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    Explosions ripped through the nearby building, sending shrapnel in every direction. The concussive wave blasted Cabrin into a ditch, landing hard on the gear packed onto his belt and back, some of it saving him from further injury. Ears ringing now, he pushed himself up, knowing they would be following that up once they thought they had the initiative, prompting the New Republic soldier to keep to cover. Diving into a shop, lances of superheated gas pocked the doorway and burned through the front windows, sending not only the evading trooper deeper into the store, but the innocent civilians as well. Sliding across the tile floor, he dove behind a long shelf full of food items and took a moment to catch his breath.

    Brown eyes glanced to a middle aged man, fear in his eyes as the shopowner looked at him, then back toward the front of the building, then ducked back which gave Cabrin all the information he needed. Right hand to another grenade, he primed it and threw it, hearing the cursing outside as boots scrambled just as another deafening explosion darkened the world once more. Smoke and dust poured into the shop as shattered glass rained down, allowing Cabrin to move again, turning right and sprinting to the back. Turning as he reached the first corner, a shape in the dirty dust gave him a target as he raised his rifle and fired.

    That done, he spun and ran through the storeroom and to a back door. Panting, the soldier carefully turned the knob and pulled the door back, daylight again warming his sweat and grime covered face. More blaster fire in the distance and explosions gave him some comfort knowing that his flanking maneuver may still work, though the chances of not being seen now were slimming with each passing moment. Pulling the door open, he moved to step out just as a shadow on the permacrete alleyway prompted him to crouch and aim his rifle at the next target, then fire.

    Pitching backward, the nikto mercenary hit the solid surface hard, his rifle clattering to the dark grey ground and slid away. Moving to the downed alien, Cabrin crouched and ripped out the extra eclips and the mercenary's comlink, then continued moving.

    Beyond a cluster of small hovels, animals barking at the stranger as he ran passed, Cabrin could hear the distinct sound of repulsor engines, laboring hard to keep the vehicle running. Slowing his pace, Cabrin noticed a narrow stair rising to the roof of the larger building to his left, a path that he chose instead. Climbing, he soon reached the rooftop, keeping low to ensure that no one was already up there. Scanning over the shallow lip and satisfied that he was alone, Cabrin rolled onto the roof and kept to a low crouch as he moved toward the sound of raised voices now, yelling over the group of engines. Reaching the edge of the flat roof, he laid down and angled his head sideways to peer over the low wall.

    Four, heavily armed and armored personnel skiffs sat in a square, all pointing south to the far side of the fairly open plaza. Aliens of nearly every race geared up for one last push to the New Republic outpost which had been set up here for a resupply base. Their efforts to fight the Empire had taken the army and navy to places that they weren't necessarily longtime friends with.

    Apparently, someone in the local ruling council decided they didn't want the New Republic's money or the attention of the Imperial Navy. Hiring these mercenaries wasn't the smartest thing either, he mused as the large group began gathering their things and heading toward the four vehicles.

    Removing his comlink, Cabrin keyed in the private military channel and hoped someone was still alive at the outpost to help him out. "Vornskr actual, this is Cracian Four. Do you copy?"

    "Cracian Four, this is Vornskr."

    "Need fire mission at," he glanced at his wrist mounted data pad. "One, Four, Seven, point Two, north. Two, Two, Five, point Eight, east. Danger close."

    "Copy that. Keep your head down."

    Sighing, he turned off the comlink and backed from the wall's edge, waiting for the hard sound of incoming until the missiles could be seen, their contrails high in the sky, screaming down at him. Turning, he wrapped his arms over his head and prayed....
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    In those few moments as he waited for the inevitable earth shattering thunder, Cabrin's mind drifted to his son and daughter. Though his brother Valtis had always been able to take care of himself, the club owner never had a shortage of trouble with the law and his rivals in the business. Cymbrecia was the one that he always wished he could have spent more time with and vowed that if he actually survived this world, he would dedicate himself to being with her more. The next face that flashed in his mind was Maggewetok, her feisty nature and expertise with weapons had gained her an equal place with he and his friends back in the Tauri Sector before she talked him into joining the New Republic.

    Multiple thunderous explosions shook the foundations of the building he was on, the very stone becoming like sand as Cabrin then realized he was falling, the front of the building tumbling to the ground, rolling as a secondary round of explosions from inside....


