposed aide, the representative moved toward the turbolift cluster and waited for one to arrive on their floor, the noble and her entourage having already disappeared into a distant room. Glancing around, she ensured that they were alone for the moment, "I know I didn't ask before, but we do have a strategy for leaving here should things go south, right?"

                        Having been a bounty hunter and training initially with Esme before leaving Adumar, she had gotten used to having things in place before going into a mission, but she was working with another department in this one and hadn't been totally briefed on everything that wasn't necessarily hers to deal with. Soon, the doors slid aside and allowed them into the lift's plush interior. An older couple stood together, seemingly here on vacation and smiled at Adan.

                        The stately woman cleared her throat, eyeing Adan. "You have a lovely daughter, sir. Your wife must be lovely."

                        Smiling at her companion, Isamaya slipped her arm into the crook of Adan's and leaned into his arm slightly. "She is, thank you."

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                          As the woman he was teaming up with inquired about their exit strategy, Adan nodded. "We have two. The preset one, and tonight I'll have a secondary one after checking the area in more depth." He dipped his head. "I am certain that you'll allow your humble assistant to check the scene while you chitchat with a good many suitors at the reception tonight, milady."

                          When inside the lift, he grinned to what the elderly couple told them. He easily fell into the "father" role. He knew many men had no problem dating women young enough to be their daughters, but not him. That was why he never had an improper gesture towards a younger woman as such.

                          "Thank you. My daughter took a lot after her. Angelic with a clever mind."


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                            "Oh," Isamaya patted Adan on the arm, smiling as she played the part. "He's being modest."

                            "You here for the convention as well or just on holiday," the older woman inquired as her apparent husband looked on.

                            "Both, actually."

                            Nodding, brown eyes smiled at Adan, "Well, enjoy your time here. We come here every year," she smiled at her husband, "He proposed to me on the beach here, over fifty-two years ago."

                            Isamaya admired the couple even more now as she straightened again. "Congratulations on your anniversary then."

                            "Thank you."

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                              "Seems only right to spoil her a bit while I still can." Adan said with a fond smile, always easily falling into the part of the father or the uncle. He let Isamaya do some of the talking. "Congratulations indeed."

                              As the woman and him exited the lift, they headed outside of the main building, taking a walkway across the park of the resort, so they could check the scenery.

                              The Corellian's attention wandered across many areas and people. And there was one building that intrigued him. He checked on the holo map they had been given. It said "supply warehouse" but it made no sense to him given the location.

                              "Avoid to pass by this building. The other pathways work as well, but this one isn't normal." He relayed in a whisper.