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  • Sunrise, Sunset (Daine, NR Government, Open)

    As the early morning sun rose over the city of Theed, the Naboo began to awaken and begin the hustle and bustle of the normal every day lives. It was going to be a bright and sunny day, not too hot but beautiful in the eyes of visitors and really the type of weather that the planet was known for. It was this way as the sous chef for "Powercell" the themed restaurant and entertainment facility(owned by Silent Knight Inc.) made her way to the facility for the beginning of her shift. She wasn't normally the one who worked mornings but the pantry chef was out sick so she was covering the morning prep work as well as the incoming deliveries.

    Then she heard the sirens, the plumes of smoke...

    At first she didn't think much about it, fires were rare on Naboo, but they did happen, so she continued on with her walking trip to open up the kitchen. When she reached eyesight of the place, she saw why the sirens were blaring, "Powercell" was on fire. She couldn't believe her eyes as she ran closer to the building as if her child Graci was in there, as if the place itself was her child. It was only when the local constables tried to stop her that she showed her ID and they were able to ascertain that she could be of some informational assistance. The emergency crews were working hard, but it was a lost cause, she could see that as she fought back tears and began to pull out a comm-link to make some calls.


    "The Sands", the entertainment facility built on the location of the old Coronet Zoo was just finishing another incredible night. The revenue sharing system in place was going to ensure that each and every employee was leaving tonight with full pockets. As the Executive Chef ate a plate of pasta while standing in the middle of the restaurant floor, he listened to the Entertainment manager come up with an idea for a possible holiday event that was coming up. The Chef was a student of the business and while he really had no call in this, he could provide an opinion and that is why he was there, along with the Restaurant Manager and General Manager.

    It was when they were going over what stands, what menus, what items could be where that the fire alarm, not the smoke alarm, the fire alarm went off. It took a few moments of smoke filled coughing and gagging to gain their bearings but the management was able to get the staff out safely and far enough away to watch the fire spread quickly throughout the entire mammoth building. The response was standard for emergency personnel, they were there as fast as they could be, but this was a problem as not only did they take several minutes to get here when able to fly above traffic (Tyler himself provided the transports used by emergency personnel), but the fire spread all too quickly. Why?


    The Titania, the first and flagship facility of its type for Silent Knight Inc. it was mid day, and the lunch rush was about to begin. This was the beginning of the work week so the restaurant was not full but this was normal. The music was light and the clientele were regulars and the food was as good as always. Mostly everyone was on the patio as it provided the best view during the day of not just the town square but the flightlines. One of the veteran servers, we'll call her Aurek, was in the main section in the middle of chatting with some of her regulars as she was being notified that one of her orders was ready. Walking into the facility, seeing some of the early night shift staff begin to come in, she smiled to a few of them, especially the cute blonde as she made her way into the kitchen.

    As the Restaurant Manager was driving in, that was when he had seen his worst fear, a veteran of not one but two Imperial attacks on Telos, he had hoped that he would never see this happen to the place he had grown in from the position of dishwasher. What's more, his wife and daughter were working today, and they were there as his worst fear was realized. He was in full view of the Titania explode and collapse, not catch fire, explode and collapse. Landing immediately he accounted for all but forty people, all who were inside. There was a call to the emergency response and they were slow to respond but they were coming, but he knew, he knew what this would be for. It wasn't going to be a rescue it was recovery now.


    In the middle of open space, the yacht "Armistice" was slowly making her way to the next jumpoint. Mr. Tyler was reading reports and pulling up newswires when the calls began to come in. They were all about the same general situation, facilities were catching fire, explosions, deaths. This was a horrific situation and he needed to make good on this. Pulling up a holonet connection he waited for the statuesque image of the CEO of Silent Knight, his protege Xidane Theriac to compose herself. "You've obviously seen everything... I'm bringing together all executive staff."

    Good, also gather the names of those lost and make sure that their families are taken care of, and arrange a meeting with Republic government.

    "Already working on it."

    As she cut the comm, he pressed a button that was a direct line to the cockpit. Captain, set course maximum speed for Telos.

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    The day came and went before The Armistice entered Telos space. The main occupant, and majority owner of the company that owns the ship sat in the conference room speaking with company accountants and financial advisers. There was no denying it, the advisers were trying to convince him that the road he was wanting to take was not fiscally sound. They were not attempting to be disrespectful, but simply trying to do their jobs. These individuals did not know him well enough to understand how he responds to negativity as they were hired by the board of directors before he was named Chairman.

    "Sir, will you stop to think about what you are doing?"

    "The stockholders..."

    Will have to understand... I am the chairman of the board, I hold a sixty seven percent stake in the company. What I am doing is the right thing. He then pulled up his own financial plan as he laid out the entire situation where the families of those lost would be financially taken care of. The plan also laid out the comparison of financial cost to the marketing and public relations booms, as well as the projected revenue increases afterwards. Nearly every contingency was accounted for.