    Slowly moving through the smoking refuse and rubble-strewn plaza, the mercenary soon noticed a body among the broken masonry, laying near a fountain. Crouching, he bent over and craned his neck to look into the shadow of the tan colored slab which angled from the fountain to the remains of a skiff cockpit. Dirt covered, the fighter was indistinguishable from everyone else whose remains littered the area. Moving around to the opposite side, he reached in and felt for a pulse, noting a faint beat on the human's neck.

    "Well, I'll be," he said to himself as the rest of his team continued scavenging whatever they could find. Rising, he motioned for one of the Herglic's to join him. "Help me get this off this guy." Together, they strained and pushed the slab away, letting it fall atop the broken, dark brown roof, now crushed under the weight. Glancing down to the soldier, "Throw him into the truck with the rest."

    Shooting the human a dirty look, the large alien sighed as he bent over and picked up the human male, throwing the limp body over his broad shoulder and walked towards the awaiting vehicle.

    "Not much left," Kiryk's friend and second-in-command stated, tossing a broken rifle back to the ground. "Waste of time if you ask me. Why don't we just get paid and get off this rock. He's never going to listen to us any way."

    Kiryk grinned, "Merisian's got a lot more that I want. You can leave if you want to, I'm hanging out a bit longer."

    Trik chuckled, "Dude, his daughter's not going with you either. She's slept with nearly all of us at least twice."

    Turning to join his men, Kiryk shot his friend a warning glance, "Watch your mouth. I know better than that."

    "She say so," the stocky thief continued goading as he followed back toward the speeder truck. "Smoother than I thought. I may have to win her over then."

    Climbing over the fountain and passed several more bodies, the mercenary lieutenant knew he had Valerica in his pocket. "More than welcome to try, buddy." Everyone else piled into the back of the vehicle as Kiryk opened the door to the passenger seat, sliding in as Trik slid into the seat behind him. "Besides, the New Republic's still got some things we can use later."

    "Still gotta get to it."

    Closing their doors, the driver backed the vehicle out, their remaining gear that they were able to salvage already stowed along with a couple survivors. Turning, the squad headed back out of the town and toward the distant, rugged hills where their benefactor waited with the rest of his army, waiting for the right moment to make that strike that would end this fighting and kick the New Republic from their planet once and for all.

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      Eyes were on the mercenaries, not for targeting, not yet anyway but to find the target he was looking for. Slowly taking a positioning device he was being taken further away from where he wanted to be, but the agent had his orders and they were cut and dry. While this was his element, after all the man was once special forces, Imperial special forces, but still this was hard to not just take out these punks. No, no things would have to play out and he would get what he needs, not only from a personal level but for what was needed to end this fighting and indeed get some of the New Republic off this planet, not so that thugs like these guys could take over but so that the people could rise up and be counted to build their own way of life.

      Making some entries into his datapad and sending them off world before shutting down his observation point a klick away, he prepped himself for personal extraction and to follow them through the beacon he planted on the human corpse (he wasn't a corpse at the time). This was how he would find not only the target but would be able to keep eyes on the bigger picture.

      For now though, he would remain in the shadows and wait for the right opportunity.


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        Cresting the rise, the speeder truck beaten and weathered, approached the large gathering of local Klatooinan soldiers and affiliated mercenary groups, each with their own patches which were the only thing that distinguished the motley group of weapons they carried. Most huddled in the shade of tents or awnings of brown cloth, the collection of armored hover vehicles were the more impressive display of firepower.

        "We're getting our *** handed to us and he's got these things just sitting here," Trik spat, fingerless gloved hand shooting over the back of Kiryk's seat, then back.

        "We cost a lot less when we're dead," the driver mentioned, deadpan.

        "You're more than welcome to die on this dirt ball, but I'm getting paid and leaving."

        As they continued through the mustering area, Kiryk glanced back to his lieutenant. "Not until we're done, you're not. There's more at stake here," he was tired of all of it, but more afraid of what their boss back home would say if they left before their contract was honored. Klatooinans had strong ties with Hutts and that was trouble that no one needed. Soon, they arrived at their own cluster of tents and parked closer to the medical tent, then stopped. "Unload the wounded," he directed as the mercenary pushed his door open, rifle in left hand, and moved to the shadow of his command tent, plopping in the chair and taking off his helmet.

