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  • Edge of the World [Dalethria]

    Rumors had spread for the past months about the reforming of some cult on Ch'hodos, a world filled with darkness and possessing extensive Sith history. Little was known, but some adorers had begun their worship again for the few who had escaped after running into them. It seemed that sacrifice and other bloody practices were common place there.

    There was no other way to know what exactly was up than going there. Baska had offered to accompany her wife in the exploration of the ancient ruins where the cultists were said to live. Either these were just pestilence sullying the Sith who had once stood on Ch'hodos or they might be potential pawns for the Empire.

    "This place is intoxicating."
    The blonde drawled as they were checking on a first set of ruins, which had no other life form around, though they had found signs it had seen some presence recently. The ruins were imbued with the Dark Side and it was captivating.

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    Dalethria surveyed the landscape, rolling over a smooth stone within her hands. Her wife was correct... this place was invigorating. Cultists had been here and performed some sort of ritual recently. The power radiating from their specific location was potent and far from waning. Curiously, there was nothing overt to indicate what had been practiced. No alter, objects of note, or even blood to say an actual sacrifice was performed.

    "Shouldn't be hard to follow a trail," she finally said, tossing the stone aside and stood. "Have to focus on presence of life instead of the Dark Side. Won't find them quickly if we do that with how thick the area is with it ..."

    It was a beautiful thing to drown in, the power of the darkness here, but to be lost in its sea of seduction took away from their mission.


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      It was bizarre how it was clear the place had recently been used and yet there was no trace left to indicate anything about the exact nature of what had happened.

      "I wonder what they did here. The darkness prevails and has been here for a very long time, but it gives little to no clue about the recent events."

      Sharpening her senses with the Force, she began to take a few steps, feeling the tendrils of life in the midst of shrouded atmosphere.

      "East from here. They might hide closer to the caves there."


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        Dalethria extended her hand towards the East. "A sound idea. They would need shelter of some kind nearby. Wanting to be close to their ritual site. I would always make the assumption this isn't the only one they have."

        She inclined her head towards Baska. "Lead the way."


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          "Certain places hold more significance than others, but given that we found nothing save for ethereal traces at this location, it is clever to assume they have others." Baska confirmed with a nod to her wife's suggestion.

          When invited to lead the way, she did as such, focusing on the life forms while keeping the darkness at arms' length. In a way, it felt counter intuitive to the Sith Master, but in this given situation, it was the approach to use.

          As they walked, she suddenly felt something. "We are followed, and observed from two more directions. Playing their game will probably prove useful." Their power was much lesser than theirs, and if they thought they could attack without risk, their opponents might prove easier preys to glean information from.