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  • I found your secret(Daniel)

    Ambria, Tiernaval Mountains, Proeliator's fortress

    He'd found it! By golly he found it! Proeliator's fortress...where the former Sith Lord had built his home away from home. It took him searching through some of the man's notes on the construction where his room used to be. Although there were bits and pieces of stuff left behind most had been taken by Aldan. Although Antony was still ticked off the man left him behind to his own accord. Which really made the teen Warrior insane with rage!

    Trekking up to the fortress wasn't bad. It was a venture to get there. He'd passed by a tomb with a statue outside it. When he passed it he looked at it with a shrug, then kept going. Wearing a red hooded sweatshirt with black jeans, his 'Dark Passenger' ever annoying as always. It followed him, standing beside him as he trekked up to the fortress.

    Your going to the place where Aldan abandoned you? What do you expect to find, Antony? The voice said to him.

    Will you go away? How about that? He said to it.

    I'm never going away, boy! I'm always going to be here. Waiting to take over you permanently. It said with a deep laugh.

    "Whatever." He said out loud.

    Walking up to the doors, the Sith Warrior then pushed them open. Stepping inside he then peered around. Seeing nobody he then ventured further inside...
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    Daniel had not been to Ambria in some time, not since he cleared his fortress out after leaving the Sith. Still, it bothered him to leave it intact, and so he had returned to destroy it. It was a shame that he had spent so much time crafting the stronghold, but there was no other choice. And so he walked the empty halls now, deciding where to place the thorium charges that were in his ship, to ensure the stronghold would become only ruins if someone was to stumble upon it.

    And, as he heard the doors open, he knew he had made the right choice. Someone had found the place, and he would have to deal with the intruder. As he reached out into the Force, he realized he recognized the aura, and quickly decided there was no need for a mask. Antony Icarus, his former student, was the interloper, and he would surely know the aura of his master. Daniel cast aside his cloak, leaving him only in a black, body-fitting armorweave suit. His lightsabers, Aurum and Sol, rested on his belt, ready to be draw in case of need. He walked into the main hallway, where he cast his eyes upon the boy he had once trained. Antony was older, obviously, but otherwise looked much the same. Stepping out of the shadows, he now stood in front of the Warrior, though a span of ten feet separated them.

    "You shouldn't have come here, boy." The Templar said simply.
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      That voice! He knew that voice all too well! As Daniel stepped into view from the shadows he saw his former Master, Daniel Aldan. The former Sith Lord made his eyes widen. He saw the distance between them now. Stepping back a few feet, the Warrior made eye contact with him. A wide eyed look on his face.

      Ah, the man you didn't wish to see! The voice said to Antony standing beside him.

      "You!" Antony said keeping his hands at his sides, although his hands shook, with rage and with fear, "I thought this place...was...empty. I found it though! I found your stronghold! Didn't think you'd be in it."

      The fear on the boy's face was evident. Although he kept his gaze on the former Sith Lord. Not knowing if he'd come here permanently. He'd heard he left the Sith as he wasn't present the day he sent a message to the Council. At that time, Antony was home on Naboo. Trying to visit his mother. But, it was apparent she'd left. To where, he didn't know. So, then the boy kept stepping back towards the door. Trying his best to keep distance away from him.
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        "Congratulations." Daniel sneered, obviously not very impressed that the Warrior had found his stronghold. "So now what do you intend to do, Antony? Attempt to bring me to the Council? I assure you that will end in failure." The Templar stated, with his hand very clearly falling to the lightsaber hilt on his hip, as if daring the boy to draw his blade. He could tell that Antony feared him, and was angered with his betrayal. But the fear seemed to override the anger as he continued to back step towards the entrance. Perhaps then, he would not have to kill the boy. Antony was not right for the Penumbra, but Daniel was still hesitant to kill him, even if he could report back to the Council. Not that there was really anything for him to report.


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          "Um...thanks?" Antony said with his back to the wall seeing Aldan with hand on lightsaber.