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          As he made his way to the observation point, Aien stayed out of site. Putting some information into the log book and keeping his position device on the assassin found his way in. He was going to wait for the proper time though as the driver was going to suddenly find out just how tough the New Republic, at least this agent of the New Republic is. The talk of the "girl" was a little disgusting, especially after he had the intel that he was given but it was going to go down the way he wanted to, especially since he recognized two of them from his confinement. Pulling out his bow and a simple arrow, he attached a holorecorder and launched the projectile into the air and waited for it to hit the roof, then the device and its supporting chord unravel and roll into position where he could not only watch, but broadcast this on Republic channels.


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            Brown eyes lazily watched as his own men played sabacc, read, slept or just milled around between tents as they all tried to pass the time until they were called again. Kiryk hated this waiting, though he knew that there were several others still out there looking for avenues across town so they could finally take out the well dug in garrison. The thud of a pack hitting the earth prompted the lieutenant to shift his gaze to Trik as the shorter ex-soldier moved to an empty chair to his left and plopped down, taking a water bottle from the small refrigeration unit.

            "The wounded are being taken care of," he informed and took a long drink, then dropped the bottle in his lap. "Said one of them should've been dead with all the concussion damage he took, but somehow survived. Tough *******."

            Kiryk quietly nodded. "Good." Shifting his gaze once more, he raised the data pad in his hand. "There was a call on one of our own comlinks that gave the Pubs the coordinates to that plaza that killed all those guys." Dropping it on his thigh, he glanced to his friend once more. "We've got a mole in the camp."

            "Had. He's dead with the rest of them."

            "How do you know that?"

            Trik chuckled. "Did you see that mess? Or were you somewhere else when we walked through that hell not twenty minutes ago?"

            "Yeah, but until you show me which of them made that call, then how do we know it's not one of the ones that we just brought back?"

            Trik shook his head and took another drink of the water. "Odds are, he's dead or it was called from a safe distance. What idiot's going to make a call like that on top of himself, unless he's suicidal which means he's dead. End of story."

            Kiryk sighed, eyeing the younger mercenary for a long moment. "You better be right, 'cause I'm not dying on this dustball."


            Misty eyes awoke to a hazy scene as Cabrin tried his best to determine where he was, hearing the muted sounds of discussion and movement in the background. Wiping his eyes, he felt the biosensor point on his thumb, then backed his hands from his face to see the surroundings clearer. Light from the nearby monitor displayed his vitals and allowed him to look around the recovery room a bit more. Craning his neck a bit, the soreness announced itself almost immediately as his face was partially numb, which made him aware of a multitude of other places on his body that were as well.

            He wasn't getting out of here anytime soon, he mused and finally lowered his arms back to the bed. At least he was in a safe place to rest.

            Walking in, the Twi'lek medic wearing a motley assortment of clothing and the large patch on his left shoulder denoting one of the mercenary bands made him freeze.

            "How you feeling," the blue skinned male queried.

            "Okay. Where are we?"

            "Main camp, eight miles east of Cumberton. You're safe. I'm sure your commander's going to want to get you back to the field as soon as you can." He glanced to the sensor and evaluated what he saw. "Not bad, you're a strong one, especially with all that happened to you." The doctor looked back at him again. "Amazing you survived."

            Cabrin quietly nodded. "How soon 'til I can walk again?"

            "Not long, probably a day or so. The bacta tank did a lot to help heal the surface damage after all the surgery, but we'll know more in the morning." Backing from the bed, he turned to visit the patient in the bed to Cabrin's right. "Get some rest."

            Soon, the room was quiet once more beyond the occasional flapping of the tent's exterior wall and giving the Republic soldier more than enough time to sweat a lot more. Once these guys realized he wasn't a part of their unit, he was dead.
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                OOC: Was working on it, fell asleep on the keyboard, battery died, lost it all >.<

                There was nothing but waiting, what were they doing? Was this the planning of something else or is there really a loss here? Either way these guys were organized, very well organized and whatever it is that they were involved with, besides the obvious was going to require some nifty intel. That meant that his plan to use his "in" in the driver was going to have to wait, mainly because he identified just how heavy those heavy tanks were, they were a good match for the T-4 and that was a problem. Rolling slowly over the crest of the roof he was on, the agent made his way down to ground leveled and pulled up his mask and blacked out his mouth and chin before slowly making his way to one of the walls. The security system was a technological haven with perimeter sensors as well as infared tripwires. Aien had some tricks too, a little powder to illuminate what was not meant to be seen, a little carbon gum onto the security camera risers to look them repeatedly over the same area. It took several minutes but slowly he was in and under one of the heavy tanks, setting some explosives, after all he needed an "out", just in case.


