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    "Sweetie, you sure you don't want to stay for lunch?" Morgana tried not to fume. She had good manners but her mother's cousin to whatever degree was just way too clingy to her tastes. "I'm sure, Florence. It was a pleasure seeing you again and I'll make sure to tell Mom that you send your regards!" Within ten minutes, the brunette had finally escaped! She had been running some errands for the criminal side of her family from Raltiir in between attending a couple of mathematics conferences for the past couple of weeks.

    She was finally off the hook! She was scheduled to leave Dandoran on the next day but she hadn't told her relative that or she'd have had to stay the whole day! She was glad that her family on her home world was more to her tastes as the few relatives she had scattered across the galaxy tended to drive her nuts!

    With the good weather and the rest of the day free, she would be able to play tourist and first of all, she needed to get new flimsi sheets and a few replacement stylus since she had killed her current ones with a few nights spent sketching for new projects!

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    "Toot & Scoot" that's all this trip to Dandoran was. He was supposed to meet with an informant for a section chief and take off. The thing is the informant, like most little scumbags turned out to be a dud and not only did not show up, but he was reportedly lying just to get money that the idiot chief paid out ahead of time. That of course meant he could go "collections" and start looking for the guy, Aien was an avid hunter and at least this would turn out to be a fun trip for another reason.

    He was in one of the market districts when he saw someone that he hadn't seen since his first trip off of Onderon to Raltiir. Oh brother...

    With a chuckle and a shake of his head, the agent made his way over to the woman he was once childhood best friends with. We were not best friends..

    Sneaking up behind her he quipped... All that stuff to draw paint cans?

    He was of course referring back to how he used to get under her skin.


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      As always when she was looking for equipment and supplies, Morgana got lost in her little creative world. She didn't even realize a certain someone sneaked up behind her. He always had a damn way to be discreet, even when they were kids.

      The moment she heard the quip, she knew who it was, and her eyes widened in shock. How the hell did he happen to be right there, right then?!

      She growled, not even looking at him. "I'll make you eat the paint cans if you say that again." She finished to pay for her purchase and turned on her heels, threatening him with a stylus. "Or I'll use this to stab your eyes!" She made a face at him, feeling like a kid again for a moment.


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        Oh really? Paintguns finally got the better of you? You doing soupcans now? The snarky grin he used to have when they were kids came back before he knew it. No, he knew that she wouldn't follow through on her threat, as he wouldn't on any that he made. They were never violent to each other, they were just "forced acquaintances". Though they never really got along any better than this his heart softened a little, it was good to see the girl, even if he wouldn't admit it(not that he needed to, they knew each other well enough she would figure it out), if only because of the phrase "sight for sore eyes".

        All kidding aside, what brings you here? Last I heard before I was disowned, you were working on some kind of project involving light?


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          "Soupcans? Soupcans?!!! Wait until I wring your neck!!" The moment he grinned, she burst into laughter and put the stylus back into her bag of purchase. The last person she had expected to see on this planet was Aien. She still recalled how their parents had decided to introduce them as they were roughly the same age. Oh she hadn't wanted to go and since then they had loved to hate each other.

          She didn't say it was good to see him, but she knew it was mutual. "Played delivery girl for some of my mother's family, in between conferences." He'd remember the criminal side of her family, though many people weren't bad ones. And there had been that epic afternoon her Zeltron grandmother had watched over them and she hadn't cared for the havoc they had wreaked, much to their parents' dismay.

          "I'm a light sculptor, but I bet this is too complicated for your thick head to get it." She stuck her tongue out and smirked. "What about you? I heard you got disowned. Had no idea what you got yourself into."


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            Yeah, he knew about the crime family, but that was just a part of who she was, just like his past. So he didn't judge, or ask what her deliveries were, she was insanely smart so she didn't need him saying anything as odds were she knew before he did. Then of course she rubbed his nose in it. So you sculpt fruit out of light now? He tensed up his arm expecting the wicked smack her right hand is capable of as he laughed.

            Then she asked about the disowning, then his look soured a little, though not at her. Yeah. You know how political my parents are. You know how political Onderon is in regards to who they associate with. Well I was "the good little boy" and joined the army, then I saw what I saw and realized something. I want what they want but not the same way they do. My parents found out complained that I betrayed them and sold me out. He shrugged, clearly feeling the loss but steely eyed in his beliefs. Hope things work out, but I have to do what I think is right and now I am.


