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A History of Force: Beginning (Alia, PM to join)

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  • A History of Force: Beginning (Alia, PM to join)

    The planet Naboo was a home to a great many things, landscapes, rolling hills, seaside communities, history. The planet was also home to distinct cultures revered galaxy wide, not to mention a recently remodeled luxury estate of an extremely rich venture capitalist and his socialite-philanthropist wife. The home is their's but the property belongs to her brother, a Jedi Master, one who is landing outside the town at his landing bay in the starport. He was here for a reason, having contacted the Jedi Order that while he was available if needed and only a holocall away, he was going to be on a long trip.

    It was one of many expeditions that the massive Jedi Master had been on in his life, his tumultuous turbulent life. It was almost second nature now and just another part of the day for the man who more than once had broken down just wanting a normal life. Now they are his task in the galaxy and while he doesn't like them, he willingly accepts them so that no one else has to. That is why he is going home, to not only pick up Alia' who was going to meet him there, but to talk to Tyria about the news about their ill-begotten if unknown late brother. He was bothered by that, how could he not know. He met the guy on Belsavis, even helped get the man an early release for his efforts helping them.

    Pulling up to the place and stopping outside the lake entrance, Caltin actually smiled marveling at the new look of the place. It was surprising but absolutely no doubt screamed the name of his sister. A laugh came from his lips as he pulled his airspeeder in and settled down in the berth and getting out he walked through the halls looking at all the changes that were made inside. The outside was definitely Tyria, the inside was definitely Arestul's taste... though it looks like Tyria chose the furniture. I'm here! He knew that Alyscia was coming home for a week, finals were done and she was getting ready for an internship on Corellia at the Jedi Compound there, not to mention the twins. What he didn't expect was everyone in one of the common rooms, sitting around chatting and having tea...

    ... with Aliandra.

    Whatever's been said here, I'm denying it. he said with a smirk.

    You have power over your mind, not outside events.
    Realize this and you will find strength.

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    Caltin having to take care of business back on the Jedi moon, which meant that Aliandra had the run of Naboo and the estate. He had called ahead to let his sister know that she would be staying there until his return. Likewise, she had done the same, letting her family know that she was alive and well and doing her partying thing. There was no reason to scramble communications because one - Dalethria or Baska could figure out how to slice through it and realize she was on Naboo and two - they would worry why Aliandra was trying to hid her location. Naboo was a favorite of hers to visit. She just left out the part about staying with her Jedi boyfriend's family while on planet.

    Totally not important at all!

    Now the best part was hanging with Alysica when she came home. With the girl on break, and having been there when Caltin and her had finally become an item, she immediately took to the blonde - swimming, shopping, having dinner and talking. It was weird. Normal even. And a helluva lot of fun! She did keep her wild side toned down since it was Alyscia. Scarring the girl with crazy stories would probably make the big guy angry. Or at least cause a stern lecture with a wagging finger that he was fond of doing.

    But when she felt his presence, Aliandra looked up from her tea cup with a smirk. "I've been denying for you if that helps too!"


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      Actually I was talking to you about them.

      Tyria of course got up and walked over to her little brother putting her arms around him, but not before licking a finger and wiping a smudge off of his chin. "Don't worry little brother, I figured out that she's the 'polka dot dress' already, I approve your determination."

      "So she's the one!" Arestul exclaimed with a bit of a smirk as he was reading from a datapad.

      "I knew it!" Alyscia giggled as she got up and kissed her father on the cheek.

      Kameron just shook his head and smirked as Caltin was gaining a brilliant shade of red across his face. Can we... not... talk about this now?

      "But it's so cute, Daddy... "polka dots"!" Alyscia giggled again squeezing her dad one more time.

      As Caltin sat down next to Alia, he didn't need to look at Tyria to know what she was about to say, or ask at least. Go ahead, ask me how long, when I was going to tell you, all of that. It's been before the "dress" incident, and I was going to tell you when we were ready.

