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    "Your visitor has arrived, Viscountess." Alice hated being interrupted, but she had given orders to be instructed when her visitor arrived. "Take him to the veranda. I will be there shortly." Her maid bowed and excused herself, leaving her mistress alone in the large training room. Alice was still in the process of arranging and organizing her new estate on Thyferra.

    She had had commercial dealings with local companies for years. It had been a bit of a random purchase to get a house on the planet. She loved her estate on Vjun, but for the past while she had felt the need to expand her horizons. The Sith Master had found the mansion perfect for her needs. There was enough place for her to have rooms for all her children, for brand new labs for her research, and a large training area to keep her training up to par. She was still working on returning to stellar shape since the birth of her triplets.

    Being on Thyferra was something she did about every single time Marcus went off world to his own devices. She knew he spent a lot of time on Bastion to visit some relative of his.

    She was worried that becoming parents had them drift away from one another, but she didn't know how to make things better. It wasn't as if she was going to say they should kill one or two of them so one baby would be more manageable. She hadn't expected to conceive triplets in the first place nor had done it on purpose.

    Growling, she switched her lightsaber off and rushed to the refresher so she could clean up and get dressed to meet with her visitor.

    As she looked into the mirror, she saw her blue eyes flicker to a crimson shade for a few moments;

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    The noble was downstairs as she had let her visitor know, within the next ten minutes. She had briefly spoken with Enara on her way to the massive staircases. The older woman was traveling with her children everywhere. The triplets had been set in one of the rooms near hers, the nursery having been one of the first things the Sith had arranged for upon purchasing this place.

    As she entered the veranda, where refreshments had already been brought, her eyes fell upon the blond man waiting for her. "Mr. Daran, thank you for coming." She offered her hand and he bowed her to her. "It is my pleasure, ma'am."

    They soon took their seats and she cut straight to the chase, knowing they both had better things to do than dance around the topic. "What is the decision of the owners of Virnar Company then?" She had approached them so they could supply her with equipment for her botanic research and in exchange she was willing to offer her expertise on some of their own projects. With her Sith knowledge and her extended herbalism and botanic experiences, this would be a valuable operation.

    "They accept, especially knowing that your presence on Thyferra should be developing as time goes." Alice was indeed thinking about moving some of the facilities to Thyferra in the year to come, as there had been issues on the other planet where she kept some of her flower and tree gardens.

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      The rest of the afternoon went well and she would be signing the deal with Virnar Company within the next days. She wasn't set to return to Vjun before another while, so everything was falling into place, at least for certain matters.

      Since she had given birth, the Sith Master had felt off balance, somewhat lost. It wasn't just the sheer overwhelm of raising triplets, but feeling things slip away from her in uncanny and troubling manners. She felt the Dark Side rage even more powerfully in her whole being and deepen its roots in her soul. And yet, when she spent time with her children, she kept this at bay to let them untouched and be able to grow without plagues of darkness.

      It meant that the times she was on her own, the Dark Side spoke even more vividly to her and while regular training and her work kept her busy, she had violent and destructive urges take over her. She had been finding ways to release them, though she knew this rage was turning even stronger, even for a Sith Master like her.

      It was why nighttime often was the moment of predilection for Alice to delve into these carnage appetites. Thankfully, Thyferra had been offering her better grounds than Vjun did, given how so few thought of standing in her way on her home world by now.

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        One thing that Alice had always liked about Enara was that the woman who had raised her never stuck her nose in others' business. The Sith Master knew that the woman suspected certain things about her, but not once did she say a word. Enara looked over Herak, Sarae and Phedre until her dying breath, and it was all that mattered.

        The blatant dichotomy that had been consuming the brunette was sometimes barely tolerable, but it was a secret well kept. It wasn't one she should share, and she didn't even know with whom. Marcus and her were both handling the parental development in their own way after all.

        After bidding goodbye to her little ones, Alice went to get changed before leaving her mansion, to disappear into the Thyferran night. She had no weapon save for a knife on her. She had left her lightsabers at home, as she always did when she went for her punitive rampages at the unforgiving hour. It made her blend in better and allowed her to be as bestial and one with the dark side as she wished. She was still an accomplished swordwoman, but there was something enthralling about hand to hand combat.

