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    "Well, this is it..."

    A soft exhalation made a stray blonde curl flutter back from her cheek, still flushed with a hint of color as it always was. The pink highlighted her delicate features and created a pretty backdrop for the bright cerulean-blue of her eyes as they peered into the spacious, luxurious cabin. Nearly every credit she had to her name had gone into this trip - most thought it was out of extravagance and a need to flaunt her family's wealth.

    It was further from the truth than any of the other rumors that had begun, but she didn't bother trying to correct them. What did she care if the people she was leaving behind would believe her or not? Those she cared about, knew precisely why she was leaving Manaan. Everyone else was welcome to believe whatever outlandish tale they wished.

    Sasha cussed under her breath as she stepped inside and tried to stop her mind from wandering. It had been a harrowing enough day as it was, without her thoughts wriggling about in careless circles. The door helpfully slid closed behind her, and with a murmured word, locked securely.

    Fingers loosened from the small handles of her two duffel bags, dropping the pair at the foot of the four-poster bed on the upholstered bench. Her jacket was next, the supple, shell-pink leather cast across a nearby velvet chair, while she kicked off her heels and paid no mind to where they landed. The young woman sighed and sprawled across the end of the bed, setting off a hailstorm of falling pillows and ornate cushions. It brought a tiny smile to her glossy lips, the first favorable reaction to anything that had happened in what felt like an eternity.

    Her mind wandering, she gently smoothed out her dark rose leather pants and off-the-shoulder silk blouse, letting her cerulean eyes close for a brief moment. Sasha hummed softly to herself as she tried to relax and push away the painful visions that lingered just at the edge of her awareness - lying in wait as if they were a predator stalking its prey.

    One week prior...

    She sat up in bed suddenly, eyes wide but unseeing, her slumbering mind lock in a nightmare of a vision. Death and destruction surrounded her as she picked her way across a haze-shrouded battlefield. Lightsabers blazed all around, blaster bolts slithered through the air, so many finding their marks and sending sentients toppling to the ground in bloody heaps. Sasha's breath caught in her throat as she moved, only half noting that she seemed to progress unnoticed, slipping by as if she were nothing more than a translucent wisp of energy.

    Stopping beside an abandoned vehicle that had been tipped onto its side, she caught sight of what she assumed was a Jedi. A green lightsaber blazed as he stood his ground over a fallen comrade, deflecting bolt after bolt that never seemed to slow. She watched in rapt fascination, cerulean eyes following his every deft, precise movement, until the volley suddenly stopped. Blinking, she waited as he slowly turned to glance down at his companion, one hand rising to push back the hair from his eyes.

    Sasha gasped as another volley of blaster fire commenced without notice, shredding through the air in deadly earnest. A bolt caught him in the shoulder before he could deflect it, making his features twist into a grimace. She found herself trying to move forward but unable to as the prone figure rose up, the lightsaber in her hand flaring to life as she pushed him out of the way. With imperfect technique, the azure blade flicked out to deflect the incoming bolts, giving him time enough to Heal his wound.

    She couldn't hear a word that was being said...and noticed that all she could hear was a deafening roar, as if something was trying to warn her. But of what?

    It took only a moment more for it to become blindingly obvious as the woman staggered back, and Sasha found herself unable to breathe. Clouded cerulean-blue eyes looked up and she found herself looking into her own eyes. Pain assaulted her senses, as she looked down to find her chest awash in blood and riddled with numerous blaster-wounds. She screamed, terror flooding her senses as she finally woke from the horrific scene, shaking, eyes wide and nearly feral looking.

    Jaor had come through her door first, shatter-blasters drawn and primed, followed instantly by Adis, Rex, and Drake. On finding her alone, they all holstered their blasters and Drake approached her cautiously. Her identical twin, it was only he who could reach her in this state without suffering if she lashed out in her fear. Jaor and Adis leaned on either side of the doorway, while Rex grumbled under his breath and went out to calm the rest of the household.


    "S-saw m-m-myself d-die, this time...w-w-was a Jedi...fighting in a war...and....w-w-was sh-shot...s-s-so many m-much b-blood..." Sasha stammered shaking like a leaf in a gale force wind until he settled an arm over her slender shoulders.

    "You're fine, Sash...look, it was just a dream."

    "I know...but it hurt this time..."
    she whispered, curling herself into his side and huddling against his familiar warmth and comfort.


    Sasha didn't know how long she'd been asleep, but she woke feeling somewhat rested for the first time in days. Sliding out of bed, she stretched out her long, lean frame and padded barefoot into the bathroom. A few minutes saw her refreshed, and her long blonde curls pinned up neatly. Gazing at her reflection, she wrinkled her nose at the ever-present dark circles under her blue eyes and shook her head.

    It took several moments to find where her heels had landed, and to step back into them, having grabbed her jacket as she passed its perch. Wandering out into the hallway, Sasha locked her door behind her and stuffed her hands in her pockets, taking the nearby 'lift to one of the shopping levels, to wander amidst the crowd.

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    "What's your problem, you trope?!"

    Trope? What the?

    "Yeah! Trope! You're being one, why don't you just leave!"

    Get as mad as you want, you monkey, I was here first.

    He wasn't going to argue with anyone, though it always seemed to work out that way. However the thrillseeker wasn't going to back down, he was here first, he had the bag of fruit in hand and they tried to take it. There was no special arrangement made for them, he asked, the fruit wasn't being held, he asked, no it was his. Yet, as always he was being turned in the bad guy.


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      The farmers' market was a bustling, busy place. It was a welcome explosion of sound, light, and scent, with a variety of foods arrayed in enticing displays. Rainbows of fruit and vegetables drew her gaze and her fingers, as she lifted a few choice, ripe pieces for a closer inspection. The scent was fresh and inviting, and the gregarious proprietor proffered a small bag for her to collect what she wished to purchase.