      Tyria actually wasn't going to say anything, she didn't need to as she knew he would bring it up on his own. "Well okay then, and what time tomorrow afternoon will you be leaving?"

      That's when he sat up; Actually I have a few things to grab here and then we have to get going.

      She then flashed that smile, again. "Tomorrow afternoon...". She subtly pointed Alyscia's way. "Your daughter is taking your lady friend to Verdant tonight. Her idea." The smile told him that it wasn't all her idea to take Aliandra to the dance club that Aly's uncle owns. Of course the fact that it is high profile and high energy, and perfect for letting one's wild side out was neither here nor there. Alia does indeed have her wildside, but up until now, Caltin didn't know that Aly had one as well.

      Caltin just looked at her narrowed. Grounded.

      Aly just smiled. "I love you too."

      I'm okay if you are. He looked at Alia for a moment with a smirk, then a little more sullen he looked back at his sister. We need to talk anyway.

      You have power over your mind, not outside events.
      Realize this and you will find strength.


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        She snorted, scrunching her face towards Caltin since the infamous dress was mentioned. Tyria was brilliant, informing the entire family that Aliandra was the one behind the dress. It actually caused a light blush to spread across her cheeks, which was funny by itself because it took a lot to make her embarrassed. This was such a soft, vulnerable moment that the pointy-ear blonde took to sipping her drink and avoided saying anything else that was incriminating. It also helped that the big guy sat down next to her. He fielded the questions as she leaned against him, watching the family talk amongst themselves.

        Such a different atmosphere than mine. It's ... weird. Not a bad weird though. Just ... I don't know. This is more ... what normal beings do? she thought, finding no comparison to how love and playfulness between family members were displayed besides her own. She wasn't used to such openness until she forced her mothers into a promise to be straight with her.

        And now here I am on Naboo with my Jedi boyfriend and his family and they have no idea. The Force had a sense of humor.

        But her mind was cleared of anything troublesome because they were going to the Verdant. "We're seriously going there? Hot damn!! she grinned at Aly's way, ignoring any disapproving glances her way. "So yeah, totally okay."

        Which worked out since brother and sister had to have a chat.


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          Of course the two went to get ready, and no doubt had a treat for Kayla as she was getting ready too, this made sense since Arestul was taking Kameron out for a drive. Of course the adults knew that Kameron was getting a "man to man" talk. Tyria knew that he was involved with a woman, a "Morgie... something or other" but she was actually going to listen to her husband for once and let her son 'fess up on his own. Caltin was busy making himself a monster of a sandwich as the ladies came out of the dressing room for all to see. They looked amazing, beautiful, like targets, like he should go and beat up anyone who looked at any of them twice.

          Of course Caltin took the moment to stand in front of the three of them as they were showing off, and taking holovids of themselves in the mirror. Okay, you know how you can influence people. So I want you to watch out for her, and make sure she gets back in one piece. I know how you get. While he knew exactly where he was going with this, he kept very calm and looked straight ahead.

          Of course Alyscia stopped Kayla from saying anything with a roll of her eyes and a smack on her daddy's arm. "You taught us how to take care of ourselves, Daddy. You know we'll be fine. Alia doesn't have to babysit and you know it." She grinned, but scrunched her nose and squinted her eyes pointing at him in cheap imitation of his "grounded" look. Then she looked Alia's for a moment. "Don't be on your best behavior tonight, I won't tell." She winked and giggled knowing everyone would realize it was all in good fun.

          Caltin however finally met someone's gaze, it was his daughter's. I was talking to you and your cousin. Of course the smacks on the arm were incoming but he couldn't help but laugh at his own joke as he offered a kiss to Alia as Tyria walked into the room. There was of course witty banter among everyone for a few more moments before Tyria kicked the girls out to go and have fun. Then she sat down at one of the sofas with her new cup of tea as he began to eat.

          "You like her don't you? Alot?" She asked with a genuine smile on her face, he knew she wanted him to be happy and fall for someone. Caltin just nodded with a little bit of an embarrassed grin. He was still the "baby brudder" to her and he felt like it right now.

