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You brought me here...why?(Torgeir, Adelia)

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  • You brought me here...why?(Torgeir, Adelia)

    Civic Spaceport in Theed, Naboo

    Jacob landed with Torgeir dressed in his Unforgiven persona. All the while wondering why his student had brought him here. The only thing the Templar knew was that he was here to meet someone. Someone that Torgeir had come to meet a while ago. Fair enough. Dressed in his usual attire with the mask placed firmly over his face, he then stepped off the shuttle.

    Walking out into the Naboo streets of Theed, Jacob then looked at his student and gave a weird quirk of his brow. Not knowing where to go, the Templar then shrugged. If Torgeir wished to have Jacob meet this woman then he'd have to tell him where to go.

    "Your gonna have to tell me where we're going, Lonestar." Jacob said with a metallic voice that came from his mask, "I've no idea. I mean...I know this planet a little, but, not enough to know where everything is."

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    Moenia, Naboo.

    After her short vacation to the family estate in the lake region, she had returned to Moenia where she had been working as the elected princess' advisor for the past years. She loved the city with all the artistic life in it, though the political scene was becoming less enjoyable than it had been in the past. Of course, she knew that it was part of any career, so she made do as much as she could.

    At least, she had until she heard very disturbing news. She had been taken off the list of candidates to the upcoming elections. She rarely entered in rageous states, but right now she was. She had known well that one of the local families had been trying to throw one of their useless offspring into a position of power, but she hadn't expected them to be able to actually get enough sway to get her out of the game.

    She knew that politics could be ugly, and she hated this. She knew that her family was mostly made of self made individuals, even though the family had established themselves for many decades on Naboo.

    The currently elected princess was equally shocked, but even she had been unable to do anything. Adelia felt like breaking something. She would have other opportunities, she knew this, but she cared for the people of Moenia! And this young idiot who was now likely to win the elections because of her parents' money knew little and was only interested in the best marriage she could do.

    She didn't understand how this could be, but she knew that this news signed the end of her time on Moenia, since the elections were upcoming within the next weeks. She would of course stay there with the current princess.

    And right now, she needed a breath of fresh air, if she wanted to retain some sanity.


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      Stepping from the shuttle, Lone Star glanced to his master and nodded knowing that the archbishop had no idea where they were going. Motioning with his head, the neophyte continued on away from the landing pad and across the nearby bridge. "We'll need to take a air taxi to Moenia to meet her. She's working with the princess and that's where her home is, so," he clarified as the Corellian continued walking. The crowd eyeing the mysterious masked individual as they continued through the other tourists and natives of Naboo.

      Soon, he stepped abroad the long, sleek bus and grabbed an empty seat and kept his pack between his feet on the floor. Waiting for everyone else to get seated, they were soon off. His goggles and mask over the lower part of his face also got several looks, no doubt everyone around them thinking that they were either unable to breathe the air, or bounty hunters. Either way, he largely ignored them and enjoyed the long ride across the countryside and to the distant city.

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        Jacob then nodded, "Alright. Lead the way."

        Walking across the bridge the two got weird looks. That was to be expected though as they were wearing masks. Smirking, Jacob shook his head at those who looked at them. Either way he didn't care it just made him wanna laugh mostly. So, as they made their way across the bridge towards the air taxi he then reached out with the Force. Riding the storm he found the calm through it channeling his energy through the Dark Side. A balance had occurred. So with his Senses the Templar found nothing in the immediate area.

        That was good. When they reached the bus, Jacob took a seat next to Torgeir. He didn't need his things today. They were on their personal shuttle and if he really needed them he could zip through the crowds with the use of the Force. Nobody would see him. Would make things difficult, but, Jacob had his lightsaber tucked into a sleeve in his cloak.

        "How long ago did you meet this woman?" Jacob said with a monotone voice, which was curtesy of the mask.

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          When her lunch break came, she couldn't be more relieved. She hadn't been able to get out since the news had broken. She was still a ball of nerves inside, though still presented the best face possible under the circumstances. She knew that her family would try to use this opportunity to have her move back where they lived. They always meant well, but she prefered her life on her own and explore her potential without people breathing over her neck.

          She climbed down the large staircase of the princess' office building. The architecture on Naboo was one of her favorite things but right now, she was in no mood to appreciate the landscape.

          Of course, the one thing that had always distraught her a bit about Moenia was its infamous misty gloom. Being half Hapan, it didn't help with her night blindness. It had always proven a challenge, but she had learned the streets and places by heart over the years, so it helped.