      Sasha chose an abundance of the fresh fruit, taking a few pieces in the bag for now, and arranging to have the rest sent to her suite later in the day. While the luxury of five-star room service was included, she had a peculiar enough metabolism to require frequent snacks, and fruit had always been her favorite. The proper amount of credits were soon swiped from her cred stick as payment, with a modest tip for the delivery of the rest of her order.

      Turning back towards the street, she found a bit of a fracas bubbling up around a rather precious bag of fruit. Why the prize was so heavily contested, she had no idea, but she couldn't simply walk away without trying to help. The shopkeeper was trying to guide his other customers away from what looked like it was moments away from exploding into something horribly unpleasant, and when asked, mentioned that the men were known troublemakers in the area.

      Sasha sighed, and gently shook her head at the lot of them. It was getting loud and there were onlookers gathering. With a bright expression and a wide-eyed gaze, she went over to the man's side before the louts surrounded him. "There you are, sweetie! I thought I'd gotten lost in the market again. Are you ready to go?" she said in a bit of a rush, as if she'd been dashing about to find him, and gently tugging on Baus' arm. The loud mouthed troublemakers didn't quite know what to make of her just yet and had fallen temporarily silent.

      Likely, that wouldn't last long.


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        Now who's the blonde tugging at him? She want the fruit too? This was going to be another day that he ends up arguing with cops about how he did nothing wrong. Yeah this was nuts, and all over a damn bag of fruit. He wouldn't be so mad right now except he actually did things right this time, he asked, he actually asked he never does that and things still went the way they did.

        What's this? "Sweetie"? She's trying to help? Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he nodded nervously. Yeah... Yeah babe I'm ready.

        "Gonna have your girlfriend protect you? Is that it?"

        "They're lying... they're not an item... he must be rich."

        You can insult him all you want, but you NEVER hurt animals, children or women around him. How dare you... HOW DARE YOU...

        As he angrily took a step, our hero didn't need to do much as his actions of nobility seemed to rile up others, who called the police.

        As the attention was diverted, he let her pull him away from the scene, fruit bag in hand. I don't know who you are, or where you came from lady, but anyone who can pull my grapenuts out of a fire like that is my new best friend.


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          The young woman laughed softly and grinned brightly, head canted to the side as she gazed at him. Bright cerulean eyes cascaded over his features and she let go of his arm after a moment, though with a touch of reluctance.

          Save for her brothers, she'd not gotten close to anyone...well, ever. It wasn't that she didn't want to, but Sasha had the dubious gift of being able to sense things from people when she touched them. Never anything specific, just a vague sense of 'good' or 'bad', so to speak. So finding the first bit of good in a very long time was a gift she wasn't going to argue with.

          Holding out her hand for a proper introduction now that they had a bit of space and breathing room, the blonde smiled. "Name's Sasha, and I'm just happy I could help back there."


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            Taking her hand properly, not just in a handshake, he nodded. He did smile, but it was more because he didn't want to be involved in yet another fight, not today at least. Well, I'm not making this up, but amnesia is still bugging me so I don't really remember my name. People seem to like calling me "Baus" so I guess you can too if you want. Still watching the rumble in the market he asked. So, do you live around here?


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              "Amnesia? I'm sorry to hear can't be at all easy on you, dealing with it. Baus it is, then. Pleasure to meet you." Sasha smiled, cerulean blue eyes flicking over toward the market fracas as it was being dispelled by security personnel who had been called by concerned onlookers. As they were being rounded up, no one was looking their way, which, she thought, was for the best.

              Last thing she needed was to try and explain anything.

              "I don't live here, no. Just visiting. Staying over at the Azalea Retreat. What about you? Do you have someplace to stay around here?" she asked, returning her attention and her warm gaze to her new-found companion.


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                I live on an icecube. Though anyone who knew him knew that our hero was being quite serious he wasn't coming off as such, after all, who lives on an ice cube? He just wasn't sure how to approach what next to tell her, or if he should tell her at all, after all, while he technically was a Jedi, was he? He didn't feel like one, and frankly didn't feel like he was welcome. It might mean that he needed to make a decision some time soon, but that was a matter for another time.

                Yavin VIII.


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                  "An icecube, huh? Lots of snow and cold, then...I'm originally from Manaan. A bit more tropical than your ice cube." Sasha said lightly, peering into the bag of fruit she'd purchased, trying to decide which piece to try first. The bright pink apple attracted her attention first, and her fingertips had only just touched it to pick it up when he spoke again.

                  Yavin VIII.

                  She froze, cerulean eyes wide as she glanced up at him and then quickly back down at her fruit. Fingers trembled as she abandoned the fruit and closed up the bag carefully once more. Tucking the bag in the crook of her arm, she withdrew the pale pink leather gloves from the pocket of her jacket, carefully drawing them onto her fingers. The thin, supple leather was enough of a barrier between her fingers and anything she might touch to prevent her abilities from spiking.

                  "Y-yavin, huh? Interesting...there's a Jedi Temple there, right? Must be interesting to live...near...that." Sasha said softly, blinking as she took a deep breath and tried to steady herself. She'd heard tell of the Jedi - one couldn't grow up on a planet like Manaan without hearing about them - though she'd never met one in person. It was an irrational fear she had, she knew it, but that didn't make her feel any better.


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                    You'd have to ask someone who lives near it. I wouldn't know from that perspective. He didn't have a lot of understanding on the Force but he could understand when someone was a little freaked out by something he said. He had more than enough experience to know when someone was overwhelmed. Though this time it wasn't something ridiculous like someone who couldn't understand why he said what he did. It was the talk of Yavin. She sounded scared. Scared of the Jedi or something?