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                  OOC: Story boring you that much? lol


                  The following morning, Cabrin awoke to the sudden rush of movement as the tent flap at the far end opened, allowing sunlight into the makeshift field hospital. Turning, he noticed a figure walking towards the beds, rifle clacking on his side, team slung from beneath his right armpit. The obvious gear that slowly became visible as he approached gave Cabrin the motivation to quickly move his toes and stretch his legs a bit. He may have to escape this place pretty quick, he thought to himself.

                  "What unit you with," the younger man asked as the biosensor's monitor illuminated the ruggedly handsome human male.

                  As Cabrin tried to recall some of the unit makers and insignias, explosions rocked the camp in succession, lights blinking and soon went out as a concussive wave blasted through the tent, shredding the front of it and sending Cabrin and his bed over onto it's side. Hitting the ground, he felt the mercenary's body fall over him and hit the ground beside the New Republic soldier. Dust and dirt rained in as the screaming engines of obvious fighters alerted Cabrin to a new threat.

                  No one knew he was in the middle of this mess.

                  Alarmed, he pushed himself to sit up and glanced to his right, seeing some of the tent on fire now, the other wounded patients coughing and doing their best to clear their heads.

                  "You alright," the mercenary asked as he stood and extended his hand to Cabrin.

                  "Still breathing," he took the proffered hand and pushed himself up as well. "Going to need some clothes and a weapon."

                  Moving to a locker, laying on it's side now, Kiryk yanked open the door and dug into it, then emerged with a pile of clothes and tossed them to Cabrin. "Here, put these on and get out of here. Those Pub idiots are going to come back."

                  Quickly getting dressed, Cabrin pulled on the boots and tied them quickly, then moved towards the bent frame, pushing aside the remains of the tent as he noticed the bombed remains of the camp. Many had been caught asleep and though he didn't feel any remorse for any of them, he knew he had come close to dying himself. Continuing on, he meandered through other survivors all doing their best to grab up gear and escape to remaining vehicles now being crewed and started up. A moving convoy wasn't the best place to be, he knew and instead cut through the line of debris and broken tents and headed up along the ridgeline, noticing that the mercenary that he had been talking to, now moving with four others in the same direction. Not all of them were totally stupid, he mused and did his best to keep them in sight.

                  Black smoke rose into the morning sky and brown eyes moved up and scanned for the next run which he knew would be coming any minute now...

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                    The explosions rocked the place and he smiled as he made his way in further until finally reaching one of the main tents. The craziness of it all made him see something he didn't want to, a working Juggernaut. Sure the thing was a relic but it still packed a huge punch and if these mercs wanted to, it could be a lot worse. Of course that was something he would deal with in a minute. He had found the locator beacons and was dropping (attached to explosives) everywhere. Of course he couldn't find the intel that he was looking for as he stayed in the shadows, no he found his target. The Bosslady sent him after someone who seemed to be...

                    What the...

                    Dropping behind one of the hulks of downed hovertank, he looked straight into the eyes of a New Republic soldier going rogue?

                    No... something is up here...

                    Dropping back out of sight again, which was more and more difficult, especially since he knew that the bombers were incoming, Aien got their "new out" plan as he was going to get this guy out too. Sneaking into the Juggernaut he found the person he wasn't expecting, it was the driver he was going to take out. Who the frell're you? A knee to the man's gut then dropping behind him, the agent snapped the man's neck. It wasn't the best way to go, but the alarm was going to be going up anyway he could search the corpse's remains for... and found it. The start up codes for all of their vehicles on this "base". A little slicing, a little chaos, should be fun.


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                      Keeping his eyes split to the sky and where he was going, the rugged, desert terrain had only a few places to offer for cover when the next pass came. He kept all in mind as Cabrin kept moving, though not at a sprint as his legs still needed some time before they were fully healed. Though, he knew from personal experience that someone could to amazing things when the adrenaline was pumping like crazy.

                      Soon, he noticed the lieutenant and another crouch with a PLEX launcher, aiming towards the north and Cabrin followed their aim to the pinpricks incoming. Immediately, he scanned for the nearest cover and moved quickly to a long crevasse which fell away as he approached, causing him to slow his pace and gingerly climb down to a suitable flat area, then sit down.

