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    Kneeling in the warm interior of the large tent, the priestess' eyes closed, Sianna drifted mentally through the Force to the past, searching for that guidance that would lead her to knowledge and power. Now being a new Sith Master, she had to prove herself and bring something to the table as the others had done. The continual quest for power and wisdom to gain that coveted position of Sithari had led her to these barren, rocky canyons once again. Tendrils of universal energy carried her from the present and into the events that had shaped their order, so long ago...

    Carrying the body of their king, the Sith warriors led by a group of Kissai priests, walked solemnly down into the crypt. The long ramp way having been carved with symbols and glyphs that hailed the many achievements of the one they were hiding below ground. His legacy would last throughout the ages, a leader that symbolized the peak of all that their people had striven to be. Soldiers lined both sides of the long lane as the procession descended into the dark opening. Chanting as censers waved back and forth, emanating a bluish-white trail of light and smoke, the priests moved down the long hallway of rust colored stone, then into a large room. Centered within the tomb stood a figure in obsidian rising up from a dark pool, hands reaching to the heavens, his mouth shouting the praises of the king now being laid to rest within the inky liquid below it. Once their master had been placed into the protection of the statue, they each took their places around the pool's rim, unsheathed their swords and fell on them.

    Priests continued to chant, their voices echoing within the tomb, then soon made their way back out. The lead, his head enshrouded in a black cowl rimmed in crimson and gold symbols, nodded to the large contingent of soldiers who began burying the tomb. It's entrance now consumed by earth and time.

    Opening her pale lids, silver orbs soon focused on her pet vornskr who's head perked up with the acknowledgement, panting. Pushing herself up, she motioned for him to follow. "Come on, Stryfe, think we have a lead finally." Tossing aside the large flap, she stepped out into the dry, arid climate once again and searched for the excavation's team leader and soon found him under the large awning that they had erected for most of their personal gear and other supplies. Noting the terrain, she kept her mind open to the Force and scanned as she and the four legged companion entered the shadow of the undulating cloth roof.

    "What has the Force given," the slightly older, tanned human male queried. Gannon had been part of the cult that she had learned much of her history and how to deal with local governments, though when Sianna left, he remained for a short time.

    Motioning to the area that she noticed in the vision, "There. Have Tyler scan around that zone."

    Nodding quietly, Gannon moved out into the sunlight once more and was followed by three others, all excited to open an ancient tomb and glean it's secrets. Sianna knew that sometimes the Force had a way of being fickle also, information sometimes being misguiding. Or perhaps her own zeal for a prize seeing something that wasn't there, though she hoped that they were at least in the right valley as years of study and research had led them to this particular area.

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    Hood up, Sianna walked over to the shallow hill as their sensor operator walked in parallel lines, watching the small display for some sign of earth filling a cavity, or a cavity in the earth itself. Waiting impatiently, she knew that these things took time and they had already spent months in various archives and libraries around the galaxy looking for clues to this story. A private collection of a wealthy philanthropist on Bastion was her final stop which gave her the missing piece.

    "Can't believe that we've actually made it to Korriban itself," Gannon beamed, brown eyes scanning the surrounding terrain. "Remember how we used to dream about Sith space?"

    Nodding quietly, silver orbs glanced to her fellow cultist. "Now the Sith own this world once again."

    He smiled. "Still can't believe that you're a master now. Though, should've seen that coming."

    "The galaxy should've seen a lot of things coming," her pale features taking on a darker hue. "But, they enjoy remaining ignorant, which is just fine. Soon, they'll witness a lot of things that they never expected."

    "Got something here," Tyler stated, gaining everyone's attention as he pointed downward. "There, it looks like a large room of some sort."

    Gannon turned, motioning to their Twi'lek droid programmer and repairman. "Get the excavation droids over here."

    Sianna sat under the cover of the nearby awning as the droids began digging out a large trench, the earth removed now creating small dunes to either side and the excavation went on into the night, the Master being more intent on first viewing what they had found rather than rest. She had slept for years before this moment and wasn't going to miss it. Lights from the front of each droid illuminating the hill now a ruin and keeping them and their progress in sight.


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      Word had reached the Jedi Council of a dark side cult increasing activity on Korriban. While it was not the nature of the Jedi Order to send a strong wave of Jedi to the traditional home world of the Sith within the galaxy, it was within their right to send someone to scout the situation. The job called for an investigator, a sentinel that could move through the shadows and remain unseen. It was the path Judah had trained for since Knighthood, a path clearly easier to walk since his trial.

