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  • Irresistible

    When the alarm rang, she threw one of her pillows at the chrono. She hated being waken up in the middle of a good dream. But the alarm kept going. Morgana's eyes darted to the chrono as she vaguely emerged from her mess of bedsheets. "Frell!" She suddenly realized that it was the announce of upcoming exit from hyperscape.

    "I'm coming, I'm coming! Darn it!" She half toppled over the floor as she got to her feet, still tangled in her sheets. She rushed to the cockpit and planted her butt in the pilot's seat. She yawned as she maneuvered Lueur Nocturne back into normal space. Oh gods, she wasn't awake.

    She rumaged through a small crate she kept on the copilot seat, grabbing a blanket to keep warm and an half empty thermos of caf. It'd probably taste ugly but it'd do until she landed in a couple of hours.

    Good thing she wasn't hangover like a few days ago after having been officially accepted in the NRIS. Aien and her had got pretty hammered, reminiscing tons of crazy youth stories. She vaguely remembered having imitated a few of her uptight annoying aunts at some point, while he cracked silly and deserved jokes about some of her exes. It had been fun.

    She was still wrapping her mind that she had actually joined the NRIS. Now, she'd have to rearrange her life, and schedule. And she was so going to need to get a place on Telos for when staying there. Hotels were nice, but frankly, she liked having her own place to spread her mess and stuff.

    That could wait though, as before returning to Raltiir, she was making a pit stop by Yavin VIII. And this time, it wasn't for ship trouble!


    "Yeah, much better."
    Morgana was now all awake and even dressed for the cold weather! She had landed at the same space port than the next time and had walked her way to the Jedi Temple.

    Smart as she was, she had realized she hadn't any way to contact Kameron prior to showing up. She hoped she wouldn't arrive right when he was busy with training. Heck, she was aware she had lost her mind to just come back like this, but she felt like doing this, and she always listened to her instinct - or other things as Aien would probably joke.

    When she reached the large doors leading to the building, she realized that maybe people weren't supposed to just show up without a warning, especially when they weren't Jedi.

    She shrugged and stepped inside. The hall was bloody impressive! The pale colors of the stone and a few statues had stunning volumes and pure lines. The artist in her couldn't help noticing all of this.

    "May I help you?"
    She was startled as she turned on her heels and faced an alien woman, whose species she couldn't place. "I hope so!" Not sure about the protocole, she offered her hand as she introduced herself. "My name is Morgana DeLaTour. I came to see Padawan Kameron Angellus. Would it be possible to let him know I am here?"

    The Jedi accepted the handshake. "I am Knight Getoyla. The name is unfamiliar to me, but I will see what I can do. If you will just stay here, Miss DeLaTour." Morgana beamed. "No problem! Thank you very much!" She watched the woman leave into some hallways.

    Having no idea how long this would take, she reached out for her bag and walked around for a moment, before sitting on one of the benches, cross legged, so she had a perfect angle for the Great Hall. Grabbing her stylus and flimsi sheets, she began to sketch.

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    Kameron was actually sitting in the room of a thousand fountains reading some of his assigned from from Knight Pyrrin when he got the message from Padawan Tawtel, learner of Knight Getoyla. The girl couldn't pronounce any part of Morgana's name properly so he couldn't tell who was there to see him, not that it mattered. So he made his way into the Great Hall and he saw her and immediately beamed. It was Morgana, she was back! She was back!

    He couldn't hide the glee on his face as he wanted to run and glomp her. However that wouldn't be right, he didn't want to embarrass himself, or more importantly her, so he walked up with purpose, the smile still brightly shining from his face. Sitting next to her as she sketched he still beamed. Hello there. I hear you're looking for me. He couldn't say what he wanted to, because it was inappropriate but you had better believe that he wanted to. You look just like this strikingly beautiful woman who I owe dinner. That was something he wouldn't have said the last time she was on planet.


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      Lost in her sketching, she only realized that Kameron had showed up right before he sat next to her. "Kameron!" She beamed and half dropped some of her sheets, catching them last minute. It was typical of her. "Hell yes, I am!" She had thought he'd show up, but confirmation didn't hurt!

      She quirked a brow at what he said next, grinning for it showed some change in him. "Oh that's one lucky woman. Good thing I look like her." Leaning closer she kissed him and it wasn't innocent at all. She didn't think much about who might see or what. He had showed up, he didn't seem to think she was nuts to come back, so that was enough for her to be affectionate!

      As she caught her breath, she winked to him. "Happy to see you."


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        Oh you've got to be kidding me! Duffelbag hanging off his shoulder he just kept walking out the Great Hall door.


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          She was kissing him again! YEAAAHHAHAHAHA! He didn't care that some were looking their way, they weren't even there right now, it was just him and her. I missed you. Leaning over himself he enjoyed kissing her back but it was his turn to kiss her now, and it was just as "not innocent" as hers.

          Then without wasting another moment he took her sketches into his hands and under one arm before taking her hand into his other and jumping to his feet. Let's get out of here!


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            Morgana had never been particularly known for her discretion. When she liked someone, public or private, she showed it. She liked that Kameron had no problem with this. She grinned into his kiss, telling the change that had occured already since the first time aboard her ship. And the fact he mentioned he had missed her didn't go unnoticed.

