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  • Dream With Eyes Open [Navaria]

    "I'm happy we could take this short vacation together, my love." Lynmeira squeezed Navaria's hand, smiling to the other brunette. They had arrived to Garos IV on the previous day. The Hapan had been worried that they'd need to postpone because another Master, one of Navaria's closest friends, had had a great scare. Yet, things went rather back to normal and they had been able to depart. With their respective duties, finding time could be tricky, but the Guardian respected it, especially because she was humbled to be part of the Order and serving the Light meant so much to her.

    They had settled for the coast, as going to the mountains wouldn't be so different from their home on Yavin VIII. Lynmeira had arranged to rent a small cottage so they would be totally on their own. It felt more suitable as such than having booked a hotel room.

    "The area is known for its feline local species, that many keep as pets, because they are clever and very social. I'm curious whether we'll get to see any."

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    Navaria was dressed in lighter brown robes since the temperature was mild with the season now. She was currently leaning against the patio door, watching the waves come rolling into shore, unable to recall the last time she had really took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the sea.

    "Is that your way of suggesting that you want one as a pet?" she asked with a smile, her gaze still lingering upon the water.

    She too was grateful for this time alone with Lynmeira. They had recently moved in together but had barely saw each other, something that the Sith Master had warned her love - still yet to become her lover. Not that she was looking for immediate physical intimacy, but it was on the Master's mind at times as Lynmeira would be her first - a first in all matters of the heart.


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      Lynmeira was happy to have time to spend with Navaria. Their duties tended to keep them busy on their own, but having moved in together did help to a degree. She still knew that threats and worries of various kinds would linger, but she was set on doing her best to make things work.

      "You're beautiful." She suddenly uttered, before realizing that her love had said something to her, in regards to the felines. She blushed a little and smiled as she came to stand by the other brunette.

      "I didn't really think about it. I never had a pet."