                      Missiles rocked the camp for another round, massive billowing explosions of black smoke and rust colored dust blossomed into the air, one after another and he then noticed debris from the vehicles and tents as well as bodies flying in all directions. What came next was a bit of a surprise as one of the fighters had apparently been hit, it's sleek frame plummeting to the earth as the pilot ejected. Being passed by four more fighters, the pilot was now going to be in enemy territory and Cabrin was in no shape to get to him and help him escape this area. Concern overcame him as he pushed himself to stand, watching over the edge of the crevasse as the cockpit popped it's chute and slowly descended and would be about a mile from them.

                      Glancing to the lieutenant and his small group, they celebrated as the dark haired officer loaded another canister and prepared for the enemy's return trip. Brown eyes then turned as others sprinted across the otherwise flat terrain in all directions as the quartet of fighters nearly disappeared before they banked for another run. Cabrin ducked once more and wished that he was healthier right now and hated feeling so helpless. Several others joined him in the deeper, natural trench and hunkered down for the next round of incoming missiles.

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                        He was busy slicing into the systems of the vehicles, almost too busy to notice the incoming fighters and outgoing PLEX fire. Shutting down one of the transports as he began to overload the engine on another, not to mention activated the explosive beacons that he had dropped all over the place. They needed a little more chaos, especially since he had seen a member of Razorback squadron parachuting to the ground, she was going to need help. Of course this little pickle was a problem for his timeline, but he wasn't going to let anyone else get to her.

                        So why not take his new toy?

                        Hearing the cries of mercs who wanted to get in with whoever they thought were starting up their ride and laughing he could feel the explosions getting closer as he set off a couple of explosives he planted on several hovertanks last night, they would provide the chaos that would take the attention away from him. If he had to fight, he would, but it would be better to see these mercs surprised when not only they lose out on a hostage, but the weapons of their own juggernaut are turned around on them. Getting in the driver's seat, the agent hacked the system but started sending out a closed band transmission on Republic frequencies to all units in the area. He was a "friendly" and he was going after the pilot, just like the hovertank full of a squad of mercs was.

                        This was going to get fun after all.


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                          "Think I'm going to follow this cut," one mercenary mentioned to Cabrin out of the blue as the well armed human male then began heading south. "I wouldn't stay here long."

                          "What, and miss all this?" Cabrin smirked as the others wearing desert camouflage quickly moved away from the explosions, leaving their downed comrades behind. Like a true mercenary, he mused. Shaking his head, he sighed knowing he wasn't going to be much use to the downed pilot, but it still bugged him. Pushing himself up once more, he could barely make out the glints from the incoming fighters, using the morning sun now to blind those aiming at them. Though fire controls were much more sophisticated, at least those using their own eyes wouldn't have a good shot.

                          Movement in the camp caught his attention as he glanced left to see a large, wheeled vehicle now rumbling away from the next round of missiles, though Cabrin knew Juggernauts weren't meant for high speed maneuvers. Whoever was in there was only postponing the inevitable. Another burst of energy launched another missile over his head, now screaming towards the fighters and prompted the New Republic soldier to duck once more, knowing what was going to be answered. The waiting was the worst part.

                          Soon, a distant explosion made him worry for another pilot until the cacophony of deafening explosions shook the ground, one of those incoming missiles landing just beyond him and no doubt aimed at the PLEX launcher. So much for the lieutenant and his men, he mused as Cabrin buried his head, covering his ears and head with his arms. Showered with dirt and debris, the darkened cloud muted the sunlight, the air filling with the acrid scent of propellant and heated rock. Sighing, he was getting tired of being on the receiving end of so much chaos, but this was where he had ended up, no sense in complaining now.

                          Pushing himself up once more, he climbed out to see the large crater where once the crew of four had been. As the dust settled, he walked over to the darkened bowl-shaped area to see the burned remains of several men. Brow furrowed as he tried to count and make sure they got all four, but it was getting hard to tell now. In his peripheral, he noticed movement and one of the mercenaries stumbled, pushing himself up. Cabrin turned and walked over to the man, his face dirty and cut.

                          The lieutenant.

                          Crouching, Cabrin looked him over as the younger man plopped down, sighing as he glanced back to the camp. "Any one's a victory if you can walk away, right?"

