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I heard it through the grape vine(Anne)

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  • I heard it through the grape vine(Anne)

    Theed, Naboo

    James had exited his family estate that he'd bought when his twin boys were born. It had been quite a long time since he'd stepped foot into it. A year maybe? Two? Who knows. Although his wife had been there she was gone. In the blink of an eye James' whole world was crashing into him. He'd not heard from his son, Jaden in a long time. His son Antony was doing fine as the Sith Master watched over his shoulder at his progress.

    Using his speeder bike, the Sith Master sped off down into the capital. Hearing the woosh of the wind while traveling James searched with the Dark Side reaching out towards his vicinity. Finding nothing alarming to him he kept going. Thinking of what he would do once inside the capital he wondered if he'd get something for his brother, Iapyx. The masked man wondered how his brother was doing. Working for the Republic, the masked Sith wouldn't harm him even if they were on opposite sides. If there was one thing James cared about more then the Sith and the Force was his family. They meant everything to him.

    Reaching the capital he then went and parked his speeder near a shop where he would buy his brother a necklace. Which held their two pictures. It would be sentimental to them both. Although James was older he still loved his little brother and this piece of jewelry would mean something. He'd get one for Sinead too eventually. It would hold pictures of both Iapyx and James. Her two cousins.

    Walking in he then saw someone who gave him a bit of a ting in the back of his neck. There was something odd about her. He couldn't pinpoint why but, he would wish to find out sometime.

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    Anne had been sent to the military based near Theed for a week. It was for training with some new vehicles and weapons. It had been mandatory, following her promotion to the rank of Captain. She hadn't been to Naboo before so had welcomed the opportunity. Iapyx had been sent to some mission as well, so it wasn't as if she'd have been able to spend this week with him on Telos anyway.

    Today was her time off from extensive hours of training and she had decided to go do some shopping. The brunette liked Theed a lot and was happy to play tourist. She was even planning to maybe take the opportunity to find her wedding dress, should she find a shop that caught her attention.

    Humming to herself, she passed before a jewelry shop. She grinned as she gave a passing look to the windows. She was very happy with the engagement ring Iapyx had found for her, and was making the best of her day off by wearing it properly instead of keeping it on a necklace around her neck when in service.


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      James turned towards the owner who was a Chiss. With his red eyes the owner looked at him as the masked Sith asked, "I was wondering if I could get a necklace made for my brother."

      The Chiss smiled and nodded, "Indeed you can. What's his name. That way I can engrave it with his name on the back."

      Nodding the older Icarus placed a hand to his chin, looking at some of the selection. Looking up he then said with a deep tone, "Iapyx."

      While putting up a finger, the owner then wrote it down on a datapad, then James pointed to a non-specfic one. It was your usual, with a locket for photos and was gold with a triangle with links. The Sith Master picked the same for his own. Finding a picture among the things that were saved in a lock box he had a picture of himself when he was a young boy around 8 and one with Iapyx.

      "I want mine engraved with the name...James...if it's not too much trouble." James said with a curious tone.

      "No not at all. They will be ready in 15 minutes." The Chiss owner replied with a smirk.

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        Anne decided to get inside the shop, to check on a pair of earrings. As she looked at it, she couldn't help hearing the exchange between another customer and the Chiss owner of the shop. She was amused when she heard him needing something engraved for his brother, called Iapyx, just like her fiance. It wasn't a common name at all.

        Then she had a what the hell moment, when he said his own name was James. That couldn't be a coincidence. She didn't think that too many duets of brothers were called Iapyx and James.

        She knew that if the stranger was indeed her future brother in law, he was a Sith Master. Anne's experiences with Sith hadn't been pleasant at all, though she had survived against all odds. Yet, she decided to speak to him in case.

        "Excuse me, sir..." She approached the man politely. "Would you happen to be James Icarus?"


