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Debrief? Update? Why Are -You- Here, Keir?

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  • Debrief? Update? Why Are -You- Here, Keir?

    There was a lot of preparation to do with the family meeting coming up and she needed to squeeze in a meeting with Keir Wayne today. His message was brief, needing some time to talk. Not something he requested with her often in recent memory. Even his work, lack of breath through and all, was all done through the holonet. They didn't really have to have face to face time. It was why she liked working with the young man - he was quiet, professional and used up little of her time.

    She had briefly wondered if Keir was upset that he wasn't invited to the Nystrom meeting but unlike his sister, it took a lot more to ruffle his feathers. He and Mihal were not intended or bonded. Because of that, she did not require his opinion at all. That was all.

    She threw a glance at the chrono and Dr. Wayne should be arriving shortly.

    Yes, Linnea. I can make it. Said the accented male voice over the 'net.

    "It wasn't a request Goran. You will be there."

    Isn't that what I just said?

    "Ensuring we're perfectly clear on the matter."

    Have been since I've returned.

    She glared at the blue flickering image of her brother-in-law upon her console. His return, his face, was too painful to outwardly admit, but inside Linnea Vandron was hurting. Decades later, her heart still had a very large hole that hadn't healed since Ronan had died ...


    "Yes. I heard you. Just keep your new partner busy in the city until our business is concluded."

    His face smirked, right before saluting her. Yes, Ma'am. And ... despite how you feel, I'm looking forward to see your family again. I just don't want it to be too painful for the twins... Goran out.

    She hated to agree but she could not predict how Nikole and Kalyn would react to seeing that Goran was alive ...

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    "Dr. Wayne, here to see Operative Vandron," Keir said.

    The physician to the Empress and her family (which now included his family!), looked physically and spiritually weary. Though still well groomed and professional, Keir had been struggling with a good deal personally and professionally and to the trained eye, it showed.

    But, Linnea's receptionist only nodded and gestured to a chair across from her desk. "She's expecting you but is finishing up another call. Please have a seat. Would you like some caf?"

    He was tempted to say yes, but then feared it would make him too fidgety. Keir was that sort of beyond-tired where caf might not work.

    "No, thank you. Just a bottled water, perhaps?" he asked with a smile.


    Keir sat down and briefly skimmed through his messages before giving up on that. He sat quietly and waited.


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      Her conversation with Goran concluded, she noticed the missed text message from her receptionist. Keir had arrived and was waiting to be seen when the Operative was ready.

      "Send him in," she replied over the comm and went to tapping away, finishing up a report that Goran had interrupted. It only required a few sentences but it was just a constant with the man as of late. Interrupting everything. Her reports, her plans which now included him by default as the precedent she created, and her feelings. Ones that were long buried now chipping away at her exterior walls. It was aggravating to lose control that she knew was crumbling when every one else was oblivious.

      Outside, the receptionist rose from her desk and smiled, motioning for Keir to follow her. "The Operative will now see you, Dr. Wayne."

      She led him to her office, knocked, and stepped aside so he could be allowed entry. Linnea stood and offered a polite handshake over her desk before they took a seat. "Well, Keir. I'll cut to the chase. I'm actually surprised you wanted face to face time with me. So ..." she leaned back in her chair and folded her hands atop her abdomen ..." shall we cut to the chase?"


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        "Yes, ma'am," Keir replied as he crossed one leg over the other.

        He folded his hands in his lap, mostly to keep from talking with them. When Keir became too animated, he did that; it was most definitely a family trait.

        "I'm here, basically, about Mihal and our future together. I'll be candid. I love your son, Ms. Vandron, and I do dream of a future with him. But..." Keir sighed, tightening one hand over the opposite wrist. "...I'm spinning my servos with research and am no closer to finding a solution to the age-time issue. And this concerns me. I come seeking your advice."


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          "Keir ..." She began patiently, "You and I have only been working on this for several months. What I've been doing for my family - I've spent the last few decades orchestrating. Things are finally falling into place. If I had backed down over setbacks, I'd never be here," she said, thumping the arm chair.

          "Genetics is tricky and subtle. One little purine out of place and I'd have a Morellian puddle on the floor and not my Mihal and Katja," she said sternly, as if speaking from fact. Linnea was brilliant but not infallible. Her twins were painstakingly created, but not without trials.

          "If you love my son as much as you say you do, you'll keep trying to do what's best for the both of you. Aurelia and Nikole joined knowing full well what the ramifications were. One of the few qualities of your sister's that I tolerated at the time. I would have hoped you inherited something similar."


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            Keir cleared his throat. "You misunderstand, ma'am. I'm not backing down. I am just thinking it may be time for a new approach. Or, rather, a shift in priorities and resources."

            Really? Can you only talk in professional terms? Small wonder Aurrie thinks you're a doofus.

            "Miss Vandron, your mentioning Aurelia and Nikole is the point I'm poorly trying to drive at. I am terrified of what could happen to Mihal someday, if we even were so lucky as to be each other's one. But, I do love him and I'm squandering precious time in the name of chasing down a medical solution, when I have to ask myself: is there a problem?"

            He sighed, fearing he was talking in circles. Keir frowned and regrouped.

            "I am coming at this from the point of a Corellian with a modest lifespan, with that limited perspective. I'm here to seek your wisdom and guidance. I'm not the first non-Morellian to love a Morellian. A bonded or no, the relationship has implications. What I'm asking, Ms. Vandron, is for your blessing in seeing your son. Do you grant permission for our relationship to continue, knowing the benefits and the costs?"


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              Keir was not backing down. That was good, but she was failing to see what advice he wanted from her. She had erroneously presumed that he needed a push to continue his work or continue a relationship with Mihal.

              The advice that Keir was really looking for was validation.

              "Keir... One does not come to the head of a Morellian family asking permission to see my son. If I hadn't approved, you two wouldn't be together." She folded her hands together once again and continued shrewdly. "You come to me asking permission to marry him. Then we can have this conversation again."


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                Color rose on his neck and cheeks, but Keir nodded. He understood better. It was hard to do this sort of thing when he'd been such a bookworm and came from such an unorthodox Corellian family!

                "Understood, ma'am. Thank you."

                He smiled tentatively, then more confidently. Keir needed to see Mihal then, and soon.

                "I know I don't report to you, but if there's any help I can offer here... with your lab, that is... you'll me know?" Keir asked.


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                  She nodded, leaning forward to return to work but Linnea didn't begin anything. Keir had yet to rise which meant another question lingered on his lips.

                  "Ah," she mused, Keir's request not at all unreasonable. "I will certainly keep you in mind if your services are needed. Thank you."


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                    Keir nodded and rose to his feet. Lifting a brow because he wasn't quite sure how to depart, he grinned and offered his hand across the desk.

                    "Thank you again, Ms. Vandron."


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                      Rising to her feet, Linnea took his hand and shook it firmly. "You're welcome."

                      Sitting back down, she returned to work, but not without one last remark. "And for the love of all the gods, Dr. Wayne. Move out of your office. My son does not date a homeless man."


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                        Keir bit his lip and grinned sheepishly.

                        "Yes, ma'am. I will," he replied.

                        No matter how used to sleeping in the office, there was no doubt about him moving out now! Not when he'd been told-so by Linnea!