                          Smirking, the soldier nodded. "Yeah." He had a high level prisoner, though both of them were pretty beat up at the moment. Brown eyes looked back toward the town and wondered if the fighters were on their way back or not. "I don't think we should sit here though," he moved to help the lieutenant up, arm under his and around his shoulders. "Come on."

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                            Now I see why there was always such a huge crew running one of these behemoths. He chuckled as he thought to himself, Aien was controlling the front steering, the back steering, the power output and the weapons (though he has yet to use them) all from his panel and it was a LOT of work. It didn't that the hovertank was faster, not to mention more agile. That didn't make a difference though as he was going to take the tank out once they were far enough away from the mercenary base.

                            What didn't help was Republic ground troops were firing on him now. I'm on your side, you idiots! As consoles were blowing up around him, all he could do was move forward with the plan and hit the gas, slamming the huge vehicle into the much smaller tank. The hovertank is indeed a marvel of technology and protects her crew well, but she can't protect from being crushed and that is just what happened. As he knew that mercenary fire would be on him quickly, he kept the juggernaut moving, opening the side entry ramp, hoping the pilot saw that and would figure it out so as Aien wouldn't have to jump out and become a target himself, any more than he already was at least.


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                              As he tried to decide which way to head, distant gunfire was heard which prompted both to turn their attention to the figures now topping the distant ridge and firing at the Juggernaut as well as several other mercenary and Klatooinan putting up a defense.

                              "Frak," the lieutenant exclaimed and moved to head away from the enemy.

                              Knowing if he walked slow enough they would catch up to the pair, Cabrin did his best to lead his prisoner towards the rugged cut that he had been using for cover earlier. "I know a place we can hide and get you patched up."

                              "No way, we need to keep moving."

                              Blue eyes glanced to the man, several wounds bleeding. "Not getting far like this. It'll only take a moment."

                              Sighing, Kiryk glanced back and then nodded as they continued to the shallow, dried river bed and gingerly climbed down to Cabrin's previous, miniature plateau. Seated, Cabrin pulled out the lieutenant's medpac and opened it up, then began tearing clothing away from the most serous wounds. "How long you been with this unit?"

                              "A year. You?"

                              "About the same. Rose in the ranks fast," Cabrin stated as he wrapped the first wound, now stapled and sprayed.

                              "Good to know people," Kiryk stated, then glanced back towards the ruined campsite, the firefight becoming more intense as the moments passed. "Never did catch your name."


                              A quiet nod as the New Republic soldier continued tending to his unsuspecting prisoner. "Last name?"

                              "Versailles." He glanced to the lieutenant and noticed the wide eyes, then realized his cover was now somehow blown. "What?"

                              "You have any kids?"

                              Sniffing, he backed a moment and rested on his heels, being crouched. "Why?"

                              Shaking his head, he could tell the man was sweating, even more than he had been before. The suspicious nature of the man only making him more curious now. Knowing exactly where all the man's weapons were located on his belt and in his boot, Cabrin all of a sudden noticed that look that meant he was about to get shot. Prompting the fight, the trooper punched the lieutenant in the face, knocking him backwards and soon to tumble further down into the riverbed, hitting the bottom rather hard and awkwardly. Moving down after him, Cabrin leaped and landed on the lieutenant's back, pinning his arms to the ground.

                              "What's your name," Cabrin shouted as he then let the lieutenant's right wrist go, grabbing his pistol and cocking it as he pointed it at the back of his prisoner's head. "Not going to ask again."

                              A series of expletives erupted from the downed prisoner and soon he relaxed. "What the hell," he chuckled. "Kiryk."

                              Carbon thought a long moment and knew that he should've known that name, but he was drawing a blank.

                              "If you're going to shoot me, then just get it over with. They're coming and I'm not going to any Pub prison."

                              Prison, that was it. Cabrin's eyes went wide as he realized who this punk was. "You're the one that got my daughter in all that trouble." Anger welled and he knew he should shoot the man, but thought better of it. A New Republic military prison wouldn't be escaped near as easily as any other run by some small time government. That and Ilana would love to see him again.

                              "Not going to say that she didn't enjoy the adrenaline rush. Cymbreci's great in.."

                              Cabrin pistol whipped him, knocking the man out and just in time. He didn't need to hear whatever else Kiryk wanted to brag about. Soon, he glanced up as three Republican soldiers aimed down at him. "Need some help with him, if you would," he stated, dropping the pistol.

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