          It was why, she headed towards the coast area, needing some better light, especially for her mood. She grabbed a caf at a nearby vendor, and made way towards the beach.


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            "Wasn't that long ago, actually," his deeper, modulated voice replied. "Was out riding in the countryside and happened upon her near a river. We got to talking, but she didn't see me like this, so." Cruising through the main highway that connected various towns and villages with the capitol, the rolling green hills seemed normal until they reached a deep forest which then continued on for some time.

            He knew soon they would be seeing the mountains that he recalled as well as the distant beach on the opposite side of Moenia. "Place is a really nice resort town and vacation spot."

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              "Interesting." Jacob said while he placed a hand to his chin, "A ride to the countryside huh?"

              He then said through the Force to his student, so no prying ears could hear them, You don't have to wear your mask when you see her. I'll just be wearing mine. Until we get off this thing you should keep it on. Keeps people from prying into our business.

              Jacob looked out the window at the countryside. It was an amazing view though. He could say that much. Wonder if he could buy an estate here somewhere. Somewhere quiet with a fence maybe. The thought ran through his mind and then it vanished. Shaking his head, the Templar then heard Torgeir speak again.

              "I bet. So she works for the Princess, right?" He asked curiously.

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                Reaching the pier helped her relax a little, though her mind was still restless about the unexpected change. She had done so much in the previous years and having to restart somewhere else was probably going to be daunting. She loved Moenia as a city, but with the future princess almost confirmed, she knew that her beliefs in politics and how to treat people wouldn't ever match with that woman and her family.

                One thing was certain, she would find a way. While many offworlders thought that elected monarchies on Naboo meant protected women and girls, the reality was much different. She had had people working in many different industries and business in her family and it had helped her shape her mind and personality, knowing that caring about the people was the right way to go about politics.

                She just had no idea where she would head next and she hoped for a sign.


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                  "Yeah, an advisor," he replied and knew that meeting Adelia without his mask and goggles on would be best, and hoped that he would do so. Having one of them in their persona would be enough, he mused, knowing that she didn't know him that well yet. Last thing he would want to do is scare her off before they had a chance to talk to the potential. Had he known that she was Force sensitive before, they wouldn't have had to make a second trip either.

                  Soon, the outskirts of the quaint city came into view, farms and outlying estates breaking up the forest and opened up to neighborhoods made up of gardens and flower boxes underneath windows. Clean streets hailing to how the council took care of Theed, Torgeir knew that Corellia could take some lessons from this place. Reaching out with the Force as they reached the shuttle station, he couldn't feel her in the city limits and wondered if she had gone for another ride again. She apparently did that a lot.

                  "She's not in town," he stated. "Might have to take a ride to the river, or that direction." Once the hover bus stopped, he rose and moved out with Jacob, soon taking in the clean air that reminded him of his last trip here. Heading across the street, Torgeir led his master to a local speeder bike rental and got two bikes. Now paid, Torgeir started the engines and motioned west. "Nice place, just don't run the lights," he grinned, knowing how strict the police here were to keep the laws.

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                    Jacob nodded as Torgeir said that Adelia was an advisor. That much he could understand. Just didn't understand the politics here on Naboo. They were quite strange to him. Or most people who weren't from the planet. Like he was. He'd grown up on Tattooine all his life. Then going to Yavin VIII to be a Jedi then Munto Codru for the Sith. His last and final home he'd come to was Ruusan. A place he treasured now. But, he still missed the hustle and bustle of his home world of Tattooine. He smiled at those thoughts of his childhood. Running around the desert planet getting into rambunctious trouble with the scum and villany of Mos Eisley.

                    When they headed out of the bus, and into the speeder shop he then chuckled. Knowing they'd have to ride out to the countryside and find her somewhere. On a beach maybe? At a pier? Somewhere. Torgeir would take the lead and when his student said to not run the lights he shook his head and laughed. He'd not laughed at something like that in a while. But, he didn't know the police had really strict laws.

                    "That's funny. But, lead on, Lonestar...I mean...Torgeir." Jacob said and then added as he couldn't keep saying his student's full name anymore, it was too long, "I'm gonna call you 'Tor' for short now. Keeps me from having to say it all the time."

