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    "A vehicle will await us once we've landed, so we can get straight to the hospital. My dad's still in surgery." Morgana said after exchanging a quick call with her grandmother. Ironically it was her maternal grandmother who had been most in touch with her since the first news. She was the one who had made arrangements.

    She still looked pale and hadn't caught any sleep since they had left Yavin VIII. She wasn't registering much, though she had been relieved when Kameron had received an answer from his master where the female Jedi had said how his trip to Raltiir wasn't a problem at all and that she was glad he could be there for a friend in need.

    "I think I'm going to make some caf."
    She said a bit sheepishly. "I know it won't do any good to my nerves but I'd better be awake when we arrive."

    She didn't care that she looked like hell but she wanted to be awake. "Grandma Vivella said she prepared us one of the suites at my parents' estate, which is much closer to the hospital than my own place, for when we're done being there."

    She hated feeling like such a wreck. But between her Zeltron roots and her sensitive and creative nature, her nerves could betray her in such a difficult moment.

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    We're not that far out but there's time for you to try to get some sleep. Maybe a little. It wasn't really a request, but he didn't really hold her to anything, after all he would be in the same condition as her if it was his dad. Either way he was with her as long as she needed him to be. I'll have caf for you when you wake up, seriously.

    He didn't say anything about it but his personal holo-com was vibrating like crazy in his pocket, and the only one who would call him is his own father. Sounds good, no worries on what goes on, I'm gonna focus on you so you're can focus on your dad.


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      Morgana was worried that she'd have nightmares if she tried to sleep, if she ever was able to. She didn't say anything for a moment, weighing her options. At the same time, she wanted to be awake when they'd reach Raltiir. She didn't want to pass out in the hospital hallway. And she hated hospitals with a passion, since she had spent so much time there when a teenager.

      "I'll try to get some rest." She reached out and gave a squeeze to Kameron's hand before going to crash in the sleeping quarters, curling up in ball and falling into slumber as soon as her head hit the pillow.


      She woke up when she heard her comlink beep again. She reached out for it, made it drop to the floor, grunted and went to find it. She was still reading the message as she headed back to where Kameron was. "I smell caf." She said as she looked at him. She still looked pale as death but was a little more awake.

      "My father's out of surgery, but he's still in critical condition."


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        Sitting at one of the tables with a cup of caf waiting for her, smiled weakly as she walked in. He couldn't help but feel for the woman whose world was crashing down around her. He didn't know what it was like and honestly couldn't imagine what he would do if his dad was on the operating table. He knew what his father was to him and it had to be something similar to hers, that's why he was here. Sure, she was something to him, she was a lot of things in a crazy short amount of time, but she was someone who needed him, and he was there as long as she wanted him to be. Here you go. Offering her the cup he nodded. He's where he needs to be right now, remember that.


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          Morgana sat next to Kameron and reached for the cup. "Thank you." She felt bad for dumping all of this on him, but she was sure glad he had come with her. "I know. This hospital has the best doctors. I also know miracles can happen, but I'm still worried as hell." She knew this too well for having spent a solid year there in her adolescence.

          "If my mother and I end at each other's throat, don't be surprised." She added a bit grimly. She didn't come here to pick a fight, but she knew how things could be.


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            My father called me while you were asleep. He confessed, not really wanting to talk about it, but knowing she deserved to know. He wasn't happy to learn that I left the planet but only because "Radio" told him and not me. He offered his thoughts and prayers and if he can call some doctor friends of his own I just need to call him. He then put a hand on her shoulder and rubbed gently. He didn't want her to feel bad about him being here, he wanted to be here, but he wasn't going to keep her in the dark about anything. So he sat there and was just going to be there for her.

            I didn't tell him about "us", but that you're really important to me. I don't think I had to tell him though, he seemed to get it already. When you meet my mom, you'll see why I'm not worried about what happens between you and your mom. He just smirked and put that hand and arm around and over her shoulder.


