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  • Out of the Woods [Akilah]

    The last weeks had been plain crazy for Sebarek. The paperwork to adopt the little girl named Yoko had gone as smoothly as possible, but he had had to go through several interviews, which he fully understood. In between, he had got used to his desk work with the Intelligence Bureau.

    Two weeks ago, he had finalized the purchase of a house, in the suburbs of Ravelin. He had ensured that it was a safe and child friendly area, with some good schools. Yoko was only two year old, but he wanted to do his best for her.

    Yoko had arrived there a week before. She had become used to him since the tragic mission as he had always visited her when she was in the center for children. He was taking things slow, letting her see him as a guardian, not trying to force him as a father figure. He wanted to give her a family life, so her well being was what mattered most to him.

    The child was rather quiet but loved the terrace and spent a lot of time there, drawing. The therapist had told him that she had been drawing a lot since she had lost her parents, so he let her do this without problems.

    He was reading while she was drawing when he saw a speeder stop by in the alley. He had let Akilah know that she could drop by for a caf and see the new place whenever.

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    Having stopped by a store on the way, Akilah set aside some time for a visit now that Sebarek had gained not only a new daughter, but also a large house for them to enjoy. As she drove down the street toward the new place, the neighborhood already gave her some insights as to the price range and she was surprised at the home once she arrived. Pulling up, she stopped and then turned off the ignition, then stepped out with a large bag in her hand. The yard was still in progress with the young trees having recently been planted, but there was more than enough room for the young girl to run around in.

    Climbing the stairs to the terrace, the agent noticed the little girl drawing and grinned. Glancing to Sebarek as she ascended to the stone floored terrace, "Wow, this is gorgeous. You two go in on this together," she queried, assuming that Sebarek's boyfriend was living with them as well.

    Stopping short of Yoko, she crouched and listened to the response and then set the bag near the little girl. "Got something for you," she grinned and dipped her right hand into it, pulling out a large drawing tablet and some crayons. "Think down the road we can get you into paints, if you want." Though she knew that would be a while and in a more controlled area where the paint wouldn't get anywhere it wasn't supposed to be.

    Smiling, Yoko accepted the items and looked them over for a long moment before showing Akilah what she had been working on.

    "Wow, that's really nice," Akilah smiled, leaning over and inspecting the artwork.


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      "Good to see you!" Sebarek beamed to Akilah as his friend climbed up the stairs to the terrace. "I fell in love with this. The architecture reminds me a bit of Lorrd." He suddenly realized that she was refering to his boyfriend. "I hope he'll like it when he comes here." They were still early in their relationship but he wanted to believe that Galven and him were in together for the long haul. "He should visit soon."

      He smiled as he watched Akilah give her gift to Yoko. The little girl seemed to recognize her after staring at her for a moment. He was happy to see Yoko show Akilah what she had been drawing. Some darker material showed up in some of her creations, but only faintly, which was considered a good sign by the therapist. She did have nightmares and preferred sleeping with a light on.

      "She thinks the kitchen makes for a good workshop."
      Yoko looked at him and grinned. "You did think that spices are fun to make drawings or somewhat painting with, didn't you?" She nodded with fervor.

      "Can I get you anything to drink, Akilah?"


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        "A lot of great times happen in the kitchen and around the table," she agreed and watched how Yoko seemed to have lightened up a lot, though she was young and it seemed that most her age were rarely hurt long by traumatic events. It was amazing sometimes. Sitting up on her heels, she folded the bag as he offered something to drink.

        "Actually, yeah. Thanks. Anything's fine." She turned her attention back to the little girl who then went back to her drawing, then began taking out some of the colors to use. Though she hadn't had younger nieces or nephews yet, this still felt a bit surreal.


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          "Very much so!" Sebarek had also chosen this house because of its amazing kitchen. Though born in a noble family, they all loved cooking, so spending time in the kitchen more than the dining room when just on their own had been common!

          "I'll get us all something then." He smiled and left Yoko with Akilah, knowing that the little girl risked nothing as such. He quickly gathered some tea for his friend and him and brought some juice to the little girl.

          "Here we go." He took a seat and watched the child in silence for a moment. When she reached out to drink, he knew that she was very decisive and liked doing some things herself, but even with the lighter goblet, she eventually spilled some, though thankfully not on her drawings.

          "Hey, let's clean up." He said patiently and grabbed a napkin to do as he said. After the accident was taken care off and Yoko returned to her drawing, he grinned to his friend. "Never thought how four younger sisters could come in handy for such things!"


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            "Thanks," she took the drink and sipped. Folding the bag, she held it and watched as Yoko attempted to drink like the grown ups and smiled as her juice ended up spilling a bit. Trying to keep it from going too far onto her face, Akilah moved to help, but Yoko did fine on her own, tipping it back and then glanced down to her blouse.

            "Uh oh," she stated, prompting a grin from the agent.

            "It's okay, that's why we've got washing machines," she stated as Yoko looked up to Sebarek who then cleaned her up again. Chuckling, she could imagine him cleaning up after four sisters. "I imagine you eventually wanted a cleaning droid to follow them everywhere too. I would."


