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    The whine of a repulsorlift drew his gaze first left, then back towards the right as his gaze followed the amber speeder in it's slow path past the spaceport. Steely eyes continued to even after the speeder turned, more focused on getting his bearings than any particular individual or vehicle. Ahead the sky dimmed to a dark blue, and behind a vibrant orange. It helped him set what direction was what, and gave him purpose.

    "'Scuse me, know where the Tegan-rae lodgings are?" He knew where, at this point, but he preferred to continue to appear uninformed of his location. The woman, to which he estimated was approximately early 50's, looked up to meet his eyes following his question. He took in her not unfamiliar garments, modest robes of a neutral color and a casual headdress. Bags beneath her eyes signified a lack of sleep, as did the dulled response time. Her uncaring garments led him to suspect she had little time to care for her appearance that morning, piecing it all together to assume she was a mother, likely with a newborn keeping her up at night and busy in the morning.

    "Oh hunny.." She began in a tired and sympathetic voice, motherly being the easiest means to describe it. "'ll be wanting to head to the Old Patch. Just head away from the sun until the architecture changes." He'd done his research enough to know the Old Patch was an older section of Abregado-rae, likely why she insinuated the change in architecture. "Thank you ma'am." He smiled congenially, giving a tug to the lone strap of his khaki pack to sure it up on his shoulder. His hand slid down, giving a firm draw down of the strap to cinch it onto his shoulder.

    What he knew of the city, was that it was a haven for smugglers, the precise reason he was present. Smugglers often meant thieves, trying to pluck from cargo and unsuspecting travelers. In his first emergence from the spaceport, he took a mental stock of individuals, attempting to catalogue specific features that he could call to mind easily. Halfway through his trek to the Old Patch, he paused at a vendor selling fruit. He flashed a quick smile at the proprietor, who eyed both him and his hands wearily.

    He pretended to study the fruit, plucking up a piece, rotating it in his palm and then setting it back. Each time he did he attempted to gather more and more individuals in glances, taking in the most noticeable details once again for comparison. By the fourth fruit he appeared satisfied, tossing a credit chip across to the proprietor. The last movement to do that gave him a glance back the way he came, at least two prospects noted for familiarity going the same path, though he hadn't deviated his pathing much.

    Biting from the fruit, he stuffed his free hand into the pocket of his tan jacket and weaved sidelong into the alleyways. He hadn't wanted to deviate, for risk of getting lost, but he needed to establish whether he was being followed or not. Slipping into the allewyay he continued on a straight line, the quarters much tighter, allowing him to narrow any combat to a maximum of 2 on 1 with one in front and one behind. A glance over his shoulder revealed one man did follow him, his garments rather ratty and drab, lacking color completely. He didn't hasten off, only turned back.

    "I seem to have gotten lost, do you know where the Tegan-rae lodgings are?" The man paused a few feet away, flipping a small vibroknife out. "Bag, wallet, valuables." He raised his hands forward defensively, eyeing the weapon, his eyes, his feet. "Wallets in the bag. Valuables are non existent. Here." He threw his back at the man's knife hand, who swiped at it with a blade. His hands braced to the wall aside him for balance, and he delivered a push kick to the thieves hand. The steel shank in his boot prevented his foot from being impaled as he knocked the blade away.

    His would-be attacker staggered back, then realizing he had the bag he sought, began to try to escape the way he came. "Really?" He sighed, starting after him. As the man rounded a quick corner, Liam's hands outstretched to catch him against the building, pushing off it to redirect his course. They entered back into a market street, the thief uncaring as he bowled people over, but ultimately slowed his progress. Liam ducked, dodged and occasionally was forced to push off people on his own to get through. As they turned another corner, a fruit cart wheeled out in front of him. He twisted and rolled his torso atop it, knocking the fruit off the top and coming over the other end in a run again.

    He slowly began to gain ground on the man, and feeling the footsteps behind him he glanced back. Liam stopped short as a speeder bike pulled out, clipping the individual in the knee and flipping him end over end. He was allowed to slow his pace, walking up and snatching his bag away from the man, only to leave him laying where he was with likely an injured knee. "Ten minutes I've been here, and already involved in a high speed chase." It was over exaggerating, but close enough for him. His eyes turned up as he noticed the change in architecture, giving an amused sound. "Huh." Five minutes more of walking, and he was at the front desk.

    Keycard in hand, he took the stairs up to the second landing, turning left down the hall and past the ice machine. His card was passed in front of the panel, prompting an audible beep and the door to invitingly sweep open. The main living room, adjacent to the bedroom and bathroom attachment was furnished well for comfort and mild entertainment. His back was dropped on the dining room table as he went to appraise the fridge. Nothing. Then moving back for his back, he began sorting out all the items he brought with him neatly across the table.
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    It wasn’t a sonic shower.