        There were many a pocket of criminality in the Thyferran cities. She was learning them one by one. In dangerous areas, it was easy to find danger, to find preys to butcher. And the irony was that she helped local security in an unexpected way. She had little interest in helping people, but since the local criminals held their ground better than expected, they were her targets of choices.

        The Sith Master hummed a tune to herself, an ode to the violence to be unleashed, an inspiring melody that enchanted the darkness ready to pour out her.

        She felt the violence before she even heard the brawl and the yelling as she walked the crowded streets. She clenched her fists and licked her lips for a moment.

        The night was about to begin.

        Avi and Sig by Jez.


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          "What's a girl like you doing here all alone?" One of the scum told her, his eyes wandering too much to Alice's taste already, meaning she'd have to rip them off soon enough. "Move out of my way." She said in a growl. She'd kill him regardless of him moving or not, but she just had to snap, as she felt the pent up darkness swirl so delightfully within her.

          "Not in your dreams."
          The tall man moved closer to her but the moment he extended a hand to touch her, she grabbed his wrist and the sound of broken bones could be heard the moment before he screamed. This wasn't about her dreams, it was about her being their nightmare. One of his friends tried to come at her from behind, but she pivoted with feline and deadly grace, kicking him off with a powerful hit.

          She forced her first target on his knees. "Stop staring." She groaned and used her free hand to destroy his eyes. It only made him scream more. She broke his other wrist.

          The more he screamed, the more attraction it would bring and she'd get more playthings for her bloodbath.

          Avi and Sig by Jez.


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            Alice spent the next couple of hours wandering aimlessly, save for the smell of blood and the taste of hell which she unleashed. She had cleaned another highly criminal area of north of the city. It had been a good bloodbath, filled with so much death and maiming. The brunette had always had a heavy predatory side, but it was coming undone even more often since giving birth to her children. She didn't know all the reasons that caused her to seek this secret garden on Thyferra, or maybe she didn't want to see them. By giving into violence, one could push their fears and concerns away after all. While fear was one of the highest sources of strength for a Sith, the Viscountess rarely gave into it. She had done so in the past, but not in the past months.

            She knew some of her fears were still looming in the deepest confines of her soul, but she had no wish to let them being heard.

            She was learning to make do with her life, find the thin line to walk. Or rather, she had torn it to shreds and surrendered to her different sides, turn by turn. The caring and proud mother, the focused and brilliant researcher and the reckless predator who fed on her enemies as they fell into her visceral grasp.

            After all, being a being of passion and excesses could be right for one who wielded and served the Dark Side.

            Avi and Sig by Jez.


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              It was still the somber hours when Alice headed back to her mansion. Blood dripped from her bare hands and the leather of her attire where so much had splattered during the slaughters. She didn't care for the mess she was making. Her maids and staff would clean everything up soon. It wasn't as if being a Sith Master didn't give her a certain reputation after all. Since she wasn't on Sith soil, she didn't get into open trouble and proved how civilized she could be when she chose to. Her private time at nights was a whole other matter.

              She hadn't completely come off her high yet. Yet, she had already begun to. She never returned home before having begun to slip back into a normal, albeit Sithly, state of being. It was important to her. It made the transition for when she spent time with her children easier, in the mornings, and sometimes in the night, for she didn't always let Enara tend to them if they had bad nights.

              Brushing off a strand of hair off her face, she took a breath and entered into the large hall, before climbing up the stairs, heading to her suite.

              Avi and Sig by Jez.


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                Her nocturnal escapades wasn't friendly to her wardrobe, but it was of little concern to the Viscountess who simply made sure that her clothing collection was well supplied on a regular basis, even when some of her outfits got sullied if not fire material, after some exceptional bloodbaths. It was nothing new with her Sith life anyway. Getting into violent predicaments was the norm, and it had even been the case during her youth as she had reclaimed the family lands on her home world.

                Stripping down, she tossed all the garments to an empty bin, before getting the water running in the shower. She caught sight of her reflection once again. She frowned a little as she stared into her crimson eyes. She blinked a few times. It should be fading away by now, and her irises should be returning to their usual blue. She shrugged and as she felt that her children were all asleep for the time being, she knew she had maybe some time of her hands to get things back to normal.

                Of course, her own senses of normal could encompass many things, as it depended on the circumstances. All of that she was belonged to her unique norm.

                Stretching her neck, she entered the refresher and began to cleanse herself.

                Avi and Sig by Jez.