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              Morgana appreciated that Kameron let her know about his father calling him. "You'll have to thank your father for his good wishes and prayers. This means much to me and I'm glad that things were mostly okay during your talk with him." She knew that family could be tricky and that even when well meaning, relatives could be harsh.

              "Sounds like my "brother" who guessed about "us"." She knew that Aien wouldn't let her see the end of it, but that was part of their game as adopted siblings. "I think I mentioned it before, but basically, my mother's side is an important crime family on Raltiir, though they aren't all violent or ill meaning. They've helped on a humanitarian level more than once. It's just that the law doesn't necessarily mean much to them." She smiled a little, knowing that her maternal grandmother, who was still the head of said family was one of a kind.

              "And my father's side isn't only an important banking family, but..." She shrugged, as she normally didn't mention it as it made her feel weird. "They're nobility." She smirked as she leaned into him. "Guess you and I have a knack for crazy double legacy, right?"


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                I already did. He smiled. Thinking about that conversation and how his fathers looked on him differently for the first time in his life. He wasn't sure about what he was going to do at this point or really what else he could do and clearly she didn't either. This talk of her "brother" made him a little concerned because of the fact that he was one himself. He nodded when she told him again about her legacy. When she mentioned how her father's side of the family was nobility, then leaned into him, he put his arms around her. My grandfather... great grandfather... great great... great great great... you get the idea. All the way back to the hyperspace wars. My great grandfather was the first one not to die in the line of duty, he was... he was assassinated by an Imperial sniper, all because he worked for the company that was designing an upgrade to the Z-95. My granddad gave his life so that the Rebel Alliance could survive Yavin IV, and no one ever knew his name.

                Then he gave her a squeeze. The more I read about them... Vanagors were on Tython when the Jedi rebuilt. He smiled again. Sorry, just had to one-up you.


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                  Morgana listened with curiosity and interest to what Kameron said about his family. She had always had a soft spot for family tales and history. She was always the first of the kids to sit when one of the older generation members was to tell them about their history. And gods knew she was a turbulent kid back then!

                  "That's amazing!"
                  When he said he had to one-up her, she chuckled for the first time since the news about her father. She poked him in the ribs with a faint grin. "All good! That's great you have such history in your family!"

                  Then they heard the beeping indicating they were to re-enter regular space. "My grandmother told me where we could land. She was adamant we don't try to land anywhere else. Not exactly sure why, but knowing her there must be a reason."


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                    OOC: I don't know how or why I missed this

                    Alrighty.He smiled, kissed her on the forehead and got up so that she could. That's when he picked up a message from the droids asking where they should land, he didn't hide it from Morgana as he messaged them back to land in a general landing port. The second ship wasn't meant to cause a problem, it was just in case he needed to head back on his own if she needed to stay.


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                      OOC: No worry! Happens to all of us!

                      Morgana wasn't surprised of Kameron choosing to have the droid land the second ship at another place. "They might want to go for the Teraman spaceport." She suggested, though left it up to them to make their final decision.

                      The rest of the travel to their destination felt like forever but she managed not to feel totally worried. At least, she could keep her calm. She had no idea of what might have happened to her father.

                      "I didn't tell anyone that I joined the Republic yet."
                      She warned Kameron. She didn't think he would blurt something out but she had gone straight to Yavin VIII after her trip to Telos, without even returning to Raltiir yet.

                      When it was time for them to disembark, once they had landed at the private landing port, she took a deep breath and laced her arm with her companion's. Outside, it was the late evening by local time. She knew that there should be no problem.

                      She was hoping that it'd be her grandmother who'd come to welcome them and she was relieved when it happened to be the case. The elderly Zeltron lady was still the head of the criminal family and a powerful and smart one. Despite the walking cane - hiding a vibrosword, she didn't look her age so much. Dressed in black and purple she had her piercing eyes upon the couple.