    For perhaps the hundredth time that week alone, Phe thought to herself, she was intensely glad the shower had an excellent supply of fresh, hot water. There was something to be said for standing beneath the pressurized spray and letting the stresses of the day simply slip away.

    Now, a bathtub...that would have been glorious. But the small apartment was convenient to the casino and as secure as she could make it with the little equipment she’d arrived with. As she did every afternoon upon her return from her shift at the casino, she stood under the mercifully hot water and let her mind work through the details of the day she’d not had a chance to review. Hands pressed flat against the shower wall, sea-green eyes were half lidded and darting from side to side.

    It was, perhaps, her greatest gift. An eidetic memory was at the very least useful to an average person. But to an Imperial Agent? It was invaluable. There was no need to keep documents or flimsis within the apartment that might give her away to anyone who knew what to look for. One look and it was committed memory, then destroyed.

    Phedre let her forehead rest on the warm, smooth tile, the water soothing the aches that tended to develop in her back after a day spent dealing pazaak. It wasn’t the dealing was the preposterous stiletto heels all of the women working the casino floor wore as part of their uniforms. At, least she wasn’t forced to endure the scraps of shimmersilk and bits of glitter the dancers called costumes.

    She sighed, breathing deeply as she reviewed the day through the critical lens of her mind’s eye. Putting names to faces and making mental notes about the staff ‘meeting’ she’d been called into just before the end of her shift. Nearly six months at the casino had earned her a bit of a reputation within the ring that operated it as a legitimate front for their smuggling business. She didn’t complain, worked whatever shift she was assigned...and had, already begun making a ‘name’ for herself within the ring as a capable courier.

    All in all, a productive deep cover assignment so far. The reports she’d sent to her handler had been well much so that they were moving up the date of phase two of the assignment. Within the week, a partner would be arriving, with whom she’d work to complete the assignment. With any luck, he’d have the details to compliment the groundwork she’d laid thusfar.

    Blinking, Phedre straightened and shook her head, stretching out her tall, lithe frame before completing her shower with a soft, floral scented soap and shampoo. She turned the water off, stepping out and vigorously toweling her long chestnut-dyed curls, before wrapping herself in another towel that was nearly too small to cover her curves. A comb put some order to her hair, which she left loose to dry, before she picked up her discarded uniform and set the ‘fresher to rights once more.

    She paused, her hand hovering over the panel to open the door that had been locked while she’d showered. There was a noise out in the common area that she could discern now that the water heating unit had switched off. Footsteps...and the general noises of things being set out onto the table. Knowing she’d left nothing out, she arched a brow and thumbed off the safety to the blaster she picked up off the bureau.

    A delicate brow arched as she sauntered over to the doorway leading into the common area, leaning there as if she hadn’t a care in the world. Sea-green eyes coursed over the sight she was presented with and wondered if perhaps her expected partner hadn’t arrived a touch early. Perhaps the timeline had changed again? It remained to be seen.

    Phe smiled, fingertips of her free hand tapping lightly on the doorframe, the other held slightly behind her to conceal the blaster. “Are you sure you have the right apartment, sugar? I wasn't exactly expecting such a handsome visitor.” She drawled softly, taking a more lingering look as she awaited the proper response. If he gave it, excellent.

    If not...well.

    She was an excellent shot.
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      He meticulously sorted everything he had across the dining room table's surface, a cheap brushed wood that had it's edges lifted to shape it into a circle. His blaster was set down first, with power pack beside it. Next he set his wallet down with ID nestled inside. Encrypted datapad went next, otherwise appearing to have only a modicum of books, and the daily holonet news report, but holding the details of his assignment buried within one of the less interesting novels. The proper page flipping would unlock the program, and take him to the buried details. All that remained in the bag were his clothes, which he would choose to sort into dresser drawers when they were located.

      He heard her before he saw her, the voice quickly drawing his attention though. He knew he had a contact to meet, he just didn't know she'd be waiting for him in his temporary apartment. His eyes first met with her sea green visage, but was incapable of lingering there. "Whoa." She replied quietly, his gaze taking the southward path then throwing a u-turn and wandering all the way back up. He almost forgot that analytical process of his mind. Hand out of sight, other audibly clicking to the door frame. Distraction? Nervousness? He processed every part of the moment he could, finding enough reason to be on guard. Too calm for his presence, in such a state of undress.

      "But you were expecting a visitor, just maybe not yet." His mind slipped backwards to his briefing. There was an all clear saying, if he recalled correctly, for their first meeting. "What we expect, and what we get don't always add up together." Like a pazaak hand, of which he recalled his contact assuming the role of a pazaak dealer. It made sense. All clear code given, she was either a bystander who would have no idea what he meant and things would escalate, or his casual approach would be accepted more closely.