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              Sebarek grinned as he helped Yoko clean up. "What auntie Akilah said. And your drawings are safe." The little girl relaxed and beamed before returning to said drawing, adding more colors thanks to what the brunette had brought her, mixing old and new.

              The Lorrdian laughed to what his friend said. "Sadhana and Sabriyya loved to mess up with the cleaning droid. Our mother ended hiring a few maids to trot after us because they couldn't be hacked."


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                Akilah chuckled, "Yeah, but maids can be bribed, so," she shrugged as Yoko seemed to be trying to understand what they were talking about, her eyes darting between the two. "Of course, not that I ever tried that," she feigned innocence.

                Now that Yoko was cleaned up, she went back to her artwork and Akilah was still amazed that she could see some of herself in the little girl and grinned at the fact that she was ever that young. Pushing herself up, she moved a step toward the door. "Yoko, want to show me around your new house," she glanced to Sebarek.


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                  "Oh, they can be..." Sebarek chuckled. "We've been a bunch of crazies while growing up. Now we all try to look respectable." He quirked a brow to what Akilah said with feigned innocence. "Of course you never tried that." He couldn't keep a straight face as he said that.

                  Yoko looked up at Akilah when asked to show the new house. She nodded and got to her feet. As she was about to enter the house, she looked over her shoulder at the Lorrdian. "You come too?" She asked with her big eyes on him.

                  "Sure!" He got to his feet and gathered the drawing materials and empty glasses so if the wind blew, it wouldn't take anything away. As soon as they were inside, he put everything on a nearby table.

                  "The kitchen!" She exclaimed with happiness as she trotted to the room in question. Sebarek grinned as the little girl began to ramble about the big table and counters and tried to explain how she loved the big stools but was too little to climb on them alone.


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                    Having the little girl take her hand and then drag her through the large home was something that made Akilah walk outside her comfort zone, having always been in control before and now she was the one being led. Though the company doing so made it more enjoyable. Once arriving in the kitchen, she looked around and took a moment before allowing Yoko to drag her into the next room. "Wow, this is really nice. Did this come furnished or did you buy all this," she queried, glancing to Sebarek as he placed all her drawing materials on the table.


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                      Sebarek caught subtle cues in Akilah's body language about how Yoko leading the way wasn't the norm for her. He was happy that she seemed to relax some anyway. The little girl seemed elated to be showing the house off. The next room where she took Akilah was the living room, that still had many boxes and wrapped up furniture.

                      "I bought a few new pieces but I had inherited a lot of furniture from relatives. Huge Lorrdian families you know. So I finally had the opportunity to showcase and use them."

                      Yoko poked at one of the boxes. "When no more boxes?" She asked and Sebarek crouched next to her. "Soon!" Yoko pouted. "When is soon?" The Operative smirked. "This month." She frowned but eventually let it go and sauntered away, still leading the way.


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                        Akilah chuckled at the interaction as they moved from the living room and into the study, "See what happens when you get a woman in the house," she smirked. Gaining Yoko's attention, the little girl smiled at her. "Need to keep him in line, right?" A sarcastic query that gained an enthusiastic nod.

                        Taking in the things that he had brought from home, she was getting a fuller picture of life on Lorrd and knew one day she would have to visit that place. Though a trip home was also in the cards eventually, she knew. Her parents never stopped asking, especially for the holidays and festivals, which she enjoyed.


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                          "I can't imagine a house without a woman in it." Sebarek replied with a chuckle. While life was hopefully seeing him settle down with a male partner, having Yoko at home was a blessing. He had grown up surrounded by women and they were important in his life.

                          "Oh so you're already ganging up on me, ladies? My, my!" He chuckled as Akilah confered with a giggling Yoko.

                          They eventually went upstairs where the little girl had her room already set up fully, old things from her old life and some new ones. He had tried to find the middle ground.


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                            Entering the girls' bedroom, Yoko showed her around to all the things and began telling their story which only added a bit of a somber tone to the mood for Akilah, knowing how she lost her parents. But, Yoko seemed unfazed to it all and for that, the agent was glad.

                            "Should be used to the ganging up thing, with four sisters," Akilah shifted gears again, trying to keep the atmosphere lighter. "Bet you miss that."

                            As he replied, Yoko grabbed her hand and dragged her out of her bedroom and into Sebarek's.


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                              Sebarek's mood was wavering as Yoko explained the story of certain of her items in her bedroom. The moment he met Akilah's eyes, he knew that the same was on her mind, as they had been there when the little girl's parents died tragically.

                              He was grateful when she shifted gears. "I am so not going to admit any of this!" He chuckled and winked to his friend. Then Yoko went to show Akilah his room, which still had a lot of boxes in it too.

                              "Boo, boxes."
                              Yoko said before suddenly taking Akilah to the one area that was set up, his walk in closet. "You say one word about this at the office and you'll become auntie something else." He warned with a chuckle.