          Now that he saw that he placed his hand on his own. Knowing he'd never best him in a fight, he might just prove he's not scared. Angry as he was he still had fear in his eyes. If there was ever a time for the voice in his head to make itself known in his body it would be now. The 'Dark Passenger' wasn't afraid of nothing. Not even a Sith Master for that matter. So, Antony kept a hand on his training blade for now. Knowing full well it couldn't do that much damage to him.

          "I should. But, what would that do? You'd only best me in combat. I'm young, but, you've got more experience then I do." Antony said summoning the Dark Side making his hazel eyes tint with yellow.

          Now would be a good time to show yourself! He said to the voice in his head.

 asked for it, boy! It said laughing at him.

          Within that moment, Antony's eyes turned yellow. Instead of his usual hazel ones that his father had born him with. The demeanor of the young man changed. Instead of showing fear now, he had a wry smirk on his face. Now stepping towards him the possessed teen pulled his blade but did not engage it. He would speak to the man who trained the young Warrior for now. Give himself time to think of a plan.

          So, you trained the boy in his abilities? Although you failed to teach him anything beyond Disciple. But, you did show him Makashi and he has finally grasped it. I've seen his bouts with others. Quite skilled...much like you, Aldan. The possessed teen spoke with that grin.

          Tapping his foot, he then looked around the fortress. It was quite glamorous. A great spectacle of grandeur. Seemed like it took a long time to build. As the teen sat in his own mind, he was there with Jaden. The two brother's 'bonding' even though really Jaden was on Yavin VIII or wherever he was.

          Why did you let him take over, Antony? His brother said to Antony's consciousness.

          Wouldn't you? He spoke.

          All the while the 'Dark Passenger' was taking over his body with it's own persona. The possessed teen spun around and then laughed a deep toned laugh. Much deeper then Antony's own voice. Because he was a young man he already had a deep voice now, it was just deeper with the passenger taking over.

          Very nice... He said with a laugh again.
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            So, Antony had never rid himself of the insanity he suffered. Daniel had known of the affliction when he was the boy's master, but had not helped him. After all, the Templar had defeated his own madness, that which had been implanted by Ket Van-Derveld, and all but destroyed his mind. And so he had left Antony alone, believing the Warrior would either conquer his madness and be stronger for it, or fail and not be worthy to be called Sith, and so not worthy of being his apprentice. It appeared, the latter assumption had been correct.

            Daniel sneered as this new personality took over the Warrior. "Neither you nor your host has a fraction of my skill with a blade, or my power in the Force. So I beg of you, ignite that lightsaber, and I will show you why my name is feared among the Jedi and the Sith. I have crossed blades with warriors who would destroy you with one hand, and I left the victor." The Templar stated to the possessed Antony. His hand still rested on the hilt of his lightsaber, ready to draw the weapon if his former apprentice's mad personality was so foolish as to attack him.


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              I do not fear you like he does. You pique my interest actually. Where have you been hiding all this time? Here? The teen said with yellow eyes gleaming with curiosity.

              The 'Dark Passenger' laughed at Aldan's threat. It didn't phase the dark one at all. In reality it piqued his interest further. As the 'dark one' listened to Aldan's speech it made him smirk. He'd heard the stories of Darth Proeliator and how he'd defeated warriors in his time. But, his leaving the Sith made him that much weaker in his eyes. Then again, the Passenger cared not for the Sith as the faction and Empire. Only cared for the power that they held. It wanted it for itself. For Antony to learn and grow. Become stronger and take his rightful place of where his father stood.

              Your threats are empty, Aldan. I care not for neither Sith, nor Jedi. I care only about power! Darkness! The everlasting energy of it! I only wish Antony will learn...and grow. Become stronger so that one day I will take over. For now, he is weak. Too wrapped up in being human. For that reason I am not a human. I'm much beyond that.

              But, what the 'Dark Passenger' didn't realize that Jaden was in there as well. Stuck in his conscience wanting to do the right thing. Although Antony had subconsciously manifested him without knowing, he rather liked Jaden being in his head. It kept him human for the most part. While the teen was stuck there, Jaden made himself known, sending a message through the Force to Aldan.