      "No need to dress yourself on my account." He pulled his jacket off, draping the tan material over the back of a chair at the dining room table. Beneath he wore a simple white shirt longsleeve shirt, three buttons at the neckline that remained undone but still kept things modest. "We're all professionals, after all." His head had been turned away as he said it, but the slight turn and smirk conveyed the flirtatious undertone lingering and dismissed the idea that he was some automaton of an agent.


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        "Well, this is a pleasant surprise..." Phedre added softly, her posture relaxing slightly as she sauntered forward from the doorway. Sea-green eyes carefully took stock of everything he'd laid out on the table, guessing that the bulk of what remained in the bag was clothing. There was space within the bedroom for him to sort things into drawers, given that she'd been expecting the presence of a partner and had made room.

        Not that there had been much there to begin with. Though a long-term assignment so far, most of her clothing consisted of the casino uniforms and heels which had their place in the closet. Her casual clothing and more delicate unmentionables took up three out the six drawers in the bureau. She had little to speak of, and what she did have fit the role of her cover to a tee given how worn and distressed some of the garments were. There was, however, a single fitted red dress and matching heels in the closet, looking quite out of place amidst everything else.

        So lovely of the Bureau to send her a partner that was a pleasant place to rest the eyes.

        Taking hold of a chair opposite to where he was, Phedre pulled it out and carefully sat down, legs crossed, as the blaster was placed on the table in front of her. Fingers absently smoothed out the towel, which left generous expanses of flesh visible but hid just enough to suit her sensibilities.

        "...but I wasn't expecting you until the end of the week, really. Has the timeline changed again?" she asked, head canting to the side, chestnut curls cascading over her shoulder.


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          “Better than being alone, I imagine.” From what he could tell of his surroundings, she’d had no other visitors. The place was well kept, as expected of an Agent. He saw no indications of clothing that was either not her size, or obviously male. If she had, in fact, taken her cover to another level to gain trust he certainly wouldn’t have judged her for it. Professionals. His eyes were unable to help the dip downward, but before they could get far he set his focus back up to her unique visage.

          He saw in that moment how simple it must have been for her to fall into cover. A beautiful face and a good body made it easy to miss small details and provide excellent distraction. “Reports are you’ve been doing well out here, so things were escalated a touch. If you feel you need more time, I can lay low and get a feel for the city before you pull me in. Right now, you’re the star player and this is your show. Bedroom?” He gestured his index finger towards the side room, smiling at the insinuation his question must have had.

          He gathered up the rest of his bag, only clothing at his point, and stepped into the bedroom ahead of her. It was in that instant he noticed the single bed in the rented apartment, trying to recall back to if he had noticed a pull out sofa. “I like sleeping closer to the window, if that’s alright with you.” He spoke with his back towards her, only then turning partially towards her to regard her face to face again as he opened the drawers to locate where he could place his clothing.

          The first drawer he opened, one of the top, was one he probably had no business being in. His eyes briefly sifted over the unmentionables. He quickly appraised her towel ridden form, then took out a matching set and gingerly laid them out on the bed for her. He moved one drawer over: empty. Turning back to his back he gathered piles of folded clothes up and filled the drawer to the max, then went one down and filled the second. The empty bag was slid beneath the bed, and he sat back onto it then reclined into a position on his side. “So, I’d love to be brought up to speed.”


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            "No, actually, I'm rather well placed to bring you in, so the acceleration is perfectly fine by me."

            Head canted to the side, Phedre's sea green orbs followed him ever so appreciatively as he strode by her and into the bedroom. The view he presented was pleasant enough to almost distract her from the fact that he'd called her the star player in this 'production' of theirs. That was equally as pleasant to know as watching him walk away was.

            She rose after a moment, flipping the safety back on her blaster as she picked it up from the table. Slow deliberate steps took her into the bedroom behind him, a decidedly warm smile curling her lips as he opened the draw of her delicate unmentionables. She'd spent a small fortune in credits on them, having become accustomed to some of the finer things in the galaxy while living on Bastion. They, along with the crimson dress, were her concessions to the delicate, feminine side she never revealed.

            "Hmm? Oh, the window side is fine. I ought to warn you that I tend to steal the covers." Phe smiled softly and picked up the lacy set he'd chosen to set out and winked at him before slipping into the bathroom to put the miniscule garments on. She sauntered out again and chose an long, soft black sweater to wear, gathering her thoughts as she perched on the bed beside him.

            "They've come to trust me, and even depend on me a bit in the daily goings-on at the casino. I still deal, but only for the high rollers and their guests. As you know from my reports, they finally brought me into the other side of things about two months ago. Minor courier duties, but they've let me become privy to the ins and outs of their backroom operation. Not all of it, obviously, but enough to get us what we need with a little more work. The only part still up in the air is how exactly I'm bringing you in...are we winging it, or did you come with any specific instructions?"