    "Sir, the costs..."

    ... are negligible. Now are you going to accept my proposal, or will I speak to the CEO, who is my protege and get this done, even if I must use my own personal funds to do this? Never one for negotiation unless he holds the cards, the mogul laid them all on the table, no matter how much would change.

    "Sir, we will need some time..."

    You have until I land... As if on cue, there was a comm message from the cockpit. Yes? He asked pressing the comm-link button.

    "Sorry for the interruption, sir. You wanted to be notified when we've landed."

    Thank you. Cutting the comm, he looked back at the advisers who looked to be taken aback.

    Yes or no...


    Without another word he cut the holovid and getting up, he took a datapad and buttoned up his suit jacket before making way to the entry ramp and walking down into the bay. It wasn't a moment's wait before he was met by Xidane Theriac and her entourage, she looked to be furious. "You're not going to believe this."

    Backlash to providing for the families of the lost? He had a good idea due to experiences of his own, however she was learning his methods, she wouldn't be his protege if she wasn't.

    "That and we're being blown off by Republic officials." They weren't being "blown off" perse, but while the situation was tragic, there was an open investigation and little that could be done that wouldn't impede such an investigation. She went on to explain that she was there to see someone, anyone and repeatedly being told that there was no one available to speak with them, but her name would be taken down.

    Your mistake was letting them get you out the door. He said as he continued to walk out of the bay and towards the front, he knew she would have a speeder waiting for them.

    "There was talk of 'an investigation' and they assured..." she was showing here, for all of her progress, all of her natural talent and meritorious position as CEO, she still had some things to learn from him.

    You've done well to this point, watch and learn. As they had gotten into the speeder, and the entourage into the followers, they went over the day to day news, of course with the windows blackened there was the rumor that the two were a hot and steamy item but that was neither here nor there. As the speeder pulled up to the Onasi Compound and they stepped out, any denials of the rumor were not supported as Xidane was reapplying her lipstick and she climbed out of the vehicle.

    As the entourage made their way into the enormous structure and through the halls, they were almost immediately stopped, well, Xidane was.

    "Ma'am... as I told you, I understand that you are the CFO of Quiet Night Consolidated..." The Senate Paige said very matter of factly, making the mistake of putting her hand on the Zeltron's shoulder.

    "CEO... of Silent... Knight... Incorporated... owner of The Titania..." Pulling the not so younger woman's hand off, she wanted to haul off and slug the woman but was professional enough not to. "You don't have to talk to me, but someone you work for will have to speak to the person I work for.

    Tyler of course was not one to wait to be introduced. Johnathan Tyler, Chairman of the Board of Silent Knight Incorporated. I wish to speak to someone from the government offices, you will contact us the moment you get ahold of them as we will be walking the halls.


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      Tygaris was in no particular hurry today, and generally speaking he never was. He was a man who enjoyed punctuality, but didn't get mad if he was late to an event. He always tried to arrive early and stay late. That was the type of dedication it took for him to function and be satisfied with. That also meant that he had quiet a few minutes of personal time each day assuming that he wanted to take a moment off to catch his breath.

      Although Tyga often spent his free time enticed by the puzzles which made up his his normal duties, disseminating information by proof reading legislative policy, organizing donor lists, and managing schedules that required him to attend meetings at the Senate Hall to aid other Advisers. Today he found himself at the Military Training Grounds practicing his Marksmanship. Honestly, he was the odd man out among many of the military personnel who also trained around him.

      He was dressed in handsomely tailored formal wear, his black suit jacket draped over the back of a distant chair in the training room. With his DC-15s pistol in hand, he looked down the barrel of the blaster to the target at the end of the room. All in all, it was a strange way for him to be conducting himself considering his job– not that he would have noticed that, or for that matter, cared if someone else notice.. It was very rare that he might decide to do anything about his behavior in order to shape it more toward the inclinations and expectations of those around him.

      Tyga slowly pulled the trigger of his blaster, nearing the soft click which would fire the weapon. From practice he knew when it was coming. The trigger was just about to click when his commlink began to chirp from his suit pocket. It caused his eyes to shift to the chair as he removed his finger from the trigger, sliding the weapon into an underarm holster.

      He retrieved the Commlink to answer a call from a Senate Page.

      "Tygaris Nam? Hi, I'm calling in regards to a situation at the Onasi Compound." A woman spoke with an overly delighted tone that even surprised Tyga, causing him to fights to suppress an awkward smile. “Yes? This is he. What is this call about? I don't have anything scheduled there for today, do I?”

      "Actually, I am happy to hear that. I have someone here who needs to speak to a government official and of the many people who I have contacted, you are the first that I have manged to reach about the matter. Can you come speak to the man? ” She tried to say calmly, failing miserably while letting her voice express her frustration at the situation.

