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    The Annual Conference for the Future of Technology was a prestigious five day event held every year on Coruscant. Only people and companies who could prove their dedication and solid results to the cause, so to speak, were invited. Svetlana had attended this gathering for a very long time and always made sure to go there herself, and not send someone else from her company, in her place.

    Ghemenaux Corporations had been a flourishing weaponry and ship technology company for the past thirty years. She could even say that the new research and development departments she had created when taking the company over after her father's passing when much younger, had added a lot of value to the business.

    The imperial was sorely disappointed with this morning's presentation as she sat in the auditorium. She didn't understand why Socarl and Associates had been allowed to present, with how unimpressive their current work was. She had been close to strike a deal with them two years before, and was glad that she had decided against it in the end.

    With a sigh, she got to her feet during the break and decided to grab a cup of caf and go to the exhibition aisle of the conference center.

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    She was not the only high level name in the exhibition aisle though as the principle owner and chairman of Silent Knight Inc. was there as well, though his caf was a little more "ramped up". He was of course speaking to a few members of the HNN who were suddenly showing interest in his appearance though he had been here every year prior. Perhaps it was because he was more known for his restaurants and resorts. The populace has seemed to forget the landspeeders, airspeeders, and gunships, not to mention reactors and power sources. Of course the latter had been recent breakthroughs.

    Of course there was the rumor of the exo-suit he was personally working on that could revolutionize ground warfare.

    "Mr. Tyler, why now? What brings you personally to this conference?"

    You're of course referring to my time spent sending my personal assistant, Silent Knight CEO Xidane Theriac? Why can't she come out and enjoy herself? She was of course the one who liked this sort of thing? I didn't, that is until now. Never one to mince words, and always one to answer questions in his own way, the mogul of course deflected the question of his appearance, and the conversation to the impending subject of his protege, and rumored love interest.

    Just like he wanted.

    "That is understandable, and of course there is the rumor of the two of you being seen several times in social situations. However you have to admit, you appearing here is newsworthy."

    Tyler of course sipped his caf. Everything that I do is newsworthy, am I wrong? With a smile that could close a business deal of no words, he walked out onto the Promenade and watched a presentation from a c-list company.
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      Svetlana had had a number of journalists try to coax information from her since she had officially joined the Empire, as well as questions regarding the engagement ring at her hand now. She had only answered the ones concerning her professional life, as her personal one wasn't up for grabs. Her first and deceased husband had been a famous senator who had died in an attack, and some careless reporters still liked to bring this up again.

      As she sipped on her caf, she caught sight of Tyler from the corner of her eye. Better him than her, she thought, as a herd of people were asking him questions. She didn't understand how people could forget his work about vehicles and power sources. While she had nothing bad to say about his restaurants, she had always found more value to his technological research.

      She headed to the Promenade, trying to find something piquing her interest. She eventually saw Tyler do the same. She glanced over her shoulder, no sign of the HNN employees anymore. "If reporters were droids programmed to only focus on professional topics, the HNN people might be less bothersome." She stated with a smirk.


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        Svetlana Ghemenaux, one of two women in the galaxy who are proving that the industry that they are both in is not a man's game anymore. Of course he didn't pay much attention to companies that weren't rivals, after all if they didn't get to him, why should he bother with them? Then came the quip about reporters where frankly he just offered a shrug, he didn't really care what question he was asked, he never really answered them in the way that they wanted anyway. They wouldn't be as much to annoy though if they were.


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          "True enough." She smirked and took the last sip of her caf, throwing the empty container in a nearby trash. "It is good to see you here, Mr. Tyler. I hope to hear about the latest developments of your research department."

          That was something interesting about Tyler, it was that his company wasn't one she was in rivalry with. She had no problem with how his business was much larger than hers, but she did have certain projects that weren't like what he did, though they got close to possible joint projects in the past. It never went as far as being realized through.

          "The last couple of years of the conference haven't been as impressive as they used to be." She was inclined to look out for new talents, but did most of her recruiting during the rest of the year.


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            Well then... taking one last sip of caf, he smirked at the thought of his presentation that was going to be going on in the next hour. Of course he could stoke the fires of the rumors of the suit he was working on, but that wasn't something he was going to do anything but laugh at, inwardly anyway. Receiving a holocall from a planetary governor who he simply told that he would call back, he pocketed the device and took a stretch before looking at his chrono that looked more like some kind of wrist mounted computer console. ... you should take in the show happening in a half hour. You and your Empire friends might enjoy it. Pointing out in nowhere but moreso coming to a realization he quipped. Which reminds me, who builds those turbolasers? Did you know bolts they fire look like Jedi weapons? Someone might want to tell them, it could make your buddies with those red glowsticks a little miffed.