      The new guardian had received the call shortly after his weekend on Yavin VIII with Katara and Sasha. The pair renewed their love for each other, and had made the decision to be a family in every aspect of what that meant. The parents were not just together for the child, but for the love they shared with each other as well. His feelings for them were buried deep into his being and mind, protected by the walls he had created. Judah would not endanger them by betraying them with his feelings. The Jedi still had enemies.

      The force led the guardian to a dig site. It seemed innocent, but there was something there, a sense of the familiar. Judah couldn't place it, but knew his own aura needed to be masked to keep his own presence there a secret. Remaining obscured by high statue, Judah pulled out a pair of binoculars and looked down on the busy crew. The cult was actively searching for something. There was no reason to get involved yet, so stayed at his perch to continue to observe the scene.

      Several moments passed before a flap on one of the lodges was tossed open. The curved figure of a lithe Echani stepped out with a commanding presence. All eyes turned to her, and Judah zoomed in on the face. He had already known the minute she stepped out of the tent. The Sith had a presence here in the form of one Judah knew too well. His throat fell into his stomach, which tightened. Whatever she was up to, it was no good. It was a risk, but he reached out with the force to her mind. His presence would also be a distraction for her.

      "It's been a while dear sister," Judah projected in reference to her parting words from their last meeting. "Which dead Sith's secret are you looking for this time?"


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        Hearing the male voice in her mind only prompted the Sith Master to grin darkly, knowing right away who it was. Opening her mind to open a link back to him, she also searched through the Force to find this annoyance. ~ Judah, long time. Come to finally give yourself to the true nature of the Force? I knew it wouldn't take long. ~

        Pushing herself from the comfortable chair, she reached out as the sound of the droid's efforts continued, earth being fired in a constant stream away from the tomb's entrance. His query hadn't gone unheard, she just hoped that their link now would lead her to him and perhaps even find out why he was here, meddling.

        ~ Surprised that I didn't hear about your arrival sooner. You should've called, I would've been more than happy to welcome you to another of our worlds. ~ As she mentally talked, Sianna continued toward the droids, her vornskr in tow as the animal apparently had been around her long enough now to know when she was agitated, it's own low growl heard in the background. Being darker outside the tent's lighting and droid's own mounted lights, Stryfe relied on it's natural senses as she relied on the Force.


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          "You flatter yourself, Sianna. Lady Razielle introduced me to what the Sith truly are a long time ago. Tell me does she still have my fingers?"

          Judah was clearly not phased by her assertion he had come to deliver himself to the true side of the force. He knew all to well it was not the way for him to walk.

          "I am surprised you haven't sensed the change, yet, or perhaps my ability to mask my aura is stronger than your ability to sense it."

          Now he was just goading her. The type of banter which rivals expected from each other. Though he was not here for a fight, his journey may lead to one. Judah was not afraid to reveal himself to her, and he was not there to play mental games with the Sith. Time with her before proved she would reveal just enough of what she was after, even if she kept her true purpose close to her chest.

          "The statue 100 meters to the southeast. You will see a familiar figure in the upward facing palm. If you feel like catching up for old times sake."


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            Scanning with her eyes which focused her mind's eye, seeing the surrounding terrain in hues rather than what little starlight would offer, Sianna smiled. ~ Lady Razielle still enjoys using those 'bits' in her rituals so yes, you still have a place in her heart. And I do sense you now that I'm looking, as I've grown in ability since we've last met as well. ~ Turning and looking upward, she recalled where the statue remained, standing guard as it had for so long, though now the tombs had been lost to memory, their entrances consumed by rock and stone.

            Seeing his aura, partially muted behind the large hand and continued toward the droids who were now nearly done with their excavation. ~ Kindof in the middle of something, but if you'd like to witness a piece of history and touch the divine, then quit hiding. Love to introduce you to someone from the past. He's been waiting a long time for this moment, as have I.~ Now fully focused on the Jedi's aura, she could see that he was here on mere curiosity which was enough. That's how her path to perfection had started also.


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              "I would rather not," he said as he leapt from his hiding place and faced the Sith Priestess. "You seem to have a knack for things you shouldn't be getting involved in."

              Judah passed by the cultists who worked, and excavator droids which did most of the hard work. He was not there to destroy them, but if the priestess thought Judah would let her simply bring a Sith spirit back into the galaxy, she was sorely mistaken.

              Turning on his his heels, after surveying the ruins, Judah faced Sianna. The last time they had met was under the dark influence which had consumed Judah. Today he met her clear headed. The outcome would be much different.