      As she was talking, Tygaris had already slipped on his jacket and left the training room on his way to a speeder that would taking him to The Onasi Compound. “Can you tell me who it is I am going to be meeting?"

      "A Mr. Johnathan Tyler of Silent Knight Incorporated. Also, his 'lovely' CEO is with him. "

      The woman's sarcasm was starting to become amusing as he boarded a speeder, removing his datapad from his inside jacket pocket to download any relevant information he could about Silent Knight Incorporated to study it on his ride to the compound. To Tyga's surprise, the most relevant data about the corporation consisted recent 'incidents' relating to The Titania, The Sands, and The Powercell.

      "Thank you, let him know that I'll be there shortly. "


      While in transit, Tygaris tried to prepare himself for the meeting by filling his head with any relevant information that might come up during the meeting. While his time was sort, It was the best he could do given the situation. The speeder landed almost as soon as it had taken off, or maybe time passed as he focused on his datapad. After slipping the datpad back into his jacket pocket, he exited the speeder to enter the Compound and greet the man who wished to see him.

      "Hello, my name is Tygaris Nam of the New Republic. I believe you have some queries for me?" Holding his hand out to shake with Johnathan once he stood in front of him.

      ~Tygaris's Wiki Page~


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        The Senate Page's nonprofessional attitude aside, everything was going as expected. He was not expecting to see Minister Loran, that will come later, but someone coming up and trying to appease him this soon was interesting. It's not that he was going to be looking for the moon, but people were lost in one of his restaurants, that meant they passed on his watch which was unacceptable. He was a lot of things but he was not heartless and the people who lost their lives would not be forgotten. For that he was here. Silently taking a moment to shake the man's hand in a curt but respectful manner, the mogul was going to hold his cards close to his chest.

        He didn't have a chance to say anything though, Xidane was still angry... "Queries?" "Queries!"

        Turning his head to look at her, the Carida native looked onto his protege just blinking twice, she of course stepped back. "My apologies for my abruptness."

        Looking back on the Representative, Tyler himself finally spoke up. Johnathan Tyler, Mr. Nam is there a better place where we can speak than a hallway? While Ms. Theriac takes the situation as serious as I do and is a little more vocal, she does raise a point. While he was prepared to discuss the matter at length, he was not going to make comments about the situation at hand where onlookers could listen in.


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          "Hm," Tygaris mused, glancing over the woman after shaking Johnathan's hand. There was a quirk, a small second of hesitation, as he found himself raising an eyebrow at Ms. Theriac's display of emotion. The pause was fleeting as his brow lowered once she apologized, shifting his gaze back towards Tyler.

          His default easy smile quickly returned once he motioned an arm towards a door down the hallway. " I had a room prepared for us as I arrived. So, If you would please follow me..." He guided the executives down the hallway to a door where a blue color plated C-4 series protocol droid awaited their arrival. The C-4 droid perked up immediately upon seeing the people who it was to serve.

          "Ah, Mr. Nam! I didn't have much time to prepare, but I hope that all will be satisfactory."

          Tygaris followed the droid into the room, walking past it when the droid took its place near the entrance where it would wait until needed. Keeping in design with the military base the conference room was spartan, serious, and well lit.

          At the very center of the room rested a typical rectangular table meant for several people with a built in holoboard. The image of the New Republic's emblem projected inches into the air above the table until Tygaris deactivated it by pressing a button on one of the tables many matching control panels located in front of each chair.

          "Please be seated and we can begin."

          With a smile on his face, he remained standing only long enough to take the seat across from where ever Tyler would sit.

          ~Tygaris's Wiki Page~


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            He was going to stand when he followed the Representative in, but this was not a screamfest, he was going to be cordial about this and not treat it like it was a debate or a negotiation. So he took a seat at the end of the table as Xidane stood behind him, she was not there for any other reason than to provide him with visual aids for Mr. Nam. As she pulled up information on her datpad, she linked it immediately to the viewscreen on the wall.

            Are you aware that three of my facilities were destroyed in the past 24 hours? All of them were entertainment facilities, including the flagship facility here on Telos. The Titania was one that I took great pride in and it is the site of greatest tragedy because of the loss of over 100 lives in an explosion.

            His eyes narrowing as he looked at the imagery and then back to Nam, he didn't argue when Xidane put a hand on his shoulder. He prided himself on every aspect of the hospitality division, right down to the amount of safety and health inspections that were conducted.

            Now, I will not argue the average emergency response time for each that was nearly 31 percent slower than the average time for each planet. I will not argue the unprofessional attitude of some in this building who have been very less than forthcoming in providing us with at least some measure of support up to meeting you, good sir. What I am looking at though is a situation where I simply want to know how this is being handled.

            The request was direct yet simple enough, he was looking for who was responsible for the situation.