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    Aboard the Eternal Moon, luxury cruise yacht.

    Yeah, that name could've been better. I never doubted that.
    He shrugged as he chitchatted with fellow employees aboard the yacht, basically a super star destroyer turned into a luxury resort, though he wasn't able to give more specifics than these. He wasn't in charge of PR or whatever. Being chef of the main restaurant with great supplies and exotic dishes to prepare was a better life than some earlier years to him, so he wasn't going to complain that much.

    The early morning was always a quiet time in the day, because he didn't have to show up at the restaurant before a while, so he could do things for himself. And that day, he had decided to go grab breakfast at one of the other dining places.

    Then, he saw how crowded everywhere already was and he rolled his eyes. He was so going to grab takeaway and go take a seat in one of the arranged "garden" areas of the higher levels. He'll probably make some security go crazy with how laid back he looked, but he didn't care.

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    Glorified babysitter.

    That was how Lt. Spark Vallen saw herself as she played escort duty to a political dignitary. Along for a ride aboard the Eternal Moon, Spark was there to ensure the elderly woman's personal safety, but her role was more servant and less security.

    There were surely worse jobs, Spark supposed. But, this wasn't the greatest of missions either! Sighing to herself, she set off on her morning errand of procuring caf and crumpets for the old woman, having hard 25 times (at least!) which flavor she required. Spark moved through the deck with military precision since she was in uniform to accomplish this latest objective...


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      Uniforms weren't so common on the yacht. That was why he was surprised to recognize imperial garb, worn by a woman. People of all and any allegiance came to the flying resort, given its outstanding reputation, but it was often hard to tell who belonged to which faction. He didn't care about politics. He had a job he liked and his life was better than it had once been, so the grand scheme of things was of little interest to him.

      He found himself in the queue behind her and as he was musing over random things, one of the patrons recognized him from when he had been brought to speak to a small dinner circle the man had invited. Ah, Mr. Varyan! I wanted to have a word with you! I am planning this other banquet for in a few days and there are a few special diets among my guests.

      Varyan loved doing his best in his cuisine, but he just wanted to have breakfast before going back to business. Couldn't people just take breaks? Really?! Ambassador Philon, I will be very happy to talk about all of this. You should send a list to my assistant and she will make sure I know what to prepare for your guests.

      Now he could hope the guy would just leave him alone for now.


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        Overhearing the conversation, Spark couldn't help but glance back and smirk at the handsome man, who was evidently a chef aboard the ship. Once the ambassador walked away, she spoke up.

        "Never ends, does it? Always on duty," she said with a knowing look. After all, she was on crumpet patrol! "Someone always wanting something of you."


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          Thank whatever big powers were up there, the ambassador was satisfied enough and scampered off. He let out a sigh of relief and grinned to the woman who spoke to him. No kidding! He chuckled, shaking his head. Love the job, but sometimes I just wish that I could enjoy maybe... One hour of break between getting up and off duty "work" starting!

          He tilted his head towards the queue that was moving forward, still looking at the woman. I hope you're enjoying your stay aboard this resort. Being mostly in the kitchen, I don't really know what else's going on!


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            Spark nodded shortly, completing agreeing with the chef's wish. That was how she felt about this particular mission. Escort duty of the old and pompous was not her thing.

            "I would enjoy the journey better were I not on duty for the duration," she said with a tight smirk. "But, for what I have seen of the ship, it is well-appointed and others seem to be enjoying themselves."

            They crept forward in line. Spark wondered why he even had to wait, really.

            "How long have you worked aboard the yacht?" she asked.


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              Does that mean babysitting duty? He shrugged. Given how spotless the security here is, voyagers on duty tend to be on such assignments. Given how some of the guests had driven him nuts in the kitchen with their nitpicking, he felt sorry whether anyone was traveling as escort to them!

              A few years. I thought it'd be cool to see special places across the galaxy, but in the end I mostly see the kitchen. Loving the job though. And seeing so many different people mingle without being at each other's throat is great too.


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                Spark nodded at the chef's question.

                "Yes. Escort duty until we reach her destination. And then, I can fly back... home. To Bastion, obviously," she said, gesturing at her uniform. "On a commercial flight where I'll enjoy the comforts of sitting upright in coach with a thousand other beings."

                It felt so strange to have such a sarcastic edge about herself and to have that make sense with her present identity! Spark's mind had been through so much, and now to forge ahead and make her own reality? It was unreal.

                "But, duty is duty, hm? Which restaurant do you work at?"


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                  The fashion statement left little doubt. He grinned and winked to the woman. While he didn't picture himself as an imperial one bit, he had to admit that their uniforms had always been great. Maybe you could try to see with the hangar crew whether they'd have unreserved leisure shuttles. He added in a whisper, knowing that this was kind of a hush hush topic. They're often yelled at and complained about for no reason by people who need escort here. He stood upright again. If you're adamant about the coach with thousand other beings, don't let me get in your way!

                  When asked about the restaurant, he answered with some pride. The Galactic, the main one. I sometimes serve for personal banquets held by certain guests too.


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                    Spark chuckled at the observation about her uniform. Then, she gave a curt, appreciative nod when the chef suggested alternate means of making her way back to Bastion.

                    "Good to know. Thank you. If there are alternate arrangements possible, I would be glad for them," she admitted.

                    Spark couldn't help but smile at his pride for his work; the man lit up like a beacon, as they shuffled forward in line, when talking about his restaurant.

                    "Well. I'll have to see if my charge would be interested in The Galactic then since I have it highly recommended from a trusted source," she said with a wink. "Who may I say made the recommendation?"


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                      Redan and Felicia are good for such things. He added with a grin, hoping that they would be able to help the imperial woman. He knew how some people could be hell to work with. His life hadn't been much of a straight line and he had found himself in a good many unorthodox entanglements.

                      Well, this is the jewel of the leisure establishments of this resort, so I am certain that your charge might be interested. He might not always agree with everything aboard the yacht, but he loved the restaurant he worked at.

                      Oh, where are my manners?! He extended a hand to the blonde. Name's Varyan.


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                        She returned the handshake with a smile. "Spark."

                        Leaving off her surname was deliberate because she had no way of knowing who in the galaxy knew her by her full name. Though looking nothing like her former Jedi self, Spark was unsure what sort of reaction recognition might bring. It paid to be careful.

                        "I will definitely let her know, Varyan. Thank you," she said.

                        They finally came to the front of the line and Spark submitted the required ordered from her diplomat-in-waiting.


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                          Pleasure, Spark. The name seemed fitting to the woman. He never minded when people stuck to their first name. After all, he hadn't used his last one in years and most people had no idea what it might be. He was comfortable like this.

                          You're welcome. Asthey reached the end of the line, he nodded to the woman one last time before she left. Good luck with duty and hope you can enjoy the time here. He didn't know whether they'd cross paths again while aboard the yacht, and time would tell.