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          That ping in the Force again! A prickle on the back of his mind. Turning around when he heard his name, the Sith Master looked with a raised eyebrow. Wondering why she would know his name already if he didn't know who the frell she was! How did she know his name!

          His eyebrow still raised under his mask he then spoke, "Yes. That is my name. Who are you?"

          The Chiss kept himself busy with the project at hand. As the owner was busy, James folded his arms across his chest. Wondering what this young woman wanted, James was sure she was here to meet him for a reason. He just needed to know why the Dark Side called to him to meet this one.

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            Maybe Anne could have been terrified to approach a Sith Master as such. She wasn't. Sure thing, she was polite and careful, but the way he had spoken about these lockets for Iapyx and him, as what her fiance had told her about James, she believed that speaking to him was the right thing to do.

            "My name is Anne Brocar'do."
            She extended her hand to him. "I am your future sister-in-law."

            She hadn't come here on purpose, but she couldn't help thinking that fate had had some ideas of its own. "I overheard your conversation and thought that if you were indeed James Icarus, introducing myself was only appropriate."


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              James took her hand with caution. If she was with his brother, then she must be part of the NR also. He despised them for destroying his home and his parents. Not to mention scarring his body and mind for all eternity. There was no way from what he knew that he could return to normal. Not as far as he knew. It was the only reason why he took the former moniker of 'Lord of Pain' because the Sith Master was following Darth Sion so closely. Wanting to know how pain could be a weapon, a conduit for the darkness.

              "Pleasure then." He said with a deep tone, "Your marrying my little brother, Iapyx? Small galaxy we live in then."

              When she said that she overheard his conversation he then tilted his head to the side. Maybe fate had decided that James needed to meet her if he was to know someone in his family. The Icarus family was shortened these days. There was Iapyx, Antony, Jaden, and his cousin, Sinead. Although she wasn't an 'Icarus' per se, she was one because she was his only cousin.

              "Well, my brother and I haven't spoken since a while ago. Being in the NR sends him on missions across the galaxy. My bookworm brother always looking at a map." He said with a joking tone, "Next time you see him...give him a wedgie from his big brother."

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                "I am indeed." Anne replied with a smile. The galaxy was indeed a small place despite its vastness. She had figured that out over the past few years. She wasn't sure of how extended the Icarus family might be, as Iapyx had only mentioned his brother.

                "He told me about you when we talked about our families. This was why I put two and two together. And indeed, Iapyx and I are often sent across the galaxy." She chuckled at the mention of Iapyx being a bookworm and always looking at a map. "I was his security on a digging site when we first met."

                She nodded with a grin to what her future brother-in-law said about when she saw her fiance next time.


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                  "He never told you that we have a cousin who's half Zeltros. Her name is Sinead. Works for Vaago if I'm not mistaken." James said as he recalled his cousin, "Then there are my two sons, Antony and Jaden. That's the extent of the family."

                  Although he grinned too when he saw her do the same. Then again she'd only see the bottom half of his face while the rest was covered in his pale white mask. The Sith Master turned to look at the owner as the buzzing of an engraving machine was present. Shrugging he then glancec back to Anne.

                  "Then that tells me you also work for the NR." James said just to state fact, "You know we're all at war here. If you and I wanted to we could arrest one another and take each other prisoner. But, I wouldn't do that to my brother. Even though we're on opposite sides I cannot let myself harm him. He's my only family left."

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                    "No I didn't know about the rest of the family. Now I do." Anne replied with a nod, storing the information away. Iapyx might have mentioned his nephews but she might have not remembered. As for her own family, there was none, given she was an orphan.

                    "I do. I serve in their Army." She confirmed when he said how she likely was with the New Republic. "I very much know we are at war and that you would have a difficult time arresting me for we are on Republic soil, and not Sith or imperial." She simply stated a fact as well, regardless of how powerful he was.

                    "I wouldn't harm the family I am entering, so I am not going to arrest you either."


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                      "True. But, my family estate is just outside of Theed. The one with that gigantic fountain just behind the gate." James said although she'd probably never seen it.