            She chuckled as he grabbed her sketches and took her hand. She got to her feet at once. "I didn't interrupt anything? I know I showed up without a warning but I had no way to warn you!"


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              He winked as she asked him if she interrupted anything and then giggled; I meant it when I told you I would follow you anywhere. As they made their way outside and down the walkway he was practically skipping. I'm really glad you came. You were sketching, do you want to see something really cool? Squeezing her hand he almost didn't wait for her to respond as he started to walk towards the overlook. The trip wasn't far, but the approach said it all. I saw this and thought of you.


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                "Good, means you'll see more of me on Yavin VIII." She grinned as they headed outside. "I'm going to be in this part of the galaxy more often." With her new job for the Republic, she won't be as Core bound as before. "Of course, I do!"

                She stopped and stared as they reached where he was taking her. "It's gorgeous! Oh the light!" She beamed and stole a kiss. She then looked at the view again and canted her head to the side, eyes squinting. "And I think that I just solved a problem for one of my projects."

                Chuckling, she retrieved her flimsi sheets and her stylus and jolted some notes and a bit of equations in a corner. "Kameron, you're a genius." She grinned and after being done, put everything back in her bag.

                "How have you been doing?"


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                  Noticing her squinting and pulling out his shades, Kameron threw caution to the wind and put them on her as he practically squealed at the thought of her being around more often. You just made my entire week, did move or something? She may have stolen a kiss but he stole it right back. You still owe me a tour around Raltiir though. A flash of the devil screamed across his eyes.

                  Then when she put everything back in her bag he shrugged. Other than thinking about and missing you? Been doing a lot of reading up and learning about the ways of the Force. I've been doing well, but now I'm doing great. What about you? He said beaming.


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                    Morgana grinned as Kameron put his shades on her. "Thanks! Thought about the winter coat not these!" She felt excited when he was happy about her possibly stopping by more often. All of this was crazy, but life had taught her how to make the best of what was right there and then, and it was why she had come back here in the first place. "Got a new job, besides my regular career." She knew that things were to be secretive but she trusted Kameron. "I've joined the Republic intelligence services." She confessed, knowing that it might sound crazy coming from her.

                    "Oh you can bet you'll see Raltiir. Remember I have to take you to some places?"
                    She winked, especially as she saw the look in his eyes.

                    "Glad to hear all of this. Missed you too. And how is your Jedi Master? I'm glad that you could start your training. I've been busy. Spoke at a few conferences and run some errands for my mom's side of the family. And somewhere in the middle of it, I reconnected with a childhood friend of mine, pretty much the brother I never had, and ended showing up on Telos."


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                      When she seemed excited about not only him being closer but her being closer as well, it made him smile. Then when she mentioned how she had gotten a job with the Reoublic and connected with an old friend he felt not only glad for her, but special because they didn't have to plan trips to see each other, not that she would have the time for him. Of course then he was reminded of Lt. Commander Isaacs moving out of the Telos penthouse, and how he had keys and full access. Republic, huh? You find a place yet or do they want you to stay on base? Family has an apartment there we don't use... ... then he grinned. Penthouse... great place to sketch.

                      Then he remembered she found the brother she never had... just... don't let your brother get overprotective, okay?


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                        Morgana grinned mischievously, hiding her huge surprise with this too, when Kameron mentioned his family's apartment on Telos. "Me on base? That'd be... A mess. And frankly, I couldn't do this. Nah, I thought about looking for a place to rent or buy. Was actually hoping to get a penthouse!" She tilted her head to the side. "Think you could play tour guide then? I mean, would that be okay with your family that I used that penthouse?"

                        She chuckled when he spoke of her brother. "No worry. We have each other's back but we're not overprotective. Well... I guess I was once or twice with him. We mostly look like five year old kids when together, given our antics."


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                          Really? me now?


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                            Six months ago he wouldn't have offered the apartment.

                            Six months ago he wouldn't have gotten the hidden meaning behind her request of his "tour guide" skills.

                            That was six months ago...

                            The devil flashed in his eyes again as he smiled at the idea. Not only would they be okay with the fact that not only did I find a friend, someone important enough to me to offer the apartment, they would encourage me to be there as much as possible to make sure and help you settle in. With a bit of a devilish grin, he canted his own head to the side, just a little. So... is this acceptable?


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                              Morgana had no real certainty about how Kameron's parents would take to their son to spend time with a woman quite older than him, but she didn't care. What mattered to her was what Kameron wanted, and whether they were on the same wavelength. She could deal with his parents later on, if - when? - that'd happen.

                              "You said your mother was worried to become a grandmother. When you come with me to Raltiir, be warned that my family might be the opposite." She laughed, knowing that her family had stopped trying to hope she'd settle down a couple of years ago.

                              "So that means that we have a plan."
                              She grinned to him and took a step closer, looking at him from over the shades she had slightly lowered on her nose. "So we go to Raltiir for me to gather a few things and then we head to Telos so you make sure I'm nicely settled in." She purred before putting the shades back normally.

                              "Very acceptable." She said before kissing him as she pulled him close.