          I do. He kept eating but felt nice about where the conversation was going. It was funny to be talking about his love life with family but it was about time. She had the "I'm not completely convinced about something but will accept it because I love you" smile she didn't always realize that she had. She knew there was something about her that he wasn't telling, but she won't press it, Caltin was SUPER careful about who he trusted outside of family and if she was trusted enough to be here, then that was good enough for her.

          "So, what disaster in the galaxy are you about to tackle?" She said with a smirk as she sipped her tea. Then he stopped, put his sandwich down and began to wring his hands together, the Matriarch of the family knew that it was serious because he NEVER beats around the bush. Getting up and walking over to sit down next to Caltin, she put her hands on his and had a look of fear. "Don't you even think about making me cry... talk little brother."

          Alright... you remember when I was on that prison planet, right? Not the one Mom and Dad were sent to... but the other one? He never went into detail about his Jedi life and work with family and thus never shared family life with Jedi. It was a way of separating the two and letting him protect both sides. He could also "leave work at work" and "leave home at home". So he went on and told her the basics, but he told her about the prisoner he met there, the one who helped them, how he helped reduce the man's sentence and so on. Ultimately he told her more, and more about the man and how he didn't know about any part of this until recently.

          He went on and told her more that ultimately the man made it public that he was a Vanagor. That he was Aric Vanagor, their younger brother, born on Kessel, stuck there, and on Belsavis for most of his life, taken from their parents and from family. He told her how Aric had took his own life, he told her everything, and took her reactions, her anger, everything. He took it all, and then took her in his arms so she could cry. He told her everything.

          She had gone to bed a few hours later, she was exhausted, he was still up, he'd be up for awhile.

          You have power over your mind, not outside events.
          Realize this and you will find strength.


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            Alia was the one insisting that she drive to the club because not only would she take them the quickest route, but she had a durasteel foot on the controls. Thankfully being around the city as much as she had, the blonde was able to know the hot spots that local officials used to watch for speeders and avoided then, or was close to the limit. When they arrived, she let Alyscia do most of the talking since this was a family owned establishment, keeping Kayla company. The girl seem more relaxed and in her element here, but she could also tell her mind was drifting at times.

            "Gonna have fun tonight, right?" she elbowed the young brunette playfully in the side.

            "Oh yeah! Definitely!" the young Jedi smiled back, ushering Alia to follow after Alyscia as they were allowed in. She kind of found it rather awesome to get in ahead of the crowd! "Just happy to get out and do something away from the temple."

            The pointy eared blonde nodded in understanding. "Jedi and fun can be synonymous. I mean, look at your Uncle! Even he can learn," she said, adding a wink, where Kayla laughed.

            The scene was loud and intense, the bass reverberating through the floor as strongly as the crowd dancing on it.

            "All right ladies. What's first?" she asked as being the chaperone (sort of), Aliandra wanted to see what was on the girls to do list.

            Kayla had her eyes on the dance floor. Not that she was severely wound up or anything, but letting off some steam seemed like a good idea!

            "I see what you wanna do." Smiling, emerald eyes lit up at Alyscia. "How about yourself?"


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              He spent much the night reading up on the history of one Aric Vanagor, who he was, who he was known to be. Caltin read about his criminal record, as well as his time spent in prison, both of them. The thing is there was something else though about what he was reading, something about it all seemed "familiar" like he had seen it before. The more he looked on, the more it made sense and the more he went back into his personal logs, as well as the entire records of one Caltin Antios. There was something to this as none of what he was looking at was random. The time that Aric spent out in the galaxy, it was something out of a holonovel, Aric was following his path down to the letter, and there was something about it that Caltin needed to know about. Right now finding out family wasn't so much important, Caltin needed to find out what Aric was doing in regards to Antios and in turn why it lead him to his own self-inflicted passing.

              You have power over your mind, not outside events.
              Realize this and you will find strength.