                      The owner then cleared his throat then walked back up to the counter, "Here you go sir. The two lockets you asked for. It'll be 1000 credits."

                      Turning his head he then heard Anne speak of being on Republic soil and that she couldn't fathom herself to arrest him either. Which he smiled about as he then held up one finger then walked to the counter. Nodding to the Chiss, he then placed a cred chip on the counter. The man took it and then went to a machine behind him and put in the numbers on the chip.

                      James then turned around and smirked, "But, if you hurt my brother or break his heart...then I'll have no choice but to find you. Being a Sith that I am I have eyes everywhere."

                      He then held out his hand though, "But, anyways, welcome to the family, Anne. I'm inclined to say that to anyone who enters the Icarus family. I'm the patriarch after all. Since our father is gone I'm the one who leads our family."

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                        "Maybe at some point, I will see it. This is my first time in Theed and today is my only day off." She explained, since there was no reason for her to pretend that she had seen the estate Icarus mentioned.

                        She nodded as he took care of retrieving his purchases. She stared back at the Sith Master, understanding what he meant about being protective. "I don't consider marriage as something you walk away from, Mr. Icarus. Your brother is pretty much stuck with me."

                        She accepted the handshake and smiled. "Thank you. So when you hear about an Anne Icarus in the future, you'll know this is your brother's wife." She had indeed decided on taking Iapyx's name once they got married.


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                          James nodded, "Oh I'll be sure to keep that in mind."

                          Chuckling, James turned back to the Chiss who handed him his cred chip and the bag which held them. Seeing the two lockets being placed in their respective protection boxes, James then smiled. Taking the bag and his chip he placed the cred chip into his cloak, then took the bag holding it as his side.

                          He laughed as Anne told him that Iapyx was stuck with her, "I'm sure he is. Your stuck with us now, Anne."

                          "Tell Iapyx his bachelor party will be held here on Naboo at my home. It's big enough that he can invite his NR buddies. I'll just have to make myself either scarse or else make the illusion that I'm not what you see." James said as he then wondered, "Were you going to buy anything in here? Or did you just stop in here to see me?"

                          The Sith Master chuckled at that statement. Even though he was a Sith, much less a Council member, didn't mean he wasn't human. Or remotely, that he wasn't a normal person. Save of course for the faction and use of the Force.

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                            "I hope to meet your sons and your cousin at some point then. After all, meeting the rest of the family only seems right." Anne meant it as Iapyx's family was important to her, especially as she had none of her own, being an orphan.

                            "I will tell him then." She laughed, imagining the whole thing and wondering who Iapyx might invite. They both had a tendency to enjoy their time alone.

                            "I came in to look at some earrings, but now I guess that I came here to see you!" She grinned, knowing that life worked in mysterious ways sometimes. "The one thing on my shopping list today is actually a wedding dress."


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                              "You'll meet them eventually. My son Jaden I haven't seen or heard from in a long time. Don't blame him. Would you wanna keep contact with your parents who were Sith. Or your brother for that matter?" James said with a shrug.

                              When she spoke of earrings he then snickered. Although he never worn any because he wasn't a woman, he knew of some men who wore one. Either in the their left ear or on both. Then again, having burns all across your body wouldn't make for a fashion statement. He was a walking nightmare of pain and agony.

                              "Earrings huh?" James said with a joking tone, "But, I suppose earrings are nothing compared to meeting your future brother-in-law?"

                              As she mentioned a wedding dress he then thought about that. Well, there was his wife's, Milara. She wore theirs at their own wedding those many years ago. Maybe she could fit into it? She seemed the same body type as his long gone wife. How he missed her greatly. It pained him every single day that she was gone. Wherever she was.

                              "My wife has one. You seem to be her body type although she's not around to say it. You could have hers. If she was here and not long gone she'd allow you to have it. She won't need it anymore, sadly." James said with somewhat of a sad tone.

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