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              She growled at him, poking him in the chest when he made fun of her again. Of course, it was a game they knew by heart. "You're a pain! Don't make me chase you across town to teach you a lesson!" She smirked, ready to do just that, not caring whether they were too old for this.

              She nodded to what he explained about what happened with his family. "I'm glad that things worked out for you and that you're doing what's right for you. So, what's that you're doing now?"

              She knew how it was to find your own place even when people had very different expectations for you. She never got disowned but she had two different sides of her family wondering what the hell she was up do with being comfortable with her dual origins and yet not belonging to either world.


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                She had a wicked poke and he couldn't hide the effect of it if he wanted to. Sure he wasn't injured but wow it hurt. You couldn't catch me with a speeder. He winked, ever the antagonizing child around her.

                Well... he knew he didn't really have to have secrets around her, as she didn't with him, so he just told her as if he was working at a corner store. I'm with the Republic. In fact it's why I'm here.


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                  "No, but you can't catch me in the air, flyboy!" Morgana replied with a defiant grin. He won bike races and she always was the crazy flyer. Oh the antics they had done in their younger years. Of course, she wasn't sure she had stopped since then.

                  When he told her he was with the Republic, she blinked. "Really?" She had nothing against the Republic; she was just surprised. "Wow. That's something else." She grinned. "Next thing you'll tell me is that you're serious about a girl or something like that!"


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                    He laughed at the response of hers, it was funny, and true in that she could probably fly a doily if she wanted to bad enough. When she commented how he was with the Republic and wondered if he was serious about a girl he smiled and looked away (>.> <.<) for a moment. Her name's Zaiya.


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                      When she saw him smile and look away when she teased him, Morgana's jaw dropped. "Ohmyfrellinggods!" She grinned and all teasing forgotten, she hugged him hard. "That's awesome news!!"

                      As much as she loved to hate him, she was so happy to hear that his life was a good one. "Now you know you'll have to introduce us! So happy for you. I mean you're still this old pain in the rear and I'm feeling horribly sorry for Zaiya, but oh my gods!"


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                        The response was surprising but a welcome one, of course he expected her to wonder what Zaiya saw in him, he wondered it himself. He beamed back at her as she really seemed happy, and not snipey at girls he's had in the past, he was with her boyfriends too so...

                        Well... come to Telos. She's with the Republic too, we work together sometimes. You'll like her enough to warn her about me like you did with Maryn. He winked at her about an ex of his, he once blamed her for their breakup but the truth came out, she did him a favor and of course all was forgiven long ago.


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                          "I guess I'll have to do this then! Never been there! Oh come on now, Maryn was a tralk! Even you deserved better!" Morgana chuckled. Oh he had given her crap about some of her exes, but as always it was part of the game between them.

                          "So you work together sometimes? That's nice! I mean, I guess it is! Not as if I could tell!" She chuckled, knowing she had never been a keeper in her personal life. Not that she was completely against the idea, but it just had never happened.

                          "Oh!" A thought suddenly crossed her mind. "Isn't Professor Rhysh at Telos University? He's one of the most amazing mathematicians currently living!"


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                            Yeah... she was something. He shook his head and grinned. They were annoyances to each other but they always seemed to have each other's back, which in the end was a good thing. Then when she asked him about how they work together he nodded. Yeah, we've been on a few trips. Not like you would know though! Ms. "Love'em and Leave'em" He winked, actually not meaning anything bad by it, she was always the one to live life where he always had a plan to it. Then when she asked about the professor he nodded. Yep, he's there. Still teaching classes. More reason for you to come. You'll like Telos, a lot going on there.


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                              "About as bad a Krys was to me!" Morgana smirked, remembering this moron. She didn't have bad tastes, but like everyone, especially in her earlier years, she'd done her fair share of mistakes. That was how learning happened.

                              "Hey! Sometimes they leave me too! And if they were great, I don't forbid them to come back. Every once in a while, I'm the one to return!" She laughed, knowing that he didn't mean anything nasty with it.

                              She grinned when he said the professor was still there. "Okay, so I need to come to Telos! I can already see I'll have a packed schedule!" She laughed. "And you need to come to Raltiir to see my sculptures even if that means I'll have to put duct tape over your loud and uneducated mouth!"