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  • Motherly Stroll [Aurelia]

    Why don't we have zoos on Csilla? They are great! She smiled as she looked down at her son, Garrus. The little boy - three year old by Chiss standards but more akin to a human seven year old, had been reticent about moving to Bastion a couple of months ago. She was glad to see how he loved his new school and was interested in all the museums and other places of interest. He was curious about everything and wasn't complaining about having to speak Basic most of the time as often as he did at first.

    I am glad that you like the zoo. She squeezed his hand and he rested his head against her for a moment. By Chiss standards, they were a bit too close even for mother and son. Maybe it was because her son was the only one she had allowed to be affectionate with her, and vice versa.

    Dressed in brown tones, a discreet reminder of the colors of her birth house, she was going through the park with Garrus. They might go have a treat somewhere, probably pie for him!

    With her military training, she didn't have much off time, but always made sure to spend it with Garrus. She had arranged with her cousin Teta, who watched over him when duty called, so he was done with his homework early that day.

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    Pushing Ronan's stroller ahead of her, Aurelia kept an eye out, but she had yet to see any of the "quackers" that Ronan loved to see. She supposed the ducks stuck to the park for their own reasons! It was just a happy moment for her that her son - still under a year old - was content with the walk and the other animals she showed him.

    Peeking down at him, Auri saw Ronan was still quite awake and looking wide-eyed at the path they were currently walking. A Chiss mother and son were coming in the opposite direction.

    "Hello," she said politely, nodding to them both.


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      She looked at the human lady pushing her young child in a stroller. She offered a quiet smile, not one to easily show emotions as a Chiss. Hello. Her son suddenly wandered off, stopping by a small pond further away. Mum, what are they? She looked at the little feathery creatures.

      They are some kind of birds, but I don't know the species. She had never seen any ducks before, and her knowledge of wild life outside of Chiss space was rather limited.


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        Auri knew when Ronan spotted the ducks because of his squeal of utter delight! She and Nikole had no idea what it was about the "quackers" that tickled his fancy so, but he surely loved them. Aurelia came to a stop and crouched beside his stroller, pointing out at the ducks on the grass and the small pond.

        "There they are, Ro-Ro! It's your quackers!"

        He squealed again, flapping his arms up and down.

        "Ah, as Ronan says, those would be the ducks," she said with a chuckle, looking to the Chiss family.


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          Garrus didn't dare move, fascinated by the creatures. Ashar looked at the baby who squealed in his stroller. It seems they have quite an effect on both our sons. She replied with a thin smile.

          Did you hear, Garrus? They are called ducks.
          The young Chiss looked at the brunette human. What is the other name you gave them, ma'am? Quackers? I like this.

          She wasn't surprised by this. The word was very Basic sounding and her son was finding it interesting to hear and say different sounds with improving his language skills.


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            Aurelia smiled at the young boy, Garrus.

            "They're really just called ducks. Duck for just one. Ducks for two," she explained while Ronan flapped. "The sound they make goes quack, quack, quack. So, Ronan's momma and I call them the quackers."

            Auri stood and lifted Ronan out of his stroller. Cradling him in her arms, she pointed him toward his beloved quackers which he watched with rapt attention. It cracked her up how fascinated he was by them!

            "So, yes. This is Ronan. I'm Aurelia," she said with a second polite nod and smile.


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              Garrus looked at the human lady with strong interest. One duck and two ducks then. Thank you. He said solemnly, his thirst for learning obvious. He soon returned his attention to the quackers, tilting his head as his crimson eyes observed every move they made.

              Ashar smiled to the imperial woman, appreciating her patience with her son. Pleasure meeting you Aurelia and Ronan. I am Ashar and this is my son Garrus.

              She looked at the baby who seemed fascinated by the ducks. Your son already looks so bright and attentive.


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                "Thank you. We believe he is, but of course, we are likely quite biased," Aurelia said with a chuckle. "And Garrus is quite the polite young man here..."

                Even though he was far younger than Ronan had been in her vision, Garrus' steadiness of presence made her think of that dream just the same. Auri smiled to herself, remembering it in rich detail. She smiled.

                "It's a nice day for a trip through the zoo, isn't it?" she remarked conversationally.

                Unscripted chatter had never been Aurelia's thing, but she was learning the longer she'd been in Imperial service. Sometimes, small talk was absolutely necessary!


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                  Being biased doesn't mean we can't recognize our children' qualities. She replied with a very faint grin, her Chiss upbringing always making her difficult to read for most people, especially outside of her species.

                  It is our first time in a zoo. I like it a lot. Garrus peeped before returning his attention on the ducks, which amused his mother.

                  I have little time off duty so I arranged a surprise visit here. Ravelin has a lot to offer.


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                    "It does indeed."

                    She smiled, remembering when she first met Nikole and how she wanted to see Ravelin's museums.

                    "There are a number of cultural opportunities, aside from many child-friendly restaurants and cafes," Aurelia remarked. "Knowing the latter well is a bonus."

                    Auri shifted Ronan in her arms and he snorted at her. She chuckled and make the quacker noise, earning a chortle instead.


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                      She knew that her small talk skills weren't always up to par with humans' but she was making efforts now that she lived in imperial space. I try to... She pursed her lips, annoyed with herself for hesitating about some words in Basic at times. Make sure my free time is devoted to Garrus.

                      The boy was surprised when one of the ducks trotted a tad closer to him. He didn't move so he wouldn't scare the little bird.

                      I am still learning a lot and not just new ships to fly.


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                        Aurelia's lips twitched in an enigmatic smile. By what Ashar had said, she expected that she was in the military, and that confirmed it.

                        "What model is your favorite thus far?" she asked. "I tend to know my way around Imperial and non-Imperial ships..."


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                          She was relieved when Aurelia seemed to know about Imperial and non-imperial ships. I am glad that my attempt at small talk didn't make you wonder what you got yourself into. Human society is still new to me. She said with a hint of dry humor.

                          Then, she answered the question. I especially flew Nssis-class Clawcrafts, but I like the Scimitar bombers and am starting to develop a strong inclination towards Ties of various kinds.


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                            "I feel the same way, some days," Aurelia replied dryly, though she was clearly Human herself.

                            At that moment, Ronan snorted. Aurelia chuckled to herself, imagining he'd picked that up from Nikole, because that was the exact sort of reaction she would've given to that quip!

                            "I only know Clawcrafts by reputation, but I've always been impressed by them," she said. "I think there's a lot that Sienar and our other top contractors could learn from Chiss design, both from an aesthetic view and from a practical engineering."

                            Aurelia paused and winked at Ashar.

                            "I can speak your kind of small talk."


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                              She had sometimes felt a little bit like a fish out of water in Chiss space, but here in imperial territory, she did feel as she was: alien. She was proud of her background and skills, but all of this was still so fresh to her. At least, Garrus was getting used to all of this well.

                              I served as naval instructor for most of the recent years, until I returned to the skies when coming here. If you are interested in hearing more about the Clawcrafts let me know. I am used to make things understandable. Or so I heard. She grinned faintly, her humor showing up a little more at times when on Bastion.

                              The maneuverability of some of the imperial crafts impressed me. It is quite new and a good challenge can do wonders. At this moment, her son perked up and came by her side, looking seriously at Aurelia. I didn't know humans could do the same kind of... Small talk as my mom does.

                              Ashar rested her hand on her son's head and smiled to him. Is this a compliment? She asked, quirking a brow. Her son looked at both his mother and the human lady. Yes, because I don't see you talk like this much.