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                      The wind was starting to blow swiftly, but she was used to the chill and it was invigorating in a way. And maybe she just didn't care about the cold with all that was going on in her mind. She sighed as she continued her endless walk on the pier, her thoughts still unsettled about what would happen to her. She didn't fear the future, and was even curious about it, but she still had to reconfigure what her immediate next months would be and it would prove to be a challenge, especially as she had no direction whatsoever as she hadn't thought a plan B would be required.

                      Shrugging, she wrapped her arms around herself and continued to walk, until a lost pet suddenly wandered from the opposite direction. It was a feline creature, larger than the regular ones. It seemed a little afraid and she crouched to look at it. Hello. I'm not going to hurt you. She smiled to the creature who slowly began to approach her.

                      She let the feline sniff her before it came even closer and placed its front paws on her knee. She gently petted her, for she realized it was a girl and continued to sweet talk her, until she could take her in her arms.

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                        Their ride through the town introduced the quieter, more organized living that seemed well protected. A place to feel safe and once they were back out into the countryside once more, Torgeir slowed just enough to take off his mask and goggles, then stuff both into his satchel, then gunned the accelerator again. Cool air whipped at his longer hair as the dark jedi reached out with his senses, the Force aiding him in soon locating the dark haired beauty that he had met a few weeks prior. Letting off of the gas, their journey soon pierced the forested hills and gave way to a long, scenic beach. Sunlight caressed the expanse of deep blue and bleached the sand which fronted the green hills to their left and right.

                        Steel-blue eyes followed the road to a large parking lot and the pier. A few sunbathers were out, some watching loved ones swimming, but Torgeir's attention soon fell to the one in the dress playing with a pet. "There she is."

                        Accelerating the bike once more, he drove down the sloping road to the parking lot and found a spot closer to the pier's entrance. Small shops lined the far end, no doubt for the fishermen on the far end. Turning off the ignition, the Corellian swung his right leg over the seat and stood, then began walking toward the permacrete steps. Admiring the scene as Adelia played with the feline, he glanced back to his master, "She's got this natural thing for animals too. Pretty wild."

                        Climbing the steps, he continued leading the masked male to their next potential. Torgeir dressed in a darker, riding jacket of black leather and pants, felt warmer and no doubt looked a bit more ominous than he had when they met the first time. Slowing his pace as they approached, he grinned. "Still taming the wildlife, I see."
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                          Gunning the accelerator, they went through forested hills, and to a pier. The trip was rather quiet and fun, plus, Jacob liked speeder bikes. Reminded him of traveling on Tattooine when he was younger. That made him smile as they rode through the countryside. Still feeling like that young man he used to be. That seemed like a long long time ago. A feeling that he wished he could go back to. But, he would never be able to since his time now was all he could ask for. Being a Dark Jedi was the best thing that happened to him. A place he could finally call home now.

                          "Ah, bet she's good with bigger animals too. Maybe a Rancor." Jacob said to Torgeir as they parked.

                          Walking down the permacrete steps he then stood behind Torgeir as they walked. Not wanting to surprise her he remained silent till he found a reason to say something. It was then Torgeir said that she was 'taming the wildlife'. That made him chuckle. His statement was funny to say the least. In that moment the Templar found his voice, and, said something finally.

                          "My friend here says you have an affinity for animals? He doesn't seem to be wrong on that." Jacob said with a chuckle, "I see that little one thinks so."

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                            She was surprised when she heard a voice she recognized. Looking up, she smiled as she recognized her unexpected encounter from her time in the lake region for her birthday. Torgeir! She beamed. I found this little one lost so she found a new home.

                            She canted her head to the side, as a masked man approached, traveling with the Corellian. Greetings, sir. She said with a small bow of her head. She does... The creature curled up tighter to her, purring. It is a surprise to see you here. She added, trying not to shiver with the rain she had suffered from a few minutes ago.


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                              Smiling at the excited greeting, Torgeir's pride was boosted quite a bit and then steel-blue eyes then fell to the newly found pet of hers. He could already imagine her parents going crazy tripping over stray animals that Adelia just couldn't let go of. Yells to the servants to shoo them all outside, or find some shelter to take them to, no doubt.

                              Knowing the introductions here were going to be a bit awkward, he knew that both were waiting for that unstated action. "Adelia, this is my friend," he motioned to the archbishop. "He goes by Unforgiven. Sir, Lady Adelia." The nickname no doubt sounded a bit odd, but he would have to leave it at that for now. "We've come to talk to you about something important," he glanced around. "Somewhere we could talk in private?"

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