              "We both know I am not going to sit idle and let you do this. Haven't we grown past these games, despite how fun they may seem."


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                His leap bringing him within sight and close enough to target should she get the inclination, Sianna grinned at his presumptions. Stryfe also now having something to focus his anger on, growled even more deeply, hackles raised and ready to strike. Pinpricks of light in her eyes, reflecting the running lights from the droids to her left and below, focused on the Jedi.

                "Interesting that you think you have any jurisdiction on a world now owned by the Sith. You're in enemy territory right now," her voice growing darker along with her mood. "You may have tricked your way this far, but I assure you that if you attempt to stop what we're doing, then you're not going to leave here alive." Dropping her hilt into her right hand, "That's a promise."

                Looking on, the small crew still awake watched and waited with baited breath as the droids finally reached the closed, stone door to the tomb and finished clearing out the area around it, then continued upward along the ancient ramp.

                "You have no allies here and I have many."


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                  "It wouldn't be the first time I've escaped a world controlled by the Sith," Judah retorted. "You're the only one here that posses a threat to me, and you have yet to kill me."

                  Judah walked along side of the Sith until he needed to follow her along the ramp.

                  "I've never claimed jurisdiction anywhere, you know me well enough to know that. I go where I want. But dead Sith spirits, really?"

                  This wasn't what he thought she was really after. Perfection, yes, but surely she knew a revival of a Sith would not go well for her. They were all the same, and is Sianna thought she would receive help from this Sith, she was truly mistaken.

                  "You think you'll get what you want from this guy? You're no different from the rest of them then."


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                    Aiming her right hand at him, the hilt coming to within inches of his chest, she grinned and turned to the open ramp leading to the door. "Night's still young," she goaded and walked to the edge of the overhang and dropped down and turned to face the only obstacle left. Hitching the hilt back onto her belt, she soaked in the Force as Stryfe and the crew joined them and raised her hands slightly.

                    "What I love about you is you're true nature still seeps out once in a while. Pride is a great asset to get you to where you need to be, along with your curiosity that got touched on Yavin Four," she glanced to him before opening the door. "You're well on your way." Silver orbs focused on the stone as she began moving the two halves aside, the grating stone echoing in the shallow avenue to new stories and knowledge. "Where do you think your code and abilities came from? Old Jedi that passed all that down. I prefer to get my fruit directly from the tree instead."

                    An outburst of dusty air washed over everyone standing there, to most seeming like the groan from a ghost waiting to be freed, to the Sith Master, a welcoming breath of fresh air. Once both had opened wide enough, she released her hold and stepped toward the narrow lane of light that emanated from the glowrods in the crew's hands. "I'm actually glad you're here to see this." Removing her hilt once more from the hitch on her belt, she stepped inside, "Gannon, be sure to record everything."

                    "On it," the explorer and archaeologist replied as he moved to enter as well, holorecorder now aimed at the walls which revealed panels telling the life of the one honored here in this tomb. From birth to his early adolescence, learning from his father how to fight and defend himself, to his early competitions in the pit. Facing others of his own age group, the young hero soon grew into adulthood, learning at the feet of the ruling Kissai about the universe. From there, Sianna felt the excited rush of adrenaline as she turned her gaze into the darkness and watched as the long entryway opened up into the tomb's main chamber. Centered, the obsidian statue rising up from the dark pool, his arms reaching to the heavens as if clawing for life once more, called to the priestess.

                    As if entranced, she continued on as the rest of the crew remained in the hall, watching. The howling of the wind coursing down from outside barely hid the faint whispers that now emanated from the corpses laying around the pool's edge, their volume growing with each step that she took closer....


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                      Judah smirked when Sianna dropped the hilt. He had known she wasn't going to actually turn it on. The Sith had been after him as an apprentice since the day they met. In fact, Judah could have sworn she even tried using herself as a reason to join, anything to get him to cross the line. That could have been Judah's imagination at the time. Some of what he dealt with was tainted by the dark presence which had been so controlling then. Surely Sianna also felt the lack of duality within the Guardian.

                      "It is very young, my friend," Judah said at least admitting that he held no animosity toward her.

                      There was a common curiosity in regards to the archeology which surronded the history of force users. Light side or Dark side, Judah was fascinated by the history, and how similar things were while at the same time so completely opposite. His curiosity was not in the teaching, but in the science of archeology, and the study of history. That is why Judah followed Sianna into the massive tomb. One thing Judah had to give the Sith credit for was the massive structures they built to honor their dead. While most of them had fallen because of their own pride and short sightedness, they were well displayed among the dead.