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              "I will." Svetlana smirked at the mention of her "Empire friends". "The Empress certainly didn't have to commission someone to come here, since I always attend." She had been close friends with the woman since they had been in their early twenties. That was how she had eventually ended being officially recruited in the political, and especially business, branch.

              "I happened to know this. I think I made an Admiral chocke when I mentioned it. Of course, it can come in handy." She still wasn't sure of what she thought of the alliance with the Sith, but it wasn't her place to question such high decisions. "In case people wonder about this very same thing, it can give us a few split seconds more to do more damage."


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                He shrugged at the notion. He hadn't really thought about "damage" when not amid a testing session since he was a major in the Imperial Army. As he stood there, another holocall came in and he turned on the device from his pocket again, it was another planetary governor who wanted a meeting with him, trying to lure him to the planet with tax breaks and fiduciary incentives in order to build one of his factories there. He of course, in his own charismatic way, blew off the governor. He knew who the Empress was, the woman was a Commodore when he was in the Army, smart lady, which if this woman was talking so freely of her, that was saying something about her stature.

                Well make sure to tell her about what you see, it's going to be something special. Turning around and leaning over one of the tables looking at a reporter who was caught trying to tape his conversation with the woman. Did you get that on tape?


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                  "You can bet that I'm going to mention everything worthy I see." Svetlana replied with a stare. Depending on what she saw at Tyler's presentation, she might approach him with a proposition for joint research, but she wasn't the kind to reveal her cards too early.

                  "I am certain he caught this on tape, or nobody taught him to do his job." The reporter seemed a little taken aback but nodded in silence.

                  "Well, I think that this coffee break is coming to an end." Svetlana nodded and knew that it wasn't the last of Tyler she saw at the conference.


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                    Seeing a certain transport pulling up to the center through the windows, Tyler smiled a coy little smile. Caf break is indeed over, time to go change the galaxy. Several of his "lieutenants" were walking out front to direct the huge carrier around to its proper berth, he put a comm-link in his ear and not only began answering questions but giving instruction. It was almost as if Ghemenaux wasn't there, but at the same time as if he almost wanted others to see what he "might be" doing. Of course as more and more attention was being drawn, the less and less he did to actually confirm or deny anything that was being said. It was when he could hear the intermittent thumps that he was indeed satisfied with the proceedings of the day to that point.


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                      Svetlana took her leave for the time being, but she remained on one of the balconies that gave sight over Tyler's lieutenants getting everything ready for the presentation. He was one of these creative types who always had unexpected projects under his sleeve. It was one of the reasons why his company flourished so much in her view. Many people tended to forget about innovation, real and useful kinds, once they reached a certain share of the market.

                      She headed back to the conference room when it was time to go see what Tyler might be up to. She bet she wouldn't be disappointed and might have even more questions once he would be done.


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                        The presentation didn't come close to disappointing anyone; not just the lightshow but the new models of speeder, transport, even down to the powersource that he held in his hand that was providing the energy for the entire show. Sure, there was a hiccup or two, like the engine fire on a speeder that was a bit of a sporty model, but the safety systems on not only the speeder itself, but the "rescue droids" took control of the situation and showed just how safe "Silent Knight" really was. The entire situation looked to be like it was possibly a controlled demonstration. Of course there was the loud "thumping" sound throughout all of it and those who knew the rumors had their ideas on what that exactly was.

                        The hours went by and nightfall fell on the conference as Tyler was on one of the upper levels overseeing the floor.


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                          Svetlana was extremely happy to see Tyler present new developments for speeders and transport. As for this new power source, it was downright fascinating. She had also heard about other rumors about another project, but she didn't expect Tyler to be forward with this. His sense of timing had always been spotless.

                          The rest of the day carried on and she took care of a few professional calls at some point. Leaving the meeting room where she had been, she approached the mogul afterwards.

                          "This new power source is revolutionary. Its applications are probably endless. This new speeder model was interesting as well, though the propulsion specs you presented still have room for upgrades."


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                            Enjoying a drink as he overlooked to floor, some late comers were walking around, taking pictures with the speeders, some with the models on the speeders, Tyler just thought about the day and how it went. He saw Ghemenaux walking out of her meeting as he nodded to her, the power source was of course sitting on the window sill next to him as she spoke of it. He wasn't surprised that she had brought up the propulsion specs, he agreed.

                            Thanks for the compliments, it was a good show. Holding up the power source he smiled. You should see its big brother. The propulsion systems though, yeah, I can understand but considering they're barely a month old, I accept it for not.


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                              "I would love to see the big brother." Svetlana admitted with a grin. "A month old? Then, it does its job well enough."

                              She had her presentation on the next day, where it would introduce some of what her company had been working on. Certain of her current projects weren't showable outside of imperial soil due to the sensitive nature of them, but she still had enough up her sleeve.

                              "The size of this power source could be a game changer when it comes to certain bio suits and new generations armors."