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    Akilah, adorned in her grey HAZMAT suit over the body glove, moved into the briefing room with helmet in hand. Appearing more like a stormtrooper than anything, she was beginning to get more of an appreciation for those soldiers now, having to endure all this in combat. She preferred being free, though less protected. Standing around the holoprojector, several analysts and the area's director glanced to the senior operative as she walked in and joined them, then to the Chiss as well.

    "Sir," she greeted and gained a quiet nod as they finalized several things.

    Finally, the section chief turned to them and touched a button on the panel before him, the wireframe image of a large building now in view. "This morning, there was an earthquake that exposed a virus. Sensor operators aboard the Bandomeer picked up the signature during a routine scan. Normally, this wouldn't be of any import, but we've uncovered some other troubling news and I need you two to recover all the evidence from this clinic. Leave nothing behind. You'll be given a case to secure these vials in."

    Inserting a link to her datapad, she copied the layout of the clinic as he continued.

    "The local town of Lage is known to have a large contingent of thugs that you'll need to avoid at all costs. Extraction will take place here," the view shifted north and away from the town to a hilly region, surrounded by forests. "Secondary extract is two miles west," he revealed another spot as the topography shifted to another small opening in the forest. "Here."

    Adding those locations to her data pad, she then removed the link and closed the file.

    "Any questions?"

    Akilah's brown eyes glanced to Valerian, whom she had never worked with before.