              No! This isn't right! Don't give in to him, Aldan. Don't taunt him! It'll only end in bloodshed. I don't want my brother getting hurt.

              Your not gonna give us a tour? How rude!
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                Daniel received the message in the Force, and sneered. He did not care whether or not one of the voices from Antony's split personality had begged him; he was going to remove Antony from the stronghold. And he would not wait any longer to do it. Now, his patience finished, he reached out in the Force and wrapped a grip of iron around the boy's throat, Choking him.

                "If you do not fear me, then I will show you why you should. I will send your body back to your father, so he will know who did this. And that I am not finished with the pretenders to the Sith title that inhabit Munto Codru." He stated, and tightened his grasp further, attempting to throttle Antony, or whatever it was that controlled him at the time.


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                  Antony grinned, even while being Choked. Grabbing his throat with one hand he then outstretched his hand with the thought of summoning the Dark Side to him. Channeling the rage, the hatred of his former Master, the teen had returned. The fear in his eyes of being choked and the possibility of death made his eyes wide. So, the 'Dark Passenger' had left him and went back inside his conscience. Leaving Antony to face him alone.

                  Holding out his hand he then sent a Force push. Hoping to make Aldan's concentration break. Thus, breaking the Choke Hold he had on him. That was the only thing he could come up with at that moment. Try to break his concentration. If anything it would and then he'd have a moment to recover. This wouldn't end well...and...Antony knew it too. Even if Aldan had showed him Makashi he wasn't a complete master of it like Aldan was.
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                    The Force Push sent by Antony drove into Daniel, and he took a single step backward, releasing the grip on the boy's throat. But instead of seeming disappointed or angry at the failure to throttle the life out of his former student, the Templar grinned a wolfish grin, baring his teeth. With lightning speed, he tore the hilt of Aurum free from his belt, and brought the golden blade burning to life. Sol still remained dormant; he did not need to bring his second blade to bear to defeat the Warrior. Daniel had trained the boy in lightsaber combat, and he knew that while Antony had talent, he had nowhere near the experience with the lightsaber that Daniel had.

                    He advanced like an apex predator, stalking forward with menacing grace. "You have overstepped your bounds, boy. What a shame it will be, for your father to see your corpse when I send it to the Council." Daniel mocked, stopping slightly out of lightsaber range from Antony, and pacing around him, clearly inviting the Warrior to strike first.


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                      As he was released he then fell to the ground holding his throat. Eyes then went from hazel to yellow in a matter of a few seconds. How he hated him! How much he wanted him dead! Then again, he was also in the mood to hear why he left him there alone! When Aldan circled him igniting his gold bladed lightsaber he knew the other one would make it's presence at some point. Although when he cirlced him Antony was there with his crimson blade that his father had given him.

                      "Why did you leave...and not take me with you? You know how much I hate my father...and that he favors my brother over me. You left me there alone. I'm only a Sith because my father and mother are. It was either that or go Jedi like my brother. And we all know that I'm not cut out for that. Still..." He said thinking, "...your not perfect either. Stop pretending your something your not. Your a Sith...even if you don't believe it yourself!"

                      Antony then glared, "Then why not strike me down if you think your so inclined to! A Sith only deals in absolutes, as you'd taught me! Since your no longer one, then why would you need to? Answer me that!"
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                        "Your Order is a weak imitation of a lost cause, child. You are nothing like the Sith of old, and you are not worthy to claim the title. Less then one percent of those who claim to be Sith could have ever survived in the true days of the Empire." Daniel snarled. "The fact that you even consider becoming a Jedi is only proof of that. You lack motivation, you lack the willpower to use your emotions to better yourself. Instead, they simply turn you into a mindless animal. They control you, and you have no power over them." He continued.

                        Daniel still circled, waiting for the boy to strike again, or to attempt to do so. One final dig, the Templar hoped, would push him over the edge. "To have fallen so far and learned nothing, that is your failing."