                      "You pressume a lot about me, Sianna. I admit there is curiosity in the archeology, the history, but nothing more. I have no desire to change my alignment. There may be times where I seem a little unorthodox for a Jedi, but I am fully committed to the light."

                      Judah coughed a bit as the dust enveloped them for a time before dissipating. A wave of his right hand cleard the air in front of his face as he continued to follow Sianna deeper into the tomb.

                      "You do realize that these dead are no different than the rest of the Sith. What you seek comes with a price. It is not just the fact I don't want to see this spirit running around loose that motivates me to stop you. Believe it or not I am concerned the price may be higher than what you are able to pay."

                      Then Judah began to realize what he had feared. Sianna soon entered what seemed to be a trance, as though the spirit of the dead master was calling to her, pulling her toward their resting place. Some of the members of the cult who were there to witness this seemed a bit agitated by this new turn of events. Judah himself became a bit anxious, though he followed Sianna regardless. While she was a Sith, Judah had sworn to protect lives, and hers was included in that promise. It was not long before both Force users were enveloped by the shadow as they moved down the narrow corridor towars the chamber which lay deeper in.


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                        "Ek het lank gewag vir hierdie, my bidder. Kom na my en jou ware potensiaal te bereik." A thundering voice bid to the priestess as she continued walking toward the larger than life statue, the bodies of the guardians now pushing themselves up. Slowly and awkwardly, the desiccated bodies of the very Sith pallbearers raised their glowing eyes to see the large group of intruders, hands grasping ancient polearms.

                        Ignoring the guards, Sianna's mind soon opened to see the vision of a gleaming, armored figure rise up from the darkness, a smoky, reddish glowing cloud seeping up from his grave as the ancient king turned to eye the Echani. Pointing his scepter to the rest, a lance of energy exploded forth, burning a hole through the chest of the first cultist still standing in his presence instead of bowing. Dropping like a stone, the archaeologist's eyes remained wide open as life escaped him.

                        Now that the guards were fully standing, they lowered their long, bladed weapons at the males accompanying the Sith Master...


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                          ...which had included Judah, he was a male after all. Why was it Sianna was not stopped. That's when it dawned on him, she was not male. Could it really be as simple as that? Judah really hoped not, because the thoughts that came to him as to why it would be that simple were not ones he wanted to entertain. It wasn't that his mind was where it shouldn't be, but a king often sought a queen.

                          The entranced Echani had no clue what was happening around her it seemed. The action was likely foolish, but Judah decided it was time to get in the way of what was happening. It did not take much for the bladed weapons of the guards to be reduced to dust as Judah used the force to make them such. His next steps carried him directly between Sianna and this king. Foolish, no doubt, but it was what needed to be done. Lightsabers were in hand, ready to ignite if needed.


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                            Curtsying, Sianna bowed her head to the ancient king who's presence was more ghostly than real, though to her he seemed as present as he had been thousands of years ago. Saber still lit on one end, she extended her hands and never saw Judah kill the guards and now stand before her, the only things in her world right now being her and the hero she had come to see.

                            "I seek your wisdom," she began. "The reason that I've come and offered you these supplicants, opened the door as we've dedicated ourselves to this end."

                            No answer came as the king's eyes now focused on the robed man standing between he and the priestess. Pointing his scepter at the Jedi, the enveloping red mist only intensified, glowing as if from some unseen fire blazing beneath his feet. Black smoke rose, tendrils wrapping around the large black statue behind him and seemed to give life to the guardian who slowly began to move it's arms, head turning to look over the king. Narrowed, glowing red eyes of both now on Judah. The pall in the room was tangible, heavy air full of anger and seeking revenge for some long forgotten slight, the emotion renewed now that the door had been opened and the royal guards had been vanquished.

                            By the very one now standing not feet from the king...


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                              Yup, foolish. The Jedi coukdn't help but thing this was about one of the dumbest things he could have done, but as he said, he was not going to allow Sianna to succeed. Dark eyes locked with those of the guardian, Judah determined to be sure this thing be defeated as well. Though Judah was there as an observer, a scout, he felt action was needed.

                              "I've already said I couldn't let this happen. She wants your knowledge, wisdom, power, but what do you want. To live again, at her expense, mine, the lives of this misguided cult? No, you won't be getting that today."

                              Judah's lightsabers were now ignited ready for what was sure to be an attack of some kind. The dark side was thick, near overwhelming, but Judah was ready. He knew Sianna would not listen to him, so now all Judah could do was deal with whatever came his way. This felt like Yavin IV all over again. This time though, Judah's head was clear.