                      Morgana smiled and went to hug the Zeltron woman, who returned it with one arm. "Good to see you munchkin." She tilted her head to the side, looking at Kameron. "Hello, what have we here?" She asked in pure Zeltron charming fashion. "Grandma!" The Zeltron grinned and offered her hand to Kameron. "Glad to see my granddaughter has better taste than I used to have. Pleasure meeting you, young man. I am Vivella Zetaro."


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                        No worries, I won't tell. He let her take the lead as this was her world, he normally would anyway but this was going to help with her confidence and he knew that. So he just walked along and when they approached the elderly Zeltron he was intimidated, Kameron hid it well enough but he could see the look in the eyes of someone who was more than she seemed, even at her somewhat advanced age. Of course he couldn't help but use the charm he picked up from his father.

                        Wait? Grandmother? I thought you were her aunt or something... wow... Taking her hand and kissing the fingers then bowing, just like Dad taught him he smiled. Kameron Angellus.


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                          "My, aren't you a charmer." Vivella replied with a grin, appreciating the young man's manners. "A pleasure meeting you, Kameron Angellus." She looked at Morgana who was observing the scene with interest, despite the terrible reasons that had brought them here. "I'm glad that you didn't make the trip home on your own, munchkin." She said to the Light Sculptor. "Now come, we're headed to see your parents."

                          Morgana laced her arm with Kameron's, relieved that her grandmother had accepted her companion without any issue. Some of her friends had introduced partner after partner to their family, but she had never officially done that.

                          They reached the large speeder, driven by a Wookiee, Rashoor, who had a life debt to Vivella and was her closer bodyguard and long time friend. "Your mother's still there. As for your father, there is no update on him so far." She explained grimly, for she really liked her son-in-law.

                          "I won't say a word about it at the hospital, but your father recently uncovered information about certain bankers and investors having dealings with the Empire and I believe this is what cost him. It seems these imps have decided to come snooping around these past months."

                          Morgana sighed. It was typical of her father to check himself when something was amiss. Like most people on Raltiir, he was fiercely independent and hated when some big name faction tried to pull strings on their home world. "Does Mom know?" Vivella nodded in silence.


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                            Well, I was raised well. The pleasure is mine. When Vivella made mention that it was good that Morgana didn't come on her own he gave her an "I told you so" smile. The Wookiee was intimidating but they were naturally so, not to mention he had never met one before, only heard the stories from his uncle and giggled at his father's nickname. Squeezing her arm a few times as Vivella updated them on the situation, Kameron was concerned at the mention of the Imperials. What would they want with this planet? Other than the obvious but wouldn't they do something a little more ostentatious than this? He was reminded of the story about how his great grandfather, grandmother, great aunt, and second cousins were all assassinated by an Imperial sweeper team. He wasn't a part of the family but it was slowly becoming personal. This may be out of line from me, but my father has connections across the galaxy. Could he help out?


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                              Morgana caught Kameron's "I told you so" smile and squeezed his hand as they were in the speeder. Nothing was missed of this discreet interaction by her grandmother, who saw this as a very good development for her munchkin. She had been worried for a while that the Light Sculptor wouldn't really let anyone in. Her granddaughter was very social and easily interacted with people, but she knew that part of her was always guarded since what had almost cost her life in her adolescence.

                              When Kameron offered possible help, Vivella leaned against the back of her seat, pondering on it for a moment. "Truth be told, he might. Just not right now. The situation is already volatile enough. Some people here hate the Republic as much as the Empire, if anyone tries to stick their nose in our business. I've seen enough to know that if the Republic could help us boot imps off Raltiir, I'd be the first to support it."

                              Morgana realized that she wanted her grandmother to know. "I'm part of the NRIS." She blurted out and Vivella didn't hide her surprise. "Aren't you getting yourself so nicely tangled in Republic stuff, munchkin. I'm proud of you. Of course, I take it you're not planning to tell your mother."

                              The Light sculptor shook her head. "She'd accuse me of all sorts of things and treason." She looked at her companion. "My mother hates Republic and Empire equally."